Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Pashkova to Brian (Canada)

Letter 1
Brian hello! I'm so happy I finally have time to write you a long e-mail. I have so many things to share with you. I have so many new emotions. First of all I think its very difficult to live alone in such big city as Moscow. It is so crowded, in my city life is more calm. Ok, I think you are waiting for travel details from me, aren't you? As you know, I was in travel agency today - the nearest possible flight will be April 1. I hope you are OK with that date. Will you be able to meet me on that date? If you are busy I will understand, but then I will need some instructions from you. I hope you will have some free time to spend with me!!!!! OK enough talking. Here is the information about my trip I received today!!!!!!!!

Review Trip Details of Ekaterina Pashkova
1. Review Flight

Flights: Moscow, Russia - Toronto, Ontario, Canada Sunday, April 01, 2007
Flights Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russia to Pearson International (YYZ), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
LEGEND: 1st=First, Biz=Business, Eco=Economy, N/A=Class does not exist, No=All seats full, OP=Flight operated by another carrier, R=On Request TR=Traffic Restrictions apply to this flight

Flight Departing Arriving Stops / Aircraft Duration Seats available
1st Biz Eco

SU 303 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russia
Terminal 2 15:55
Pearson International (YYZ), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Terminal 3 18:00

2. Traveler Information
Miss Ekaterina Pashkova
Traveler passport number: 3502 645204
City of Birth: Kalachinsk, Omskaya Oblast, Russia
Confirmation booking number: 3J8KS8I
Eco class 3. Summary of Trip Costs roundtrip tickets
payment for documents
service Fee
travel Insurance

Travelers: 1


Total Cost for Trip : $1324.31 ----------------------------------------- A&K Travel, Moscow, Pokrovsiy bulvar 6/20. tel. (495)916-37-73
Fax (495)107-95-71
licence ? 0028334, 0093281

Now I want to let you know the information about my visa. General Information: The H-2B work visa was created to allow people to come to the United States temporarily, mainly for non-agricultural jobs, for in which the U.S. workers are in short supply. Up to 66,000 H-2B visas are issued every year. This year's annual quota has not yet been reached. Prospects are good that H-2B visas will remain available in future years. Eligibility Requirements: You qualify for an H-2B visa if you are coming to the United States to accept a temporary or seasonal non-agricultural job from an U.S. employer. You may apply if you have the correct background, skills or natural abilities needed by the employer. H-2B visas are targeted at skilled and unskilled workers. Documents required:
Labour certification in the Ministry of work and approval of Service of Immigration and
Naturalization (form I-797)
the filled questionnaire (form DS-156).
The valid passport;
the original of the Notice on approval (Form I-797);
the documents confirming an operational experience in corresponding sphere.
Visas of category H-2B usually stand out for the term of no more year.
The maximal stay in the USA in status H-2B should not exceed three years.
Minimal - 3 months.
Status H-2B can be changed to other status.
I will work as a dance teacher! I have few suggestions but I will pick it up when I come to you! I want to be sure it's near your place! I've been told I can earn good money! I can't make final arrangements by internet because they want to know how well I dance and I can't show it by internet!
If you want to hear my happy voice I can call you! Just tell me!
You see I booked tickets and I need to buy it before my interview to get a visa.
By the rules of your country to get H-2B work visa I should collect all documents and book and pay for tickets. This type of visa is easy to approve because it's for work purposes. Many young people all over the world go to work to your country and receive good income.
You know all my documents are ready so now I just need to buy roundtrip tickets.
Please try to help me to pay for my tickets next two days.
I'm asking for your help because
- I didn't expect I will pay so much money for a plane tickets from Omsk to Moscow. Discounts were limited and I didn't plan this flight in advance so I couldn't get a discount.
- I didn't expect living expenses in Moscow are so high.
- I thought maybe I can but a one way ticket to your country but I need to buy roundtrip tickets, such are the rules to get a visa.
- You are my darling and I hope you will support me in good and bad times in my life and I'm ready to support you too.
- I spent some money to but some souvenirs for you because I care about you so much. So I bought some stuff for tourists here.
I'm sure you will help me! I swear I will give the money back to you as soon as I earn it!
I think about you only last days and I want to hug you as soon as I meet you in the Airport!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please don't think I'm a silly girl! I was saving the money few months and everything went slowly till I met you in Internet. And after it I became like a crazy girl, I rushed to meet you and I want in a hurry to make the distance between us a little bit shorter. OK... maybe I'm a silly girl but I really want to meet you! I don't know why... I've never met you but I have a good feeling we will like each other! I just feel it! I have some money but it's not enough to pay for everything... documents, tickets, living and food expenses. Please send me 985 $ today and I will be able to complete my trip. I checked all ways to receive your help in my situation, you can't pay directly for tickets. To get a visa I should prove the my financial responsibility and make payments by myself. OK I will try to be short. The safest way to send the money is Western Union, this company is used by all countries and has a good reputation.
You should send 985 US dollars to
My full name:
Ekaterina Pashkova
I've been told it's enough information.

After it please write me:
The name of sender (your full name)
The MTCN number (money transfer control number)
I will go to any Western Union office which is close to me, show them my identification, say MTCN and pick up the money.
If you need the address of the closest to me Western Union office in Moscow it's address is
MOSCOW , 115597
After it I will go to my interview and get a visa and we will be together soon.
I'm sure we will like each other and we can probably stay together forever! I will prolong my visa or apply for a green card!
Sorry my parents are paying for the education of my sister, they helped me as much as they could.
OK! Everybody has difficulties in it's life! You know maybe women in Russia (and me too!) are not that world oriented... I don't know how to explain... I've never made any trips abroad... I don't have such experience. I come from a small city. I'm not a feminist girl, I'm ready to listen to my man and do everything he tells me. Maybe I'm too old traditioned? I don't know... I'm sure you will help me and we will meet each other and have a great time together! When I come to you I will listen to your advises and I will do everything you tell me! You are such a good man!

Forever yours,

P.S. I'm sending a photo, it was taken about one year ago by mom mother early in the morning. I hope someday we will wake up together and smile each other!!!!!!! I have many photos with me, when I come to you I want to show you some parts of my life.
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