Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Wouter (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello Wouter, thank you for your lovely letter. If you have met me somewhere today,
given me the rose and invited me for a dinner I would be pleased to
accept your kind invitation. :-) It's a pity, we are far away.
Nevertheless, I'm glad to have an opportunity of writing you back. I
am pleased our paths have crossed and we have the opportunity to
correspond and explore the possibilities.
I appreciate your telling me about yourself and your sincere intention
to create a family. I'm also glad to know about your interests and
your job. It would be nice of you to make it clear what kind of woman
you're searching for.
Maybe, it's interesting for you to know something more about me as
well. As you know name is Ira. I live in a Ukrainian city named
Lugansk. It's neither big nor small. There are not many beautiful
places and entertainment here. Nevertheless, I love the city, because
I was born here.
My life can be defined as positive and nice, but I don't know what I
should do with all the tenderness and warmness what overfilled my
heart. These feelings I keep for a special man who I'm looking for.
Probably, it can make you surprised that at the age of 24 I'm still
dreaming of the ideal man of mine. It doesn't matter how old he is,
where he lives, what he does for his living. The only thing is
important for me. I want he could take good care of me and he would
need my love and care as well. I wish he would be generous and kind
hearted. He must know what he wants from his life and has abilities to
achieve his goals. It will be my pleasure to give all my heart, soul,
and mind with such kind of man.
I send you some photos of mine and I hope to receive more of yours.
I'll be glad to get your answer soon.
Take care,
Letter 2
Hello my dear Wouter!
What a pleasure to hear from you again! Thanks a lot! I had a nice
time reading your letter and looking at your photos.
I really enjoy reading your letter and knowing more about your
personality. I appreciate your wish to know me better. There are many
things I like to do. I adore swimming and jogging. Training Yoga is my
favourite way to spend time. I like to listen all kind of music. It
depends on my mood. My favourite singer is Madonna. My favourite books
are plays and fairy tales by Oscar Wilde. I also adore to read
Bulgakov's works. As for my favourite food I enjoy to eat dairy
products, vegetables and fruits. My favourite film is "Gone with the
wind". Watching detectives is one of my favourite thing to do. I have
little time for my hobbies as I study at the economic department of
the Agricultural University. I do enjoy my learning. My parents expect
I'll be a great accountant. :-) Both my father and mother are devoted
people. I'm happy to be their daughter. Yesterday I had a pleasant
time speaking with my mother about my searching. She was glad to hear
my secret. My mother noticed that my eyes were shining with the hope
to meet a reliable and caring life partner. It made her feel very
glad. She told me a story about two souls searching for their other
half,and their eventual meeting. When they meet they become one and
remain blissfully happy for all of their days. Maybe, they meet many
times in many lives and are separated only to find each other again.
However it works, I know that I will make my other half happier than
he can imagine.
I appreciate your wish to come and visit me. You are welcome! I'll do
my best to make you feel comfortable when you come here.
Enjoy staying in your new apartment.
I'll be waiting for your letter.
Warmest wishes,
Letter 3
Hello my dear Wouter, it's so nice of you to find some time for writing me. I'm glad to get
your reply and your photos. I appreciate your telling about yourself.
Each of your letters reveals you slowly to me. And I like the things
about you I find out. I feel impressed to realise how many things we
have in common. I'm very glad you like Madonna! Your father is a Yoga
teacher! It's unbelievable! It would be great to attend his lessons
with you some day! You are so nice to feel interest in the things I
like. The most famous Bulgakov's work is "Master and Margarita". Oscar
Wilde is famous for his plays like "An Ideal Husband" and his
fairytales. Wilde has also written an absolutely amazing novel "The
Picture of Dorian Gray". I bet you'll enjoy reading both Oscar Wilde
and Bulgakov.
I've never believed that Internet can help me to find a nice friend as
you are. I'm very glad it has happened. Let's see if we succeed to get
more in our relationship. Frankly speaking, I feel a bit of anxious
because it's the first time when I use this way to get acquainted with
a man. Besides, I don't know English well to be able to write you
without the translator's assistance. But I'll try my best to learn
English as soon as I have any opportunity.
Please, let me know what you expect from our relationship. With all my
open heart I wish to build a nice friendly and loving family. I wish
to meet my husband when he comes back home after his work. It would be
my pleasure to take his fatigue off and make him forgot about all the
problems. I want to share all pleasant and upsetting moments of his
life. I believe all my dreams about a happy family are going to come
true. Are your dreams much alike?
A family means much for me. Since my childhood I've been sure a family
is the most important thing in my life. And now I enjoy to spend my
time with my mother and father. Both of them are retired. I have also
many relatives. All my aunts, uncles and cousins live in a village. We
visit each other very often. I adore when the family gather under the
one roof. I realise that I will need to leave my country and part with
my relatives if my future husband doesn't want to relocate and live in
Ukraine. I will consider moving to another country if the special
person of mine wants me to do so.
It's very nice of you to start investigating what you need for
visiting me in my hometown. It will be my pleasure to meet you in
person. I am going to graduate from the University this summer. Then
I'll be completely free to start my new life. Will you join me? :-)
It's very windy day in Ukraine. I'm pleased to get your kisses from
far away. :-)
I'll be looking forward to your letter.
Warmest wishes,
Letter 4

Dear Wouter, thank you for your kind words and care. I'm deeply impressed by your
nice attention. Probably, I've made something wonderful in my life.
That's why I was given a lucky chance to get acquainted with you. It's
so nice of you to help me to pay for our correspondence. I appreciate
your care.
The photo you sent me is amazing! You look so nice and cheerful! And
the baby is absolutely wonderful! I believe I'll have such a nice kid
of my own one day. If you don't mind. :-)
I enjoyed reading your letter and knowing more about your life values
and your personality. I also like your expressing your feelings about
me and our future relationship. I'm touched by your interest and
delighted that I'm given the chance to try and make you happy meeting
your dreams and proving your feelings. I feel very motivated to offer
and dedicate myself to you, make long term plans for us; these are
indeed thoughts I share in my mind as I believe they are crossing your
mind as well. It is my approach that a fruitful relationship between a
man and a woman is going to be as such as if having a good
fundamentals. And that is mainly based on good sincere friendship. For
me our correspondence is mostly the chance to establish my friendship
with you, my dear Wouter. The future remains unknown. Our path may be
long or may bring us together closer than two good friends,
we may get attracted as a man and a woman, we may discover our hearts,
minds, bodies and desires moving together, we may end up as girlfriend
and a boyfriend or a married couple sharing the joys and the problems
of life. I would be really happy, dear Wouter, walking with you a long
way in that path, becoming happier each time we would be taking a new
step and coming closer to the end of the path. The longest we move the
happier I will be, you can be sure of that. And if we succeed in our
relationship it's very important for me to know and realise that you
will support me when I need to see my loved ones. I also appreciate
your wish to accompany me during my trips to Ukraine. Thank you. I'm
grateful to your parents who gave you the good family values. And, by
the way, boiled spinach is a very useful thing. :-)
My parents will be glad to get a personal acquaintance with you. It
will be a pleasure of mine to teach you my native language. I dream
about having learnt English (and Dutch) very well in order to be your
personal interpreter when you come here. I don't have an opportunity
to study English now, but I believe I'll have a chance to start my
English lessons soon. Thanks for your wish to send me the book about
the Netherlands. It's very interesting for me to learn about your
country. I think the English course will be very useful for me now. I
prefer the one from Russian to English. My mother tongue is Russian
although I live in Ukraine.
My home address is Solnechnyj Block, 23/8, Lugansk, Ukraine, 91057. I
appreciate your need to give me the expression of your feelings
towards me. You are very nice.
I believe your work is going easier for you now. Sorry you had to work
so much. Please, take all those complaints from the department easy,
it's very nice of your manager to support you.
Looking forward to your letter.
Letter 5
Dear Wouter! 100 years of friendship and happiness together sound great! I must
tell you that whenever I find out your letter is waiting for me, I get
that feeling of excitement and happiness. It's the way you tell me
about your day, your concerns, your travel plans and your lovely
picture. I appreciate your sharing them with me. Sid is a wonderful
baby! I'm very glad he's healthy, too. When I see such an amazing baby
I can't help wishing to have a child of my own. Thank you for your
kind words about me and our future kids. I'm sure our children will be
also kind-hearted, caring and have a good sense of humour like their
My dear Wouter, it's very nice of you to think of me. You know I often
think about you, too, throughout the day not just when I am writing to
you or reading your letters. I wonder what you are doing but I guess
that with the time difference you are often sleeping. :-) That doesn't
stop me dreaming about what we could be doing now. The things we could
be sharing. The experiences we could be having. I often make mental
notes of things I would like to share with you. Hoping that one day I
will get the opportunity to do so.
I'm glad you have such good friends in Kiev. It's very kind of
Lyudmyla to help you and give you the advise. I also appreciate her
wish to assist us with translating our phone conversation. I'll be
excited to hear your voice, too. I don't have a phone at the time.
Some days ago I dropped my phone and it was broken. I brought the
phone to the repair shop. I do believe it will be fixed soon. By the
way, I can speak a little English, so we can try to speak without any
assistance. If we don't succeed then we'll ask to help us. I'll be
very glad to improve my English with the help of the books you are
going to send me. (Have I told you that you are very nice? ) I don't
have a computer at home, so it would be better for me to have the
books with CDs.
Thanks for your interest in my parents. My father's name is Leonid. My
mother is Nina. I adore my parents. They are very nice personalities.
Their life together is a splendid love story. It was a love from the
first sight. This year they are going to celebrate their 27th wedding
anniversary. Sometimes I can't believe they've been together for so
many years. Both of them still have their young souls and their
feelings to each other are still tender and fresh. It's really
wonderful to feel their love and care of each other in spite of the
time passing. I think our parents are the most valuable treasure in
our life. Please, tell me more about yours.
As for living in Lugansk, it's not very bright. Lugansk is an
industrial city, neither big nor small. There are many plants and
factories here. Nevertheless, the city is very green in spring and
summer. We have a lot of parks in the city. Lugansk is also a cultural
centre. There are many cinemas, museums, a theatre, cafes and night
clubs here. It's not the most beautiful city of Ukraine, but I love it
and I hope you'll like it, too, when visiting it.
Dear Wouter, replying to your letters makes me feel so happy. Thank
you for the very nice letter you've sent me. I'll be looking forward
to the next one.
Warmest wishes,
Letter 6
Hello my dear Wouter! First, I need to let you know that when you tell me how you feel about
me, it makes me very happy. I appreciate and cherish everything you
say. I should confess you really know how to touch my heart with your
kind words and charming dreams. I love the way you express your
interest to make me smile.
I want to let you know that I feel attracted to you, I like your
personality, your talents, all your efforts to keep this relation
growing. It's so nice to realise this beautiful friendship we have
keeps growing. I have all my desires to meet you, waiting for you and
keep doing my best to express my feelings to you. It's hard to find
the right person, I think you are the man I have been looking for.
Please, let's keep alive this hope. At this point of my life, you are
going very deep inside of my soul. This distance can't split two souls
of ours, can it?
I'll be delighted to hear your voice, too. Thank you for letting me
know your phone number. By the way, mine is +38 067 6971354 .
Unfortunately, my phone can't be fixed as the damage is very serious.
At the repair service I was told it would be cheaper to buy a new
phone than to fix the old one. Nevertheless, I still have my phone sim
card and a good idea has come to my mind. I will ask some of my group
mates to borrow me a phone, then I will put my sim card in the phone
at the time we agree, so you will phone me up and we'll hear each
other voices at last. I'm very curious what kind of very personal
things you are going to tell me. :-) I believe I'll be able to
understand you. I'll be also looking forward to the letter and the
English books you are going to send me via mail. Thank you for your
nice care of me.
You have no idea how much I enjoy learning more about your parents,
your sister and your intelligent cat. :-) Your telling about them has
been so bright and vivid that I have a felling I know both your
parents and Winnie personally. :-) Your father made me impressed by
his active mode of life. I'm still longing to attend his Yoga
training. Your mother does such a noble work. I'm also very glad to
find out I have something in common with your mother, too. I do like
gardening. Have I told you my granny lives in a village and she has a
nice garden. I enjoy helping her every time I visit her. You know one
of my dreams is to learn horseback riding. Do you think Winnie will
take me for a ride some day? :-)
Opening the family company sounds wonderful. I believe you'll succeed
in starting a family business. I'll be glad and proud to join you one
day. Now I have a great reason for studying harder ever. :-)
You really make my day optimistic and bright, I can feel your kindness
in spite of the great space between us. I'm looking forward to the day
when the space between us disappears. It's very nice of you to take
care of our correspondence expenses. I've asked "The Alliance" to
remind us when the funds run out.
We are having the same kind of weather. Lately, it was snowing and now
the snow has melt. We are expecting the rainy weather tomorrow, too.
The slippery roads are very dangerous. Please, drive save. Looking
forward to getting some news and tender words from you. :-)
Warmest wishes,
Letter 7
My dear Wouter!
What a wonderful letter you sent me! Just receiving it always
brightens my day makes me smile and laugh and generally be happy. But
when I realise how you are feeling it makes me even happier. There are
no thoughts of the doom and gloom that surround us only the joy of the
prospect of being with you some time soon. I think May is a wonderful
time for our meeting. The Ukrainian weather is usually gorgeous in
May. I'll be having my finalexams in June, so my study won't be very
hectic for me in May, I believe. I do appreciate your inviting me to
Netherlands. I'll be glad to visit you as soon as I graduate from the
University. Will you wait for me, please? :-) It's very nice of you to
plan and dream about our meeting. I must confess that I do think of it
too much myself. Along with everything else going on in my life these
days, I daydream of our meeting constantly. Just playing out the
images of places that we'll be seeing and amazing food and drinks that
we'll enjoy and special time that we'll share together. Celebrating
our patience and chance meeting of one another and really confirming
why we're attracted to each other. Because pictures are great but when
we actually meet each other in person, we'll actually see each other
little bit differently. I'll notice little things like how wonderful
your eyes shine and how strong and gentle to touch your arms are. And
you might notice something new about me. :-) Whatever the littlest
things we notice, we'll further confirm in our minds what the future
holds for us. It will take us a while to get used to each other's
presence because we already have some preconceived images of one
another. But I'm sure that we'll get along wonderfully.
I'll be more than pleased to hear your voice on the Saint Valentine's
Day. Would you call me at 2 p.m. by Ukrainian time? It's the time my
lessons end. Usually some of my group mates and me go to the library
after the lessons, so I'll be able to speak with you before attending
the library.
How did you spend the week-end? Had anything exciting happened to you?
Had you thought of me sometime? :-) We had an amazing weather all over
the week-end. It was like the spring had come. I went to my granny's
place and we spent all the time talking and baking pancakes. I believe
you will visit my granny's house and see her garden when you come
It is raining today in Lugansk. When I went outside today I felt the
gentle drops on my face and thought about us standing in the rain and
holding each other close to keep warm. A smile broke out on my face as
I pictured us together holding each other. Dear Wounter, I enjoy our
correspondence . I feel excited to discover your inner beauty. It's an
experience like no other I have to tell you. I didn't think that I
would meet such a great person inside and out.
Please, don't feel sorry that the parcel you've sent me won't have
come by the Saint Valentine's Day. I do value every gesture of your
attention and care. I'll be looking forward to reading the letter and
enjoying the book about Netherlands. I believe it has many pictures.
Letter 8
Dear Wouter!! This is just a little Valentine "Hi!" from someone who likes you but
feels kind a shy! Happy St Valentine's Day! :-)
I am impressed by our phone conversation. It was such a pleasure for
me to hear your voice! I still feel excited thanks to you and your
calling me. Thank you!
There is some sad news. Our funds have been already exhausted. I've
got your latest wonderful letter and very nice photo of yours. I'll be
very glad to write you back soon. Thinking of you,
Letter 9
Dear Wouter!
What a wonderful gift it was for me to talk to you over the phone on
the St Valentine's Day! Hearing your pleasant voice made me feel like
I was in the Heaven. Your voice took me to the moon! It was not a
dream. I felt we were together. It seemed there wasn't the great space
between us. Hearing your voice helped me to realise I was not just
dreaming, I was not living in my dreams, I had found a real man of
mine. My dear Wouter, I think I like you more than I thought. Thank
you for all your efforts to make our communication possible and our
relationship to prosper. And thanks a lot for sending me the funds for
our correspondence. I've paid for a month of the translation services
and put the balance for sending pictures.
It is very kind of you to pay a compliment to my English. Indeed, I
felt very glad I understood you, but I have yet much to learn. I am
sorry I couldn't understand everything you were telling me. I think my
pronunciation was terrible, but I'm very pleased to get your kind
opinion about it. I believe your heart is still on fire. I am having
the same feelings towards you. And I wish I would feel it for the rest
of my life. My heart is telling me you're the one for me and I hope my
heart is not mistaking. I am very very happy your parents and your
sister are very positive about me. When I told my parents about us
they looked surprised for a while. When speaking about you my mother
was elated to see my shining eyes. My father said if he could he
wouldn't let me go at all. He still thinks I'm a little girl. Of
course, my father understands I should live my own life.
Thank you for your wishing me a nice St Valentine's Day. This Day is
amazing if you have somebody who cares of you. The tradition of the St
Valentine's Day celebrating was borrowed by my country not very long
ago. Since then each year on the 14th day of the second month people
in relationships have spent the time with each other and done things
for the person who is most dear to them. So you can imagine how I felt
without having you by my side that day. Nevertheless, I consider
myself the luckiest girl on the planet knowing that you are in my
I appreciate you made some investigations on the things I would need
to do for my trip to your place. I'd love to do everything to visit
you, meet your parents and Winnie and see the place you live in. I
think I should start with applying for my international passport. As
far as I know it gets about 2 months to get it. I cannot help waiting
for our meeting in May. It seems so long in coming, but I know that
the time flies. You are a wonderful person and I can't help waiting to
find myself in your arms. :-) My heart says that we have the
possibility of a wonderful future together. I certainly hope so. I am
thinking of our first meeting and how our eyes will meet despite the
crowds. We will finally see each other in the flesh and will rush to
hold each other at last. I am sure that we will kiss and we will
totally ignore the other people there and the hole world will pass us
by because we will be caught up in the moment of finally having each
Sometimes I feel frightened of my dreams because in them I am truly
happy. Adding to my confusion the fact that the person who owns my
heart is a wonderful person (inside and out).
I believe you enjoyed your training in the gym. It's very nice of you
to have me always on your mind. I'm thinking of you, too.
Looking forward to your letter.
Letter 10
My dear Wouter! what a pleasure for me to know you're thinking of me and your heart is
still on fire. Whenever I read your letters I feel a wonderfully warm
glow inside me and I feel ready to take on the world.
I appreciate you're thinking of me even when you have fun with your
friends. I believe we're destined to meet. I think of you constantly,
too. This is very different for me and I am wondering how this might
work in the end. I want to be able to touch you and feel you touch me.
I want to feel you warm breath on my cheek and watch the shining of
your eyes. I want us both to be happy and find the love we deserve.
I do appreciate your intention to take this long trip to my place. And
I realise your mother worries about you. Please, tell her she is not
the one who cares and worries of you. I believe your trip will be
pleasant and safe. I'll be praying for it. Hope all our waiting for
our meeting will soon be over and we will finally have a chance to be
together. I am sure that we are waiting for something good and special
and our patience will be rewarded. Your magic has entered my life and
made it so much more complete and special. All I feel I need to make
life perfect is to finally meet you. I still find it totally
remarkable that we have found each other and that our relationship has
developed so well despite the distance. Perhaps, it is because we have
talked so much to each other through our letters that we have become
so close. I think that because we have used the letters to explore our
thoughts and feelings that we have had a chance to let our
relationship develop and mature in a positive way that any earlier
meeting would not have allowed.
Thank you so much for your intentions to make some photos of the Dutch
landscape and of your family. I'll be more than happy to receive the
photos. And I'll be absolutely delighted to get Madonna's "Confessions
from the dance floor". I don't have the CD in my collection. You're
very kind to me, my dear Wouter. Thank you.
I like your dreams about us together swimming and enjoying the sun at
the seaside. I feel absolutely admired by your idea to travel to
France! I believe we'll have a chance to do so. It's a pity, I can't
get the passport soon as it's rather costly.
The weather is getting very frosty here. It's a pity, I don't visit my
granny this week-end. So I'll have no chance to ask her anything.
Nevertheless, I'm sure she will be very glad to have some new Dutch
flowers for her garden. I was going to attend the swimming pool on
Sunday, but I'm afraid I'll have to stay at home all over the
week-end. As I have a lot of household things to do. Besides, I need
to make a report for giving it on Monday at the University. So keep
you fingers cross for me. I'm very glad to hear your weather is going
to be sunny this week-end. I wished I could have that nice long walk
with you.
I really feel that when we finally meet we will find that we are two
matching pieces in this puzzle of life. I want to give you my love and
I want to receive yours. I want us to be happy together. And my heart
keeps saying me you are the right person for me.
Enjoy your week-end!
Thinking of you,
Letter 11
Hello my dear Wouter, it's such a pleasure for me to know my mail has great value to you!
It's very kind of you to compare my letters with the best book you've
ever had. I enjoy receiving your letters, too. It seems to me since
our acquaintance I've been reading a thoughtful noble book of yours.
It captivates my attention and inspires me. I adore turning the pages
over and finding more and more interesting things about your
personality, your daily life, your parents, Winnie and your
intelligent cat Tommie. :-) Every time I have to close the book I feel
a bit of sad and I begin to wait impatiently for having a chance to
open the book again. I'm always sure some more new pages are to appear
in it. And I open it carefully with my breath taken away. I will be
glad to read your book unless I'm able to read.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the Madonna's CDs! I'll be looking
forward to getting them. You made me intrigued with another CD you are
going to send me!! As for the seeds, I think you should follow your
mother's advice anyway.
I'm touched by your feeling so inspired to make the family photo album
for me. Please, say "Hello" to your mother and father when you're
visiting them on Tuesday. And, please, caress your clever Tommie's
ears on my behalf. :-)
The frost has weakened in my place. It's getting a little warmer and
it makes me feel the spring is coming. Sorry your weather wasn't so
wonderful as it had been suspected to. Nevertheless, the good news is
your car is clean now. :-)
I appreciate your kind words about my intelligence. My study is going
really well, and the confidence and trust you show in me make me feel
a truly happy and special girl. Thank you for keeping your fingers
crossed for me. It has helped me a lot. I was working on my report
during several days. Today morning when I came to the University I
realised that my notes had been left at home. I felt shocked for some
minutes, but then I imagined you sitting in the auditorium and smiling
at me. I imagined your kind eyes and your generous smile and it helped
me to calm down. Then I imagined there was nobody in the room and
you're the only listener there. It inspired me to concentrate and gave
my report without the notes. It was something exciting! At the end of
my speech I noticed that the students were listening attentively and
the professor was nodding his approval. It made me confused a little.
I think I coped well. You helped me to do so. Thank you. :-)
It's also very nice of you to intend waiting for my visit as long as
it takes. The paperwork for my visit will be surely done some day.
Thank you for your wish to help me with speeding this up.
I'm very glad you have found a convenient way for you to rent an
apartment for you staying here. I'm sure you'll make a good choice as
I have no doubt in your very good taste. Warmly,
P.S. Please, drive safe and take good care of yourself, my dear man
whose heart is so hot and so tender.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Wouter!
I'm doing great today! I believe you are in a wonderful mood today,
too! Sorry to hear the part of the machine was broken and you felt
tired because of the repair. I wished I could be by your side to make
you some relaxing massage. Thank you for your warmest wishes and the
sweet kiss! I'm very pleased to get them as well as your wonderful
letters. Please, forgive my delay in writing to you. I didn't write
you yesterday because the sudden rain caught me unawares while I was
going to the post office. I left my umbrella at home, besides, I got
my shoes very wet, and I needed to return home. Sorry I missed the
chance to write you. Nevertheless, there is a super news! I've
received the parcel you sent me! Thank you for the good guide book
about Netherlands! It's a pity, I can't read it, but it's such a
pleasure for me to have something you've hold in your hands! I'm
delighted to get the letter written in Russian, too. It's very nice of
Lyudmyla to translate it. Please, give her my regards. I'll be looking
forward to receiving your photo album and the Dutch course. I
appreciate you have found it for me.
Thank you very much for remembering my parents! They will be very glad
to hear from you. Your parents are such lovely people. I'm very
pleased to get "hello " from them. I believe you had a great time with
your parents and Tommie. By the way, the story about this very clever
cat made me impressed. It's amazing this small cute creature could
overcome the distance and some hardship and find the way to return
home. Please, take good care of Tommie. And what about Trix? Do they
still fight with each other?
I enjoyed knowing about your latest visit Winnie. It's very nice of
you to take a picture of her and talk with her about me. I do hope you
didn't forget to drop in on Winnie and bring her the computer program
after you had visited your parents. I feel a bit of guilty she didn't
get the program on time as your brain was preoccupied thinking of me.
:-) It's a little strange, but I can't stop thinking of you, too. My
days are being normal no longer. It also seems that much of my time
when I'm not studying (and often when I am, but don't tell anyone :-))
is spent on things connected with you. From dreaming about our
personal meeting in May to generally thinking of you and wondering
what you are doing now.
Now as my letter ends I already begin to miss what you might say next.
If you get a chance to send more pictures, please, do so. I always
look forward to seeing you.
Letter 13
My dear Wouter! Your latest photo is wonderful. Thank you for sending
it to me.
I feel so excited each time I receive your letter! It always brings me
hope and joy. From your letters, I can see you are sincere about this
relationship. Your wish to jump in the car and drive to Lugansk sounds
crazy, but I like it. Maybe, I'm getting crazy, too. :-) I really look
forward to the day I can meet you and make you a massage. You know I
can do it professionally as I took the special massage courses and I
read a lot of books about it. So if I don't have any success in the
bookkeeping sphere I'll make a masseuse career. :-)
The spring is coming and our meeting is approaching, too. Whoever said
"absence makes the hearts grow fonder" certainly had experience of a
situation akin ours. Not seeing you is driving me crazy! :-) I miss
your smile, your gentle touch, your kind eyes, and your pleasant
voice. But although I'm restless, at the same time I am content
knowing that you are there for me and therefore I must wait, albeit
impatiently. I dream of you day in day out and try to imagine what it
will be like assuming we can be together some day.
I was very touched by your sad story of Trix. I find it very moving
that your mother planted the tree next to the place she was buried.
This is very nice you have the cute living memory about Trix. Please,
take good care of Tommie.
I'd like you to know I appreciate your understanding as for my delay
in e-mailing you. It's very nice of you to say my health and well
being are very important for you. My heart is alive with the
delightful thought of knowing you care so much of me! :-) I'm truly
the luckiest girl in the world to have gained your affection.
I'm very glad to know your work brings you success and the nice
moments. I feel proud of you, my dear Wouter. May your work is always
successful and your thinking of me has only positive influence on your
Making historical miniature landscapes must be very difficult, but
interesting. You are so talented, my dear Wouter! It seems you will
never get tired to surprise me. I wish the exposition of yours is
expanded day by day so you'll need a personal museum for all your
It's very, very frosty here. And they forecast the sharp frosts will
be holding for several days. You can't imagine how cold it is outside.
Nevertheless, I feel very warm inside my heart when thinking of you.
Take care,
Letter 14
Hello my dear Wouter! It's still very frosty in my place! The frost is really very hard and
the wind is strong and sharp. I don't like to go outside when the
weather is of such kind. But I haven't wanted to miss this hundred
thousand tender loving kisses from you, my dear, that's why I have
come to the office today. I'm going to spend the week-end sitting in
the sofa under a warm thick blanket. Will you join me? :-) Sorry, I
know it's impossible for now, but I will put your photo next to me and
imagine you are by my side. Thanks for sending me Tommie's photo. He
is really very cute. My affection for him will be boundless when I get
to see him. :-) I'm also glad to get the photo of yours and your
friends. I believe your friends will be mine some day. I'd like to
introduce you to my friends when you come here. I told my best friend
about you. Her name's Lena. She is very kind and reliable friend, but
a bit of sceptic. Some time ago when I discussed with her my decision
to look for my love via Internet she was smiling indulgently, but now
when she sees my sparkling eyes and my happy look she became very
enthusiastic about this way of looking for a life partner. She is
going to try it herself.
I've seen the film "Back to the future"! I like it very much. It will
be really very nice of you to ask your father to start designing the
device which allows you to travel through the time. I believe it will
be made by next week-end :-) so you'll be able to see us together in
May. And then you will write me a long letter telling me about our
first meeting and how happy we feel holding each other's hands and
looking into each other's eyes. I'm thrilled thinking about it.
Now my days are going its regular way. Besides my studying, yoga
training and going to the swimming pool I deal with plenty of
household things like washing, cleaning, cooking etc. Whatever I do my
imagination creates me another pictures. In the morning I was ironing
my father's shirts and then suddenly I was off.. to a cosy cafe, where
you and me were sitting in front of each other talking, smiling and
looking at each other perceiving every moment as the happiest one in
our lives. I'm sure this brief mental vocation was not just a loss of
concentration, but my internal world. I adore my daydreams and I hate
to be back to reality.
Such kind of day dreams take me away, mentally, from what I'm doing.
It seems my fantasies create a silent inner monologue that strongly
affects how I perceive the world and myself. It helps me to understand
I need you more than I thought. Our meeting is my most desirable
dream. I enjoy knowing your dreams, they sounds very good to me. I'm
looking forward to their coming true.
It seems you will never fail to impress me by your thoughts and your
stories. Thank you for telling me more about the museum. I'd like to
visit it myself one day.
I'm very pleased to get Lyudmyla's greetings. She is a very kind and
helpful girl. I believe we'll become good friends in the future.
I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently. I do enjoy getting to
know everything that makes you smile as well as puts a frown on your
Thinking of you,
Letter 15
My dear Wouter! Your letters truly do make me happy. After a long day at study I look
forward to nothing more than receiving your letter. I'm very pleased
that thinking of me brings you some inspiration and helps you with
your work. You know even if I had a bad day everything changes once I
read your letter. It's as if I have something tender and wonderful to
look forward to now and I didn't before. I want to thank you with all
my heart for being there for me.
Sorry the time travelling machine won't be ready sooner. It seems the
life built some bridges for us to overcome. :-) Nevertheless, I do
believe our sweet dreams come true this May. I like the way you want
to start the day when we are together. Your amazing words touch my
heart. And your photos attract me much. You're so manly, so caring, so
talented, so hardworking, so everything. I always think of you, my
dear Wounter, and wish to sit beside you doing nothing just looking
into your eyes. I have a lot of things to say you and whisper in your
ears. I am waiting for the minute to be with you. I don't want to rush
things, and I would like it to come by itself, and take its time so we
can be sure about our feelings.
I'm sure that I have a very nice feeling when I mention your name, or
read your letters, and when I see your photos, it's a nice wonderful
feeling that brings a meaning to my life.
You make me feel flattered when saying that looking at my photo gives
you the inspiration while you are building your landscape. Thank you.
I can't help waiting for the day I see your landscapes. You know that
small bird wouldn't fly away as it must become used to hearing that
noise every day.
It's very nice of you to put my photo on the desktop of your computer.
If I had the one your photo would be on the desktop of my computer,
too. I like all your photos, my favourite is the one you're wearing a
grey pullover. I framed this photo and placed it on the bedside-table,
so I can see you every time I go to sleep and every time I awake. I
want you to know that your space in my heart is growing and so do my
The weather here is cloudy and frosty, but whatever the weather I have
a sunshine in my heart when thinking of you. Every day I am drawn
closer and closer to you. Every day my feelings for you get stronger.
Every day I think about you and want to be near you. I have a lot of
faith in you. I can hardly wait till I see you.
I believe that once we meet, it will be head over heals love for both
of us. I think we will actually have fun when communicating to each
other. Thank you for sending me the Dutch course. As soon as I get it
I'll do my best to study the language. I think the first Dutch words I
learn will be: kiss, hug, cuddle, caress, pet, love, touch, kiss
again, :-) noble, friend, husband, companion, all these things that
will bind us for eternity. I am really looking forward to it. I am
really excited, and scared at once.
I'm waiting for our meeting impatiently. Just being able to touch you
and feel your touch will be a very big event for me. At this point,
you are very important person in my life.
It sounds like this week is full of wonderful celebrations for the
family. I wish these days to be filled with the things that make your
mother and Winnie happy. You are going to make a very good and useful
present for your sister. I think your mother will be delighted if you
give her and your father a dinner in the restaurant. You are very good
at making birthday presents. I'm absolutely fascinated by the way
you'd like to treat me on my birthday. :-) I was born on the 19th of
June. Thanks a lot for telling me the date of your birth. It's a
remarkable day for me now.
Thank you for saying "hello" to Lena. I'm sure she'll be very pleased
to hear from you.
A tender kiss from
Letter 16
My dear Wouter! I like your plan to remain being there for me forever! But I believe
the time will come and I won't need to envy your computer screen. :-)
I've met your mind in Lugansk today :-) and I begged it to return to
you as soon as it's possible because you need it for organising your
trip to me. I appreciate your researching the opportunity to travel to
my country. I look forward to the time when you keep me warm with your
embrace. I do hope all goes to the plan and you'll be with me in two
months. And I do hope your manager will give you enough days-off you
need to move to the new apartment and to travel and spend two weeks
with me! You told me some nice things about your manager before, it
made me think he was a very good and kind person. Please, give my
regards to him. :-) I can't stop dreaming about our first meeting.
It's a great idea of yours to bring the camera with you! Our first
moments together will be wonderful ones to remember.
Today in the morning I attended a very interesting lecture on
psychology. I heard a lot of clever things. There was much information
to reflect upon. The professor looked like a wise man with the sense
of humour. I enjoyed listening to him. He told us about human
happiness, the reasons we feel happy and unhappy. He defined the
happiness as coincidence of desirable and inevitable things. What is
your opinion about it? I understand I can't feel happy right now as
one of my desirable wishes is going to be inevitable in May. I believe
we'll meet then. :-)
Besides, the professor I mentioned had proposed us to answer a
question. What were three the most important things in your life you
couldn't live without? It seemed like an easy question at the first
moment, but it took some time for me to get sure what were the most
important things for me. I'm interested in your ideas. Could you,
please, answer the question? Please, tell me what you suppose to be
three most important things in your life.
Thank you for the long sweet loving kiss. I appreciate it and I'd like
to give my tender kiss to you. May I? :-)
Thinking of you,
Letter 17
Hi my dear Wouter! I believe you and all your family are having a wonderful day and
enjoying the celebration of your mother's birthday! Please, give my
regards to your mother and congratulate her on this amazing day! I
wish her to be healthy and wealthy! May all her dreams come true!
It's really a nice award for me to read that my kisses are appreciated
and that I am able to make your busy day a little easier to go
through. You must know that you make my life fulfilled of joy and
happiness and for it I am grateful to you.
I appreciate your interest in the psychology lecture. I would really
have liked you to have been there with me. It's very interesting for
me to hear your thoughts about happiness. I am certainly missing one
of my essential thing for happiness - you!
It's nice of you to let me get an insight into your dreams and
thoughts. Love, friendship and family are really very important things
in the live. I was enjoying reading your thoughts and learning your
emotions. It's wonderful that many of our thoughts and emotions
coincide. For me Love is the main thing I can't live without, too. I
think that to sustain the inner person there has to be the love in the
life. It is no good thing going through life without the love of a
special person to sustain and inspire you. Otherwise there seems to be
no purpose. I suppose that I need a Family around me to give a purpose
to my life as well. And the third thing I can't imagine my life
without is Comfort. It doesn't mean only a cosy house and a beautiful
garden in front of my window. I think spiritual comfort is one of the
main things I couldn't live without. I like to feel that every my day
is spent by me in harmony with other people, that I haven't hurt
anybody and, maybe, helped someone. I do like to feel comfortable. And
I am feeling like this every time I write you or read your letters.
It's very nice of Lyudmyla to wish to get in contact with me. Thank
you for giving me her e-mail address. I wished I had a computer and
Internet access! It's a pity, I haven't had it. Besides, I can hardly
use a computer. I know some bookkeeping computer programmes, but as
for the rest I feel absolutely ignorant. I think I need to take some
computer courses.
Sorry the travelling agency hasn't written you. I believe you'll get
some news soon. I'll be glad to know about your travel arrangements.
Please, keep me informed.
I'll be keeping my fingers cross on Monday morning. It must work out.
:-) Enjoy your day! May your work is easy for you.
Thinking of you,
Letter 18
Hello my dear Wouter, how are you? And how is the weather? Here the
weather is not cold any more, it turned out very nice, I don't mean
nice that we can go without a coat, but nice according to this time of
the year, and we have no snow in the forecast at all, they just say
some rain for these days.
Today I had a nice time at the University. I didn't listen to the
professors and didn't take part in the discussions. I had more
interesting thing to do. I was thinking about you, my dear. :-)
I'm pleased, honoured and delighted to know I'm on the top of the list
of your most important things. I'm also very glad you like to listen
to Madonna and think of me. It's difficult for me to put to words how
deeply you have touched my heart and soul. Like you I believe in
everlasting relationship and I will be glad to assist :-) you to prove
such kind of relationship does exist. I can't imagine spending the
rest of my life without you. There is no distance too great to split
our souls that are becoming more bound to each other every day. My
desire to be with you grows stronger each day! One thing I realised
when I was thinking about our relationship today was that we're
already able to enjoy communicating with each other. It comes with so
much ease. Have you noticed this? To me, this is a wonderful sign of
how very compatible we are. I believe open, honest and enjoyable
communication is one of the most important keys to a wonderful and
fulfilling partnership in life. I am so very attracted to you and long
for the day when the space between us is closed for ever. One day
soon, we will be listening to Madonna's CDs, walking hand in hand,
kissing and talking like the couples I see in the street. And I do
believe we'll go to your mother's birthday party together next year.
Thank you for inviting me. It will be a great pleasure of mine. I've
already start thinking about what I would present her with. Maybe, it
would be elegant perfume, a beautiful canvas, a huge basket of
flowers.. Well, I have an entire year to ponder about a present for
your mother as well as for Winnie. It's her birthday tomorrow. Please,
congratulate her on my behalf. I believe she will have a wonderful day
full of the things what make her happy.
It will be really nice of you to go to the bookstore to find the books
of my favourite authors'. I'm just afraid you have mistaken Bucharin
and Bulgakov. Please, don't mistaken them. They had almost nothing in
common. :-) Bucharin was a political figure, but Bulgakov has been a
great writer. I believe you'll enjoy to read Bulgakov's novels.
You're right it will be a Women's Holiday on the 8th of March. So
we'll be enjoying some days-off. Thank you for your intention to
surprise me on this day. I appreciate it very much. I'm going to my
grandmother's place tonight, so I won't have any opportunity to write
you tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you all over the week-end and I'll
write you on Monday. Have a nice week-end and take good care of
A tender kiss from Ira.
P.S. I'm sorry to hear your manager's son has broken his leg. Poor boy.
I believe he will fully recover soon.
Letter 19
My dear Wouter, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It pains me that you would ever
hurt and that I could not be there to wipe the tears away or to
provide my shoulder to cry on. I am certain you and your friends
grieved as one. I pray that God has taken your friend into his ****
and he is in a better place.
I appreciate your feelings you have for me and I'm very glad your
feeling of attraction to me have risen greatly. I must confess you
have genuinely touched my heart and soul like no one has been able to
before. That's why our being together seems so right, perfect and
meant to be. I do believe that our falling in love is very possible. I
have a delicate and soft heart that I hope won't be broken. But I am
more than willing to take the chance with you and give you my heart
and soul. I'd like you to see the real me and decide if I am truly the
girl of your dreams. I'm very glad all the arrangements of your trip
are over. As each day passes my bond to you is growing, even though we
have yet to meet. My dear Wouter, you are on my mind all the time!
Thank you for giving me the details of your trip. I can't stop
dreaming of our first meeting. The excitement I have built is
unbearable. The thing I can promise you is that will always do my part
to keep that excitement of our first meeting in our relationship
forever. I can see myself going to the railway station to see you for
the first time and the excitement I will feel meeting you at last. The
excitement and sparkle in my eyes when they meet yours for the first
time! As well, I see myself preparing dinner for you 20 years later,
and feeling the same level of excitement. I see myself with the same
sparkle in my eyes when you come through the door and my eyes meet
The trip to my granny was rather exciting. Thank you for asking about
it. The excitement began with my delay for the bus. I had to spend
three hours at the bus terminal waiting for the next one. One more
funny thing should be mentioned. When I was hurrying to the station I
broke a heel of my shoe. As there was no opportunity to repair it I
had to tear off my other heel. I can hardly imagine how funny I looked
wearing those heelless shoes. :-) While going by bus I was thinking of
you, my dear Wouter, so I forgot about my recent misfortune and
reached my grandmother's place in a good mood. :-) I was very glad to
meet my granny and knew she was feeling well. This week-end I'm going
to visit my granny again. It will be a pleasure of mine to give your
regards to her. My granny loves all kind of flowers. Her favourite
ones are tulips. It would be very nice of you to bring the flower with
you when we go to visit her together.
On Monday morning when I came home I realised I'd lost my key, so I
couldn't enter the flat. My father was out of town on business and my
mother worked till late, so I had to go to the University without even
changing the clothes. Nevertheless, I didn't feel very upset because
of it as I my heart has been overfilled with so much excitement and I
can feel nothing, but happiness. Many tender kisses from Ira. P.S. Please, please, please, drive save.
Letter 20
My dear Wouter! I should confess any day is special for me if I got your letter and
your photo. It's very nice of you to make the shot of you at work. I'm
very pleased to see myself on the desktop of your computer. You really
make my life at its fullness, your care makes me believe that this
world is ours. The more I know you the more I admire you.
I'm very excited to hear that you are already in love with me. At this
point of my life I feel myself complete and secure because I have met
a handsome, tender, talented and intelligent man who has everything
what my mother, father and my fantasy built in my mind. You are the
one I need to succeed in this life. I want to let you know that I'll
do all I can to see this relation to grow, pure, everlasting.
Today I had a nice time at the University. Thanks to the coming
holiday we didn't study much. The male mates of our group
congratulated the female ones on the Women's Day. They prepared a
wonderful celebration with cakes, tea, some vine, dancing and mini
concert. It was pleasant to be presented with beautiful flowers and
small souvenirs. After the celebration our tutors let us go home to
start celebrating with the beloved men. It's a pity, the man of my
dreams is far away from me. So I don't have a special person by my
side to share this fascinating day with. Nevertheless, I'm not
complaining. I know we have a lot of holidays to celebrate together in
the future, don't we?
Two of my aunts and my uncle came to our place to celebrate the
Holiday. I am very happy to meet them, but I think my granny will feel
very lonely without having me by her side this Day. I'm going to her
village tonight and I believe I won't miss my bus this time. :-) I'll
give your regards to the granny, and I won't tell her that you are
going to present her with the Tulips when you come to see her in May.
I can keep a secret. :-) By the way, these flowers are sold here, in
Lugansk, so there is no problem to find them. I bet, my granny will be
more than happy to get some Tulips. Although there are a lot of Tulips
in her garden, every time she is given some more Tulips she feels
elated as though she sees theses wonderful flowers for the first time.
Dear Wouter, I feel a bit of confused to know some people suggested
you to meet several girls when you come here. Why they can say so if
they don't know much about our relationship. Just as you do I think we
are two souls that might been separated at birth but have now found
each other and will never be separated despite all the hurdles and
obstacles in our way. I am convinced that we have a similar outlook on
life. Thank you for being honest with me.
I'm looking forward to the 15th of May. I'll be waiting for you at the
railway station at 10 a.m. !!!
Thinking of you,
Letter 21
My dear Wouter! You have no idea how happy I feel thanks to you! It's very nice of you
to congratulate me on the Women's Day with a *** flower! It looks like
a **** now, but I believe it will blossom soon and become the most
beautiful flower I've ever seen! Thank you once again, my dear. The
flower has brought a warm bright light to day and reminded me of your
warm and soft care. It was so pleasant for me to enter my room today
and see the present from you.
As you know I spent the Holiday with my granny. I had a presentiment
she needed me very much and I was right. When I came to my granny's I
found her lying in the bed. She caught a cold and felt badly. I called
for a doctor and he said the granny needed a good nursing. So all the
Day I was taking care of my granny. I cooked a chicken soup, made a
lot of tea with raspberry jam, gave her medicine and told her many
nice stories about you and me and our future meeting in May, about
your future visiting her place, I also told her about your nice
family, and how wonderful it would be when two of our families were
having a dinner in the wonderful garden some day. And, maybe, our
families will become one big happy family in the future.
Today I returned home to let my parents know about the granny's
illness and tell them that I'm going to spend the week-end with my
granny. It's so fine that we have four days-off so I won't miss my
study. The only thing makes me feel very upset I won't have an
opportunity to get your letters and write you back until Monday. I'm
going to take the printed letters of yours and I'll be re-reading them
and dreaming of you. I'll also bring with me the book about
Netherlands you sent me. Although I can't understand it, but I like to
keep it in my hands as I know you have touched it.
Dear Wouter, I'm waiting for the 15th of May, too, and I'm missing you
a lot. Sometimes the distance between us seems so frustrating. At such
moments I envy a light wind touching gently your eyelashes. I want to
be a splendid bush in a blossom looking at your window. You may pick
the flowers off the bush and put them on the table in your house.
Their fresh smell will spread all over the room. And I envy the
flowers because you held them for a moment and they felt the warmth of
your hands. Sorry for the piece of romantics. I just tried to express
what I feel when thinking of you.
I'm very proud of you, dear Wouter. You are very talented and do your
work wonderfully. The director is very lucky you work for him.
I'm sorry this week-end won't be very happy for you because of the sad
event on Saturday. You should believe your friend is in the better
place now. This thought must help you to overcome the bitter grief of
I'm glad to know your sister's new apartment will be furnished soon.
So I wish you to enjoy the new sort of training. :-)
Take good care of yourself, my dear.
Thinking of you,
Letter 22
My dear Wouter! Your letters always make me smile with a delight that is born within
my heart. I read and re-read them to feel you as if you were here and
we were touching and talking with each other. The day will soon come
when we can hold each other, talk about the funny things of the day,
and laugh together. The day cannot come too soon for me, as my heart
desires you more and more each day.
It's so nice of you to wait for my letter patiently. I had a rather
hard time looking after my granny as she was feeling very bad. She had
a constant fever all over the week-end. I couldn't leave her for
several minutes even at night. Today in the morning my mother came to
replace me. I didn't want to leave the granny, but I couldn't afford
to miss the study. When I left the granny she still had a high
temperature. I worry about her very much. I adore my granny. Have I
told you I spent my childhood with her? It's a pity, my parents had no
opportunity to look after me that time. Both of them had to work all
day long. I was brought up by my grandmother. My parents went to visit
every week-end. It was a festive for me when they came. Usually I had
a lot of presents from them. I can remember every toy they gave me. I
can also memorise a huge arm-chair what I liked to sit in while
listening to my granny's fairy-tales. Sometimes I felt asleep there so
my granny took me to my small bed. It was a cosy wood bed! I can also
remember a beautiful apple-tree behind the window when it was just a
thin transplant. My father planted it the day I was born. When I was 7
my parents took me to Lugansk. First time I was afraid to go out. The
city seemed to me so huge and noisy. Now I get used to the noise and
dust of the city, but I still miss the picturesque village the with
fresh air and beautiful nature. What was your childhood like? Do you
remember any funny stories from your childhood? I'll be delighted to
know them!
Words fail me to tell you how special I feel when reading about your
new apartment and your wish to make me feel there at home. You don't
need to change anything! It's amazing that we have the same taste even
in colours. I've long dreamt about a cosy house painted with pastel
white colours. It will be my pleasure to make your home cosy and full
of joy. I think that a house is only a house and can't be a true home
until it is filled with a loving family.
It's nice of you to contact the flower delivery service and tell them
about their mistake. My dear Wouter, I appreciate the gesture of your
kind attention very much it doesn't depend on how well the flower
company did the job.
My congratulation to all your wonderful family team! You did a great
job together! I'm very glad to hear Winnie has finally moved to her
new apartment. I wish her to enjoy staying there. I believe you had a
nice rest after such great training as moving furniture. Please, take
good care of yourself. I do appreciate your decision to drive save. I
care of you so much, my dear, and I am very glad you shared your
romantic thoughts with me, too. Thank you for being so romantic. Some
day all our romantic dreams come true. I'm looking forward to it.
Many tender kisses and warmest wishes,
Letter 23
Hi my dear Wouter, this is one of the happiest moment of my life to receive your nice
letters. It brings me smile and joy from within. I truly look forward
to meet with you to start building our future home.
It's really getting cooler, but today the sun is shinning in my native
city of Lugansk and it is also shinning in my heart because you've
written me and shared your childhood recollections with me. I had a
nice time reading about your happy holidays you spent with your
parents and Winnie. I was also glad to hear about your grandmother. I
believe she is doing well.
Thank you for your care about my granny. I do also hope she will fully
recover soon. I feel anxious about the granny but I know that my
mother is by her side and she is taking a very good care of her.
It was a nice morning today. I woke up with the first thought being of
you. :-) While jogging - as I do every day if the weather is not too
bad - I was dreaming we would enjoy mornings together some day. Then I
found a cute kitten in the bush. It was screaming loudly. Probably, it
had lost itself. I took it home, fed it and made a comfortable house
from a big cardboard box for it. I think the kitten liked his new
apartment as he climbed into it and felt asleep immediately. It seems
we have a new member in the family. :-) I still don't know how to name
the kitten. Have you any idea? :-)
I'm glad to know the arrangements for your trip is moving up. I
believe you'll find a good flat where you'll feel comfortable. It
would be great if there will be a computer in the flat so you would
teach me how to use it. Of course, it's a good idea to rent a car with
a driver, but, maybe, it will be better and cheaper to order a taxi by
phone whenever you need it.
My dear Wouter, I was upset to hear you had an unlucky day lately.
There is a day when everything is going wrong. I had such kind of days
several times in my life, but the sense of humour always helped me to
overcome it.
It sounds like your manager had a very bad vocation. I hope it will
have no influence on his decision according your request and he will
allow you to spend with me two weeks.
I'm very sorry for his poor boy. I believe his leg will be healed
soon. It's really pity the boy will have to miss 3 months of study.
But if he can't go to school, maybe, the teachers will be visiting him
at home. It would be really very helpful for the boy.
Dear Wouter, I do appreciate your inspiration about our meeting. I
also feel inspired when thinking of it. Your words are like the nectar
of life that sustains my soul during this period we are not together.
They have brought your warm feelings to me and have become a part of
my soul. They have joined my future, happiness, and destiny with
yours. We are one soul, separated only by the distance and time. To
borrow a line from de Saint Expury, "Love doesn't require two people
to look at each other, but that they look together in the same
direction". I think we're looking in the same direction, too.
Thinking of you and waiting for your letter,
Letter 24
My dear Wounter, it's so nice of you to think of us together. Today I awoke with my
first thought being of you. I was thinking how much pleasure it would
be for me to bring you coffee first thing in the morning and to see
the smile on your face.
It's a nice award for me to know that my way of writing you makes you
feel great. Have you known writing is talking with a closed mouth and
wide-opened heart? The saying is really true. I can say nothing to
you, but my heart is always open wide while my composing a letter for
you. I am very glad if you can feel it. It's very pleasant for me to
realise the warm-hearted letters of yours, too. You have a nice
ability to calm me up. Every of my problem seems so scanty when I
recollect you care of me. You have no idea how much light every your
letter brings into my life. Is there the way to thank you? It seems to
me I can do anything in order to bright your day and, maybe, your life
as well.
Dear Wouter, I appreciate your emotions towards me. I'm eager to meet
you and have a chance to look into your soft eyes. Our love grows
slowly but surely. It's silent and peaceful. It's like the stars in
the sky waiting for the dawn of the day. Soon that day must surely
come. I pray that when it does, it will be the longest day ever.
It's really great of you to have decided to start jogging. If you
like it you will never give it up. I feel very glad thinking of us
jogging together every morning for the rest of our lives!
What a wonderful names you proposed for my kitten! I was going to call
him "Bush" as I found him in the bushes. My aunt advised me to call
him "Lion" as the kitten looks like a real lion. He is red with a
gorgeous mane. He is very perky and playful, and isn't fury at all.
I'm very glad to care of this small beautiful creature. Please, don't
wish to be a cat lying in my lap. I think you have your lucky destiny
to be the man of my life and I'll be happy to take very good care of
you, much better than even about the small kitten whom I found
recently and whose name is Trix. Thank you for your very nice advice.
I like the name and I'm sure the kitten will love to be called like
this. :-)
Unfortunately, I have no news about my granny, but I do believe she is
recovering. Thank you for your care of her and your interest in the
place my granny lives. It is a small picturesque village which is
standing in the hills above the forest. From the yard of my granny's
house you can see a lake surrounded with a leaf forest. The nature is
marvellous there. The village has some sighting, too. One of them is a
beautiful church which was destroyed in the Soviet Times, but then it
was re-established again. It's really gorgeous! There are also a movie
theatre, a park and some small shops. The houses are mainly one- and
two-storied, but there are some five-storied houses, too. The village
is called Ivanovka. It takes about an hour to go there. When you see
it yourself you will like to make landscape model of it!
I feel very special when you tell me that your highest priority is
writing me (of course, no manager knows it from me, it will be our
little secret :-) Nevertheless, I wish your work to be always
successful and you to enjoy performing the maintenance tasks and
taking care of the machines which need your attention. :-)
It's very nice of you to help Winnie with finishing the details in her
apartment. She is a very lucky girl because she has such a great
brother as you are.
Have a restful evening, my dear Wouter.
Letter 25
My dear Wouter, it's was the hardest time I've ever had in my life because of my
granny's illness. Suddenly she got very bad and everybody thought she
had been about to pass away. That's why I was called to see her
urgently. Now my granny is in the hospital in Lugansk. The crisis has
been past. She is feeling better now, but even now it's hard for me to
recollect those days when my granny was dying. She's had cerebral
infarction. The doctor said it might be the influenza had created such
terrible complications. I'm going to spend with my granny at the
hospital all the week-end. Although I feel absolutely exhausted I
never miss a chance to care of my granny.
When I returned to Lugansk today, I felt nothing, but upset, and then
to receive your nice letters was absolutely wonderful! I am glad to
keep in touch with you again. Your letters always brighten my day and
bring some spark in everyday way of living. I really need it and I'm
able to give that as well.
You know those days when I was away and had no chance to write you I
composed my letters to you in my mind. I tried to send them mentally.
It's a pity, you couldn't read my thoughts through the distance. :-) I
really adore hearing from you.
It's very kind of your father to make the transfer. I'm grateful for
your supporting our correspondence. I put aside 100 USD for our month
correspondence. And I have 92 USD in balance. To obtain an
international passport costs 230 USD, I don't have enough money to get
the passport at the time. Please, advice if I should pay for the photo
sending or save the money for further applying for a passport. Dear
Wouter, I'm really happy to realise your strong shoulder to lean in
time of need. And I appreciate your open mind to listen to my ideas.
All your care makes me feel so special. I'll be delighted to see your
happy eyes and your pleasant smile for the rest of my life. However
happiness truly earned as a result of what we are doing and feeling.
Therefore, if it comes, then it must be our relation works really
well. I'm willing to sacrifice anything to make our life together
beautiful and bright. It's coming naturally, and I can hardly wait to
see it's happening to us.
Sorry, I didn't keep my fingers cross that Friday as I had no chance
to read your letter unless now. Has the manager given his answer, yet?
I'm very sorry you felt like being tortured inside while waiting for
his response. I do believe you are feeling absolutely happy now.
Please, let me know.
My dear Wouter, I believe you'll have a nice week-end.
Thinking of you,
Letter 26
My dear Wouter! I believe you are having a nice day. Sorry you had to feel anxious
about my granny and me. The granny is much better now. I stayed with
her over the week-end and Monday night. I've been to the hospital
today as well. The doctor said the state of my grandmother's health
was satisfactory. I hope she'll fully recover soon. I feel totally
exhausted now. And my eyes are closing. But although I'm restless, at
the same time I am content knowing that you are still there for me.
Thank you for your care and your prayers, my dear Wouter. I've got all
your mental letters. :-) Thank you for been so caring. You are most
kind and supportive. It makes me want to fly across all the distance
and give you a kiss.
I do appreciate your wish to start jogging. I believe the spring will
finally come to the Netherlands so you'll have a chance to enjoy
jogging. When I woke up this morning I had a lot of things I wanted to
do. So I woke up early to go for jogging. I started to jog and then
when I was about half way it started to rain. I thought nothing about
it because after all it was only water falling on me. Then after a
short period of time, maybe, five minutes later it started raining
heavily so I ran to a tree and stayed there for a couple of minutes
until the strong wind made some twigs fall down not far from me. The
rain was getting heavier. So I figured it was the time to stop jogging
for the day. So I walked back home. I got so wet. It was a pleasure to
take a warm shower in the bathroom. When I was walking in the rain I
started to think to myself how sweet it would feel like with you to
take a walk in the rain and just let the water wash all of life little
problems away.
I had returned home. When I was drinking a cup of tea and watching the
rain I thought that the rhythm of the rain beating on the window, the
fresh and bold wind blowing outside - all of it become magic if
there's love inside you, if there's somebody very close to you...
It's still raining outside, just a little bit, but it's raining.
Inside I have a beautiful and sunny day and that's because of you, my
dear. Every your letter makes me feel so fine. I'm delighted to get
the good news about your days-off approving. I'm also very glad you've
finally got some news from the rental company. It will be nice of you
to tell me the details as soon as you know them. I think you are very
lucky that you have such a good friend as Lyudmyla. It is very kind of
her to propose her help with the ticket booking. The news about
Lyudmila's future marriage is really fascinating! It will be my
pleasure to congratulate her on this great event personally. I believe
I'll have such an opportunity.
I will follow your suggestion as for the rest of the funds using. I'll
keep the money for the passport obtaining. And some of them I'll use
for the photos. I really adore to get the ones from you.
I'm awfully sorry to know the parcel with the Dutch course and the
Madonna's CDs has been lost. I do hope they will indemnify you for
I think when I am writing this letter you are enjoying the dinner with
your friends. I wished I could join you. :-) Have a restful evening,
my dear Wouter.
Thinking of you,
Letter 27
Hello my dear Wouter, I believe your day is wonderful. I'm having a nice day as well. In the
morning I overslept as I was watching a nice dream about us. :-) I was
late to the University, but it seemed nobody had noticed it. I was
having a pleasant time at the lectures thinking of you instead of
listening to the professors. The last two lectures were abolished
thanks to the American delegation coming to our University. They're
interested in the methods of teaching applied here. They wished to
meet and speak to the students as well. That's why we were invited to
the meeting. I was delighted to see and listen to them. All of the
delegates were very pleasant people. It's a pity, I couldn't
understand their language. Nevertheless, I was glad to hear their
speaking. I felt a bit of envy the students who could understand them
without an interpreter. I believe one day I'll have a chance to learn
English, too.
My granny is slowly getting better. Today I visited her after my
lessons had been over. The granny was not able to speak, yet, but she
opened her eyes. And I knew she had understood me. We had enjoyed
talking about you before and I was sure she was glad to hear of you
again. I told her that you had felt worry of her and you had prayed
for her recovery. I saw her smiling at me. I do know my grandmother
will be better soon. And as soon as she is better I'll take her home
and never leave her alone.
My dear Wouter, you have a luxuriant imagination. I like it in you and
I'm very glad you share your bright fantasy with me. I think there is
a time when we're more sensitive and caring than in any period of our
life. So we can hear a wonderful melody, we have never heard before.
It is singing in our hearts. I enjoy to listen to it. When the melody
is touching my heart I can imagine us in a little cafe near the beach
in the evening where we can hear the sound of the surf. The tide is
warm.. we listen to the wonderful songs of nightly birds, and watch
the stars.. I'm looking forward to our meeting in May.. I believe the
flat what the rental company proposed you was really comfortable and
nice. Do you have the exact address of the flat? There are some Liniya
streets in the city. It's very nice that the rental company can
provide your transportation as well. It will make your trip easier and
safer. How are they going to recognise you? Did you send them your
photo? I'll be very glad to meet you at the Lugansk train station and
accompany you to the apartment, what's your opinion? If you think you
will be very tired after your trip I will come to see you after your
having some rest.
Waiting for your letter and photo.
Letter 28
Hello my dear Wouter! Thank you for the wonderful photo and nice letters! Whenever I read
from you or look at your photo I have this leap in my heart. You can't
imagine but I have never had a day past without me thinking about you!
You make my days brighter. I'm very happy to know you are in a
excellent mood and your days are going well. I'm having a nice day,
too. My granny is much much better now. She has been already allowed
to sit. Yesterday I spent with her in the hospital all over the day.
My granny couldn't talk much, I believe she liked to listen to me. I
told her my dreams about you and me, and about our meeting in May. She
was smiling at me. The weather was beautiful here. It's warm and
sunny. The doctor allowed me to bring my granny for a walk in the
garden which was around the hospital. I so much enjoyed being near my
granny that I couldn't leave her unless late evening. I missed the
chance to write you yesterday, sorry. My dear Wouter, you have become
one of the dearest persons I've ever had. There is a thing I'd like to
share with you. They compare the love of sweethearts, parents and
families with this example: imagine you have a glass jar, this jar is
compared with the space in your heart for the dearest people.
Such jar must be filled up with big rocks, small rocks and sand.
First, it has to be filled in with the big rock, then with the small
rocks, finally with the sand. The big rock represents the partner of
your life (spouse), small rocks are children, parents, the sand
represents other relatives and friends. If the jar is not filled up in
that order there will be not enough room for the big rock. It seems to
me I can fill my heart in the right way. You are the big rock of my
heart. And you have a very large and special place in it. How did you
fill in your heart?
Your romantic dreams about us sound seducing. I'm sure all the dreams
will come true soon. I like to imagine us together enjoying a romantic
evening. I think it would be wonderful to put on some beautiful
background music, where we could dance with some Champagne. Then we
would have a candlelight dinner and see the flame of the candles
sparkling into each other's eyes. After the dinner we would go out for
a walk along the beach staring at the stars and holding each other
close. Then you would light fire in the fireplace with the lights down
low, and then you would present me with a dozen of sweet roses to show
your love that you would always have for me. :-) I believe you will
like to spend with me the evening like this. And, I also believe,
we'll take part in "the family day" event next year.
Thank you for telling me the exact address of the flat you have rented
for your staying in Lugansk. 16 Liniya Street is really situated in
the centre of the city. You'll surely like to live there. I'm glad to
hear you've discussed the details as for your transportation. Frankly
speaking, I feel worry when thinking about your lonely trip around the
strange country without knowing the native language. I'll be praying
for your safety.
Sorry, the parcel has been lost. I was waiting for it impatiently. If
it will be found, please, don't re-send it to me again, but bring it
with you in May. It looks like the post serves is not reliable at all.
I wish you to enjoy "the family day" and, please, tell me more about
this nice event.
I kiss you tenderly.
Letter 29
Hello my dear Wouter! what a wonderful weather we are having! It seems the spring has
finally settled down in my country. Each day it is getting warmer.
It's so sunny it brings everything alive including me! I wish I could
have you by my side. It would be wonderful to share my sunny mood with
you. I'm very glad you are enjoying your weather, too. I believe
you'll like jogging for the first time. It will be interesting for me
to know your first impressions of it. I can't help waiting for our
jogging together. And, I feel really excited to imagine us at your
father's yoga training. Please, relay my thanks to him for inviting
us. He's really very nice. Lately I had to miss some yoga lessons as I
was spending the time with my granny. She is feeling much better now.
I believe we'll take the granny home in a week or so. Maybe, I will
have an opportunity to have renewed my yoga lessons by the time.
Dear Wouter, I'm very pleased by your letting me see deep inside your
soul. It's really amazing for me to know your heart is filled with
love for me. You have occupied a large place in my heart, too.
Sometimes it's difficult to fill the heart in the right way. I think
we start with the small rocks and sand and then have to find a room
for the big rocks later. Maybe, that is why the jar breaks so often,
or, maybe, that is why sometimes there is just not enough room in the
jar to put the big rock. The small rocks and sand get in the way!
Throughout the life we are given an infinite number of times we can
fill the jar. It is to us when and how we fill it. I am not the sort
of person that likes to change these things often so it never occurred
to me before that I could refill the jar whenever I wanted. I always
thought that I had to leave enough room in the jar to be able to fill
it later and I think I still prefer it that way. I filled my jar and
put the lid very firmly on it until someone special would come along
that would make me want to take the lid off and change it. Funnily
enough I did take the lid off two months ago. And I put a rock into my
jar. It wasn't a very big rock so it was able to fit in quite easily.
The strange thing is that I didn't realise that rock could grow! Well
this new rock keeps growing and growing. It's getting ****** and
******. I'm glad to hear I am a big rock of your heart as well.
It's relieving for me to hear that your trip is well organised and you
have some people to contact in urgent need unless you are with me and
I have an opportunity to take care of you. The Ukrainian nation is
really famous for its friendliness and hospitality, but,
unfortunately, there are bad persons in our country, too. And I
believe they won't happen in your way.
You don't need to apologise for losing the parcel. It's not your fault
at all. I do value your intention to surprise me. And it's the most
important thing for me concerning the issue.
Thank you for the million and three loving kisses of yours. I've liked
all of them very much, especially the last three ones. :-)
I wish you to have a very good week-end. Thinking of you,
Letter 30
Hi my dear Wouter, these days we've been having a beautiful weather. It's annoying to
stay in bed when the sun is so bright outside. I'm sorry for the
delay. It's very nice of the translation company to inform you about
my illness. I was thinking of you and wishing to have you by my side.
I took plenty of mixtures, pills and injections, but the most
effective treatment for me was your mental support and my dreams of
you. They made me feel so warm and so good.
I am very glad your weather is sunny and you enjoy it. My
congratulations on your starting jogging! I had to miss my jogging
because of the illness, it's a pity. Today morning I was awoken by a
ray of the sun slipping through my window. As I sat there on the bed
thinking just how wonderful it would be if you were by my side and not
thousands of miles away. I am sure with your presence in front of me,
we would indeed have very interesting conversations and pleasurable
moments. At the time we must be satisfied with this way of
communicating to each other even though I admit it is different then
being able to look at you and hear your breath. I sense just how
wonderful it would be just to be able to do no more then wake up each
morning and just sit together outside under the sky. I dream very much
that we now were together, that you were with me through all the
things, to protect each other, share everything with each other,
respect one another in all things.
We would have our own house, prepare dishes together, and go out to
have romantic dinners. We could go shopping on week-ends, we could go
swim or walk during weekdays and on Sundays.
I would like also to invite our friends to have dinners, or have
parties. I would be the happiest ******* the the earth for having the
most careful husband, the nicest children and the most comfortable
homely home. I want our friends come to enjoy our calm and friendly
home, have a rest, talk about eternal things, or just have fun. Those
some of my dreams. I'm very pleased to know yours, too.
Your dreams about us having holidays in Venice were very bright and
vivid. Probably, I will die from happiness when it will happen to us.
:-) The sun will be bright for two of us, the moon and stars will
light in our life. We would be the greatest couple all over the world.
I can't help feeling happy thanks to you and I want to make you very
happy, more than what you are now.
Family business sounds really great for me. I can promise you to be
best helper for you both assisting you with everything and giving you
an inspiration. I do think of us and our future very much. At the time
my thoughts are connected with our first meeting and our first kiss..
My heart is overfilled with emotions and my head has some problems
with making any business plans now. I do believe when my emotions
settle down a bit I'll be able to think clearly and I'll have some
good ideas about our family business. My dear Wouter, I'm sure the
business will prosper thanks to your talents and your lively mind. I'm
very proud of you and I'm very glad the company has offered you a
promotion. Have you already figured out what you want with it?
I believe your performance safety inspections on the new machines was
successful and you made a very good presentation for the project with
the sensors. I wished I could be with you at that moments and admire
you and your talents.
Today I was re-reading your beautiful letters and it turned my mood
into romantic. As far as I feel you and as far as I know you I can say
you are an incredible romantic. May I wonder what the most romantic
thing you have ever done? And what is the most romantic thing that has
been done for you? What is your definition of romance?
Thanks a lot for telling me about the "Family Day" and sending me the
photo. I enjoy looking at you. You know I've never held an arrow and a
bow in my hands, and I hope you will teach me archery next year.
I'm feeling fine now, but the doctor has proposed me to stay at home
for two days more in order to gain in strength. I haven't minded it at
all. :-) As I'm sure I will make up for my study easily. Besides, I'll
have an opportunity to spend more time with my granny. I've missed her
badly. I'm going to visit her tomorrow!
Enjoy your evening and have a nice easy pleasant day tomorrow.
A shy kiss and many-many tender kisses..
Letter 31
My dear Wouter! Your fascinating letters make my inspiration grow. I feel plenty of
beautiful feelings inside my heart. It's always my pleasure to share
them with you. There are things in life that are inevitable. Nobody
has power to control them. The sun will rise and set, the tide will
come in and go out, the seasons will change, the birds will fly south
for the winter and return in the spring, and the caterpillar will
transform itself into a beautiful butterfly.
When you tell me your love for me is so strong I feel so good. From
the moment we started writing each other I knew that our friendship
would develop into something lasting and precious, just as I am sure
that the caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly one day. I hope
we'll have a wonderful future together.
Dearest Wouter, I'm happy our visions about the future are matching. I
believe that our wonderful feelings are blessed by God. They are a
union of two spirits destined for everlasting happiness. You have
truly become the warm and generous sun of my life which brings me
light in this world and warmth when I need it. You offer me the joy of
living, the peace of mind that comes from sharing and caring, and the
shoulder to lean on in times of stress. Worlds fail me to express how
happy I am because I have met you in this huge world. Your dream about
us staying in the castle is so romantic, beautiful and fascinating! I
would like to stay with you there for ever. I enjoy knowing your ideas
about romance. Your words about the romance and that it based on being
with me make me feel very special and very happy. You have a tender
heart of a romantic person. And I feel like on the top of the world
knowing I have brought some romantics into your life. I'll be glad to
have a chance to make a lot of romantic things for you in the future.
It's not easy give a precise definition of romance, and I think if you
feel like flying when you're with your loving person, if you're ready
to do anything for him (her), if you are ready to do even strange but
nice things to make happy your love, if you feel wonderful just
holding hand in hand sitting close.. then you are very close to a
romance. I can feel it when writing to you.. And I feel very special
when you tell me about your dreams.
The news about your possible working in Ukraine has made me jumping! I
realise it doesn't depend on you and may be changed every moment, but
I can't help feeling delighted when thinking of such a wonderful
opportunity! I'm very glad and proud to know your presentation for the
sensor project has been successful. I believe the next your
presentation will be wonderful and bring a lot of satisfaction to the
manager as well! Surely, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, just
let me know when I should start it.
I've spent a wonderful day with my granny today. The fact that she is
getting better makes me very happy. When I was in the hospital I
talked to the doctor. He said my granny was recovering. She looked
much better, too. The doctor allowed me to accompany her to the park
again. I thought she needed a fresh air badly. Both of us enjoyed our
long stroll. The granny said she would like to come back to her
village as it's the time to start gardening. I think she needs to stay
with us and have more rest before returning to her gardening and
household things. Or, at least, someone from the family must stay with
her, help her and take care of her daily. I believe we'll find a good
decision which my granny will be happy to accept.
You did understand correctly the representative of the "Alliance" had
brought your letters and your photo to my place while I had been
feeling ill. It was very nice of them. Now I am able to go to the
office myself and I'll try to do it daily, but, please, forgive me if
I have to miss a day. I think my study is going to be a bit of hectic
for me.
Thank you for your sweet kisses. I kiss your cheeks and your lips
Thinking of you,
Letter 32
My dear Wouter! I am very glad everything is going well for you. I wish your life to
be full of pleasant moments and no problem to appear on your life
road. I care of you so much, my dear. You caused a stir inside my
heart. I feel the chemistry between us. That's why I lay awake at
night. As time goes I dream more of you.
You need neither to buy another Dutch course nor to complain about the
post services! I've received the parcel with the Dutch course and two
fascinating Madonna's Cds! There were also the book about the Danish
people and your nice and very warm letter written in Russian! I too
believe our future together will be very happy! Like you do I wait for
May coming sooner.
My dear you should know I live for meeting you. Your inner self means
much for me. Your mind, your body, your heart are very valuable things
for me in this world. Sorry we can't be together right now. My
impatience makes me feel every minute without you is as long as an
hour. It will be the happiest time in my life when we have finally met
each other in person.
I'm also happy you have such a nice and helpful friend as Lyudmyla who
assists you and gives you good advice concerning the trip to Ukraine.
Dear Wouter, I'm very glad you have found me in a huge world with
billions people. You are very special for me, too! It's absolutely
marvellous that we share the same sweet feeling towards each other! I
seems our souls are in the same tune. You know, long time ago when I
was just dreaming about you I saw a star falling from the nightly sky.
I made a wish to meet you. I didn't know your name that time, but the
star, probably, guessed your name and helped me to meet you, my dear
Wouter. Since then I've been dreaming about you. And I believe my
dreams of you will never end even after a long and happy life we are
going to spend together.
Thank you for your care about my granny. It's very very nice of you to
drive towards the Tulip plantation and make some photos for the
granny. You are so wonderful! The granny says she is feeling really
well now and she wants to be back to her house soon. I think she is a
bit of worry about her place as she hasn't been there for a long time.
I'm going to visit the village this week-end and then I'll tell my
granny how your house is doing without her. :-) I think it will make
my granny feel better if she learns everything is well with her house
and her garden.
My congratulations on your having finally received the news from the
Western Union! I appreciate your concern about my International
passport. When I get it we'll be able to travel together to the nice
romantic places of our dreams!
Dear Wouter, my study is really very important for me, but our
correspondence takes a high priority, even if I have no opportunity to
write you sometime, you should be sure that you are very very
important for me.
I will surely accompany you during your long walk in the sun in your
dreams. I believe you'll enjoy it and take a lot of nice pictures what
we'll be having a good look at as soon as we're together sitting
close, holding the photo alum on our knees, turning the pages
carefully, laughing and talking ... I'll do my best to have studied
some Dutch by your visit so we'll be able to talk a little.
It looks like you are going to spoil me with your loving kisses..
Thank you. I kiss you many many times unless you beg me for stopping.
Enjoy your week-end,
Letter 33
Dear Wouter! You look so nice, cheerful and handsome in the latest wonderful sunny
photo you sent me! I absolutely adore this photo! Thank you for
sending it to me.
I also like the way you described our morning. When your tender kiss
has touched my cheeks I would be having a sweet dream about you and
guessing that tender kiss is a part of my dream. How happy I would
feel when I wake up and realise it hasn't been just a dream. Dear
Wouter, I am looking forward to our dreams coming true!
I do enjoy your wonderful present I've finally received. I'm delighted
to fill up my Madonna's CDs collection. And I believe I'll learn some
Dutch with the help of the course you sent me. However, I think I'll
succeed in studying the language if I have a nice teacher in the
person of you. :-)
Your words about the kissing language sound seducing. :-) The language
of love is international. You don't need to say a word. :-) Sharing
sweet feelings is a main thing for me, too. Nevertheless, it will be
also wonderful for us to share our thoughts and minds as well. I'll be
very glad to speak with you one language.
I'm pleased to know about your making new friends. They sound like
very cheerful people. I've already liked them very much because they
were so nice and so kind with you. It will be a pleasure of mine to
get acquainted with your new friends.
My week-end was nice and busy. I always loved visiting my granny's
village and enjoying its wonderful nature. It's the first time I saw
the house and the garden without my granny. And it seemed really
strange. Without my granny's presence and without her good and careful
touch to every thing in the house and around it the place seemed to be
absolutely uninhabited. I was tidying up the house all day long. I
ended doing it late at night. Then I went outside. It was a wonderful
night, just for dreaming. Such kind of nights made me sure that
miracles did happen. When I was sitting outside and looking up at the
stars, I began to realise how great the size of the universe was and
how small our little planet really was.
Dear Wouter, I've realised that although you and me are far apart - we
are very close together when compared to the stars. All it took was a
couple of computers and some wire - and we found each other. Wasn't it
a miracle? And this miracle happened to us. Dear Wouter, thank you for
giving me the chance to have learnt more about you and have fallen in
love with you.
I'm very glad the stroll has been enjoyable for you and that you've
already finished the picture book. I'll be looking forward to seeing
those wonderful photos you made for me. Thinking of you,
Letter 34
My dear Wouter, it's just a little note to let You know that I've been thinking of
you! Today we are going to take the granny from the hospital and bring
her home! I'll write You a big letter tomorrow.
Thank you for your beautiful letters. You surely know how to touch my
heart and excite my mind! Many sweet kisses.
Letter 35
My dear Wouter, I do not think I could have received a more exciting letters than the
ones you sent yesterday and the day before yesterday. You have made me
very excited. I do also believe we are destined to meet and it's our
destiny to bring much romantics to each other lives and enjoy it
together for ever. I am about to explode with the mere thought of how
well we may get along. Every day it is harder to stay away. I am
looking forward to our meeting more than I have ever looked forward to
anything in my entire life.
I'm very serious thinking of you and our nice future. I do wish that I
could be spending tomorrow and every coming day with you. I dream
about spending my life with you. I think about what it would be like
to be around you and how we could feel the chemistry between us, with
the touch of your hand, the warmth of your smile, and the tenderness
of your eyes. It could make me to think that I'm in Heaven and all is
right in the world. I believe if you were by my side I would feel that
I could do anything, hopefully I will know that feeling soon.
It's so nice of you to keep dreaming about us and about the places we
would visit together. If I could choose between every country of the
world to go for a holiday I would pick France. I don't know why but I
believe Paris is the most romantic place for the people who are in
love. Maybe, some day we'll travel to this wonderful city.
I like travelling very much and I think you are lucky to have an
opportunity of travelling to another country, to Ukraine soon. It's
the land of gorgeous and various nature. The place I live in is flat,
but we have also mountains, the sea, lakes and rivers in Ukraine. I do
believe you'll have a chance to see all wonderful places of my country
some day. I'll be more than glad to accompany you.
I'm very happy you have agreed to be my personal Dutch teacher. :-) It
will be a pleasure of mine to help you learn Russian ! I look forward
to just being able to spend time with you, and learning more about
you. I believe that Love is a universal language, and can cross all
barriers of time and space. If two people are in love there is no
barrier exists that can stop them from communicating and building a
lasting, loving relationship and family. I do feel like that loving
person for me is you.
Dear Wouter, I like you tell me about your daily routines and how your
days are going. Your daily stories make me feel like I'm very close to
you and I imagine you returning home after your working day and
telling me about it. I'm listening to you very attentively and kissing
you tenderly. I love to know about your work, but I haven't thought it
can be dangerous for you. This new fact makes me feel very anxious.
Please, take very good care of yourself and try being out of danger.
Thank you for sharing my happiness for my granny. She has finally left
the hospital and she is going to stay with us for some days. My
parents and me will accompany her to her village this Saturday. It
will be an Easter time. It means we'll enjoy some extra days-off, so
we'll have an opportunity to help the granny and take care of her.
Thank you for your feeling proud of me. I think I did nothing special.
I love my granny very much and I can't imagine I could act different.
I believe you had a nice time at the museum working as a volunteer. I
also enjoy knowing about your helping out in the health care centre
for small children. You are so wonderful!
Enjoy your romantic dreams, my dear Wouter. I believe they are going
to come true soon.
Letter 36
My dear Wouter, sorry for not writing you yesterday! One of the girls from the yoga
training had her birthday so she invited our small group to a cafe
after our yoga lesson. I told her I couldn't join her as I had a very
important thing to do - to write you, but she looked very upset and it
made me feel guilty so I accepted her invitation. This girl wasn't
very talkative and always kept on her own so nobody knew about her
birthday. It's pity, we were absolutely unprepared and bought no
presents for her. She was very happy that all of us joined her to
celebrate her birthday and she didn't care of presents at all. But I
think it's always pleasant to get some gifts especially if it's the
birthday. So we agreed to bring a lot of nice presents next day and
give them to her. The birthday party worked out well. We danced and
had a lot of fun together. Nevertheless, it seemed to me the party had
been lasting too long, the birthday cake had been too sweet and the
music had been sounding too loud. I think I was missing you, my dear
It seems you are going to spoil me with your nice presents! Thank you
for buying me another Madonna's CDs! My collection is going to be very
large soon thanks to you! All your presents have a double value for me
as you have hold them in your hands. My dear Wouter, thank you for all
your love and care of me. I love you, too. And I believe that love is
what makes the world go around. When you have that someone special,
everything shows its better side. The sun shines brighter, you begin
each day with a bounce in your step. Can you feel it, too? :-) I also
believe that our relationship will be printed in the encyclopaedia as
the most obvious example of two people loving each other. And I think
that some very talented poet will create a beautiful poem or a novel
about our relationship, it will be translated into many languages and
people all over the world will enjoy reading the book about us and
then put it on the shelf near Shakespeare's and Petrarka's outstanding
When you tell me about your dreams I feel delight as our dreams are so
much alike! I do dream about you often, too, and sometimes find it
very difficult to concentrate during the day thinking about how it
would be to meet you at home when you arrive after a busy day, to hold
and kiss, and share the evening lost in our love for each other. I am
so lucky to have had you in my life and I look forward to the days we
are together.
I must tell you something else, and I hope you don't mind because it
is of a very intimate nature. I woke up this morning from having a
very vivid dream of waking up next to you after a wonderful night
together. I'm too shy to tell you the rest of the details, but it was
incredible dream. The end of the dream was us waking up at the same
time and the first thing was seeing each other's eyes. I got up with a
big smile on my face. And my heart was pounding! I am very patient
person, but I'm having a very difficult time lately waiting to be with
you. My growing passion and desire to be together with you is growing
so incredibly strong. I wished May could come sooner this year!
Our Easter will be this week-end, too! And Monday will be a free day
for Ukrainian people! As I've already told you, we are going to my
granny's village tomorrow. I feel very happy about the opportunity to
spend the time with my grandmother and my parents. The only thing
makes me sad that you can't join us. I'll be missing your lovely
letters very much as I won't have a chance to write you before
It's relieving for me to know you always take care of your work to be
safe. Dear Wouter, please, continue to take double care of you. I need
you very much and I kiss your tenderly many-many times.
Enjoy your Easter! And, please, give my warmest Easter wishes to your
parents and Winnie! Thinking of you,
Letter 37
My dear Wouter! I'm sorry it took so long for me to write you. As you know I was out
of town staying at my granny's place. I must tell I have missed you
much, and I have thought of you each day. Your tender letters warm my
heart and your photos brighten my day. When I see your pictures I wish
that I could be in them with you holding your hand and walking trough
the field of flowers. It's very nice of you to drive to the
plantations in order to take some shots of flowers for my granny. I'll
bring the photos with me to show them to my granny next time I visit
It is so good to hear from you again and know that your days are nice
and sunny. It has been such wonderful weather lately. Although it's a
bit cold now, but spring has definitely come and the trees and flowers
begin to bloom now. I spent a nice holidays with my granny and my
parents. Some of my aunts and cousins joined us and we had a lovely
time together. I was going to take some Dutch lessons with the help of
the course you sent me, but I had left the book at home. I am so
absent-minded sometimes. Sorry I missed such a nice opportunity of
beginning my Dutch study. Now I'm back to the University and my study
is overwhelming, but in spite of this you are on my mind constantly.
The mental image of your face is all I see when I gaze toward the sky
morning or night. I think about what you may be doing, how hard you
work, wondering whether you are having a good day or feeling bad about
some occurrence. I feel always happy when you tell me your days are
going nicely.
I love your dreams about us. And I love your writing style and your
sense of humour. It sounds like the fire department had some extra job
lately. :-) You have lit a fire in my heart that has never burned this
brightly. Your words fill me with love and a passion that I have never
known before. The day is growing closer when we will look into each
other eyes and feel the love that we have felt towards each other
through our correspondence. Although Mr. Time can't make the calendar
go to the 15th of May sooner we are not far from our meeting. My dear
Wouter, I'm thinking of you constantly, my ears are searching your
voice among the sounds of the wind, my soul feel you, my heart is for
you. I am happy for having you in my life. You ****** my thoughts,
captivate my soul, fondly touch my skin and my heart beats as never
before. Thank you for letting me enter your heart, letting me show you
that I can be the one for you.
It seems you are going to spoil me with your lovely presents. Thank
you for sending me another one. I'm looking forward to getting the
Both of your parents are so wonderful and so kind to me. Please, give
my warmest wishes and thanks to your mother for her wish to write me
the post card. She is very, very nice! And your father is so
wonderful, too! I would be delighted to have his Yoga DVD! It's a
pity, I don't have a DVD player.
Dear Wouter, I believe you had a great time with your wonderful
family. And I do believe your family will be mine one day as mine will
be yours.
All my love and many tender kisses,
P.S. Thank you for greetings to my family! My parents and the granny
will be very happy to hear from you!
Letter 38
Hello my dear Wouter! What a pleasure to get another wonderful letters from you! Thank you
for making me feel so special and letting my life be so bright! Thank
you for having such wonderful feelings inside your heart for me and
thank you for sharing your dreams with me. It's very important for me
to realise your care of me. Now, I can hardly imagine my life without
you, your friendship, your care and your love.
I hope you had a pleasant evening watching TV with your friend. My
evening was peaceful as usually. I looked through some newspapers and
magazines and one of the articles caught my attention. It was about
different ways of man's and woman's falling in love. It was said that
men (being the visual creatures) usually felt an attraction, first,
but that women, by contrast, usually felt a "connection", first, then
became more "attracted". It meant the kind of special connection women
could feel sometimes. It's difficult to explain this mysterious
feeling, but when a woman is attracted by a man, being without him for
her is as being without the air. We can do without seeing the air, but
we can't do without breathing it. Do you understand me? Well, being
the mere male you may be out of comprehension here. :-) Nevertheless
I'll be glad to know your ideas about the matter.
You made me laugh at your idea of putting yourself in a parcel and
sending it over to Lugansk. :-) The idea is great, but if it is
remembered that the post serves can be more then slow I'm afraid we
wouldn't meet so soon. :-) Dear Wouter, I understand what you feel
when thinking about our first meeting. My heart is full of excitement
and joy, too. I do like the fact that time is flying by. Each day
makes me close to meeting you.
I see your important presentation is coming very soon. What time will
it take place at? It's fine you had some fun when your first training
for it. You should never miss the chance to laugh and have a joy. How
did you do another practice when having a more serious audience? I
believe it worked out well, too.
Please, give my regards to your parents. It would be very nice of your
father to share his collection of pictures with flowers with me. I'll
be really glad to see some of the pictures and I will show them to my
My dear Wouter, I think of you before I go to sleep because I want to
see you in my dreams. When I awake up in the morning I imagine kissing
you. And even in the noisiest day I can hear you in the melodies of
the songs I love, and when I look at the sky I see your shining eyes
staring me.
Letter 39
Dear Mr Wouter, allow us to inform You that Ira has used our translation services and
Internet access. At the time her account with us is empty that is why
she cannot answer Your letter. If You like to help Ira to pay for the
further correspondence with You, please, let us know, we'll send You
the detailed information. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance",
the company of translators.
Letter 40
Dear Mr Wouter, thank You for the e-mail. We are glad to assist You and answer Your
questions. Allow us to introduce You to the list of the services we
provide and the prices:
- translating a letter 3 USD
- printing/typing a letter 1 USD
- scanning a photo 3 USD
- printing a photo 4 USD How it works: we help the lady with registering her in the site, we also assist to
show her interest while on line. After all we receive Your letter sent
to her e-mail address and translate the letter. The information about
Your letter arrival is given to the lady within a day. When the lady
comes to our office we print the translated letter and photos if they
are attached. The lady writes her answer and gives it to us for being
translated. We translate her letter and scan her photo, then send them
to You. Before using our services the lady pays us for them. If the
funds are exhausted we hold up the services unless the account is
filled up again. We also inform You about the reason of interrupting
Your correspondence. There is some more information about our services. You can also use unlimited services during a month or two months. The unlimited services for a month (exchanging photos including)
cost - 150 USD The unlimited services for a month (without exchanging photos)
cost - 100 USD The unlimited services for two months (exchanging photos including)
cost - 230 USD The unlimited services for two months (without exchanging photos)
cost - 180 USD If You like to help Ira to fill up the correspondence account You can
send the funds via Western Union to Your Lady's name. In the document
You should write: the name of receiver - Irina Vdovichenko
the country - Ukraine, 91000
the address - Sovetskaya St, 90/21 It's also possible to make the payment via Internet. You can find more
information about it if visiting the site of Western Union:
We wish Your relationship with Ira to work well. We'll be glad to
assist You.
We are open for Your suggestions.
Faithfully Yours,
Director of "The Alliance"
Olga Vernikova.
Letter 41
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, thank you for your letter. We are glad to assist You and answer Your
Our office is situated in Lugansk, Oboronnaya St, 52. Our e-mail
address is We have a web site and we'll be glad
to introduce You to it as soon as it is renewed.
Our contact telephone number is +380506236609. It would be nice of You
to call us on weekdays from 12 p.m. till 4 p.m. by Ukrainian time.
Sunday is our day-off. And we work a part-time on Saturday.
Letter 42
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, thank You for the letter and letting us know about the transfer. The
information will be given to Irina as soon as it's possible. When she
gets the funds, we'll report You about it. We wish Your relationship with Irina to work well. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 43
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, we'd like to let You know that the information about the transmission
of money has been given to Irina. She hasn't got the money, yet, as
the banks are closed today. As soon as she withdraws the funds we'll
report You about it.
Irina appreciates Your help. She gives her warmest wishes to You and
asks You to wait for her letter till Monday.
We wish You to have a nice week-end. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 44
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, thank You for the collaboration. We'd like to inform You that Ira has
received the funds in amount of 50.47 USD and filled up the account.
She is going to write You today. We wish Your relationship with Ira to work well.
Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 45
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, thank You for the letter and informing us that You have received Ira's
letter. We are glad to assist You. Sincerely Yours,
Letter 46
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, we'd like to inform You that Your latest letter has been translated
and printed. It will be delivered to Ira as soon as it's possible.
We believe Ira will write You on Monday. Sunday is our day-off. Thank
You for the co-operation. We are glad to assist You.
Letter 47
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, we'd like to thank You for the collaboration. Allow us to introduce
You to the update statement of Your account. The incoming funds sent on 2.02.2007 50.47 USD
Translating Your
letters to Ira 4 letters 4 USD 16 USD
___________________________________________________________________ Translating Ira's 4 letters 4 USD 16 USD
letters to You
____________________________________________________________________ Scanning photos 4 photos 3 USD 12 USD
____________________________________________________________________ Printing photos 2 photo 4 USD 8 US
____________________________________________________________________ Total 52 USD
_____________________________________________________________________ The Balance (- 1,53 USD) It would be nice of You to fill up the account in order to continue
Your correspondence with Ira. We are glad Your relationship with Ira works well. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 48
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, thank You for the letter and letting us know about the transfer. The
information will be given to Irina as soon as it's possible. When Ira
gets the funds we'll report You about it.
We're glad to assist You.
Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 49
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers,
we'd like to inform You that Irina has received the funds in amount of
126,83 USD and filled up the account. The period of validity of using
our services for You is from 15.02.07 till 14.03.07.
Thank You for the collaboration. We are glad to assist You.
Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 50
Dear Mr Wouter, we'd like to let You know that Your latest letter arrived after Ira
had left the office. The letter has been already translated and
printed. It will be delivered to Ira tomorrow. Thank You for the collaboration.
Sincerely yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 51
Dear Mr Wouter, we'd like to thank You for the co-operation and tell You about a great
Holiday which is celebrated on the 8th of March in Ukraine. Everyone
is expecting this Day with excitement. Every woman becomes more
beautiful and every man is gentler this wonderful Day. It's named a
Women's Day.
Would You like to congratulate Your Lady on the Women's Day? Would You
like to make her feel special? There is no doubt she's worthy it.
We'll be glad to assist You, just let us know.
Don't miss the chance to make Your Lady feel like the happiest girl in
the World!
We wish You to have a nice day. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 52
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, thank You for the return letter. First of all, I'd like to express my
hearty congratulations on Your relationship with Ira works well. It is
very nice of You to arrange the surprise for Ira on the Women's Day.
It doesn't matter what company You chose for this purpose. We are glad to assist You.
Faithfully Yours,
Olga Vernikova.
Letter 53
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers. We'd like to let You know that our office we'll be closed tomorrow to
celebrate the occasion. Thank You for understanding.
We appreciate the collaboration with You. We're glad to assist You and
Irina to keep in touch. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 54
Dear Mr Wouter, we should apologise for the delay in sending Ira's letter she wrote on
the 12.03. We had some problem with our Internet provider yesterday.
Thank You for understanding. We'd like to let You know that Your latest letter has been translated
and printed. It will be delivered to Ira as soon as it's possible. Thank You for the co-operation. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 55
Dear Mr Wouter, thank You for the letter and informing us about Your intention to fill
up the funds in order to continue using our services. We are glad to
assist You. As soon as You let us know the transfer control number
we'll be glad to forward it to Ira. Thank You for the co-operation.
Faithfully Yours,
Letter 56
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers,
thank You for the letter and letting us know about the transfer. The
information will be relayed to Ira as soon as it's possible. Your
latest letter has been already translated and printed. It will be
delivered to Ira, too.
We are glad Your relationship with Irina works well. It's our pleasure
to assist You to keep in touch. Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 57
Dear Mr Wouter, we should inform You that Your latest letter hasn't been given to Ira,
yet, because she is unavailable at the time. As far as we found out
Ira had got a bad news concerning her grandmother and she promptly had
to leave for the village where her grandmother lived. It would be nice
of You to wait until Ira returns to Lugansk. As soon as she has come
back we'll deliver Your latest letter and the information of the
transfer control number to her. Thank You for the collaboration.
Letter 58
Dear Mr Wouter Eggers, thank You for the letter and informing us about Your intention to wait
for Ira's coming back. Your latest letters will be delivered to Ira
as soon as she returns to Lugansk.
Thank You for the collaboration.
We wish You to have a nice day. Sincerely Yours,
Olga Vernikova.
Letter 59
Dear Mr Wouter, we'd like to inform You that Irina has received the funds and filled
up the account with 100 USD. The period of validity of using our
services for You is from 17.03.07 till 16.04.07. Thank You for the collaboration.
Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 60
Dear Mr Wouter, we'd like to report You that Your latest letters have been translated,
printed and delivered to Irina. Your photo has been printed and
delivered to Irina as well.
Ira asked us to send You her warmest wishes and apology for not
writing You as she caught a cold and had a high temperature lately.
Ira has been feeling better today. She's going to write You tomorrow.
Sincerely Yours,
"The Alliance".
Letter 61
Dear Mr Wouter, we've just received Your latest letter. It will be translated, printed
and given to Irina tomorrow.
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