Scam letter(s) from Esther Ansomaa to Richy (USA)

Letter 1
hello paul,
i have read all you had to say in your mail and understand very much your situation ok,i have spoken to the doctor to try and help us with some money so that you can pay back when you have some money ok.
but he could only help with 1,000ds and you have to try and make it 2,500usd ok.
i hope that this will go through well to take care of your love.
i am also very much worried as much as you are ok,and apart from this i have been running errands to see how best i could raise some money too for all this,not leaving all on your shoulders but you know i have not achieved anything.
i hope that you do remember her in your prayers all the time,i will also remember you in my prayers and also selma.
take care and hope to read f rom you soon.
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