Scam letter(s) from Olga to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Wayne!!!!
Thank you for your interes!
please write back to the address:
Write me soon. I'm anxiously waiting for your answer.

Letter 2
Hello my sweet Wayne,
How was your day?I hope everyhting is ok.

How do you think what can help you to overcome different hardships? As for me it is my beloved nearby and i'll copy with everything,it gives me more srenght and desire to live and to struggle.I think that if you are together with your beloved nothing bad can happen.Maybe it can but together you'll copy with it.I don't have such person in my life yet,hope it is least i feel that it is you...i want to believe that it is you...
When i'll be with him nothing will matter,i'll live for him and share everything with him.

I want us to be very honest with each other because if we lie each other from the begining it won't result to anything good.I hope you agree.
So lets start with me.I've never had serious relations,at least as it appeared.I had a guy half a year ago.But soon he moved to France. We promised each other to correspond but he forgot about his promise. But one day he wrote a letter to me that he was very sorry but he'd found a good girl and was going to marry very soon.I was hurt but could do nothing.Now everything is ok,i live and look for my solemate.
Now it's your turn...

Hope to hear from you soon.
With lots of love Olya
Letter 3
Hello my sweetheart,
You know,i write this letter and tears appear on my face.I just don't know how to tell this...You became so close to me for these..ok you will say that we wrote only some letters to each other but still i feel very close to you and now it hurts me when i have to tell you that i won't be able to write you anymore.It is my last letter,i just want to ask you not to blame for anything but i can't continue it because i can't afford it:(I'm so dissapointed and lost.Can you imagine that i'm the first time in such a situation but i have to ask you for help.I just want to ask you to believe me and to blame that i'm just a scammer because i'm not and i'm very dissapointed if you were in such a situation already becase i've heard a lot about it and i don't understand how how people can judge about all the people after having met the one,bad.I won't contiue writing this to you but i'll tell you that if you really interested in me then you ahev an opportunity to help me,you can write to the address : to the translation firm and ask them any questions you want because i can't continue writing this to you,i'm emberrased...
Just remember i want to be with you and to continue my life only with you.
Yours Olya
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