Scam letter(s) from Elena Kiseleva to Michael (UK)

Letter 1
Hello, dear Michael!!!
It was so nice to open my mail box and to see a message from you, from the other corner of the world! I am not very good at computer, and I am surprised to understand that now I have an opportunity to communicate with a person who lives so far from me. The distanse becomes less great, when people know each other better. And I am sure that very soon we will know each other very well! Because as for me I am a kind and open-minded girl with a good sense of humor. And what about you? How can you describe your character?
Well, now it is high time to tell you about me. My name is Ekaterina, but my friends call me Katia. As we are friends already you can callme just Katia, I like it more. I am 28. I live in the most beautiful city in the world. My native city is very dear to my heart, I was born here. is situated not far from the capital of Russia. It is not as big as Moscou of course but Tver with its beautiful lakes and rivers, green gardens even in the centre of the city is much more beautiful. Michael, and what can you tell me about your city? Were you born there or you moved? Is it big or not and where it is situated?
And now look at the photo and say how do you find me? Frankly speaking, I tried to send you my best photoes to make impression on you...Did I manage to do it? So, look and tell me. But on the photo you cant see my growth and weight. I am 170 cm tall, and my weight is 54 kg.
When I look at the map of the world it seems to me so big!!! I find your country and understand that thousands and thousands kilometers separate us. But it doesnt frighten me! On the contrary, it is very exiting to communicate with somebody with whom you have never even talked! In the process of communication we will understand our characters, the differences between us. But I am sure we will have many common things. The first one - we are active people, which dont stay at one place! We try to change our lifes, I like this position. Every person must be a master of his life. Our world is so big, there are more than 6 mlrd of people in it and we are so different!!!
I would like to tell you that I have no computer at home, and I write to you from the Internet club. So, you understand that I dont have opportunity to write to very often, but if I am interested in a person, I will do all my best to communicate with him... I know English rather well, I write letters myself and speak fluent English. I graduated the Pedagogical University. But anyway it is a foreign language for me, may be sometimes I have mistakes. So, ask me if you dont understand something. And very soon I will be sure to improve my English with you!
Well, it is all for this time. Please try to answer all my questions and of course tell more about you.
Your new friend Katia.
Letter 2
Hello, dear Michael!
May be you dont even guess that you made me so happy only by your letter! It is so strange to receive letters from someone from another country, and understand that this person thinks of me, that he spends his time for me, writing letters to me! Now I know more about you, of course it is not much, but everything is in our hands and if we really want to be closer to each other we will do it.
Why do you think I decided to find a man in another country? In fact a lot of Russian men drink a lot, that's why they are not very polite and conciuos. The alcohol influence terribly the Russian men's behaviour, they may beat a woman, stole her money or simply insult her. Frankly speaking I got frustrated about our Russian men, because with such style of life is impossible to build happy and serious relations. I hope you'll be completely frank with me because I want to create, to build serious, stable relations. I really want to find a man of my heart.It's very important for me to meet a person who will love, respect and appreciate me.
As I have already wrote , I finished The Pedagogical University. I chose this university because I always liked children. I think that a real teacher must love his profession because teaching children is a very responsable work. The children are our future and their education depends on teachers. Michael, do you agree with me? I was fond of English already till the school. So, I decided to become a teacher of English. I have never regretted that I had chosen this profession. I get satisfaction from communication with the children, and I see that they love me too.
But I dont stay all the time at school. I try to live the full time. Sport is my main hobby. Especialy I like swimming. I can swim all year round! In summer my friends and me, we like to have a rest near the lakes or on the board of the river. The rest of the year I go to the swimming pool. I am also fond of fitness. I like to mix business and pleasure and it is a real possibility to relax and to be always in a good mood!
And what about you? What is your hobby? How do you spend your spare time?
Michael, what can you tell me about your family? Do you have many relatives? I am the only child in the family. But I always wanted to have many sisters and brothers. In the childhood I envied my friends who had sisters and brothers!!!
We spent every weekends together with my family and I never noticed the lack of attention from the side of my parents.I love my family like nobody in the world. Unfortunately two years ago we lost my father. It was a real catastrophe for our family. Now I have only my mother. Soon, I am going to tell her about you and I am sure she will support me.
My mother is a designer by her profession. Our flat is not very big but it is so cosy due to her!!! She is also fond of gardening, so there are a lot of flowers at home. Well, in the letter I send you the photo of my family: my mother, my little cousin and ME! That time my little cousin Masha was at our place. I love her very much as all the children that's why I like to play with her. Mother had just went from the garden. She refused to take photo in this condition but I insisted! As you see my family is very simple but very very kind and open hearted!
I want to know more about you, I really want you to tell me more about your life, your interests. I'd like to know the best dream of your life, if it isn't a secret of course.But I still hope you'll tell it to me...
As for me I dream to have my own house somewhere in the suburbs of the city. I want to have not big, but cosy house with a small garden full of flowers and bushes.Of course it is very expensive but I am sure that it is possible. There is nothing impossible in our life, isnt it, Michael?
Well, it is all for the moment. I wait for your letter and wish you a good day!
Your Katia.
Letter 3
Hello, my Michael!
I was on the seventh sky when I have received your letter, I feel and appreciate your attention to me, I really understand you a very sincere person, because your letters give me a pretty good idea of your life and your interests. I shall answer your questions: I did not think of children yet, and as to residing as speak at us in Russia " with lovely paradise and in a tent " ha ha. Today I am in high spirits because today we had a very interesting occupation with my dear mummy. In our country preparing jams and compotes is very popular, me and my relatives adore eating jams and drinking compotes in winter, when it is very cold. My favorite compote is the strawberry one. When I drink it in winter and to remember about sunny days, during which I was preparing it. I want to ask you: do you like jams and compotes? What are your favorite berries? Do you like cooking? As for me I am an experienced cook, I like cooking traditionally Russian dishes: borsch, pelmeni, pancakes. Also I like cooking cakes.
In summer me and my family go to barbeque. My mother and me we prepare meat beforehand, we prepare salads and snacks, go to the nature and cook the meat on the fire. It is really very tasty!!!
I remember how we used to go to barbeque all our family. These moments I regret only our father is not with us. I miss him terribly. He was a energetic. Two years ago he was sent to Ira? as a scientist to help with the building of an electric station. Unfortunately their car was captured by a band of terrorists. My father and his colleagues were killed. It was really very cruel. My mother, and me were in despair. Every month we visit the cemetery and put flowers on our father's tomb.
My father was a very cultivate person and that's why I enjoy reading. It's my favorite hobby. My preferred writers are Russian classics: Gogol, Tchekhov, Pushkin and others. Among foreign authors I adore Hamingway, Remark. I also like poetry, when I read poems I see myself in a fantastic country where only love and friendship exist. Do you believe it can be? As for me, I do. It's possible when you love and understand some person, when you feel harmony in your heart. It is necessary to believe, to hope, and all the dreams will come true. I'd like to know do you like reading? Which Russian writers and poets you know? Do you like poetry? Have you ever tried to write poems yourself?
My other hobby is music. My mum is a classic music fan. That is she who made me a music-loving girl. So I like all kinds of music: classic, roc, pop music, but especially I love dancing music, because I adore dancing. My favorite singers are Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Maria Karry, Robby Williams. Do you like music? What Russian singers do you know? I like our singer Dima Bilan, he took part in Euvrovideo and won second place.
Almost forgot to say you about movies. I like our Russian old comedies, but also I am mad about American horror films like Scream. I consider Alfred Hitchcock to be a real horror film master. Don't think I like only horror films, I also like romantic films, like all girls. I cannot keep from crying when I watch Titanic. What movie do you like? What are your favorite actors? I adore Julia Roberts, I really consider her to be a pretty woman with charisma.
As I wrote in my letter I like sport, I adore fitness and I really care about my body and shape.
I cannot say I am a TV addict, but sometimes I watch news, because it's necessary to know the situation in the world. Do you agree with me?
I would like to hear your voice very much but I must say that now I have not got a phone but maybe I will have a chance to buy it. I want to ask you to give me your phone number. I have never called abroad, but I'm going to know every detail about it, and I will obligatory call you. I really want to talk to you.
I wait for your answer with great impatience, I hope you will like my letter. I will be very glad if you answer my questions. I really want to know more about you, my dear Michael. Your letters make me glad.
I kiss you, Katia.
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Michael!
I have just received your letter and I feel I am the happiest girl in the world!!!! I am very glad of the fact you answer me and write me so interesting and brilliant letters. Having read your letter I understood we really have a lot of topics to talk on and we have a lot of common interests. When I read your letters I find in them reflexions and thoughts that seem to me to be very important and interesting.
In fact a very long distance separates us from each other but I feel you to be next to me. It's because of your letters, because of your fine words. Last night I looked at the starlit sky and I thought may be you were looking at the same sky and you saw the same bright stars and may be you thought about me too. I think this distance can't make our relations worse. We can express our emotions and feelings by means of our letters, we have the time to think it over and to find necessary words for each other.
My darling Michael, I confess, you became a part of my life and I can hope you can say the same thing about me. Do you agree with me?
Thanks to our letters and my strong imagination, I can imagine your life, you, your interests and occupations. When I write a letter for I try to reflect the most important things of my life, because I want you to know more about me. Our life is so interesting and every day there are some changes, so we can make each other every day telling some new stories.
For example, today I have bought a new disk. I have written to you I like the young Russian singer Dima Bilan, so I decided to buy his disk. Dy the by there are some songs in English in this disk. My favorite one is Never Let Me Go. Of course it's a song about love, it's really very romantic. I will think of you when I'll listen to it.
Write me too about your usual day, for me it's really very interesting. Just describe your evening, what you do in the evenings, what you eat for the supper. For me it's quite important. I want to know everything about you.
I also want to receive a letter from you. I have never received letters from abroad, so I want you to be the first man to do it. I want to have the opportunity to hold the letter in my hands. Also I am going to keep it and to read it every day to feel your presence next to me.
Well, my address:
Country: Russia
City: Tver
Last name: Romanenko
Name: Ekaterina
Middle name: Alexandrovna
Adress: st. Podolskih kursantov, 10, app. 26
Index: 424000
So I look forward to receiving your letter. I really need it, because it's so romantic!!! I imagine myself reading my lines and crying with delight!!!
My sweet Michael, I also wait for your E-mail messages. Write me about your lifetime, I really want to know every detail of your life.
So I finish my letter and I wait with great impatience for your answer!!!!
I kiss you with all the tenderness of my heart!!!!!! Your Katia.
P.S. Thanks you big for fine verses
Letter 5
Hello, my darling Michael !!! As usual I write you a letter and I feel very happy because I have read your marvelous letter!!! Every time I reread all your letters and every letter from you is very important for me. Really my darling, I feel how our confidence in our letters grows day from day and they, our letters became more and more sated. So we decided to describe to each other every day of our lives. I think it's a pretty good idea of doing like this!!!!! Do you agree with me?
So today I had really a remarkable day because I spent time with my little cousin Masha!!! I send you our picture, look at it with attention. Don't you remark some resemblance between me and her??? I don't pay for compliments, but I think both of us are very pretty. You know my sweet Michael, my little cousin is a very smart girl. She goes to the kindergarten and she is one of the best pupils there. In fact she reads very well already!!!! May be I will teach her English. She adores me and I am an example for her. She is going to follow my life experience and to be a teacher. Of course she is just a child and her dreams are childish, but it's high time to make the choice. Don't you think so?
So I had a nice day and I am happy I've got the opportunity to describe it to you!!!! May be it seems a little bit strange that I express my feelings to a person I have never seen, but really I feel as I have known you for a very long time. May be it's because of the fact we change letters every day and we write them with all the sincerity. I never thought it's possible to feel so attached to an unknown person, but now I understand that when you receive so touching letters like from it's quite really!!!
You know, my darling Michael, before beginning the friendship with you I often felt very frustrated and unhappy, but now I can wait for you letters, I feel happy reading them, and I write my answers very quickly because for me it's a real pleasure to write to you. Our life is so changeable, and you never know what will happen to you the other day. So I never thought I'll get acquainted to you, but now I thank the God, I thank the day we began to change letters.
Now I don't feel single, I know that you wait for my letters, and I wait for yours. It's really a great feeling when you know that somebody needs you and waits for you. Don't you think so?
I know that you appreciate my sincerity and that you'll answer me by the same way. I wait for your answers with great impatience. Please write me about every detail of your life. It's really very important for me!!!
I kiss, my darling Michael!!!!!! Sincerely yours, Katia.
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