Romance scam letter(s) from Julia to Marc (Australia)
Letter 1

Where you my long-waited?My heart so grieves for love and caress. Respond my unique and unique!Warm my gentle soul the heat and love. And in the answer I offer to you all love,Care and attention. I so am tired from loneliness so there is no strong man's shoulder,To which I can open all that so a long time was saved in my soul. I am sure, that you that the man,For whom I so long searched! I the simple Russian girl, and me am completely not important your age,Habits and the social status. Your love and attention is simply necessary for me. I shall be very much It is glad, if I can fill your life by light. Also I shall be happy, if you to me write!My address:
Letter 2

Greetings my new friend Marc!!! I am very glad. That you have responded on my announcement. I hope, that our friendship will proceed. You have read much in my questionnaire, but I to you shall tell better and I shall answer questions which you to me write. To me as you know 24 yearsI have solved Tried happiness in internet, I hope, that I shall find the happiness. I live in not big. But very kind and decent family. We live not richly, but is fair. Mum, daddy and the sister the grown-up. I think. What is the main thing in life. Our family is considered very much believing and we frequently visit church. Likely, therefore I have chosen the work which helps people to live. I like to give to people pleasure. I beginning doctor. I have finished medical institute. In the future I hope, that I shall be very good expert. I like to communicate with people. I want, that you wrote to me as it is possible frequently. It is interesting to me to learn about you much. I want, that you have written, where work also what family for you.. . Forgive, that the letter such not big. But I hope, That you write to me and I shall wait very much for your letter. Yours faithfully your new girlfriend Julia
Letter 3

Greetings my friend Marc
You have written to me and I am very glad.
Thank, that you have seen in me the interesting interlocutor.
To me all is interestingly about what you have written to me.
I too in many respects with you agree. At us it is a lot of criminality and at times even it is terrible to leave on street.
I am surprised, as people want to do the friend the friend a pain. I did not collide never with it, but I pray to the God that my parents and familiar have never suffered. Mum works for me the seller in shop, and daddy as the driver by the lorry. I basically spend all time on work, but at leisure I go to theatres and cinema. Earlier I was engaged in dances and aerobics. At me not badly it turned out, but I see the calling. That people to treat. It is pleasant for me to see joyful persons when people recover. I very much suffer, when I see a pain of people and I try to make all.
That him it was better. I write you on work of the letter therefore, me allow. To praise me the head physician, and speaks, that I shall be the good expert. I was pleasant for me also try to devote to this work the life. In it I see sense of the life. I want to learn, in what you to see meaning of the life. Plans for the future are interesting to me and that you want to find the happiness.
On it I shall finish the letter. Write I shall wait very much for your letter.
Yours faithfully your friend Julia
Letter 4

Greetings dear Marc Has received from you the letter and it was very glad. Thank for your good relation to me. It is pleasant for me, that you to me write such good letters. I continue to you to tell about myself. Yes I too think myself the nice girl, but for me the main thing not beauty, and soul. I am young. But already collided, that men basically look at me as on a beautiful picture. And I want. That me appreciated, as person. Yes me deceived, but my soul has not changed, I all as love people, and in me have not killed love to people. I try to give kindness and I think it pleasure. I think, that it is necessary to search for the destiny everywhere, though at edge of light. I believe, that I shall find the destiny and I shall be happiness. The most important is not necessary to me for happiness much, to find love, and we shall construct the rest. I hope, that you with me will agree. My parents not young people him 50 years, but they till now like each other and, I very much want, that at me was as. It seems to me, that I ask from the God and it is not a lot of destiny. In this letter I have not much entrusted to you a part of the soul and the dreams. I would like to trust you. I always try to trust people, on another I can not. I want, That you to me too have told about the dreams and desires. Thank once again for your letters. I believe . That you will write to me much and interestingly. Yours faithfully yours julia
Letter 5

Greetings my dear Marc!!! Has received your letter and it was very glad. I very much like pictures which you to me send. Thank you, big, for them. To me all is very interestingly about what you to me write also our attitudes proceed also I hope. As I shall receive further from you letters. I know. That you want to hear my voice and I too. It is very a pity to me. That I have no home telephone number. I shall call to you with the great pleasure from post office. I think. That it is expensive. But me I was interesting to hear the person with whom communicate. I to see from your letters, that you very decent person and I understand, how to me have carried, that you write to me. I want, that our attitudes proceeded. On work some do not understand me and to laugh over me, but I try to not listen to them. I do not try to do how people want. To me speak, I what for to write letters to you. That I was better where that descended and have got acquainted with whom that. It is necessary to me not. For me it is necessary romantic and emotional attitudes, instead of a dirty different. To me at times bothers to hear and see this horror which is created around. People of me at times do not understand and speak, that I live in a fairy tale, but it seems to me, that it is better to search for good, pure attitudes, than that in succession. It is interesting to me, that you think of my ideas. I live in not so big city, beautiful. I never to travel, but always dreamed. In the childhood I flied in dreams and was pleased, when beautiful dreams dreamed me. I wrote, that I work in hospital. I certainly not the big expert, but try, that so was in the future. I very much like my work though borrows a lot of time. At me today and I can not write very complex day to you much. I with big not patience shall wait for your letter. With huge respect yours Julia
Letter 6

Greetings my dear Marc!!! Has received from you the letter and it is very glad. Thank that continue to write to me letters. I understand. That you trust me also it means much, for me. I know, that presently it is very difficult to trust. At us it is much created in the country and sometimes, simply it would not be desirable to live. At us the beautiful country, with very rich history, but in too time and very dangerous country where can much happen. At me yet it does not turn out to call, but I think. That soon you will hear my voice. I think. That it is fine, when there is a family and voices of children are audible. I always dreamed, that I had too family where there was a love and happiness. Complex day today was, I frequently have such days when it is a lot of work. You understand and likely too are very much borrowed. In such days, I simply do not have time to write the letter. I very much value our attitudes, therefore. That I believe in their sincerity and the truth. Mum from the childhood to learn me, that the most important oppress the person, instead of beauty. I frequently collided, that beautiful people appear, not good. The beauty ruins people. In days off we with mum again shall go to church, I very much wait for it. In church I feel myself very easily, she very much helps me. When I pray for health of all relatives, I recollect and about you. I want, that at you all was very good, and you always achieved the purposes. You very much like me, I feel in you kindness honesty. I shall finish this letter, but know I recollect you. Write, I shall wait for your letter Yours faithfully your girlfriend Julia
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