Scam letter(s) from Marina Podlesnyukh to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Mike. I have told Alexandra that I found a foreign man and now I am dating with him. She was pleasantly surprised. I have said her that his name is Mike and we are corresponding with each other. As you remember we are best friends and learn about each other with each day. She was so glad for me! By the way she has said you Hello Mike! You know also I have told about us with my parents. My parents have told that I am an adult girl and can arrive at a decision by myself and if I want to write you, why not if I feel I need it. I want to tell you I need it, because something attracts me to you and to your letters. While I don't know what, but I like it and I feel better when I get your letters! As always I wait for your next letter with great impatience and with a little shiver. When I get your letter I read it to the end completely without any stops and only after it I can relax a little! I have never felt any feelings like these! It's something new and interesting for me! I want to let you know I miss you and your letters very much. I feel a need in your letters and in our connection! I think maybe this is a destiny and maybe you are my soul mate, I just not so sure. But I can't imagine another reasons of my feelings which fill out myself with every second more and more! I want to ask you do you feel the same? Did you feel something like this too? I am curious! Mike do you feel something towards my person? I want to know your mind and your point of view to this situation. What can you tell me? Ok, I almost forgot to tell you that I want to tell you my mail address and you can send me handwritten letter. I will be so glad! I would try to send handwritten letter to you too. What do you think about it Mike? I have found out that it would be in travel about 40 days! Imagine? But I want to tell you one important thing. Please don't send any packages to Russia, ok? We have a very bad mail service and a lot of packages were just disappeared. Especially far distance ones. I ave heard from my co-worker that the relative of her from another russian city named Krasnoyarsk had sent a package to her about 3 months ago and it was not delivered till now! And she was at the post office but they had told her that they didn't get any messages about it! And I had heard that it is not rare occasion in mail system here in Russia! I have told about it to you because I don't want that you would lose something. I am just taking care about you. I hope you will understand and appraise my care and will follow to my advise. I think our corresponding via e-mails will be enough for me at this time. All the more so I will try to call you soon. I think when I will have enough free time I will call you, but before I will let you know about time when I will call. I am some nervous, because I will hear your voice soon! It's great! I think you feel the same. To call you I will use a service of communication center in our town. As you know I have no personal phone in my apartment and I can't call you from there.
Sorry, Mike I believe you will understand my situation and will wait for my call, ok? Now I will finish my letter. I am very tired and want to have a rest. Tomorrow I will have a hard day because of a lot of work. But I will try to find some time to write you at least little message.
Bye my dear Mike! I will miss you so much! Sincerely your Marina. P.S. I have send my picture for you.I hope you like my look! My mail address is:
659100, Russia,Altayskiy Kray, Zarinsk, Lenina street, 8-25
To:Podlesnyukh Marina
On the envelope it has to be written exactly so. This means:
Postal code - 659100
Country - Russia
State - Altayskiy Kray
City - Zarinsk
Street - Lenina street
Building - 8
Apartment - 25
Last name - Podlesnyukh
First name - Marina
I would like you to give me your full postal address and the phone number if you wish (smile)!
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