Scam letter(s) from Sandra Jones to Kirk (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Dear How are you doing and how was your day its been so nice to hear from you i just attach my pic would like to chat with you and get to know you more better you can add me on yahoo instant message here is my Yahoo ID swseet_sandra
Letter 2
Ohh k you will need to get it to work then thanks for the caring for my mom well my mom surgrey will be carryout next week i hope everything go well with her i hope your praying for her so she would have a better recovery i would be back to the state as soon as my mom pass out the surgrey i do have a pic would also like to see yours i'll like to know more about you and your personality family Cause appearance capture the eyes but good personality capture the heart I'm online now i'll be looking forward hearing from you soon i hope your taking good care of your self for me Take care
Letter 3
Good daY How are you doing baby how was your day at work and how is everything going with you its really been so nice to hear from you just heading back from the hospital Mom say Hi to you i tell her alot about you and she felt happy for you thanks for the caring for her health i hope the God care for you also well i'm feeling really happy being with my mom cause she needs me actually in her health now I can't wait to see you in person would like to take a look at your pic to see how you are i would look forward hearing from you soon
Letter 4

Good daY Thanks so much i'm glad to hear from you i'm really excitedly being support for my mom situation and i'm so much happy and extremely happy for you also I was told the surgrey will be carrying out soon as the money is been paid is remaining the balance of $1500 I would be really glad for you saying my mom lives maY the caring Lord do care for you also Here is the infor you gonna send the money too Name...Sandra Jones
Address...17 Ogba Rd
Text question....what is the money being use for
Text Answer......Surgrey That is alll my information you gonna need to send the money through western union and as soon as you send the money make sure you get back to me with the Western Union Required Information so i can be able to get the money and quickly go pay the Dr so the surgrey can be carryout and i shall let you know immidiately iffect I would look forward hearing from you soon Thanks Once Again
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