Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia to Martin (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my sweet the man,
How your affairs today?
You missed on me? Knowing I can tell your answer, that I too very much on you miss. And that madly I love you it too the truth. Present, that sometime when we shall be together, we shall recollect that we tell lies, when we with you corresponded, when ours with you relations only were fastened. It occurs very unusually, but I am grateful to destiny, that once was solved on this step, on acquaintance under the Internet. I have understood, that it was offered to me destiny and you became my destiny. At me today very good mood. But it is slightly sad, from that, you are not present near to me. Heavy everyday lives also have begun. I try not to be afflicted on trifles, but it sometimes is impossible. I want that you too never it was afflicted. I want to hear your laughter, your clean and beautiful laughter. I so like when people laugh with all the heart, but I think, that your laughter for me will be the best music. I think, that you will agree with me. I want to see your smile. Smile my loved and sweet men, you mine martin!
I am sure that you that person with which I want to live the rest of life. I so strongly love you that can not grow fond of anybody another any more. Other men do not cause in me any interest, I am covered with feeling of fastidiousness when they begin to look after me, I can not remain alone with one man except for you. I want that you knew that for all that time that we with you are copied I had no sex with one man. I want to be engaged in it with you and only with you!!! For the first time I so have strongly fallen in love with persons! And you see we with you are familiar only under our letters! Only present what love will swallow up us at a meeting!!!! I am sure that you that person which are necessary for me. You my ideal!!!! I love you and only you!!! I so strongly want be with you that can not transfer in a word! The feeling to you borrows all my ideas! I can not without you!!! I want to be with you! I love you!!!!

Letter 2

Hello my love!!!
It I yours Nastya, your love, your princess, yours and that to whom you may speak the slave about all on light. I so missed on you all this time. As though I would not like to think of it. When I do the work all my ideas only about you. I so do not have not enough dialogue with you. I so do not have not enough you in my life. Each day at me begins with ideas on you, my tender and strong the man! If it was possible to transfer all my feelings to you through the letter, it would be simply magnificent. But it is a pity, that the letter may not transfer how at each reading your letter at me heart quickly knocks, or for excitement I can not collect the thoughts when I write you the letter. I feel the fifteen-year-old girl who has fallen in love for the first time in the life and for which there are no barrier in this world. For which her loved person, the best the man in the world, atis not present defects. To which she is ready to come both in the afternoon and at night, at any time days he only should call her, and she will be a number. martin, it is not simple words, that I feel to you and I know it, that it is enough to me you to write about it that you knew, that occurs to me! I love you!
How you have spent all this? You missed on me? (likely it was a silly question because I see from your letter, that you very much missed). You know martin, I today saw very many weddings. And in general this month it is a lot of weddings. I saw brides. They such all beautiful. And the most important, that they happy. It wanted to me to be on their place. I would like to appear there with you. To tell the truth, I till now think of that, as though we with you were looked beautifully. I want, very much I want, that we with you would have wedding. it were very beautiful, I too want to look as. But for me it not simply a holiday, it for me very important step, it is very important. But always it seemed to me, that wedding is a small adult fairy tale for two.
Dear I it is very glad, that you have written me the phone number. I am very glad, that you have made it now at me there is an opportunity to speak by with you to phone. Only I cannot promise you, when I can call to you. I shall try it to make from a public telephone booth. I shall hope, that at me it to turn out.
Loved as I am very glad, that you have written to me the address. Dear I shall write to you as my address, only I would ask you that you did not send me that. Because in my country mail very badly works, on this I am not assured, that that you will send that to me will reach me. I hope, that you understand me and will listen to me. I hope for you.
Here my address.
Settlement Sovietstki
425400 Str. Pushkin
Dom 12, an apartment. 2
martin, you might tell to me how you usually have weddings. When I look foreign films I see differences. All over again young go in church what to get married. It is not necessary, but many pairs want to fix a marriage on heavens. It seems to me, that it is the important step, much more important, than simply to undersign. Then the bride take away to parents home, in her native house. The bride specially take home, that the groom would redeem the bride at parents. An obligatory condition what the bride and the groom went in different machines. Witnesses and visitors should suit various tasks for the groom. It certainly occurs all for fun. That the groom would redeem the bride is collected with a lot of triviality. Then when the groom has stolen the bride, he carries her in a registry office. For a registry office undersign, them register. For registration the passport is obligatory, you and itself understand it. Sometimes it happens such, that I forget passports of a house. Already after a registry office the husband and the wife go in one machine. After a newly-married couple have undersigned at them there will be a celebration. That is everyone go to mark wedding. Usually on such cases remove restaurant. There also arrange wedding. But after a newly-married couple have undersigned there is time up to that as the celebration will begin. In this free time a newly-married couple go on city, assign flowers to monuments. In heat of the celebration young and to visitors the toastmaster arranges various competitions. Approximately in 1 or in 2 night a newly-married couple are sent home. And visitors continue to walk. At us it is accepted to mark wedding 2 days. Therefore and for the second day everyone gather.
How mark weddings in Russia it is possible to write very much. But I think, that it will be not so interesting to you to read. As it would be very interesting to me to learn as from you pass weddings.
You know, when I saw, what brides happy very much it wanted to me to appear on from a place. I realize, that it is very responsible step. But I am available. I realize, that I want. I want, that you would become my husband. I shall love you. I always shall be with you. I never shall leave you. Because I madly love you. I present the life without you. You the most beautiful, you the most gentle, the loveliest on light. I want, that you always would smile. I want, that we with you would be always together. I thought some times of how I might look in a wedding dress.
It likely all my dreams, but nevertheless. Write to me, all that you about it think. To me so would like to know your opinion on it.
Believe, my sweet, that it is very important for me also this theme, for me is very important. I love you!
I love you and this most important!
It is time to me to go. My time comes to an end. But I shall write to you the day after tomorrow. I hope, that you very much on me miss and will answer me. I love you. Your small princess from Russia I send you one hundred kisses only for you!
Yours Nastya

Letter 3

Hello my dear martin.
As your affairs. I so missed on you all this time! It is very pleasant for me to read each time your letters because when I read them I feel myself the fine woman. I understand that men even if they are very far may love me. I so did not have not enough your attention, your letters, you, my loved. Every day my love to you grows. And that I can not write to you frequently only aggravates and does more strongly my feelings to you. I can not write to you frequently and it very much afflicts me. Because I want to write to you letters constantly. I constantly want to tell to you, that occurs and that you to me spoke me in the letters that occurs in your life. Lovely, sometimes it seems to me, that you live somewhere absolutely far, on other planet. Such ideas of me visit always when to me it is sad or then when I can not come in Internet - cafe and write to you the letter. But when I read your letter and I write you the letter it seems to me on the contrary, that you so are close, that I can touch your lips kiss your sweet lips. It seems to me, that you touch my body, up to my neck, up to my hands. This sensation is so great, that I begin to trust in it. My love and passion to you on is great so much, that I actually believe, that I can embrace you now, this minute. martin, tell, you feel the same when you read my letters? I trust you and I know, that your feelings actually to me are very great. I love you, my sweet!
Dear today I want to tell about today. Last night to me girlfriend Liza has gone and she has asked that I have come to her and have helped it to make in her room repair. I have certainly agreed, because I never can give up to the person, especially to the native person whom I love.
And today since the morning I have gone to her. We all over again have dissolved glue, and then pasted glued. We were taken very long, but to us was cheerful. You know I spoke only about you. Her as my best girlfriend is interested very much with my happiness and my destiny. She asked me on you. I spoke the girlfriend that I some more such did not meet the man, that to me very much was lucky that I have got acquainted with you my dear and that though you and am far from me, but my love to you how many is not less, than if you were a number. Then we saw tea and again all conversations were only about you my loved. I spoke Liza that I admire with you, that earlier such men are only in novels about love. But now I have understood that such heroes exist and that was lucky me that I have found the hero. My hero is loved. You the hero of my heart.
We today not have made all also I shall go to help my girlfriend tomorrow.
martin I want to tell you that very much I miss on you, and that all time I think only of you.
When I have come back home after repair I have taken a shower and at once have gone to Internet - cafe in hope for that that I shall see your letter.
And I have come and as I was happy that you have written to me loved.
I once again want to tell you thank for that that you write me such fine letters and that I when they are read by I feel the most fine and happy girl on light.
Dear I want to tell you thank that you do me happy.

I remember that you always in my ideas. I love you. I send you one hundred most sweet kisses.
Always yours Nastya.

Letter 4

Hello my dear prince martin!
I so am glad to receive your letter today. So it is pleasant for me to read that you constantly think of me. I love letters for frankness and that you write me the truth. You are completely frank and rectilinear in the letters. Especially in the feelings to me. Lovely so difficultly to keep love on distance. When two loving hearts are so far apart. But I am glad, that at us with you so it is good turns out. It because we are frank with you. I write you in the letters that I think also all that I feel. To me that I write you and that you write me in the letters is absolutely not indifferent. I love you, my dear. And it seems to me, that that may not separate us from you in this huge world. I love you and passionately I wish. As the woman may wish the the man. Lovely, I hope, that you understand, about what I speak you. It is very important for me that you always remembered it, therefore I write you about it in each letter. I am ready to repeat one hundred times again and again as I love you, my dear.
How your affairs today? How you feel yourself? It is interesting to me to know about it!
Speak, that the present love may and should transfer set of barrier and Obstacle. Also I think, that my work and that I can not write to you frequently is only not the most part from these barrier which we with you should transfer love! But, when we with you shall be together. We can compensate all this time which we with you were not together. How you think, my dear? I think, that you completely agree that I think!
Dear I wish to tell to you, that I have not understood not much, a spirit of your letter. From what you have taken, that I search what for that another the man. Dear I has found only you, and to me who is not necessary any more because I really would want that we with you have begun serious relations. Dear I wish to be only with you and with anybody more. I think, that you understand me, and now you will not doubt at all of my honesty and fidelity to you. Because I really wish to be only your wife It is time to me to go. I shall wait for your letter and it will be very pleasant for me to read again messages from the prince and dearly men which I love all heart.
I love you martin!
I send you one hundred kisses.
Always yours Nastya!



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