Scam Letter(s) from Annie Bright to Alvin (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello sir

How are u doing Mr alvin i am very happy for ur email For Annie bright in room 10a is very sad here yesterday he want to klll her self in the hotel... but did not allow her Cause we have stop feeding her.. but he is telling u may be u can her feeding money and he can able to eat ..... u as us a question and i will be able to answer the question?

1.This is the hotel adress Ikeja lagos Pako bustop 120 this is the # +2348030776921
2.We are sorry Mr alvin we Did not have the hotel Website But we are just Trying to Create A new Website soon as we create the website we will let u know?
3.Well the Actual Itemized Charge is
Breakfast.........................2 weeks 30$
Lunch.............................2 weeks 30$
Dinner.......................2 weeks 30$
Appartment occuplied..................210

Well Mr alvin this is the total amount Invoice of miss Anniebright i will be very happy if U can help her out of our hotel ........

Best regards
Mr shayo

Letter 2

Hello Mr Alvin

How are u doing? i just want to tell u that anniebright has want to kill her self because of u and i want to ask u 3 question (1) U told me u want to help Annibrright out of the hotel (2) U promise to help anniebright out if i Answer ur question (3)
i told u that Annibright want to kill her self... U told Anniebright That he should Dont kill her self he should dont worry about the bills that u will help her Mr Alvin i Just want to tell u that anniebright is thinking and he is very sad here If u are the one in this Position will u be Happy and i wish u should help Anniebright out He Has not eating since the day u Put her in mind that u will help her but he is just Thinking of u since yesterday Mr alvin i just want u to know that the down fall of a man is not in the end of is life Mr alvin i wish u should help her out because he is a nice girl ....And i wish u should be Together Mr Alvin....

Hope to hear from u Asap......



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