Scam letter(s) from Olga Egorova to Ivon (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello dear Ivon!!!
It was very pleasant to me to receive your message on a site. Hope we shall continue our dialogue through mail. I shall be glad to receive from you letters. Excuse, that so long to not answer you, I work much, what though what that of money were at me in a pocket. I have seen your structure and you have liked me. I would be happy to see the reflection in your eyes. I would like to hear your voice, rising everyone morning. To wake up and realize, that me love. I search second half in other countries because it is difficult to find in Russia normal the man, able to understand the woman, to love and be betraid, to be gentle and at the same time little bit strict, in fact he is a head of the family. It should be loyal, serious, betraid, favourite, fair. As it should be clever, careful which is able to be pleased lives. I very much wish to have greater happy family in which there will be a love, understanding, trustfulness. I was born on April, 25th 1982 and I live in Russia, in the city of Zvenigovo. My nature is very romantic, loyal, I the formed person, work. I like to go in for sports, as it is part of my life - to be vigorous and sports. I like to have fun, do any small holidays, to me to like to cook food to a table. My hobby is the nature. I like to go to campaigns. Waiting the years period, I call the friends in a wood, where silently and easy where it is possible to have a rest from a loud life. I simply enjoy silence and calmness, being in this "world". To me to like to go to cinema, to look interesting romantic films. Walks on park or simply walks on city give to me pleasure, probably I the person - the nature which pulls on fresh air. I simply enjoy a life. I the healthy person, do not drink and I do not take alcoholic drinks, because it very badly affects on health. As at us speak: ” In a sound body - a sound mind! ” . And what for to you the nobility with how many I correspond? You already are jealous me? I if correspond, only with one person with whom has begun warm and the good relation. By the way, I would like to see more than your photos, I hope you will send me them?! As it would be interesting to me to learn about your parents.... Whether there Are at you animals? What at you the most treasured dream in a life? It is really interesting to me to know about you more. Still time, it is very grateful to you, that you have written to me. I hope, reading each your letter I shall fall in love more strongly and more strongly. With impatience I look forward to hearing from you!
With the best regards, Olga!
Letter 2
My greetings very much very dear Ivon! Thanks of a congratulation and a rose. You such darling, careful. I am very glad to receive from you such detailed letter! I with pleasure read it! In it so much all interesting has been written... You likely long wrote it. How you concern, if you had a child that it would be jealous you? Simply I know families where mother remains with the child one, or the father one much remains with the child.
And when who that comes another's, the woman for the man, or the man for the woman, the child start to be jealous. And about you I very well think of you. I each time start to dream of how to us it will be good together. As we together with you shall spend time. To give each other love and tenderness. Together to walk, bathe, I wish to hold you for a hand. To feel your man's force. Oh, that that I was lost in day-dreams. =) certainly very much it would be desirable it. I hope at us with you all to turn out. In a photo you such courageous. Such kind eyes, in which sparkle of happiness. Probably you the happy person. Ehh... Would wash the father was such. To I it is now heavy. It lays in hospital and at it it is bad with heart. Will do most likely operation. I do not know, we shall look that doctors will tell. So it it is a pity to me, already to cry want. My God, as hard when you lose parents. It so that healthy, but last time to it that that is bad with heart. All right, we shall not be about sad, we shall look that will be further. Ohh . at us now in the street warmly, the sun shines. Hmmm . that that last time weather has gone mad. In the spring summer, and in the summer spring, even the autumn happens. You represent temperature-60? And such happens. :) And in the summer up to +45 reaches. Here and so. And you really wish me to see really? But what me to see or it will be necessary for you very much very long up to me to reach, or I should do documents what to arrive to you.
The visa, the passport, tickets, residing. At me such money is not present, what you to reach. :( So that very much would be desirable and to meet you. To look at you, to look in your beautiful eyes. To see a beam of the sun in them. All right, I shall finish the letter. I send you the letter with the grandmother. Recently I am photographed, hope to you it will be interesting. Still time, me your letter was very pleasant to receive and esteem. Thanks big, that you are!!! I shall look forward to hearing from you . the Whole, I embrace! Olga.
Letter 3
Greetings my dear Ivon!!! I am very glad to receive from you the letter. I each time am surprised to you. You to appear such careful and lovely. With each letter I understand, that I fall in love with you and to me more increasing and it would be desirable to learn about you more. By the way in a photo where you on a beach, are looked very much very well. A handsome man!!! ;) Mmm... And what length at you hair?
What are you going to do this summer? I here too want on the sea, on a beach. Always dreamed to visit there where warm, to feel an easy warm breeze on coast at a decline. To hear noise of waves of sea water. And a number to feel the favourite person. Oh, that that I was lost in day-dreams again. :) As it would be desirable to see you, to hear, but what to you to me to arrive, you need to reach very long. At us planes do not fly, trains, only by the machine do not go. First to fly up to Moscow to you will fall self-summer, and then by the machine very long. But as it would be desirable for you to see, hear. Oh, by the way, there was such idea, know it is pleasant to you or not, but it is an output. You likely would wish to hear my voice? To talk to me? And I do not have phone, but to talk I to you too wanted. Can you will give for me a gift? You Will send me on phone? I shall buy to myself phone and we shall chat with you!? Well, what you on it look?
I wait for a fast reply from you. The whole and strong I embrace, Olga!
Letter 4

Dear Ivon if I shall show you all my photos . That I shall be not so interesting to you. I would want that you saw me in real. I shall send you with pleasure, but hardly later.
Dear, can money you will send, that I would buy phone, and then I shall tell the address and you will send me everything, that want. And you have not answered my question. You have asked how many to me to send. I have asked you, how many it is not a pity to you? Because I do not know...
My lovely! Well, I shall send you 2 photos = 3000$. So? Olga.
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