Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Bob (USA)

Letter 1

Welcome !!! To start from my introduction can be not very interesting for you. May be at first you would like to know what I want from man or what I expect from him? I want to find such man whom I will be able to tell such words during this spring weather. "If a single rain drop was a magical moment in time for our two hearts, I wish us a torrential monsoon!" At first I'd like to send you an extraordinary message. i thought about it. May be if it will be possible I would like to send you my message in a bottle. It could be very romantic. What do you think? But it is impossible :( so I decided to do it this way. My name is Anastasya. But my friends and parents call me Stasya. I can even explain you everything about me with the help of my name!!! S - sensitive;
T - treasuring;
A - attractive;
S - serious;
Y - ???????? Use your brains a little.....:)
A - adorable!!!! What about this description. I think that it is full and you know my features from the first step. About age... I am 29 years old. I am from Ukraine.... Still seeking, still waiting, still ready to love. Where am I waiting for it..?
Just here: Hope to get news from you! Wetting Stasya.
Letter 2

Welcome Bob! Thanks a lot for your respond. I waited for it and I hoped that you will try to know me more and to be closer to me. Thank you for the photo that you have sent me. I'd like to tell you that as for me there you have a great fun with your doggy. Right? Being a romantic and open-hearted person I decided to stand on this way of seeking for a man of my dream, not may be dream but of my life..but may be for life...I don't know correct variant..may be all of them can be used.... I want to tell you that my first letter to you was a difficult task for me because I didn't know how to present everything about me and how to tell in few words about my nature. I hope that you liked it and it was really difficult. I use the help of the establishment which gave me a chance to try my luck in over the whole world to find my man. If only you could see that situation when I sat with the translator and I think that she bored to death with me when we tried to find the word for this letter "Y". but it something different when you write in Russian and they translate into English, so after my Russian letter to you they were shocked and I think that it was difficult for them to translate it. But now I see that they managed with it. just I hope that you are not disappointed with me because of my not knowing English. I think that it is not a problem for us. I have to go home after a long working day, my feet tired so much that I have the only one dream as to go home and to put them on the wall and to have a little rest after having shower, unfortunately, to have shower will be impossible for me because it is very late and I try to keep my eye on my shape. Just if you are busy, I will be glad to have some lines from you because I understand that life is life. your melting Stasya.
Letter 3

"Giant Tempo"
Our mission is to provide excellent translations to the satisfaction of our clients Dear MR. Bob! We are the firm "Giant Tempo" which deals with the translating services. Your lady Anastasya is our client. She used the help of our best translators to keep communication with you. For this day the state of account of your lady Anastasya is empty. Taking into consideration the fact of your correspondence we want you to be aware of this situation. If you have intentions not to loose contact with your lady we will gladly let you know all the necessary information you need. About our company: We work with a large team of competent, experienced translators and interpreters, including highly qualified graduates of university language departments (often sworn translators) as well as experts from various fields of specialization with an excellent command. We also co-operate with many native speakers of English language. We specialize in English-Russian and Russian-English translations. What we translate (selection): * business correspondence and other letters connected with foreign partnership,
* various scientific articles, including different medical texts,
* popular science publications,
* websites. Thank you beforehand for your choice. sincerely yours,
administration of " Giant Tempo"
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