Letter(s) from Mercy Wilson to Ron (USA)

Letter 1

Good Day,
I am Mrs. Mercy wilson the wife to late Dr. M.C wilson, I came in contact with your profile on singlestnet and therefore picked interest for a business relationship with you, though I have not met with you before but I believe one has to risk, confiding in someone to succeed sometimes in life. I was married to Dr.M.C wilson who worked with Cote'd Ivoire embassy in Sierra Leone for nine years before he died in the year 2003 We were both married for eight years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only nine days. When my late husband was still alive he deposited some amount of money with a security firm here in Abidjan, $22.4 Million (Twenty two Million Four hundred thousand U.S.D). At the point of his death he told me of this money and directed me where the documents pertaining the deposit was. He told me that I am the only beneficiary, as he believes that his family was behind his illness. Presently, this money is still with the Security Firm. (Name of the security company withheld now for personal reasons). I want you to help me retrieve this box from the security company for an investment in your country.You can get back to me at (mrsm.cwilson2@yahoo.com ) Thanks.
Mercy wilson.

Letter 2

Dear Ron,

Thanks for your email and content well noted.I am very sorry for the late response to your mail,Which was due to the workload on me for sometimes now.

In regards to your mail,I do not kow the kind of proof you want me to prove .Meanwhile i will not fail to inform you that this transaction will be executed under a legitimate afair and will protect you from any breach of law also your gratification will be 30% and 65%will be for me and 5% will be for other expenses such phone bill and other minor expenses that may arrise.

Please,am begging you,to make a chance and forward the information as stated below to me,To enable me get the necessary document in your name as the beneficiary of the fund.Also,for us to get this transaction concluded by next week ok.

In the meantime,I will Want you to reconfirm and forward to me the following informations:

Your Full Name and Address.
Your Telephone and fax Number.
Your age and sex.
Onces again I want to thanks you for coming to my aid.


Mrs M.c Wislon

Letter 3

Dear Mike walters,

How are you doing? I just received your email.All that will be required from you most is your trust and co-operation to see this transaction through.

I know that you need more proof to show that all what i am saying is through the only way i can proof this to you is for you to cantact the attorney incharge of this transaction for he is the one with the necessary documentation of this transaction.

Meanwhile, I want you to contact him on his personal email address for he will be waiting to hear from you: barr.chaunceyblowles@yahoo.com . and as soon as you do let him know that you are a recipient of my email to you.That way he will give you some proof.

Then we can proceed forward to the processing of the transfer of the fund. And as soon as you contact him I want you to get back to with an update of his response.

I wait to hear from you soon.

Mrs M.C Wilson.

Letter 4

Attention: Ron,

I recieved your E-mail, and was well understood but i want you to know that, Mrs .M.C Wilson has already informed me the situation of things which she want me to help in retrieving the fund that was deposited at the security company by her late husband.

Her explaination was that you will stand as the next beneficiary to the funb. So all you have to do, is to give me your full co-operate. so that i will do my best to see that every thing moves accordingly.

I will have to contact the security company were the said fund was deposited. Like you said that you nee some proof for this transaction I will be sending you some proof like what you have requested as soon as i get a return E-mail from you to know that you are really willing to help her.As soon as i`m true i shall advice you on what to do next.


Best Regards,

Barrister Chanucey Blowles (An attorney at law)

Letter 5


Thanks for youe email and content well noted. Well I want yout o know that i will be sending some of the document that Mr. M.C wilson left within my custody.

So as soon as you get this documentation, i want you to send your full information to me as requested so that i can apply on you behalf at the secuirty company.Meanwhile, i want you to know that we have to do things fast because i have a official assingment to attented to in the next 2weeks so we have to do things fast.

Anyway,have you heard from Mrs M.c wilson? If you have. What is she saying?I Just contact the security company with an intention to make more research about the transaction but their response was that they will have to recieve an application from me before any information of can be released because of some security reason.

I wait to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Barrister Chauncey Bowles( an attorney at law)

Letter 6

Regional Offices
06 B.P. 1111
Abidjan, 06 Cote d'Ivoire
Tel: +225-22-41-10-47
Fax: +225-22-41-03-91
Contact: Dr David Jones,
Director of Foreign Operations
Foreign Remittance Department
S.F.S.C .
Application for the release and transfer of $22.4 Million Dollars (twenty two Million four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only from CBB dormant A/C N0:14-255-2107. Please be informed that I wish to come for the claim, release and transfer of the sum of $22.4 Million Dollars from account number 14-255-2107 with your Security Company.
Having been informed of this incident by my late Uncle's personal attorney Barrister Chauncey blowles, that the above amount / money were deposited in your security firm by Late Mr. Mc Wilson.
I wish as the heir apparent with all documents of proof to claim and instruct that the above-mentioned amount be released to me via draft or cheque through any of your correspondence financial institution either in Europe or Americas.
I also humbly request for the services of an accredited resident bank attorney who is empowered by the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) to represent me for the authentication/updating of my documents that will be required to ensure speedy transfer of this fund to my bank account as I can not be physically present there due to my official engagements here.
Please accept this late application, I hope you will understand and expedite action. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.
Country: ........................
State: ..........................
My Telephone no: .................
My Fax no: ......................
My Full Name: .................
MY SIGNATURE:.................

Letter 7

Attention: Ron Schroeder,

Further to our previous discussion, to ensure the successfully conclusion of this transaction without any hitch now or afterward.

I will have to explain how we are due to commence this deal. I have draft a specimen text of application, you can find the application attached, please simply fill your name address and your telephone numbers bellow and file the application to their Bank Remittance at sif_security_company@excite.com, you are sending this application to the Director Foreign Remittance Department, SIF FINANCIAL SECURITY COMPANY, in the person of Dr. David Jones.

The Director have already assured me of his maximum cooperation in this matter as long as you can be able to provide supporting evidence to your claim, the supporting evidence is just some documents related to this account or some evidence of death, all this is available but I can not precise which one will be required by the bank, but I’m here to provide any documents or information on demand by the bank.

Please download the attached application, Fill it and send it to the bank to signal the commencement of this legal business, I’m getting my self ready to appear in your country for business negotiations and sharing of the fund once it hits your nominated bank account, moreover your bank will not ask you any question on how you make this fund, because the bank here will send an inheritance certificate to your bank to avoid questioning you, so you are just free of any query. Inform me after you must have sent the application to the Security Firm, I hope you will comply with the above terms.
I do expect your immediate call on your acknowledgment of this detail.

Barrister chauncey blowles Esq