Scam letter(s) from Oksana to Andrew (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello, Dear Andrew:) thank you for your reply:) how are you:)believe it or not but yesterday i was in great suspense waiting for your letter impatiently! Thank you for your reply. I am happy that little by little step-by-step we do learn more about each other!
Well, One more i wanted to tell you, I guess I will tell you more and expect the same in return as only direct dialogue will help us to know each other better and then meet:) Do you wish to meet each other i hope because in other way everything i mean correspondence is in vane right i think so!
The next story is about we also have here a saying " the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" So I hope i have one key to your heart! I think each person has his or her keys to the heart and each of us is an individual, so that makes us unique and special, and it is much more interesting to try keys to one's heart!
Well I think You have noticed that I do some sports mostly aerobics aqua aerobics some swimming and jogging i do like sports:) as i think it is very good if to lead a healthy way of life that is why i used to eat a healthy food as well:) ok to add, My hobbies are sports and also i like reading and collecting some nice **** cloths If i may say so collecting:) Yes I like to look ****:) Do you think it is bad:)???
My friends say that I am an honest trustworthy person, who likes to have fun and make new friends. Sometimes i trust too much people and then they hurt me but i don’t hold grudges on them though immediately I throw them away from my life I hate liars deceitful people and boastful people. Dear I wanted to tell you one thing i hope you will be loyal to this and don’t judge me strictly, As you understand teachers at my school did not pay too much attention to the learning of foreign languages though i am keen on languages but all i remember from secondary school i forgot during studying at college so i don’t speak English just Russian and Ukrainian though i want to meet a foreign man i asked translator to help me to correspond with you, I hope you don’t mind do you? After we both decided that we are match and want to be together i will learn English to overcome the difficulty! oh by the way, Well yesterday i watched one film i liked it very much "Sliding doors", if you did not watch yet just watch very nice if to think that life gives us several possibilities and the one we take or another foresee all our life in future it is about the fate! I think it is a fate that we met each other so now the happy end depends upon us:) Oh one thing to tell you,,,well this is an another letter:)
Kiss Your Irishka
Letter 2
Hello, Andrew;) Nice to met You:) Thank you for your letter and interest. I am happy to get your letter! Well i think i will tell you about myself in return right? This will help you to learn more about each other! SO I wanted to tell you that my name is Irishka. Most of my nearest people call me this way, but Irishka is a pet name from Ira, which means "Peace". I have a lot of friends and i like to spend my time with them I must admit that I am a very sociable person and I like meeting new people this is one of the reasons i am here. So I am 26, 170 cm, 53 kg:) Anyway you can see my pics i think that pic tell much more then just description right. One more thing I wanted to tell you... I live in a small town, Krasnodon, one of the towns in the Donbass of miners. Nice small town:) I live with my friend we rent an apartment and my parents live in the village 5 km from Krasnodon. I used to visit them. I am the oldest in my family I have a sister She is 10 years younger then me so Olya lives with parents. Oh I have not told you that her name is Olya. She is a schoolgirl yet and sometimes i help her to make her homework: Or I wanted to tell you one more thing, I work as a cook, in the small restaurant of national cuisine, Ukrainian restaurant:) So what i can promise to you will never be hungry:) one more thing to add, why i am here. As I have told you i want to meet new people but i am serious in my search as well. I want to love and be loved and I want to have my own family:) You can ask me why i have decided to turn to the Internet if I can find my man here, to be honest i know that here a lot of good men, who can be my partners but from childhood i dreamt to marry a foreigner local men are not for me, i don’t want to tell you or even scare you that I am choosy, but some how i was not lucky to find my partner here! One of my friends, married a Japanese man and they are very happy and have a child, sometimes she comes here and see that she is in love and beloved. So i know that this can be in reality that is why i follow her advice and example:) Oh One more thing to be mentioned, oh i must have bored you to death:):):):) Well ok this is another story.... Write me i will be waiting and take care your sincerely Irishka
Letter 3
Hello, Dear Andrew:)Thank you for your reply:) how are you:) your letter was really warm:) I am very glad to get your letter. Correspondence with you means much for me... You are always in my mind. In my imagination we already made a lot of things together, we also spent a lot of wonderful moments of life. We are sitting before the fireplace and are discuss about all things and we are closed together that we feel the breath and heart ****** of each other. In my dreams I caress every point of your nice and soft body. Unfortunately until now this are only dreams. I can't expect until this dreams become true. I hope it will be very soon. I would like to tell you more about my character. My friends say that I am an easygoing person. I enjoy life and I always enjoy being around people and helping when I can. Through out my life i have always enjoyed learning new things about people, and I also think the same way when it comes to a relationship. I believe that you learn more about the one you love everyday not matter how long a person has been together for or even married, because it always keeps the passion in the relationship alive and it also shows that the person loves them more then life itself!!! I look at love as something special and I treasure each moment as a gift!!! Love too i suppose is a challenge for destiny, because destiny will guide our hearts to the true love of our life!! I hope that this tells you a little more about who I am and what I am looking for. Basically, like you, I am looking for love and happiness and a partner that will share the rest of her life with me. From my side I promise you to be faithful, caring and loving all the time I will be yours and I hope that the phrase means in fact "for the whole my life"...
Please write and tell me a little more about yourself. Do you want a life of love and happiness, with a little adventure added in? I hope so! Well, I must close for now, but I will be awaiting your next letter. And if you have any more pictures, I would love to see them.
I will be waiting for your answer with impatience, your Irishka
Letter 4

Hello, Dear Andrew;) Thank you for your reply:) Your letter was an inspiration for me and I needed to read it a few times. Why? Well simple for I see that our relationship is maturing. I see growth of trust, respect, feeling of love, interests in the well being, openness, desire to extend compromise, willingness to look towards the future and in so doing, a hope that we are building a life together. Without trust there cannot be love, respect and without these things present, there is no relationship or, marriage or a life together. This is why I write this letter with such inspiration and belief that the future for us bodes well. I am looking forward to the day that we meet and if we have a problem with language, then surely there is no misunderstanding of what is growing in our hearts. As long as this feeling grows the closer we will be and this in itself gives me much hope, it also confirms my hope in you. I see us in time to come as a very loving couple, loving each other very much, growing day by day and evolving, maturing, breathing as one.
Kiss your Irishka
Letter 5
Hello, my Dear Andrew:) thank you for your reply:) It is sad that we are so far apart and I cannot (yet) put my arms around you to give you "some" comfort on days like this. If by sending hugs in an email means anything, then I send you lots of hugs and tender kisses to soothe your soul and to give you a strong shoulder to rest your head against. As it is right now though, we are a little bit limited with the way we have to imagine our affection for each other and how we have to imagine those hugs of comfort and the way our lips might feel on that first tender touch. I have to say how delightful and refreshing it is to be able to be close to someone like you and to know that there IS something still in life to smile at and to love and to laugh with. I have been hiding the obvious words that just want to burst out of me all the time now. Those words that say "I Miss You" have become such a strong sound in my head, that I have begun to wonder about the cravings I feel inside (for you).
Kiss Irishka
Letter 6
Hello, Dear Andrew:) Honey I am so happy to get your letter! Honey I was missing you just too much! I yesterday i was dreaming about our meeting and how much i want to meet you in re life to experience everything in real course honey when we exchanged the first messages then i have told you that i am here only with serious intentions, i am a simple girl who wants to be happy and it seems i believe that i have found you i have found the man who i want to make happy! I want this so much, Andrew, i am looking forward for that special moment of our meeting and i want to kiss you and hold you tight i want to embrace a you to hug and give you the warmth that i have for you! Do you want this also?? Honey I am very glad that you are serious about us i think I have been blessed to have found you! Thank you for being like that! Thank you Andrew! I hope the trust i am giving you the heart of mine that i want to give you, will be cared about! Please honey be careful! I promise to be careful and gentle with your heart if i am allowed to have it! Andrew, the life has changed after i met you i dont cry any more i am so happy I am so high to have you in my life the days became brighter and longer and the nights are full of my dreams about you yet till our actual meeting! I love your personality i have a respect for you and i am very much into you and hopefully you have it also!
Kiss your Irishka
Letter 7
Hello, Dear Andrew! I hope this letter finds you in your best spirits:) frankly speaking for me it's still the great mystery how fast you managed to rush into my heart and as only i think of you, it starts to beat faster.i have never could imagine that such tender feeling, that is in my heart now, can make the person so much happy and so much unhappy at the same time. i'm happy because i met you, but i'm unhappy, because we're still not together in real life. today is such strange weather here, it's even possible to compare it with a condition of my soul. if you could see it with your eyes, you could just understand what's going on in my soul. in the morning it's raining and i was caught with it, as only i left a dorm. but i had to come back home, because i hadn't taken my umbrella. you know my lovely there is not very good omen in my country, when you leave something at home and then you have to come back, it means that you'll not be very lucky during a day..but i had to, because i perfectly know how it's awful to be sick and that is why i don't want to catch the cold at all by the way my honey could you tell me about your habits and about the omens in your country?? which omens do you believe in and which means nothing for you?? so i came back home, took my umbrella, smiled for my reflection in the's just one more omen, it's like to wish good luck for yourself.. So then I went to work, there nothing special just working day but this is also good:) I'm sorry my heart, but unfortunately it's time to close my letter oh my heart, if you just can imagine how much i hate this moment, when I have to leave the translation office, when i have to part with very dear and close man for me how much i just would like to hug you very tightly and would never let you go away again my precious, you're everything for me i have never knew more wonderful happiness as only being with you....
i miss you, YouR Irishka
Letter 8
Hello Dear Andrew:) Thank you for your reply:) how are you:) Unfortunately today when I came to the translation agency they told me bad news! I was told that our correspondence account that I have paid is low and should be renewed but really i am short of money and i can’t afford this myself! I pay each letter 4 euro your and mine to get translated so honey right now it is very difficult to pay but you see i don’t want to loose you:) I am so sad it is so bad when you cant even talk to the man you like! In the agency i was asked to pay either per two weeks 85 Euro :0 and we can exchange as many letter, as we want may be you can help??? Take care kiss Yours Irishka
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