Letter(s) from Yana Samoilova to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Greetings Keith!

First of all thanks for the interest that you showed me and I am glad that you liked me and my profile. You should know that I hoped to get the message from you. So I think that it is the high time for us to make our communication closer. I think that I need to start from some kind of representation.

I am Jana!!! Yes, I am Ukrainian girl with wonderful name! As I told you before I insist on beauty. I insist on such thoughts that person should be beautiful as inside as outside, so I try to take care about both things and of course you will be the jury for me and only you will tell me if I managed with it. I was born in an early spring when birds sang their first songs. So my mum says that it was unforgettable day, but I am sure that I know the reason why it was unforgettable! :) My birthday is on March, 2. Sometimes my mum and my friends say that I am March cat, because my heart is always full of love! What else?.... Just I think that there are a lot of things that I would like to tell you about. But it is later. I think that now you have your first impression and I think that you can make your choice whether you wish to go on our acquaintance or not. Of course I'd like to have the answer from you. Of course I'd like to have your brief description as well in order to start win each others hearts. So are you ready for it? If you are with positive and serious thoughts I will be waiting for you at this address:


your "Spring Cat", Jana.