Scam Letter(s) from Olga Kosovetz to Ivan (Bulgaria)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend!
It is very glad that has met you on this site! I as well as you want to find the love, and to create happy family. You are really interesting to me and it would be desirable to learn you much better. My name Olga, 27 years. Was born and live in Russia. It was never married and had no children. If the question on children we could talk about it is interesting to you! I never tried to get acquainted through the Internet, but have suddenly decided to try happiness. Many my girlfriends have got acquainted thus and have married. And I too hope that my future prince will win my heart! If you would like the same I think that to us is about what to talk!

My letter box:

In general I the cheerful person, like to prepare and be cleaned on the house. This my hobby is possible to tell that! Go in for sports, to be exact fitness. I think that each woman should support the figure. If we shall correspond with you I certainly shall tell about myself more and I shall answer all your questions! With impatience I wait for your answer and yours and photos!

The best regards, Olga.

P.S.: in the following letters, I shall necessarily send you the photos.

Letter 2

Hello Ivan!!!
I am very glad, that you have written to me the letter. You have interested me and I Very much I want to learn you better, I do not know why, but I have got used to trust To my feelings. It is very unusual to me to write the letter to the person, Which I never saw in a real life. It is first time, when I I get acquainted through the Internet. I very much hope, that soon we learn the friend It is better than the friend. Now I want to tell a little about myself. Certainly it It is very difficult to tell about itself in one letter, therefore I hope in My following letters you can learn more about me. I too shall be It is glad, if you will write to me much about yourselves. First, my name is Olga and I live in the city of Kirov. Kirov very old city, which It is located to northeast from Moscow on distance of 900 kilometers. I One of inhabitants of this city, which number about 500000 The person, is average city for Russia. To me of 27 years and I was born 21 April, 1979, I taurus on a horoscope. Growth - 165 cm, weight - 54 kg. As you probably have noticed, in my questionnaire is specified that I live in Yoshkar-Ola. But it At all so! Some time I lived in Yoshkar-Ola as I had to work in this city. He is near to Kirov. It was several months ago! And to work there, I have received a registration in Yoshkar-Ola. And consequently I have specified on a site, that I from Yoshkar-Ola, but actually I was born and I live in city Kirov. All right, now it is not so important! I work as the teacher in elementary grades! I very strongly like this work as I love dialogue with children! If my trade I with pleasure shall tell to you more more in detail about it is interesting to you. In general I want to find the love in other country! I was never married, and had no children. I very much want family happiness. And I hope only for the best. When you were born? You know, on a horoscope Whether it is possible to define people each other approach, but I not so believe in It because I know pairs which live together happily though on To horoscope they should be incompatible. And on the contrary, there are pairs, which Are compatible on a horoscope, but their home life is unhappy. You know, I I I think now should praise that you have more become interested Me, but I do not like to do it. I the usual girl, I can tell, that I modest enough, but I think you have understood it, together with it I Very sociable person, I have good sense of humour. Probably Therefore I have many friends. Sometimes we with friends gather and We have a rest, sometimes we go to clubs, sometimes we go on the nature. On The business I very much appreciate friendship between people. I shall not speak you about My appearance, I shall simply send to you my photo. I also want To ask you to send your photo for me. It is very important that you Did a photo small because we have the slow Internet and I I can not receive the big photo. Likely it is interesting to you, why I Has decided to get acquainted through the Internet. I have already told to you, that it is the first Time when I do it. Earlier I never thought of it. My girlfriend got acquainted through the Internet with one interesting The person, she told to me about it much, she is very glad that they Have got acquainted, therefore I too have decided to try to get acquainted through The Internet. Till now I have not met my beloved. Certainly you Can think, that it is very strange, that I till now have not found My loved. I agree with you, and you know I it I do not understand. For me the private world of the person, not appearance first of all is important. And the age for me has no value. To me the person is important. I want To find my related soul and it is the reason on which I have written to you. I Very much I want to learn you closer. Except for that there is also other reason, why I have decided to get acquainted through the Internet. I want to create own family, And I want to be confident for safety and stability. Unfortunately I I can not name a modern situation in Russia suitable for creation Families, I want to be sure for my tomorrow's day, but here it It is impossible. I hope, you will understand me correctly. I do not want to leave The country at any cost, I want simple family happiness. Tell to me It is more about itself, in fact through letters it is possible to learn much. It very much It is interesting to learn more about your ideas. I want to learn more about yours Way of life, tell to me about your city and where he is located, about yours Desires and your purposes. I with impatience shall wait your letter!!!


Letter 3

Greetings Ivan!!!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter because I very much waited Your answer. It is very pleasant, that you have estimated my frankness with you. Excuse, if I speak something superfluous, earlier I had no experience Acquaintances on the Internet, therefore probably I speak something not so. I Has got used to speak about my ideas, on my feelings, on mine directly always Intentions, about my sympathies. I have told to you, that you are nice to me and it is the truth. You know, the some people People do not love frankness and do not like to hear, when to them speak directly, Because the truth not always pleasant, but I think, that direct and fair Expression of own feelings very important. You agree with me? I shall be It is very glad, if you will speak your ideas and your feelings is direct, I I want that we felt like freely during our dialogue, it Even it is easier. Because we communicate in a virtual reality. Certainly Some minus is present at it. I would be very glad, if We would live beside with each other. I love your way of dialogue and I speak you the truth, that I have such Feeling, that we are familiar already for a long time, I feel very easily, when I write to you. I promised, that I shall tell more about myself and I want to make it. Likely It is interesting to you for learning more about my family. I live with my mum And in an one-room apartment. My mum is called Elena and her with 60 years. You can ask about my father. O'K. I the daddy has died in Some years, and are very difficult for us without him. I want that you correctly Have understood me, I the usual girl who wants simple human Happiness, I not so proud, I simply have feeling own Advantages, and I want that you respected it because I too respect Your feelings. I want to continue the story about my family. My mum some years on pension. We have very much good relations in To family, and I very much like when we have family evenings though I should To admit, that it happens not frequently. Many my friends already have Own families, some from them already have own children, and I Too very much I want to have own family. To me 27 years, I want to become Mum, and I want own family happiness, therefore I at once Has told, that I do not want empty chatter, I want to build serious Attitudes. Certainly I understand, that it cannot be created at once, for It it is necessary to learn closer each other. I want to learn more about yours To family. You want to create own family? For me it is very important to know Your intentions!!! To you more likely was interesting to know about me, in fact still more many not Has told about itself, I did not speak you about my work, I did not speak you About my dreams, I did not tell to you about my friends. I think, we We learn more many still about each other. I shall necessarily tell to you about This and much other in my following letters, also I owe much To learn about you. I shall wait very much for your following letter, because I very much It is interested in it. It is very unusual to me to get acquainted in The Internet, but I very much like our acquaintance. The best regards!

Yours Olga.

Letter 4

Hello my dear Ivan!!!
Now I have come to Internet - cafe to check up my letter box, and I Very much was delighted, when I have seen your letter. You know, today My mood was not so good, I do not know why, it is possible because of Works, in fact work brings cares which should be solved though to me My work is pleasant. But when I have seen, that you have written to me, mine The mood at once has changed, and certainly in the best party!!! I cannot To describe my feelings because it so is unusual to me, I very much Waited your letter, I very much wanted to see your answer to my questions. Earlier I seldom wrote letters because I not so loved it Employment, I considered, that own feelings always should be expressed Personally, I always preferred alive conversation. You agree with it? To Now it is impossible for a regret, but I see certain pluss in such Situations too. I feel more freely in terms of the feelings, it Easily for me to find the necessary word because I can think above everyone Word more precisely to express my emotions. I know such expression " The word on a sparrow, will take off - will not catch ", and it is very good, that I I have an opportunity to think above each my word. Though you know, I can Precisely to tell, that any most beautiful letter cannot replace Realities. I spoke you, that you have very much interested me, and I I notice behind myself, that sometimes I think of you on work or when I go Home. Today has thought of you in the morning when I have woken up I, I have asked " That Ivan now does itself ". I have thought, that is possible he still Early morning sleeps, because now even, it is possible he did not lie down yet To sleep, probably he thinks of me, and I have smiled. It is very unusual For me, my interest grows also I cannot explain it. Today I Wondered, what voice at you, I have not answered this question, Because I have decided, that once we shall speak by phone and I I shall hear your voice. I would be glad, if I had phone in an apartment, But now I have no it, we have written the application for installation of phone and I Very much I wait for the moment when I shall have phone in an apartment. It very much Interestingly for me, you want to hear my voice? When I shall have Phone of a house, you will be glad to our telephone conversation? You see, I have many questions for you, I very much hope, that you do not object Against my curiosity. If you were a number, I would see all Answers to my questions in your eyes. Eyes is a mirror oppress, and I I can read ideas and feelings of the interlocutor in his eyes. You are able to do So? To me speak, that I have very acute sight, it not Compliment about itself, but it actually the truth. At conversation with The person, I like to look in his eyes. How you do? You know, I Has recollected, that I have told nothing to you about my work, though I Promised it. I work as the teacher in elementary grades, you certainly know about this work. I work at one small school which is in Kirov. I love the work though me to have to spend a lot of time for it. My working day begins in 8 a.m. in my cabinet, My working day always at various times comes to an end, sometimes I work Late, sometimes I finish work earlier, I have one day off In a week. I cannot name my work easy, but she interesting and Responsible. It is very interesting to me for learning more about yours To work too. In my following letters, I shall tell to you more about mine To work, I hope to you interestingly to listen about it. I want to tell to you One interesting case which was yesterday. I spoke you earlier, that It is first time when I get acquainted on the Internet, and earlier after work I always went home, but now I spend a lot of time in Internet - cafe. I Did not speak my mum about my acquaintance on the Internet, but she notices My absence of a house recently. She has asked me about it, and I Has told to her about our acquaintance. She has been very much surprised, because She did not think at all of it. I have told to her about you, I have told, that I very much It is glad, that such person as you have appeared in my life, I have told to her about My sympathy to you also that I very much want development of our attitudes. You Can not worry, because I spoke her only good about you. I cannot tell, that my mum very much was delighted to this, she asked Me to be cautious at acquaintance on the Internet, because in The Internet it is a lot of deceit, I have told to her, that I shall be very close, but I have such feeling, that I can trust you. My mum asked me To transfer you a greeting. I very much hope, that I have not tired you with mine The letter, I wanted to tell more to you about myself. I shall wait very much Your following letters, I hope you will think of me and not Will overlook to write to me the letter. You are glad to our acquaintance??? I shall be To think of you tonight!!! I wish you pleasant evening and I wish To you to see me in your dream!!!

Kiss, yours Olga.

Letter 5

Hello my dear prince Ivan!!!
Now I have come to Internet-cafe to check up my mail box, and You know, what I there have seen? I saw your letter, and my mood It became much better! Today here cool weather, but now I not I feel colds, I feel heat because your letter has forced My heart to fight more quickly. You know, we are familiar very little, but I am very glad to our acquaintance, I I think of it often. In my life there were different situations, and I have understood one The most important thing, I have understood, that accidents do not happen. I do not want To assure you of my exclusive correctness, because you Can disagree with me, and it is quite clear, I shall not be you To overpersuade and I do not apply for a rank of the cleverest person. Simply I feel, that our meeting not accident, and I very much I wish to trust in it. I wish to tell to you about one thing and I want that you have correctly understood Me. I spoke you that I get acquainted on the Internet in the first Time, and I do not know many features of it. Probably you know more, And I wish to ask you advice. On a site to me have written some more Men and I have answered them from politeness. They write to me beautiful words, they Write to me that they almost love me, but you understand, I do not trust in it, I think, that they have simply a good time thus, I cannot To explain the reason of such my attitude, but I shall repeat again, that I Has got used to trust my feelings. I wished to ask you advice, I not I wish to communicate with them more and I want that they have understood it, I think, That it is very impolite, if I shall directly tell it about it, therefore it It will be very good if you as the man you will advise me something, That it is polite to let know it that I have no desire to continue Correspondence with them. Today when I went to the Internet-cafe, I wondered, why you Have interested me, I wished to answer this question. You understand, I not I trust in love at first sight, but it is very unusual to me to wait Your letters, I very much experience, that you write, I think, you on most Business are interested by me or write simply so because you do not know Other interesting employment, it is possible you simply wish to diversify Your life our correspondence, I hope very much that it only silly Ideas also I try to not think of it. Earlier I did not think, that it Probably so to become interested in the person whom I never saw In a real life, I trust my feelings and I wish to trust that they not Deceive me. I very much like your way, you write, me very much Your frankness is pleasant, I like your gravity, it is pleasant to me Your desire to live and move further, because otherwise, You would not make a decision to write to me on a site of acquaintances. I like you, and I very much want to find out you closer! I speak you much about To me, I speak you about my ideas, on my feelings and sympathies, but I At all has not taken an interest in your image of the woman which you want To see near to you. I understand, that it very much was not polite with mine The parties, but I very much ask you to not take offence at it, because I very much Wished to tell to you more about itself, I hope you will understand me Correctly. This new to me to get acquainted on the Internet and consequently Probably I forget about something. It is very important for me, the nobility yours Ideal of the woman. Describe, me it, describe to me your vision ideal Attitudes, in fact more close to learn the person it is necessary to know everyone Trifle. You agree with me? I wish to describe to you my vision of ideal attitudes. For me very much The openness in attitudes is important, for me honesty is very important in Attitudes. You see, I do not know many details of my vision Ideal attitudes, I do not know it and I do not wish to know. I consider, that The external beauty has small value, because beauty in the future Will leave, there will be an internal beauty of the person, remains its internal The world, remains its character and its attitude to a life, therefore if in One of partners involves only appearance, such attitudes Are doomed to a failure, I so think. I want attitudes based on Internal emotional bond because such attitudes will be Long. I wish to create serious attitudes, I do not wish to create empty Chatter, therefore I speak you about all this, and I very much hope that Our desires are mutual. With impatience I wait for your new letter!

Yours Olga for ever.

Letter 6

Hello my unforgettable Ivan!!!
You know, that yesterday I long could not fall asleep, I thought of you. It Happens seldom, that I cannot fall asleep at once, but sometimes it happens, and It happens when something very important occurs in my life. Now I have told " something important ", and I had in view of you and our meeting. It is very-very surprising, and now I cannot completely To understand itself, I cannot understand my feelings, I cannot understand, why I I think of you often??? I understand, that I should not do so, I not Should forget about reason. It speaks my reason, but I do not wish to listen My reason, I do not wish to be very cautious to you, I want that you It has appeared that only thing the man which I waited all my life!!! Today when I have come after work, I have left my folder for work On a table also wished to go to the Internet-cafe at once to check up mine Mail box because I very much waited for your letter. At home there was I Mum, my brother was not at home, but I think, that it it is fine myself Feels, because it recently has got acquainted with one girl. And Today I think, it has invited it to appointment, yesterday it asked me About it because it considers me as more skilled than it. Though you know, I cannot name myself very skilled in love Attitudes because I have sad experience of it, but sad experience It too experience, I shall tell to you about it later. When mum has seen, that I have left my folder and at once have gone to a door, it very much was surprised and Has asked me where I go? I have smiled and I have answered it, that I go to the Internet-cafe to write the letter to Ivan. It Has looked at me and has asked, really your attitudes already such Serious, what you at all do not wish to eat? Then my turn has come To be confused to smile, therefore its question actually has confused me. I Has answered it, that I actually I very much want that our attitudes Became serious. Mum has suggested me to not go to the Internet-cafe Immediately, it has suggested me to help all over again to it to prepare to eat. I could not refuse, therefore I have removed my coat, have hung up it in a case, Has changed clothes and has gone on kitchen to help mum. You know, I think that Mum has asked me to help it on kitchen only that To talk to me about you once again. It very curious, and very much To care of me, it very much worries for our attitudes. I think, What is the feelings easily to understand, because when I shall be mum, I too I shall worry for my child. Really, friendly attitudes Between parents and the child are very important. I very much like mine Attitudes with mum. While we made a supper mum asked about you much, It asked me to not hurry up very much and to try to listen to my reason, I I understand that it speaks it because of anxiety for me. I have promised to it That I shall not lose a head though you know, I think, that I have played a cunning trick. I have told to it, that your letters force my heart to fight more quickly, that I very much like your frankness, sincerity, your compliments. To me Your way you is pleasant write. My mum has smiled and has told, that it It will be glad, if we can construct beautiful attitudes based on Trust, understanding and the most important love!!! Ivan, you know I Think we should learn still much about each other (it speaks my reason ......). Earlier I had attitudes which now I do not want To recollect, I long time met the guy, but our attitudes Have failed. I think, it is one of the reasons why mum worries for me. We met some years, we made joint plans for the future, I could not imagine my future life without it. You know, all mine Dreams have been connected with it. It often came to me on a visit, it knew My mum, my brother and it helped me to go through death of mine The father. It was to the relatives for me the person, and I too was often at It at home, I too knew its parents, all our friends and Relatives thought, that we shall get married. You know, it is very unpleasant to me To speak about it, but I think, that I should tell to you about it. Once I have learned, that it changes to me. I do not know how many times it was, There can be it there was unique time, but for me it is not important. I know There are women which consider, that it is possible to forgive to the man unique Change, but I not such. I think, that if it has changed to me once, It can make it once again, but I do not wish to wait for following change. I I wish to build serious attitudes without changes, treachery and lie. I I wish to be the happy wife and I wish to trust my husband, therefore Has broken off with this guy. You know, it was very heavy Test for me, I did not know what to do, I did not know, how I shall be Further to live, I thought that my life is finished, I have ceased to trust all To men. Thank God, that I could go through it, in it the moment of time My family very much supported me, all my friends supported me and I am very grateful to them for it. I do not want that such situation Has repeated again, therefore I have told to you about it. I usual The girl who is had usual human desires and dreams, I want To love and be favourite, therefore I ask you to be fair with me, Because I do not wish to be deceived once again. I hope you understand Me. I have told to you very important part of my life, and I shall be very much It is grateful to you if you will estimate it, I do not want that you simply Laughed at it, I have told to you because I trust you and I I wait for trust from you, I respect with you and your opinion and I too want Respect from you. I think, that only in this case we can To construct the present attitudes!!!!! I very much want it!!!!!

Kiss, you Olga.

Letter 7

Hello dearest Ivan!!!
Do you know, that I very much waited for an opportunity to write to you?! I very much waited the opportunities to read your letter. I very much wanted to know, that you you think of my letter, in which I told to you about my last relations. I very much worried, because it was very difficult for me to speak you about my last experience, it was very uneasy for me to express correctly my feelings, because when I described to you my last relations, my ideas came back in that time and I had to experience it again. Actually I am very glad, that I have told to you about it because I want to build relations with you from a new clean sheet, and for this purpose it is necessary that we know each other well. To see clear a private world of the partner it is necessary to know the last life experience of the partner. I am very glad, that I could open my soul before you, it was very important for me. Ivan, for me it was important not only to tell to you about this situation, your understanding was important for me. I did not want to make you to regret me with my letter because you know, that I do not like when somebody regrets, pity cannot be a basis for serious relations. For me it was very pleasant to know your opinion, for me it was very much important to know your ideas because your letters speak me about yours relation to me. We live not in a fairy tale, we live in the real world, there are not only the pleasure, happiness and love, in this world there are a lot of deceit, treachery and lie, therefore I very much wanted to touch this theme in my letter. You know, now when I'm writing to you these lines I understand, why I wanted to write to you about it, my purpose is such relations in which there was not a deceit, my purpose is relations, which are constructed on trust, respect, love... I went in Internet - cafe on foot though weather was rather cool, I did not want to go by bus, I wanted simply to go on foot because my thoughts work better when I think during walk. I ask you not to think, that I'm absolutely silly and cannot think in a condition of rest. Now I joke, though actually my ideas were not comic. I thought, actually what love is it??? I spoke you many times, that I want relations which are based on love, but I have not allowed to me the definition of this word though it seems to me, that not only me do not know exact the definition of this word, but now I do not want to speak about someone because now I speak you about my own ideas and feelings, and I do not want to distract on something extraneous. Actually it is not very much simple for me to answer own question about love. I think, that love is such feeling which gives to the person wings, it is feeling due to which the person becomes omnipotent. Love is to see sincere eyes of the beloved person, it is simple to hear his voice, it's simply to be together, because people in love understand each other without words. The love forces heart to beat faster. For me love is disinterested feeling, which overall objective is to make happy the person whom you love. You know, now when I'm writing to you these lines, I understand that when I see your letters when I read your ideas in your letters when I "hear" your compliments, I understand that I already have small wings, and my heart force faster and faster with each your letter!!! I very much hope, that relations which we build, will present us big wings!!! It is very important for me to hear your opinion on love. How do you understand this word, what ideas do you invest in this word? I ask it because if you tell sometime to me such words, I will not want that they sounded as " I love my car or I like to have a good time "! In the modern world the word "love" has a little lost the initial sense and frequently this word has not meaning at all, therefore for me it is very important to know your ideas about it, in fact if wings of love are made of an empty word such wings will not give opportunities to fly!!! I shall wait very much for your answer to my letter! Yet I do not know your answer, but I want beforehand thanks you for your attention, understanding me and my ideas! I wish you excellent mood and more ideas about me!!!

Gentle embraces and kiss.


Letter 8

Hello my sweet prince Ivan!!!
Now evening and again I have come to Internet - cafe to write to you the letter. Though I feel myself a little tired, my mood is excellent because I see your letter. I hope, you very much missed me because I very much waited for an opportunity to come here to write the letter to you ! You know, I very much waited for your answer to my question about love. I very much hope that you do not get tired from my questions. I understand, that possible I was too curious, but for me actually it was very important to know your ideas about it. When I was going here the idea have appeared in my head , that may be you have not still written to me the answer because I understand, that you have much other deals. Also I understand you receive many letters in day, not only from me and you need time for a answering other letters. First these ideas disturbed me a little, but I have told myself, that any important deals cannot distract you from ideas about me, therefore as for me you are my idea number one in my head!!! I feel, that you have the same attitude to me as me. When I have seen your letter in my letter box, the smile has appeared on my person!!! I have told myself "Yes, Ivan thinks of me and may be once we shall be together!!!" You know, I think that I have told it a little loudly more than I wanted, because people which sat beside have turned back and have looked at me surprised!!! In the evening when I have come home I have taken a bath, I very much like to take a bath, simply to lay in a bath and to think about something. I was alone at home and have decided to cook for a supper because there was nothing to eat. I have made mashed potatoes and have fried a fish. Actually I very much like to cook, even I may name it as my hobby. In one of my following letters I shall tell to you about my culinary abilities, even I may cook once for us for a tasty supper. What do you think? I think, you would be very pleased, because I am able to cook different kind of meal, I very much like to cook some kinds of salads from vegetables, and everybode who ate my salads speak that I cook very tasty! I hope you wiil be able to estimate soon my culinary talents!!! It was my day, I very much hope, you are not tired to listen about it, I very much did not want to tire you with my letter! Now my time comes to an end also I should go home! I shall think of you all the evening long, because you are my idea number one!!! Do you remember it???

Yours Olga, kiss!

Letter 9

Hello my love Ivan!!!
Do you know that you are very close person for me, and I have the big feelings for you in my heart? Do you know it? Do you know that I want to build serious relations only with you? Do you know that such words as husband and family I can associate only with you? Do you know that I cannot think of neither anybody nor anything! I can think only of you!!!!! You know that you have won my heart and it beates faster when I read your letters? Do you know that you are my island of happiness and love in the sea of cares, excitements and loneliness? You are my solar oasis in the middle of the big desert of human misunderstanding and indifference on which there are palm trees and there are many wells? Do you know I can compare my life to desert on which I went long years, and once I have seen you - my oasis, and I run from last forces to you because on the oasis there is a life, I can there slake my thirst, I can eat there fruit, I can have a rest there!!! The most part of my life is occupied with work, I spend many forces and a lot of time on this work, and time goes, work does not become less, on the contrary, work absorbs me entirely, and ..... I have met you, I see that you are person whom I have searched for all my life, I have met you and my heart has told to me, that I live, I want to love and be loved, my heart has told to me, that there is a life except for work. May be I did not want to see it because I was afraid of new relations after crash of my last relations, may be I have decided that I do not want to love more, but you know my heart is made not of a stone and not of iron, my heart wants love, my heart wants, that you cared of me, my heart wants usual family happiness. I want that you saw in me not only the girl which lives far and with whom it is possible to correspond sometimes, my heart wants that you see me as the person whom you have searched for all your life, my heart wants that you have seen me as the partner for creation of family. I spoke you, that I want frankness and sincerity in our relations, I wanted to tell to you all directly, I wanted to tell to you that I think of you. Certainly I understand, that probably you will be frightened of my frankness, certainly I understand that after such words you will change opinion on me not in the best side. I understand all that, but I felt, that I should tell to you it because I want to be a straight line with you. I understand, that may be I make incorrectly, I am brought up in such a manner that the girl should not so to show the feelings, my education speaks me, that I should not speak you such words, my education speaks me, that I can tell to you such words only after your 10 letters with a declaration of your love. I understand all this, but I do not want to have a mask of inaccessibility on my face, in fact you are very important for me, I do not want to lose you, I do not want that you looked at other women, I want that you see only me, I want that you are beside me! I do not want that my words have frightened you, I want that you will see in me the woman who can make you happy, I want that you will see me as the woman who too sometimes wants to be weak, I want that you will see in me the woman who wants that brave princes fight for her, I want that you will see in me the woman, who does not want to decide all my cares independently, I want that you will see in me your princess, which you want to rescue from a high tower as in a fairy tale, I want that you will see in me woman wants family! I want that you will see our possible family, I want that you will see in me not iron lady who has got used to achieve herself all in a life. In fact actually I as princess sitting in a high tower can escape myself from this tower, I can win myself a dragon who protects me in this tower and which has already frightened many braves which wanted to rescue me but could not make it. I can make it, but I do not want to do it, I am very tired from such life, I want that beside me you will be, I want to simply live, I have very much bothered to achieve something , I have very much bothered to put before myself the purposes and to go to them, I am very tired from such life, in fact I am the woman first of all, I am not the knight and I do not want to be iron, I want to be soft and tender, I want to care of my family, I want to love and be loved, I want simply to enjoy a life, I want simply to meet my lovely husband after work, I want simply to kiss him and to jump to him on a neck, I want simply to make love with him and I know, that my husband will not give up to me never, in fact I have not got used to ask much, I have not got used to demand something, I want to give my family all, I want to feel love in my family, I want to know, that I am necessary, I want to be necessary not to mum and not for brother, I want to be necessary to my husband. We shall love passionately each other, we shall understand each other without words, we shall sometimes quarrel, in it too there is some share charm, we shall be reconciled after that, we shall make love with you after quarrel, and it will be wonderful sex, we shall make all for each other, you will bring to me a breakfast in bed, and I want that my morning will begin with kiss of my lovely husband, I want simple human love, I want that we always shall be together, I want to give my love only to you, I want that for our love will not exist barrier because when we are together, our forces increase twice!!! I ask you to excuse me if I have told something superfluous because I understand that I have told to you much. I very much want that you will answer me, I very much want that my words will not offend you. I want that you know, that I shall not take offence at you if you do not answer me this letter, I shall understand you, I shall understand that I am not your ideal, I shall understand, if you tell, that you do not want such relations, I shall understand all, I simply wanted to be fair with you. I wrote to you this letter very easily, I did not think above each word a lot of time as usually, words flew from me, I have written this letter for 40 minutes because it is my feelings, this is my life, I trust my feelings, I want to live, I want to breathe, I want to love!!! Have you looked film " A walk to remember "? I very much like this film, I looked it some times, this film I can look 1000 more times. When I have seen this film for the first time, tears have appeared on my face. This film tells about the girl who have fatal illness, but she spoke nobody about the illness, I did not want pity, she wanted to live her last days not thinking about death, she wanted to be useful to people, she did not want love because she understood, that the love would make her last days painful, she understood that her death would make sad a life her beloved, she did not want these sufferings, but nevertheless love had come to her life, she became happy, but unfortunately it was her last days and when her beloved had found out about her fatal illness, he began to carry out all her desires, all her dreams because they had not enough time for this purpose. This love had changed his life, this love had made this guy absolutely another person people began to respect him!!! I understand that it is very sad film, but it make me to think, really we should wait for such days, really there should be something bad that we will begin to carry out our dreams, really love is less important than work, than all social life. I think that love is a priority in a life, the love gives us wings, but for some reason people sometimes do not see them or do not want to see. I feel wings of love at me behind a back, and you??? Excuse me if I have frightened to you of my letter, but I want that you know about my feelings, about my dreams, I want that you know it and appreciate it. I shall wait very much for your letter! I want that you will see in me the person who wants to love and be loved!!!

With love, you Olga.

Letter 10

Hello my love prince Ivan!!!
It is very pleasant to read your letter, I very much waited for your answer, I thought of you and about your letters much and I can tell to you with full confidence, that our relations are very important part of my life. I hope I shall not be mistaken if I tell that for you our relations also are very important. I always very much wait for the ending of the working day to go to Internet - cafe and to check up my letter box, whether there is letter from you? I very much like to write to you about me, to tell to you about my ideas therefore it is very important to feel you beside, even through your letters. I would be very glad, if after work I did not hasten to the Internet - cafe, and did hasten on a meeting with you. I very much would want to meet you after work with a hot tasty supper which I would cook specially for you. I would be very glad if instead of Internet - cafe we walked together in the evening, we would go slowly and my hand would be in your hand, we could be silent and hear simply breath each other, we would hear palpation of our hearts, I think it would be very beautiful and romantic. We could talk about something, I would listen to your story about your day on work, you would share with me your ideas. Actually it is very important to know ideas and feelings of the partner, I too would share with you my ideas, I too would tell to you about my working day, we would joke and laughed, we would consult with each other because sometimes words of support of the beloved person are very important. I know, you would listen to each my word very attentively, I know, that if support is necessary for me, I always may hope for you, I very much appreciate reliability in the partner, I very much appreciate such quality in the person as skill to hold own word, skill to make own promises, especially such quality should be at man because the man for me is a support, and the partner who should be an example in everything, I do want to be proud of my man as well as he will be proud of me! I hate a deceit and lie, I hate when the man speaks one thing, but make completely another thing, I do not like, when the person refuses own words, I do not like men who can chatter only who promises much, but makes not enough, I do not like men who with beautiful words deceive girls. Do you remember, I spoke you, that I believe only to affairs? I believe only to acts because any person can tell everything especially in the Internet, but a word it's one thing, the act is completely another thing. I very much respect such quality in men as the responsibility for own words. I know you only through your letters, but I have such feeling that I can trust you, I very much hope that each your word is not empty, I very much hope that each your word is meaningful, I want to trust love which lives in my heart, and I do not want to be mistaken again in the man because my heart is not iron, I do not want to suffer, I want to love and be loved! I hope, you understand for what I speak you about such things as skill to hold a word and reliability, I want that our relations will be clean and transparent for both of us, I always spoke you directly about it, I want that we completely trust each other! I know you understand me, and I want to build our relations on such principles. I want, that you know, that you can trust me completely, I also want to trust completely to you, I want to know, that you will always support me if it is necessary, you also can ask always to me for support, I shall make all that I can and even more for our relations!!! Thanks that you always understand me, thanks for a permission to speak with you directly, believe me I very much appreciate it! I very much hope that you will answer me soon and will not make me to wait for your answer for a long time!

You sweet Olga.

Letter 11

Hello my dear love Ivan!!!
You the present wizard who gives me good Mood the letters, and now when I have seen your letter, mine The mood became better. Now there is cloudy weather, but in the morning the sun has shined brightly and my day began from idea about you, I have woken up before an alarm clock at 7 a.m., the sun has shined in my window, I was pulled, then I sweet have yawned and have for some reason thought of you, ideas about you came in my head. You are always in my mind! Do you remember this song? I have thought, whether Ivan thinks of me in the mornings, whether Ivan thinks of me before dream??? I ask about it because I always think of you, I have never overlook about you and in the evening, before dream I frequently pray to the God for you, I ask him that he care of you and about our relations. Do You remember, I compared you to an oasis in hot desert, and every day I am convinced of correctness of these words because without you my life would not have many colours, without you my life was much more grey. You bring pleasure in my life, your letters always lift my mood, your letters make me to smile, and it is very good, I feel myself as necessary person, and you are also very necessary person for me, I feel myself loved !!!! I am glad that I spoke you that I respect in men, and in general skill to be responsible for own words, skill to fulfil own promises very much are pleasant to me, these qualities draw my attention to the person who possesses them, I too always fulfil own promises because I think, that it is very important! Today during a lunch break I with my colleague Masha went to cafe. I cannot tell, that we are friends, but we have very good confidential relations. During a dinner we talked about family, at all I do not know why we have chosen such theme for conversation but ... You know, at all I have not noticed how we came to such theme, it was very interesting to find out Masha's opinion on family because it has very much changed. The last year I remember we spoke about it and then she spoke, that she yet does not want to marry, she very much liked her independence and freedom, therefore when today I have heard her new opinion, I very much was surprised, today Masha has told, that she wants own family, she wants children. I have told to her that I too very much want family, I have told to her, that there is now in my life the person who ideally approaches for a role of my husband. Do You know about whom I speak??? Actually it is very serious question on family because the family is the union of two persons and it is very interesting to me, if we create family what it will be? Have You reflected on it? We discussed this theme earlier a little, therefore I very much want to know your ideas. I want that our relations will not become the ordinary, will not become a usual life, I want that we will spend a lot of time together, I want to do walks in the evening together, I want to go together to the cinema, I want to be on the nature together, to do BBQ. I do not want that our life will be monotonous, I want that our life will become more interesting, I want that your friends will become my friends that we could gather for holidays, go to restaurant to have a rest. What do you think of it? Do You like my a sight on family? I understand that I draw very optimistical cheerful pictures but why not?! I understand that except for pleasures, cheerful pastime, there is also many cares, but nowI do not want to think of it, because I think that together we will be able to solve all! Are You agree with me? I understand, that may be I hurry up, but today I have such mood that I want to dream, in fact a life is such as we draw it , and today I draw very happy joint life! I wish to tell to you on aiaiao our meeting! Yes, I can leave the family and live with you in your country. I think that I can take holiday at any time! But I at once wish to tell to you, that I have no money for a trip to you. It is very a pity to me, but it so. I do not know as I can arrive to you. There can be you know? It is very interesting to me that you think of my ideas, in fact I have no other person to build family, I have only you - my Dear and loved Ivan !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you pleasant evening and sweet dreams, My Dear!

Love you, Olga!!!

Letter 12

Greetings love Ivan!!!
Your letters decorate my life and make me happy because now I can tell confidently, that I have searched for you all my life, you are the person who has won my heart, you are the person who make my heart to beat faster, you are the person with whom I want to create family! I do not doubt that we shall be excellent couple, we are created for each other and I see, that you think the same, your words make me the happiest girl on the Earth, and in my turn I want to make you too the happiest man on the Earth! We are created for each other! I very much want that we will be together, I very much want to feel your affinity, I want to lay on your shoulder in the evening after work, to tell to you about my day and to feel how you stroke my hair and look at my eyes, you will listen to my story very attentively and when I notice your sight I gently smile to you and kiss your gentle in lips. You are my prince on a white horse, and I am very happy, that you have appeared in my life, you always support me, and I know that in any situation I can always know that you will help me and will find the necessary words for me. When I am sad I shall look at you and you at once will understand, that I want that you embrace me and tell to me, that for you I'm the most beautiful and lovely girl in the world. I very much like to hear your compliments, and I know, you will frequently speak them to me. I want to have a lot of time together even if we simply look film together, it will be very pleasant for me, your attention is very important for me, and I too shall care very much of you because you are my beloved man, I want that we make each other happy because we love each other because you are unique man who is necessary for me and who can make me happy. I very much like surprises, and I think, that you too like it therefore I shall give you small gifts which will show you my feelings, which my heart has for you!!! If I could I would present you the star sky if I could I would present you the moon from the sky, I want to see your smile, I want that you will be happy, I want that with me you have overlooked about long. You should know, that you can always tell to me that you want, I too shall be very glad to hear your story about your day on work, I too shall be glad to tell to you something pleasant if I see that you have bad mood. If I see that you are sad, I shall kiss you and I shall tell that I very much love you because I do not want that you are sad. I shall tell to you something in Russian, for example Ya lyublyu tebya! It means, I love you! When we go to the beach to sunbathe, you will spread to me a back with cream for sunburn, and then I shall make the same for you! I shall be proud very much, that I have such husband as you because the life has not casually connected us, I want that we will be together always! I very much hope, that you were glad to hear my ideas about our life together because I dream of it! We shall be excellent couple, and I know that you will never look at other women because any other woman cannot give you so much love as me! Now I should go, because my time in Internet - cafe comes to an end, I would like to write to you more, but I think, that you will be glad to that I have written to you, my Beloved! I shall think of you all the evening long because you are the man number one in my life, and I want that you know it!

Love Kiss, you forever Olga.

Letter 13

Hi prince Ivan!!!
You are my gladness!!! Do you know it?! I am surprised each time of your ability to cheer me up because now I feel myself very much tired. But you can not doubt, that in any mood I am always glad to see your letter because you are the closest man for me and when I come in Internet - cafe and see your letter, I'm the happiest girl on Earth. I want to thank you for your attention, I feel heat of your heart in each your line, thanks for your ideas about me, I'm actually very glad to your attention, now I have noticed, that when I'm writing these lines, the smile itself appears on my tired face. I do not know, that you made with my ideas because I can think only of you. And I very much like it. Today I thought of you on work though I have had a lot of work, I had to go much around the city to different shops. I think if I had own car, I would make all faster, but now I have not car, therefore I have to use public transport. I hope, that once I can buy the car for me because I have the driver's license, actually I very much like to drive the car. The last year I wanted to buy for me the second-hand car on credit, but mum suggested to buy new furniture in our apartment, therefore I have postponed purchase of the car. Mum speaks, that the good condition of an apartment is much more important than the car, I had had to be agree and we have taken the credit for purchase of new furniture in an apartment though I have not refused the dream because the car is very necessary for my work. But now I do not want to speak with you about material things because once I will be able to buy every I want, you are much more important for me!!!!! And I will never stop to speak you about it! I very much hope, that you liked my imagination, I very much hope, that too want it, I very much want to appear faster in your embraces, I very much want to hasten home to you after work, not to the Internet - cafe, I want to see only your eyes, I want to hear only your voice, I want to hear only your heart, I want that we will be together. I understand, that probably I outstrip events, but I very much want to dream of it, I ask you to not take offence for my very free ideas because actually I can speak such things only to you, I do not want that you think that I have very much impudent behaviour, actually I'm rather modest girl, and I am very happy, that you have come to my life! I shall wait very much for your letter, in the evening I shall think only of you, I very much want to see you in dream, my Lovely Ivan!

You Olga.

Letter 14

Greetings, my Knight Ivan!
I am very glad, that at last I can send you the letter. Today I worked till a dinner because yesterday I worked much. My chief has allowed me to leave today earlier, he saw that yesterday I am very tired, because I worked much. It is very pleasant that my work is important also the head appreciates my work. I think if you are my chief you would never allow me work hard. (smile) Have You missed me? I very much missed you, yesterday I for a long time could not fall asleep I thought of you and about your words. I am glad that you tell to me about you, I am glad, that you think of me, I am glad, that you are! Yesterday I for a long time could not fall asleep, though I was very much tired. I imagined our first meeting.Have You thought what it will be? Have You thought, where we shall go? Have You thought, what we shall do? Yesterday I ask myself these questions. Imagine, that we have met, I have arrived to you on a visit. What would you show me, where you would invite me? I not the shy girl, I am able to speak about my ideas though I always make it tactfully directly. I do not think myself the feminist, I think, that the man should look after the woman beautifully. It is always pleasant to feel care of the man. I am the woman, and I want to feel sometimes me a little weak. I see in the man and the woman of equal partners because the man and the woman supplement each other, these are two half of single whole. And I do not think, that one of partners can dominate in family. Someone likes to oder about and manage people, but family is not that place where it is possible to order about. I do not like, if the husband would manage me, I want to see in him not the commander, I want to see in him love. I agree with such expression as the husband is a head of family, the man is the creator who can work wonders, the woman is a neck of family which inspires the husband. Are you agree with me? It is interesting to me to know your ideas about it because I like our relations, I cannot tell now, whether we shall want to be together, I not can tell with what there will be our relations, I think, that our first meeting will give the answer to this question. It is very interesting to me that I shall see in your eyes, it is very interesting to me to know it, but now I can imagine it only. Through my questions I want to find out better beforehand you because in a real life I want to see that person who writes to me these letters, I mean you! You know, I already spoke you, that you became for me the close person. And I very much want to see my prince on a white horse with the keyboard in hands (smile), useing which he could won myA extremely and special attention, my respect, trust and my heart!!! I very much hope, that from the moment of our first meeting we shall not use a computer to communicate with each other. In fact a real life more various, interesting and beautiful, especially with the favourite person beside!!! My kiss


Letter 15

Hello my fantastic prince Ivan!!!
I have again decided to write to you. To me it is sad and lonely without you. I I understand that now I can make nothing, but my soul demands to be Stated. I know that you are borrowed with affairs and you probably do not have time To write to me long letters, but even from one small line to me Becomes warmer in soul. Has passed a lot of time from the moment of Our acquaintance. Now, when I look back back and I compare me With that girl in the past, I understand, that I have strongly changed to To the best. Earlier I could not believe that among men is Worthy and decent people. I was mistaken and I recognize my mistake. Today Remarkable day. In my soul it is bright and I am warm with feeling which I test to you. Earlier I hesitated to speak about my feelings to you Even to itself. I was afraid to believe in it... It seemed to me that not Really. Earlier I thought, that is necessary to be constantly near to The partner to feel his presence. Now I understand that that in To soul the sincere feeling has woken up to know enough that the person which To you it is close can to communicate with you simply. Not important how, It is possible to know only that this person has fine feelings on To the attitude to you. I know that in the world a lot of evil and meanness, and if not The belief in the best and love, people would exterminate each other only because Meanness and insincerity are afraid of impact in a back. When I read yours Remarkable messages I think of with what ideas you wrote to me These words. Each time when I find yours the letter when I am in Awful mood, I recollect, that somewhere away far lives The person which remembers me and wishes me all best. At night I cannot sometimes fall asleep, I lay in my bed I think about To you... I think that you also lie down to sleep and recollect about me. I Would be simply happy to know that you think of me before dream. When I look at night in darkness, I present that you now are Beside, you talk with me before dream. I would be just happy to To hear from you a fine fairy tale for the night. I the ordinary girl, but Very lonely. I do not want to complain, but my heart big and hot, I cannot believe that time passes by me. I already adult The girl, almost the woman... But my life will consist only of me and mine Mums. I have no anybody more expensive in my life except for you. But you You are too far. It seems to me that I am sick, but this Unique illness for which I do not want to be treated. I want to be ill You it is eternal. I would not like to talk to you and feelings beat from me Fountain. At me for the first time such sensation. I feel as strongly My heart knocks. Each impact of heart approaches a meeting with you. Time became the enemy for me, and the distance which divides us It seems ridiculous. Sometimes I very much want to turn arrows of hours forward and I want to trust that time obediently will follow forward to approach The moment of our meeting. It is necessary me distant flight, there where you wait Me you. I am afraid of planes, but the idea that I shall see you does Than me is stronger. To me is disturbing to understand, that I should depart in Completely other world in spite of the fact that I remain on the same planet. :) In my city a lot of my familiar and friends, I know the some people with The childhood, the some people it is absolutely short. I understand that I still to return Back. I spoke my best girlfriend that I am going to arrive To you. She understands that I feel in relation to you. But it is strong My mum worries as well as. I understand that they feel, but to go Across to the feelings I cannot. I very much want to be with you. We Are familiar with you rather recently, but you already began for me very much The close person. I worry concerning trip to you but it seems to me That it is completely normal, because it for the first time. I do not know as you You will perceive occurrence of me in the life that you will tell Friends and relatives about me... But I hope that they same kind and Pleasant people as well as you. I dream of that as we shall carry out with you Time, about that than we shall be engaged... At me it is a lot of questions.:) you Spoke, that at you the remarkable nature and beautiful city. I very much I love the nature and silent walks in the morning. I very much would like to lead with You all time of my holiday. I do not want to hammer in your head ideas About me, but I would like that you knew that occurs in mine To soul... When I think of you, time obediently stops and before As my eyes the picture of our meeting appears. I know that I shall tell At once, as soon as I shall see you personally. But such words need to be spoken in Eyes, facing to that to whom these words are addressed. Such words it is heavier In total to make to the person who to you is not indifferent. I very much The romantic and pensive girl. But I am very easily vulnerable also anyone Careless movement in feelings can cause me a pain. You know... If I took a detached view of me I would condemn me for similar Frankness, but I trust you. I should tell to you all this now In this letter. I need to open to you and I hope that you will be To perceive my words it is correct. You are more senior, more skilled and is wiser than me. I I feel, that at us all will turn out and we have chance, that To be happy. I want to begin our attitudes with trust and sincerity And I very much hope, that this sincerity will be always present in Our attitudes. I the sensitive person also can understand that you have in view of. To me much should be learned about you, as well as to you about me. Please try to trust me as well as I trust you and then we We can achieve the big success in our attitudes. And me it will be easier To speak about all things. Has passed a lot of time and it is time to me to finish My message. I could write to you still very much much, but time Speaks me that I should go. I hope to see from you the letter soon.

Gently Kiss, yours Olga!



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