Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Budakova to Scott (USA)
Letter 1
Hello dear Scott!
I am glad, that again I read your letter and at once I write to you the answer.
I very much like to communicate with you. You simply remarkable person, the interesting interlocutor and as I am convinced again and
Again decent the man. Such as you I very much for a long time did not meet!
I would like to learn about you more and more and more. You the remarkable interlocutor and simply interesting person.
Today I would like to tell to you about the hobbies, than I am engaged at leisure, that I like, and that was not present.
I very much like to read books of different authors. In the childhood I have simply become engrossed in reading nights on flight, here is how me could carry away The book. Mum of me always very much abused and forced to go to bed, and I during too time took a small lamp and continued to read under Blanket. Such I was the persevering little girl with character. This feature is present at me till now. I have always got used To achieve all, up to the end! In any ways I go on a breach to the purpose! Can seem to you, that as such fragile And the weak woman can go and achieve all, without the help of the man, but I shall answer, that so at us in Russia! On To another differently to not survive! This burden very heavy for women and she by the right should belong to men but as us to be, If around of those us almost did not remain! To me, certainly, as well as any of women would be desirable to be weak, instead of strong. That To be behind a wall, behind a strong wall of support and love of the most favourite and desired men.
I do not fall spirit, I know, that I all the same shall find it, or it will find me on this planet.
And my angel the keeper already whispers
To me on an ear that there is this person.
It lives absolutely beside, it is necessary to look and understand more closely only in most To itself!!!
Well, I have not much distracted and have overlooked to tell to you about the friends, favourite friends, my books. I cannot tell, that at
Me is one road to me or the book most interesting to me which simply every day lays at me on a table and
Waits, that her re-read again and again. No! At me many favourite and interesting books, them even all is not possible
To list. The whole letter will not suffice to write all names. Well, I shall name a few names the first, that to me
Comes to mind. And you in turn write to me about the favourite products. And whether you like to read in general? If yes, That is pleasant to you to re-read them on some times and on what you do it?
What authors the most preferred to you?
And in general, you sometime read in the life of Russian writers?
I like also foreign authors and ours. I like to read all from classics up to avant guarde, from imagination up to historical and Adventure novels. I like both verses and prose. All it is curled from mood and from a case which will help this or that book To fall me into hands.
From our Russian, I like almost all classics: F.M.Dostoevsky « the Crime and punishment », "Idiot" whom it is simple
Has struck me up to depth of soul, « Brothers Karamazovy » and others, L.N. Tolstoy, Turgenev.
Poets of classics and the modernity: Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin, Zvetaeva, Pasternak, Asadov.
Margaret Mitchell " Carried away by a wind ", imagination: Maria Semenova "Wolfhound",
Roger Zheleznyh " the Amber Chronicle ", Margaret Veis "Dragonlance".
You had to hear these names or authors ever?
At my life as there is a lot of music which is simply possible to tell conducts me on a life. And loved
And their products probably it is, even more, composers than books and writers.
All as to hobbies and a hobby, I can do on mood. I can not force, something to do myself through force.
And so in the free time I am engaged in different affairs, besides the work.
Not much go in for sports, on the days off we run with the sister on a summer residence, behind city.
And every morning not big, but correct and Good warm-up and the excellent beginning of day!
And in the evenings when too there is a free time, and it is possible to find for itself a pair of hours, we with fellow workers, We go to pool and we float there. For me it is simple happiness when I can relax in water.
During too time to receive for
The organism good loading on all muscles and simultaneously to remove water weariness and bad energy which collects
Within day. Well and two times a week strictly fitness club and aerobics. For me it is the law!!!
I think, that the woman should look always perfectly, both in the morning, and in the evening and at night! I adhere vital Principles, the truth at me is not a lot of them, but nevertheless.
You go in for sports, and in your life it borrows what place?
I very much like to look well and for me to be very important always in the form!
After such productive leisure in pool or in fitness club always very much it would be desirable to eat.
I come home and at once I start To prepare for a meal.
This one more my hobby. Very much I like tasty I peep and I like to experiment new dishes.
And what you like to eat from meal? There is any favourite delicacy?
I adore fruit and vegetables. Salads I think out to myself and I try, it turns out the main thing is healthy also is useful! As well as any person of a female I love sweets and I like them to think out.
To mix a dough with jam and to bake Cookies for pies. Familiar I joke, that my meal can be used safely, not being afraid to poison, all very much It is tasty also the hands. I with pleasure would prepare for something for you. But I am sure for hundred percent, that when in the life do not eat the present pie from the Russian furnace with berries or mushrooms.
When it hot, a crust burns to you hands, a smell from him on all house, and it seems, that eat all and there is nobody not You will share. What tasty mushrooms turn out in the present Russian furnace. Completely not such as in an oven. We bake ours Culinary imaginations it is usual on a summer residence when all from the kitchen garden can be put in pies. And still it is possible to put all together, and The excellent pizza turns out! So, that can once to you will carry, and you I shall feed with all masterpieces!
So has told, that itself has very much got hungry and I think, that I shall go to conjure again already with kitchen, in small Cosy apartment also I shall miss on you.
Today I am a little tired on work, therefore I apologize for the letter and not a wide scatter in the ideas a little. I hope
In fast to receive your letter and your ideas.
I say good bye to you, yours Olga!!!!
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