Scam letter(s) from Amina Bah to Thomas (USA)

Letter 1
Sweet heart,
Thank you very much for your mail and your concern about me.Darling i really understand how you care about me to come over there of which am working towards it .
Honey, i wanted to wait for some time before i could reveal this my plans to you but after going through your mail i felt that with your personality, experience and of course your honesty, i should let you know my plans. like i told you initialy in my last mail, i will like to invest and do business in your country with your assistance and you being incharge. I told you that my father left for me some money for this purpose, so now is the right time for me to invest the money into a good business venture. The money in question is deposited in a finance holding company in Paris France, so i will like this money to be release and transfered to your account in your country. As soon as the money is transfered, I will immediately travel down to your country. It has been my childhood dream and the intruction my father wrote in his personal will to live abroad. My father before he died warned me never to invest the money here in Africa due to the constant crises everyday. The amount my father deposited in the financial holding company is US$ . My father further adviced me to look for a sincere and honest foreigner who can assist me in investing the money well. So honey, i will be glad if we team up together as one and invest this money into a very good business venture.

Darling,i knew you will be surprise about this money but i want you to understand and believe in what am telling you .Please do not betray me it is because of trust i see in you that made me to tell you because it is not everuy person i see that i tell ,i knew we will live a happy life together that is why i reveal it to you.
I am presently in Paris If possible you can come here so we can see face to face. Anxiously waiting to hear from you .
All my love Love,
Letter 2

how are you doing .It has been a long time .However, i want you to call me with this number here in paris France +33 698 719 242
I will be willing to speak with you
I will always love you
All my life
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