Scam letter(s) from Natalia Usynina to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, Mike Sorry!!!!!! I could not answer you earlier.
I did not see your letter. It has been placed in spam folder.
I do not know why it happens.
Probably it is a mistake of a server.
I will disconnect spam filter. Also I hope my letter it will not be placed in yours spam the filter.
Check it more often.
I am glad that you have answered me. If I am still interesting to you, write to me.
My name is Alena. I am 28 years old (still young but mature enough to know what I want in this life).
Also call me shortly Alya. This what usually people who know me well call me.
But also there are different ways to call me tenderly, like Aleyenushka or Alenka.
My height is 167 cms(it 5.5 foots), my weight is 56 kgs.
I am in a good shape. I am not skinny but look really nice.
I am not boasting, it is true.
I take good care of myself as I care of my appearance but
I am not fanatic.
I have a higher education. I studied on the faculty of Russian language. So I am very good at Russian as you see I have also finished courses of a medical nurse and can make massage too. I should say I am rather good at it.
My family is not really big. I have a step father and stepbrother.
Unfortunately, I don't have really close relations with them.
Sometimes we gather for holidays but it happens very seldom.
I feel very sad saying this but my mother died from the cancer.
I loved her very much and I miss her badly.
I live alone. And I have to learn for my living. I could work as a teacher of Russian. But teachers get very small salaries in Russia. And I need to earn for my living myself.
That's why I have finished courses.
Now I work as a medical nurse in the private clinic.
And I also do massage, it is my extra work. Thus how I earn for my living. I am not complaining but it is really a hard work. I should always be kind and polite though with some people it seems to be impossible. I don't want to loose my job. So I try always to be patient even with rude people.
And what is more important, I get moral satisfaction helping people. It is my contribution into the world.
The city I live in is called Gatchina. These are 40 kilometers from St.-Petersburg.
I live in Gatchina. But I work in St.-Petersburg. Almost every day I should go 40 kilometers for work, and back home.
We have many places of interests and lots of historical places. I enjoy walking there. Also we have some theatres and cinemas.
I want to have my own family very much. You know, family is like a castle. Nobody can't break it if you really love your family and fight for it. It is a place where you come with joy and happiness.
And you feel bad and sad your family will always support you.
This is what I am looking for. I am looking for a person who would be with me in bad and in good times. It is so important to know that there is a person who need you and that you are not alone in this world any more. Do you agree?
Now you will have an idea of who I am.
Ok, I will stop here and tell you more in my next letters.
I will be waiting impatiently for your reply.
Enjoy your day! --
yours Alena P.S. Please, answer me asap that I knew that I am interesting to you.
Letter 2
Hi darling Mike Your letters make me feel so relaxed and rested. Not always, of course, sometimes I am so excited that everything falls down from my hands. It has happened right now. All my papers fell down on the floor and my pen too. And everyone who was in the Internet cafe looked at me with the surprise. But I wanted to laugh so much and couldn't put away the smile from my face. Now I realize how silly it looked from aside. But I don't care, I am writing to the best man in the world. You see, I write letters at home on the list of paper and then go to the internet and type them there. Hope you will forgive me for sharing all the details of my life with you. Well, we still don't each other very well but I already feel that we are getting closer to each other. . Of course, I would like to visit you to understand if we could be a good match. And I think I will do it in the nearest future. Internet can't give you the whole idea of the person you are communicating with. I would like to come to your place for some days to understand this. But first, we should write letters and understand each other better. I have never been married and don't have kids. I can't say that all men in Russia are bad. There are good and bad people in any nation. But most of Russian men are very spoilit with women. And they don't care about our feelings. Sometimes they are very rude and the main problem here is that they drink too much alcohol. And I dream to find a caring, tender and understanding man. And at this moment in my life I have to take care of myself alone. Therefore I have paid the attention on Internet. I will now continue telling you more about myself. Perhaps, more about my interests… Well, cooking is my hobby. Salads, different soups, pasta, souses, cakes and pies- it is just a short list of what I cook. I like very much to try new things. I also like very much going to the restaurants. Unfortunately, I can't often afford it to myself. I do it very seldom, usually it happens when some of my friends has her birthday party. I like trying new cuisine and trying to guess what are the ingredients. Mike, what's favorite dish? My is all national. What is your favorite color? My is green and purple. Watching movies is one of my adorable things to do, especially at the weekend. I have an old model of a video player. Though it is rather old but I still can watch movies on it. So at the weekend I rent some videos or ask my friends to give me some and enjoy it the whole day. Most of all I like to do it in a cold winter day. I stay in my bed with some food, hot tea and enjoy it. I like love stories very much, comedies and sometimes even horror movies. But I get scared too fast and turn it off What's favorite movie? Any favorite actress and actor? I like Tom Cruise very much and Angelina Jolie. I think she gorgeous. I have never been outside the Russia. And what about you? Mike, have you ever visit other countries? Also I like studying languages. I try to improve my English but It is better when someone teachers you and correct you. Sports is my other hobby. I do jogging, it helps me to be fit. And I also go to the swimming pool as I think it is a very good exercise. I don't smoke and drink. But smokers does't bother me. I am Russian Christian Orthodox. I sometimes go to the church on Sunday. By the way Mike Happy Easter!!! What else… I even don't know. I had so many thoughts in my head but they disappeared as soon as I thought of you personally. I hope you are enjoying our correspondence as much as I do it and I hope to get your reply very soon.
Please, feel free to ask me any questions you have. P.S. When is your birthday? My is 25 of May.
P.P.S. I have attached a pics... What do you think about it?
Letter 3

Hi my dear Mike!!! The weather is very dull and there is no sun, I feel happy. Only a person who was lonely could feel this. The world and the life are now colored with bright colors. You get up in the morning knowing that someone is thinking of you, maybe even at this minute he is thinking of you, wishing you to have a very good day and even sending you an air kiss. Your letters woke up a poet in me. And I like this feeling very much. I am in a very strange mood today. I have remembered one song right now. I am sure you know it. It is a very famous song called "Stand by you." I am sure you will understand me better after reading this. This is what I would like to have in relations with my beloved person: Oh, Why You Look So Sad?
Tears Are In Your Eyes
Come On And Come To Me Now
Don't Be Ashamed To Cry
Let Me See You Through
'Cause I've Seen The Dark Side Too When The Night Falls On You
You Don't Know What To Do
Nothing You Confess
Could Make Me Love You Less I'll Stand By You, I'll Stand By You
Won't Let Nobody Hurt You, I'll Stand By You So If You're Mad, Get Mad
Don't Hold It All Inside
Come On And Talk To Me Now
Hey, What You Got To Hide?
I Get Angry Too
Well I'm A Lot Like You When You're Standing At The Crossroads
And Don't Know Which Path To Choose
Let Me Come Along
'Cause Even If You're Wrong I'll Stand By You, I'll Stand By You
Won't Let Nobody Hurt You, I'll Stand By You
Take Me In, Into Your Darkest Hour
And I'll Never Desert You, I'll Stand By You And When, When The Night Falls On You, Baby
You're Feeling All Alone
You Won't Be On Your Own I'll Stand By You, I'll Stand By You
Won't Let Nobody Hurt You, I'll Stand By You
Take Me In, Into Your Darkest Hour
And I'll Never Desert You, I'll Stand By You
I'll Stand By You,
Won't Let Nobody Hurt You, I'll Stand By You
Won't Let Nobody Hurt You, I'll Stand By You
Take Me In, Into Your Darkest Hour
Won't Let Nobody Hurt You, I'll Stand By You Just wanted to show my feelings with you...
I would also like to ask you to send me your address if it is possible, please. I would like to send you something by regular mail. And I will be just happy if you send me something in return. Mike so here is my address: Alena Volkova (my full name),
PO Box 22,
St.Petersburg, Russia, 198330 It's in St.Petersburg because here is in Gatchina we have very bad services... And I will be waiting for your address too so I could make you a surprise.
I will write you more next time.
Take care.
yours Alena
Letter 4
Hi sunshine Mike!!! One thought came into my mind today. I would like to ask you what you value in a person most of all. An And what you value in a woman most of all? In men I most of all appreciate Kindness, Love and Honesty. Do you ever watch French movies, old ones and new? You know, there is something that I like about French women? Something in their eyes, how they move, how they look at you, how they smile. They are real women. Maybe it is only in movies, but I like this type of women very much. They are very sensual and **** in their own way. Appearance is very important but what is more important is one's soul. When the soul is beautiful, a person looks more beautiful too. But when the soul is dark and *****, you can always see it on his appearance. I appreciate very much honest, open, easy-going people. The one I could trust and tell what is inside myself. And also a kind person could always make you feel better with his kindness, care and love. I miss my mum so badly. She was a wonderful person, a very caring one. And she loved me very much. She will always be a very important person for me. I know she is somewhere there in the Heaven and she watches me and protects me. And I try to do good things in life so she could be proud of me….Sorry, I am trying not cry writing this. It is very difficult. Mike, thank you for being there and listening to me. I feel your support even though you are far from me. But the distance is nothing when two people like each other and feel comfortable with each other. One day there will be no distance between us and we will look into each others eyes and will say everything we feel to each other. Sorry but I will close here for today. I feel very sad and vulnerable now. I will go home thinking of you. I want to get your letter very much, it will uplift my spirit and I will feel I am not alone any more. Miss you and your letters... P.S. Here is my pic at the beach... --
yours Alena
Letter 5
Hi dear Mike How are you today?
I was waiting for your letter so much. I hope you already know how much they mean for me and how I wait for them. Unfortunately, I can't concentrate today. I could sleep yesterday and had been crying the half of the night. I felt very lonely. I feel better today. Please, don't worry. Next time I will try to be stronger and keep myself in hands. May be I am just too tired. I have to work some extra hours. My colleague is sick and she is at home. That's why I need to do her work too. I wished to call her, but unfortunately I do not have phone... I do massages instead of her. And you know it is rather difficult. Also it is necessary to be very patient. And you know people are different. Someone are very thankful to you for your help. And others think that should do everything they want. They can't understand I maybe tired too. I dream of a desert island. Sun, blue sky, warm water and you near me. Isn't it a wonderful dream. And nobody there, only you and me. Well, enough of my dreaming... Tell me something nice, please. Make me feel good. If I was there I would make you a massage with an oil to make you rest. You deserve. And you would pay me for it with a sweet kiss. Dear, I want to thank you for being in my life, for giving me an opportunity to share my feelings with you. You can't imagine what a relief it is and how important it is for me. I appreciate your moral support very much. I feel it between the lines of your letters. Please, be careful for me. I want to see your other letter very much. And to feel your warmth.
I send you my sweet kiss for free too. P.S. Sorry, but I have forgotten to bring today a photo with myself in Internet cafe. I shall attach it in the following letter. --
yours Alena
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