Letter(s) from Olga Mikisheva to James (USA)

Letter 1

Hello dear James!!! I am so happy that again I have chance to write to you the letter. I really very badly feel, when I cannot visit Internet - cafe to write to you the letter. My dear James, I hope you understand that sometimes I cannot write to you in fact I have a lot of work. I really very much miss you. It is very a pity to me that on my work the computer has no access to the Internet because here I frequently have a free time, but I can not leave my workplace. During these moments I think of you and about me much. I think that you agree with me that though we live in absolutely different countries, but we have much in common. I think that we with you could not correspond if had no general interests. I think the most important general feature between us this that that we with you both are lonely. It has very much pulled together us. If you or I were not lonely and did not suffer from it probably we never would get acquainted. Are you agree with me? I even am a little glad that in Russia all men so badly managed with me, in fact due to this I have come to the decision to get acquainted through the Internet and have met you. James, you really that the man which I would like to see near to me. You very careful and I gentle, you never write to me roughnesses and I really feel that I am necessary for you. When I had my last relations with Russian the man, I too felt that I am necessary for it but only to satisfy his sexual needs. From your letters I feel that for you much more important my and your feelings. My dear James, your care about me also has woken in such feelings to you. I did not think that after such short dialogue with you, you can receive so a lot of place in my heart. I even am not confident yet as to me to name that occurs to me. I feel as the little girl who for the first time begins relations with the guy. It for me is very strange in fact to me 27 years and I feel as 18 years teenager. At you sometime was such? There can be you will help to understand to me my feelings. I with impatience shall wait for your new letter. Yours Galina.