Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Ponomareva to Sonny (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my Sonny!
I am receive your letter again !
I am glad to receive yours e-mail, how you today?
I enjoyed songs and an amusing picture which you have sent me,
Today I somehow got over along the street on my work and back, this all because of a plentiful snowfall!
At yesterday's night has dropped out a lot of snow and does not cease to drop out till times, it is a nightmare!!!
It is good, that temperature stable, and in the street is not cold, the snow falls a quiet stream, it is very beautiful!
You have a lot of snow? Probably the snow is not present absolutely? What temperature?
I wish to send you photos of my city, you do not object?
Today I thought of you, and these dreams of you were pleasant for me, it was pleasant to realize, that I can divide with you my dreams and my reality!!!
Now I feel pleasure, when I have your e-mail, I think of you and sometimes I have sadly, when I think, that we far apart.
I like a men, who have goals in their life and strive for them.
I try to achieve the aims laid down by me too, i hate to lose, and i like to lead up business to an end result.
I always watch the my body, I do not suppose adiposity and slackness, i am engaged in gymnastics, and I like to play volleyball
In the winter i go on ski walks, and in the summer i love bicycle walks, and I adore to float
At leisure I try to have a rest from work, i also try to visit more often the parents, but it turns out not always and i have feeling of fault...
Even now, I have recollected them and in my soul became very sadly and melancholy, i very much love mine the daddy and mum, they always supported me a difficult minute and always understood me.
My mum is the best girlfriend and the adviser, and my father is my support in a difficult life
well, we shall not be about sad, simply it wanted to share a little with you my emotions
I hope you have not got tired reading my letters? In any case already it is time to go on my work, but i shall write to you later, ok?
I kiss you, yours Julia You do not object, if i shall inform on you to my parents? they will be very glad for me!
Letter 2
Hi my love Sonny!!!!!!
My dear I hope that at you all well.
I am pleased to see your letter. Each your letter brings a heat in my heart.
I dream of that day when our long-awaited meeting is held.
Today magnificent weather in the street.
In such perfect day it is the best to be in the street and to leave on walk on fresh air.
It is so pleasant. But it is the best to write to you the letter and to talk to you. It is wonderful.
When I think of you, my loved man, I became so happy, and it is pleasant and joyful on heart, that for me it would be
desirable to fly with happiness.
It is very difficult for me without your words, without your letters, without you.
I have understood that searched for you all my life.
You are intended me by destiny. I should connect life to you my fine.
I am happy, that you are mine. I do not want you to lose. You are very dear to me.
I shall wait for your letter soon.
Try to send money to the next week as term of payment is close
Many kisses and love.
Your Julia
Letter 3
Hi my dear Sonny, its me again, i have suddenly wanted to write you. You not against?
I am grateful to you for the sent song, you flatter me
I literally just has cooked macaroni with a sausage and have wanted write to you before to start my poor meal
What food you prefer? You is vegetarian? i have no concrete preference to any food, probably i eat on my mood or if to be more exact, my meal depends on thickness of my purse :-)
Oh, i have forgotten to switch off a teapot!!!! I shall leave you for a short while, do not leave anywhere...
I again with you and I can continue
You understand my letters? My English not top-level, but i constantly study and i improve it
My spoken English is good too
Sometimes I use the program of translator, therefore do not judge me strictly, ok?
At present i live in the Konakovo city , our city is in the central part of Russia, approximately 100 kilometers from Moscow.
I live one in a two-room apartment, it is a gift of my parents. I am only child in family, and i have no brothers and sisters.
i am 28 years and i already independent person, I earn on residing
I work as the assistant lawyer-adviser in small branch of insurance company "ROSNO"
It is very tiresome, but interesting work, I love my work
You love your work?
Write me more about yourself, and send me more your photos please , i wish to look at you!!!
I shall print your photos and I shall hang out them on a walls my apartment!!!!!!!!!
You always will be a beside me, and I can looking you always
Well, time of a meal has come, differently all will cool down, I shall write to you later, Ok?
Ask me what you wish to learn about me, ok?
I kiss you, my dear Sonny
Letter 4

Hi Sonny! How are you doing? I sincerely hope, you all right!
You have no representation how I am glad that you have written to me!!!
I am very-very glad, I waited for your answer
I was late with the answer as I had some problems on work.
Now everything is all right and I have an opportunity to write to you and to tell to you about myself and to send photos, I hope, that you will not fall from a chair having seen my terrible image, (it was the joke!)
If to admit fairly I sincerely hope to like you, and with trembling I shall wait for your answer
I think that you have many questions for me.I shall gradually try to tell you everything about me. I hope that you will tell me about yourself too.
Write me more about yourself, than you are engaged, where you work?
I shall try write to you so often as I can...
Well, here I finished my letter and I wish you successful day!!!
kiss you!
Letter 5
Hi my dear Sonny, I am glad that I can again write to you...
I enjoyed your sent files
You missed me? i do, how are you doing? What new has occured in your life?
ha ha ha i have no concept how to begin... ok i like tasty to eat, i have no concrete preference to any food
i eat meat, vegetables, fruit, dairy and flour products. i do not observe special diets or other nonsense, but i adhere to norm in the use of flour products
Therefore i do not get *** and my figure remains in the sports form
i love and respect sports, im often engaged in morning jog and bicycle walk, and every week i going to volleyball
in my opinion i wrote to you about it earlier, about music there is no special preference too
I listen almost all directions of music, depending on my mood
i like listen classical and relax music during rest or meditations, if good mood ican listen good rap, only without ***** words (not normative lexicon))
In the rest of the time i listen radio and new hits, both russian, and foreign
Still i wish to learn skills playing on guitar, i like to listen guitar music, i have already learned some chords and i can touch strings
it's cool! You are able playing on guitar? or on other musical instruments?
I still live the monotonous life. I would not like to live the life in loneliness, I wish to care of my beloved, i wish to be necessary for my lovely man
I think that the men in mature age are most serious in the intentions, and it is very important for me.
I do not want to be mistaken twice, i hope you understand sense of my words....
Oh! I have forgotten to write to you my birthday
My birthday on March, 29th. My height is 5 feet 6 inches, my weight is 115 pounds.
I am very sensitive and easily vulnerable woman, I like to laugh, and I love people with sense of humour!
At me romantic, sensual and very gentle nature.
And as though you have described yourself or how you are described by your friends?
You have many friends?
How you spend the free time? What you do for rest?
Write to me about your hobby...
Unfortunately my time has expired and it is time to leave you, but it for a short while.
For me there was no time, that tell you about my interests and entertainments.
But we have many free days to tell each other about itself, you agree?
In the following letter I shall write more about myself, Ok?
Write to me more about yourself and about your life, I with impatience shall wait for your answer...
Sincerely your Julia.
Letter 6
my dear Sonny, I wish to apologize too, that could not write earlier, I had problems with the Internet, but now all works.
I did not think, that I shall grieve without the Internet
I have decided to write you some lines, now i am in good mood, and i want that this fine feeling was transferred you, my dear Dave!
Today i met the girlfriend and we have spent time together
I have told to her about you, i hope you do not object, we for a long time did not see each other, and long enough talked about us with you and different female nonsense
Her name is Marianna and she already married, but she is unhappy in marriage, therefore most likely she will divorce from the husband
I calmed her, and have explained, that still ahead, in fact the life only begins and all at her will be adjusted,
I sincerely wish that she has found the happiness
Tomorrow we again meet with her and we to going shopping, it will distract her from depression
Ok my dearest Sonny, tomorrow i shall write to you again, do not miss, and take care!!!
I wish you all the best!!!
Yours Julia
Letter 7
hi Sonny
Julia here again
as i promised, i send you my new photos, and i at once wish to apologize for this short letter
i am very tired and i wish to have a sleep a little, i hope you not against?
Later i again shall write you
You know? i was visited with very tempting and reckless idea! i have imagined you here, with me, and I have thought, that was quite good to lay down together in bed and to fall asleep in your warm embraces!!! How you think?
well, i already fall asleep on the keyboard, bye bye i shall write later
Letter 8
Hi Sonny! How are you? I am fine!!!
I am happy that i can again read your letter and write to you
I think you know, that for female happiness is necessary insignificant a little something
It is attention, love, the understanding and care, we - anything without you
Almost everything, that we do, we do for you and for the sake of you!!!
We try to look attractive for the sake of you, for you we choose beautiful clothes, underwear, for the sake of you we do a make-up and a hairdress.
The manicure, pedicure, fitness, this all is done for YOU!!!!
I have come from work home to have dinner and i have wanted write to you.
My house is located near to a place of my work, therefore I have dinner at home, especially now I can write to you to a lunch break.
I use a house computer, i recently was connected to the allocated network of the Internet
Earlier i had no opportunity access to the network of the Internet as i have no phone, but now our house have connected the allocated line, it is very convenient and is much cheaper than connection through the modem.
i have written clearly enough? I hope... it are very complex words for me
What Internet You use? How many costs this service? The Internet - expensive pleasure, but without it i could not meet you, and it is the fact with which will not argue!!!
Annoyingly, but already it is time to go, the break has flown by imperceptibly and it is necessary to go for work
Do not miss! I shall write to you later!
your Julia.
Letter 9
As you can not understand.
I want to arrive to you and if you will want me to retain, we can go to migratory service and inform about our wedding and me will authorize to live with you.
And it does not need the visa of the bride.
Please the help to me to redeem my documents.
I any more do not know as you to explain, but I hope for your understanding
Letter 10
My dear, lovely Sonny,I to not issue the visa of the bride, I make out the visa to visiting and to me promised to approve my inquiry after interview with the American consul, but all over again it is necessary for me to pay money.
Here the list for what it are required to me of money.
1 - The passport for travel abroad.
2 - The Visa
3 - Medical test.
4 - Consular gathering is paid in addition.
5 - Two photos (5x5).
6 - The insurance.
7 - Obligatory Insurance of flight
8 - The information on that I have no debt before the law
9 - Documents about the real estate. (a maximum of docks).
10 - ID - identification document.
11 - The inquiry on police on the exit visa.
12 - Consultation before submission of documents in embassy and before interview.
13 - After submission of documents by us - interview.
I any more do not know, that to you still to explain
Letter 11
I have a little got confused in your letters.
I do not understand, that you offer me.
You wish to cancel our meeting or something another.
You have confused me
Letter 12
Hello my love Sonny!!!
How easter at you?
I grieved all these days and waited for the moment when I can see your letter.
How your day off have passed? I hope that at you all was good!!!
Oh, now I am so excited, because I imagine instants of our meeting, I dreaming... I am
flying... the eternity of our love begin to live, never to be finished.
I love you Sonny, and I want to be with you always. Because my heart, my love and my body
belongs now only to you.
Only with you, my heart speeds up a rhythm, and I am going together with you in our dreams.
I am so happy... and I have not enough words to express my feelings.
You my love, you my life, you my sun, I love you Sonny! Very soon we looking into our eyes
full of love and happiness will tell to each other about all feelings and experiences.
But now I should go, my love.
Please try to send money somewhat quicker as from me ask payment of documents.
One million kiss for you my sweetheart.
Your Julia
Letter 13
Hi my love Sonny!!
I write to you to warn to you, that I today shall go to parents for easter.
I shall transfer my parents HI from you and a congratulation on easter
Therefore you do not lose me.
Also I wish to say goodbye to them as then there will be no time.
I shall grieve without your letters and without your words of love.
I shall not cease to think of you, know, that all this time I shall think and dream of you.
I have not left yet, but I already miss, at me never was anything similar.
Now I should hasten on the bus.
I hope in the following letter to receive from you good news from you.
I love you madly.
Yours Julia
Letter 14
Hello my sweet dear love Sonny,
I very much liked your letter, I too wish to appear somewhat quicker with you.
I am very happy, that spoke by with you to phone, I admit, I very much worried.
I all the night long thought of you and till now under impression
I had a wonderful dream about us lastnight, it was wonderful to me.
I shall tell you and you tell me what you think.
I put you in the bathtub and all you had on was jeans then I poured warm pudding all over
your body and then I got in the bath with you and we bathed each other with the pudding and made love to each other and licked the pudding off of each
others body!!
It was a really vivid dream for me Sonny.
I have never had such dreams until I met you and I like it very much!!
I can be with you in my dreams, do you ever dream of me my love?
If so what do you dream about?
Do you dream of making love to me and hold, kissing and touching me like I dream of you?
I know I shouldn ` t write because you have got allot of mail from me to read, that is why I am only writing this one time today.
I hope you are not mad at me my love,
I just love you so much, there is so much I want to share with you in life, I want to share my very life with you!!!
Well I keep this letter short, you take care baby and please stay safe for me!!!
I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!. Your loving bride Julia.
Letter 15
Hello my love Sonny!!!!!
How there are your affairs?
I hope that at you all well!!!
I so miss under your letters!!!!
I without problems have received your remittance today I shall try to phone to you
It is a pity that I can not come here each day because of work and domestic have put!
I do have dreams of you a lot. They would make you blush.
I have dreams of us out walking in the hills, we stop for a rest, then we start kissing.
You have such beautiful lips!!!
I have a hard time resisting kissing them!
Then the next thing we are do is tear each others clothes off, then we make passionate love to each other over, and over.
We start to get dressed then the next thing we know we are making love hot.
And heavy again then we finally are able to get dressed then we start walking again for a while then all at once we are in hot, and passionate love making again.
We discover it is starting to get dark, so we start back towards home.
We do not have very far to go, because we did not get very far because of making love all day with the sun beating down on us.
Your body glowed so beautiful in the sun light, I just want to grab you, and start kissing you all over.
I want to hold you, and kiss you all over your body. I want to send you into ecstasy.
I have a lot of dreams about you that make me wake up all hot, and wet. This is just one of the dreams that I have.
I hope to please you in every way. I love you so much. You are not just a *** toy to me though.
I love you, and respect you as a person, as my husband, and as a king. I love you so much honey.
I want us to be together so much.
Well, it is time to me to go home.
I shall wait from you the letter with impatience!!!
My most sweet kiss in your passionate lips!!!!!
Yours and only yours Julia!!!!!!
Letter 16
Hi my love Sonny!!
I shall be glad to receive from you a gift for day of my birth.
I even know, where I to spend money, I shall call to you and to talk to you.
I already wrote to you the address of the western union in bank.
MOSCOW, 119146
You will go to send money in the western union and more than nothing it is required to you for sending.
To you will give control number of a remittance which to inform me.
With this code I to receive money here in the western union.
Also I will need your full name of m your address which you will write at sending money.
I shall wait for your letter of m a code.
And then I shall call to you.
I love you madly!!!
Letter 17
My loved Sonny
Thank you for a congratulation on day of my birth and congratulatory song
I too miss you, I all time think only of you, I can not think any more of anything the friend.
I want to feel your love really and to show you my love.
We shall be with each other during all our time.
I shall execute all your ****** dreams.
I shall **** up under you as a volcano, I shall caress you all night.
All your body will be in kisses and we shall be fettered by circuits of love.
You will show me all love, in an impulse of passion we shall be uniform also all will be only for us.
I want to walk with you on a beach and to be engaged with you in *** on a beach all night and waves will caress us in night
darkness, the moon will shine our hot bodies from love.
Since morning we shall wake up together and you will lay about me and to kiss me, we in the whole days shall be together.
We shall be engaged with you in *** everywhere where it will be possible.
When our bodies will merge together and our feelings will be on a limit, we shall feel, that we in it the world one and
anybody is not necessary for us.
For me in this world you exist only, I trust only to you and I have completely opened to you.
I want, that all my dreams appeared are real.
And we would be the happiest in the world.
I very much want to you and I wait for your remittance to carry out all these dreams.
It is necessary for me to tell date as from me demand payment.
Yours Julia
Letter 18
Hi my love Sonny!!
I am glad, that you the help to me with payment of my documents.
Excuse, that I have not written the information for sending a remittance.
MOSCOW, 119146
400 dollars are required to me
Also to be necessary for me your information for reception of a remittance.
Your full name and surname, your home address and control number of a remittance which to you will give at sending money.
I have decided to combine a trip to Moscow for reception of money and payment of money.
As I do not wish to go with such sum of money of a pocket.
It is necessary for me to pay money in embassy and agency which makes out my passport for travel abroad.
Also it is necessary for me to receive the medical information, the information from tax inspection, the insurance.
But I am ready to overcome all these difficulties somewhat quicker to arrive to you.
As to honour, I simply did not wish to be in opinion of administration the liar as I promised to pay money in the beginning of this week.
I have got used to hold the word and to not be scattered vainly.
Write to me what is the time it is necessary to wait, that you have sent me of money
I always save money on payment after the salary and I do not touch it.
When I shall arrive to you I should be moved from my apartment as I shall not live in this apartment.
And I do not want I shall vainly not pay money for an apartment in which to live.
Especially it will be difficult to me to pay money from the USA.
How you think, what you will advise me?
It is important to me to know your opinion.
I love you madly.
Letter 19
hello Sonny
At me now new email
My old email has broken.
I do not know in what the reason, therefore I have created new email.
I at all do not know, that you have written to me.
Write to me I wait from you for the letter and continuation of our correspondence
Letter 20
Hi my love Sonny!!!
I am glad, that you will send me of money for official registration of papers.
Inform me date that I planned a trip to Moscow.
I wished to combine a trip for reception of money and visiting of embassy.
Also I thank to you for the description of visas.
But I too consulted on a straight line to the American consulate.
These days of expectation seem to me eternity.
I wish only you one to love and be a number, but it is impossible while.
I want, that me threw in heat from your gentle hands, tender lips.
I want, that you looked only in my party, achieved sincerely and romantically my love,
And I would soar in clouds with happiness.
I dream of tender kisses from which would break a head.
I wish to fall asleep and wake up only in your strong, but during too time gentle and favourite hands.
My heart is torn to pieces and pouring blood, filled with an inexplicable flour when you grieve and are angry.
I want liking to finger your hair, to twist with their female love and heat.
I do not wish and cannot look at someone except for you!!! You are very necessary to me!!!
My heart will fight in a mad rhythm only near to you.
I constantly wish to hear your voice and hours to look in your eyes.
I want, that was happy, instead of you I if it is necessary suffered!!!
I wish to be your angel the keeper or simply favourite kid.
That, when to me it was bad, you sang something to me on an ear, and I embraced strong in the answer!
I want, that our hands were weaved into a single whole, hearts breathed in a uniform impulse of passion;
I want, that was always a number and not coming off to merge lips.
yours Julia
Letter 21
my love Sonny, i cannot find rest, i love you and this feeling overflows my soul!!!
When i sit down to write you the next letter, i wish to tell you about my love so many, but as a result i am confused in my ideas from overexcitation and the gushed feelings...
i wish to touch you here and now, to embrace and kiss you! I want that you embraced me too and long did not release
I dream as you have caressed me, whispered on an ear gentle words and ironed thus my hair, it is similar a magic fairy tale!!
I cannot state all my feelings in writing, it is impossible, necessary to look in your eyes and to hold your hands
I wish to caress you and to touch your hot body, i want to do it, i want you very much...
I wish to arrive to you and then we can carry out these dreams and take pleasure in love
You will never regret for it, I can realize all your imaginations and you can feel what you never felt!
Every day I think and I dream of this meeting with you, and I have made a decision to arrive to you that we could is closer learn each other
I hope you hold the same opinion as I? I wish to arrive to you for some time to learn each other in more intimate conditions
You agree with me? I hope, I shall not disappoint you, I want to fall asleep and wake up in your embraces!!!
Now I with impatience shall wait for your answer and your decision, my happiness will depend on you
If you agree to enjoy my love, write me as soon that I could begin preparation for this travel
I love you and I wait for your answer with impatience
Kiss your gentle and passionate lips
Yours Julia
Letter 22
hi my love Sonny, how are you?
excuse me for a delay, i collected necessary documents for this travel.
i am happy that we shall meet soon, i arrive to you soon! you are happy? you are prepared for this meeting?
Write me your full name and a full home address, still write me the name of the nearest airport
your help is required, i have found out that approximately 400 us dollars is necessary to receive the visa
i hope it not a problem for you and you can help me with this sum as i cannot independently pay these expenses, but i have so a lot of love that i can burn down! My body thirsts touches of your hands and your body
i want to splash out this energy of love, i am exhausted from desire!
As soon you send money, i can quickly finish registration of papers, buy the air ticket and arrive to you
you can send money on the "western union" first name Julia
last name Sokolova
Moscow This information is necessary for you to send money
i shall receive a remittance in Moscow as it is necessary to go in Moscow to register documents and to pay the air ticket
Write me right after how you will send money and i shall move to Moscow
Do not forget to write me the information for reception of a remittance that i could receive it without problems
now i shall wait for your answer, our meeting depends on you
I love you and kiss you in your gentle lips
yours Julia
Letter 23
hello my sweet Sonny how are you doing? i am really madly glad that i meet you
i should tell you i have ocean of emotions which i had not in my heart before.
i want to be happy with you it is my most important dream in my life! I have written you a poem There's a sea between us, love, and I wish that it weren't true,
for every day when I awake, I yearn to be with you.
There are many miles between us, love, though you're always here in my heart,
and every night, beneath the silver starlight, I pray for the day we'll never part.
Only two hearts can sing with all the joy life brings,
inspiring hope in the soul's depths,
scaling mountains never climbed yet,
flying beyond the star's reach
and discovering beauty in the light of each,
seeking rainbows beyond the clouds.
Only two hearts in love, have it all - two hearts like ours.
I'm waiting for you in a dreamy little paradise just for two.
I want to kiss you and hold you and make you mine,
wrap you up in a warmth that's divine.
I promise that you'll savor the bliss
you find in every well-placed kiss.
Please reply and let me know if you
would like to catch the sun in a paradise for two. I love you..... Julia
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