Letter(s) from Rose Lamptey to Brian (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my dearest Brian,
Thanks soo much for your lovely mail and i am soo happy you are back home my love and hope evrything is well with you my love,i have realy miss you soo much and always thinking about you and cant even wait to meet you there my love,i am soo dieing to meet you there my love,and you are all i have in my life and wish i was there with you making you happy always my love,You are the reason why i live and may God bless you always my love and both of us to be together soon,Darling i will wish if you help me do my passport and get my visa before Book the airline ticet my love,the passport and visa will cost me $400usd my love and hope if we got that one fist is better before i book the airline ticket my love,i love you soo much and cant wait to meet you there my love,you are all i think of and if i am there i will treat you as a Good husband my love,We will mae an happy family together my love and it will be an happy family for both of as my love,i have told my mum about you coz you are my dream husband Brian,and she said Hi to you my love and she wish we were together there making a sweet love and maing a good family the sametime my love,i love you soo much brian,Darling i will be waiting for you as soon as you send me the money i will go to the travel agent my love paches my passport and visa my love i will be happy to for meeting you there my love,i love you soo much and hope You my my information for sending me the money my love,os is this,my full name: MARY AVETU and my address is:P.O.BOX MS 691 ACHEMOTA ACCRA GHANA,and my code is:23321 my love this is all my information to send the money my love and email me if you send it brian,i love you soo much and hope you will send the money through the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFERE,i love you and cant wait to get to you there my love,you are all i am looking for in my life,And i thank God soo much for finding you for me as my dream husband my love,i love you soo much with all my heart and all my soul and when i am there i promise you i will always make you happy and you will see how much love i have for you my sweet Brian,Hope this finds you well my love and hope to hear bakc from you soon my love,
Your for ever,