Scam letter(s) from Natalia Ermolina to HAkan (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hakan I’m glad you to write me.
I can tell you some words about my appearance. I’m told, strong, with big eyes, with a beautiful hair, with mysterious smile.(but I don’t like to tell such things about myself, I like that other people tell this). I'm a student of Pedagogical University. I study to be a teacher of Russian language and literature. Also I go to the courses of medical sister because I want to have some similar characters with my father, he is a doctor. I have graduated a school of translators last year. I know English on advanced level and a little bit French. My hobbies are my profesion. I like to read very much and also I like all what consists with medicine because I think that it's very noble to help other people. I'm looking for a man who will be a friend for me and lover for me. I think you will conquere me by your self-reliance, self-respect, correct and respective attitude to me. I will have realized you possess perception of outside and appreciate the women's beauty and beauty of love relation. Your romantic, tenderness and warmness will be aroused the feeling of love to you. I want to share with him grief and pleasure. I I think he will be my support and pleaseure. And I give him all my tender, warm and love which I can give and which are keeping in my heart withot nesessity. My favourite book is "A little prince" by Sent-Exuperie. I think in this book is wroten all about life. About love, about human relations, about the sense of life. And especially I like such phrase as "We are response for all which we have tamed". I think this phrase is said too many. I am fidget. I can’t be lazy and I am easy to take part in any play. I like to go for a gallop, I like very much different kind of extreme sports, like parachute jumps, water skis. I like animals very much, especially dogs. I think that the dogs are the best friends for men. I had a dog which was calling Jemma. She was a dog. I am missing her very much. I haven’t any bad habits such as drinking, smoking, drugs. I think it’s awfully. I’m sure that there are many beautiful and useful things in the world unless to waste time and health in vain. I think an ideal woman is woman who has her personal views, principals, intellectual wealth, firm purpose, and wisdom. She can forgive and understand. This is a woman who aims at creation warm and comfort in the house, who gives loved children and dear husband her care, love, tenderness. I’m not sure that I achieve such a harmony, but I want to be like ideal. Please tell me about you imagine of ideal man and woman. Who are you loking for?
What is your most important thing in the life?
I'll be waiting your reply.
Letter 2
Hakan……I'm so glad you to write me. Your letters have became me joy in my usual and grey life which had been before my meeting with you. I get up every day and see my grey town in which of its there are beggars and poor people. I was borned in place in which people are living very difficult. When I have met with my girl-friends and they began to speak only about their appearence and their clothes and their lovers which girls have never loved. It's all not interesting for me and I start to bore. I have thought about sense of life Very often. And I think about my loneless and how I feel bad because of it. I think that the God created the woman to live with one single man. The woman should be a good wife, she should born health beatiful children and give all her warm and love for her husband. But now many woman try to change this rule. They try to be independent and to work like men and to do all like men. But I think all it's wrong. The God know more of all us and we should obey the God. And I want very much you to colour my life, to allow me being with you and to give you all my tender and careness which I has. I think that the wise woman always can go to compromise with her loved man, also can concede to him.I think that the real wife will ba able to forgive and understand her husband. I think if more woman were patience and respectible for their man. I would like to know if you share my opinion about these subjects. My favourite coulor are red and blue the colours of love and happiness.
Letter 3
I need 278 dollars for passport and visa
Here is adress of tourist agency
Please contact with them. They know about me and they will make passport for me. It is a tourist agency. They will give you all information about my trip to you.
I hope that you will contact with travel agency and then inform me about all details from it. I will be wait for your answer very soon.
With all my love and tender kisses,
Letter 4

Hakan….No I'm not a model now I have been modeling for some year but now I 's a student and I will be nurse I want to be with you as soon as possible, I need your help with money and I don't want to loose our time for our correspondance, I want to live in real life with you Please take me to you , I have not enough money for it I want to touch you but you promised to help me Can you do it for me?
Letter 5
Hakan…Our meeting in real is a sense of my life. I'm counting days and hope it will be very soon because I was born under the lucky star. YOU ARE THE ONE I need. I want to make you happy . I want TO KISS YOUR LIPS, i WANT TO GIVE YOU MY ALL. I can't wait any longer.To kneel down,body and soul, without asking, without thinking, without even giving thanks for anything, just to experience the warmth of love that surrounds us,at such moments unexpected tears may appear-tears neither of happiness or sadness. Do not suprise at that. It is a gift. The tears are cleansing your soul. I find travel agency in my home town they can easily organice my trip to you, don't you think it's excellent?
Letter 6
Hakan…Yes Its right information
How nice to hear that you love me and want to see me, You can't imagine how I want to give all my love to you, I 'm so lonely here, I want to be with you in such day , I hope we'll stay together where you wish, I can't stay there anymore, I'd like to run to you today!!!!!!
I can't live if livining without you, I want to hear your heart beating next to me and I want to give you 100 kisses!
Please, take me to you, I can't live without you!!!
Your nata
kiss you
hug you
can't wait
Letter 7
Dear Sir We can open visa for 1 month
The total amount for her trip is 678 USD
The best way of payment in
Western Union System or MoneyGram system to the name of the
controller- Elvira Miroshnichenko Ukraine Ternopol
Shevchenka str. 67/17. Thank you for co-operation
Truly yours, Bogdana Ivanova
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