Scam Letter(s) from Henna Cross to John (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello there Alina Limbo,

Thanks for getting me back. I want to make communicate now with each other ok? There are twenty-five uncaught sparrows for a penny.

My name is called Henna Cross and am from Lithuania originally and now live in UK. I love to meet nice man for loving time and stable relationship which is hard to find. Like they say in my country, Only fools and horses work.

Vincere vel mori! I'll be awaiting your consequent message.

Henna Cross

Letter 2

Buon Giorno Alina Limbo,

It was so judicious for you to correspond with me so quickly. I am unsatisfied that I comprehend the unfortunate memo. you sent. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Please to tell me, where and when were you born? What job is you do? What is your favourite food? Please to make good writing correspdence with me and look at my picture which I send you. You now send me your picture.

I'm going to be poised that you will give this mess your urgent deliberation.
Best Wishes
Henna Cross

Letter 3

Cooeee Alina Limbo,

Thanks to you for the prior letter. I'm thrilled that I got that. Whoever plods with a team of donkeys must have patience.

I so am glad to see your letter today. I want to tell to you fairly, that not so trusted that you decide to have acquaintance or will have any Interest. Now I am very glad. I think, that now I should tell about myself more. As I already spoke my name is Henna Cross and me 22 years. I was born in the city of Kaunus,day of my birth on July, 25. I have light hair and green eyes. You will see it on a photo which I send you. I hope, that I shall see also also your photos. I would like to know your birthday.

Still I can tell about myself that now I live one in an apartment, but it Not my apartment. I remove it for a payment in a month. I work as the bookkeeper For the small company in my city. I receive a payment in a month as 2000 thousand dollars and it suffices on payment of the account for an apartment and the foodstuffs. Yet it is a lot of sometimes to me my parents help. They do not live with me In one city. They are outside of my city. Still I have senior brother Ivan. It is more senior than me for 5 years and is already married. His marriage is happy also I so is glad for him. It already has a daughter, which 6 years. I yet have no children and was never married. I would like to tell to you why I have decided to search for acquaintance on the Internet. Here all men in The first turn look at me as object for sex and no more, And me 22 years and I want serious attitudes, I want to build family and To have children. I have decided, that if I shall correspond, me will understand Also will understand my private world. I hope, that you understand well the English language, I studied it school and college. I hope, that at me it turns out to write letters. I hope soon to learn more about you.

All Best Always
Henna Cross

Letter 4

Buon Giorno Alina Limbo,

Thank you to you for the earlier missive. I am despondent to have received it.
I see your letter to me, means you have interested acquaintance to me.
I so am pleased to continue to write to you. I shall write the letters to you from my house. Here distribution system of credits and I decided to buy a computer from us On credit, therefore how to have a computer of a house very conveniently and for work And in a simple life. Now I needed to pay for it a little more And it will be completely paid. You are interested with a question on that as I found your address of mail, but I have told, that I took it from agency In the city of Moscow. My company sent me there for work. I have casually seen about acquaintances to men outside of UK and they suggested to write to you and to expect the possible answer from you. I do not know where they receive your addresses, but I think it not so important. The main thing, that we begin correspondence. If you did not want it I would not began to write to you under your first request. I now think to tell about you about myself a little still. I on a life the kind person who is loved with the nature and rest on the nature. I Not so I love noisy places, such as a disco and at me already age for more serious employment. I am fond of that I write the diary. It began in the childhood and till now I continue to write records. This my small hobby, but It very personally and I not to whom do not show it. My growth of 165 centimeters, and weight approximately 52 kgs. I the orthodox person and the Christian. I believe in the god, but for a long time not Visited church. Earlier I did it with my mum. And what yours Religion Alina Limbo? Tell to me about your hobbies and more about itself.
I will wait your letter tomorrow. OR call me on +447092882547.

I'm going to be certain that you'll give this concern the critical reflection.

Au Revoir
Henna Cross

Letter 5

Hola there Alina Limbo,

Now I write to you already the fifth letter. I hoped you would call but my phone it never rings. Iam sad of it. I want to know more about your life and Accordingly I shall tell about myself more also. My working day begins in 8:00 mornings and lasts till 18:00 with a break for a dinner. I not all the day long spend at office, sometimes I should leave for Visiting tax service or other official bodies. At this time I sometimes have time to run home to have fast reception Food. I like my work and with pleasure come on it everyone Day of working week. I have 5 working days in a week, but sometimes It is necessary and work in the days off.
I would like to speak at once to you that I correspond with you not for the sake of Entertainments but only with a view of to have acquaintance at which it is possible The future Continuation. I do not search for the partner for simple correspondence, and I search for the man for Attitudes and consequently I want to learn as much as possible about you. Dickwad I hope, that you understand me and that I want to tell to you. Sometimes I think, that I have no the favourite person, and during long I cannot fall asleep time from for It as I do not want to me directly simply the man. I want to To me it is direct The favourite person who knows me and loves me not for my person, And a appear and for my soul. I can tell to you, that in men I most of all like honesty and respect of women. I like in the man when it keeps the promises. I think what to allow the promise which cannot execute it is not necessary to do it. I love light colors, pop music. I listen the Madonna, Sher and Russian executors. And what music you listen Dickwad? Still I want to warn again you that do not send files which have the big size mbyte, I cannot receive it here. I shall finish now the letter. And still I would like to apologize for the the English language, something is possible you do not understand.
Write to me more about itself in the following letter.

Best Wishes For Your Future
Henna Cross

Letter 6

Hello Alina Limbo,

I been waiting. I did not receive your letters recent. You have very much borrowed time? Or you any more do not want to do correspondence with me? I ask you to write to me. I wait your answer.
I will be tautly looking forward to your outcome.,
Henna Cross

Letter 7

My Dear Boy Vitaliy Douchebag,

Hi how are you hope fine, The friend so your letter is pleasant to read me mine and to see that you are serious with me as well as I with you. Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime, say the word and I will follow you, share each day with me, each night, each morning, say you love me, you know I do, love me, that's all I ask you, love me, that's all I ask of you.
Today good day for me began. I rose early at 6:30 and I would not like to sleep further, my dream was well. I went in bathing and washed, have then prepared for a breakfast. I usually do to myself tea or coffee about a sandwich. And what your breakfast usually? From the beginning of ours correspondence your daily The life became very interesting to me. I want to learn about you as much as possible. I thought recently that if I have acquaintance to the man outside of Russia To us the meeting probably is necessary to have. Also my parents know about it Also have no against arguments. But while of our meeting early to think, I simply hardly planned the possible future. I thought that probably such as I cannot write to you because of any problems and have decided to give to you my home address:
302 Beverham Common Close, Bromley, BR7 6NI, United Kingdom.
I would like to know your full Dickwad address also. Unfortunately I have no phone in mine an apartment. An apartment officially Belongs not to me and I cannot while to carry out in it a telephone line. The Internet has been lead by a cable. As to a cellular telephone, I had it, But recently my bag has been stolen together with phone and I could not while to buy new. You can give to me your number and I shall write down it in note the book to have on a case of a bell to you. But I do not promise while to try to call to you. As I already spoke my city of Izhevsk. It is small city in the Kirov area. My city is not so well-known, but I like my native land. The life in such cities of Russia differs much from big the city of Russia, Such as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. It would be pleasant for me to look your photos. I as well as all women love beautiful words, speak, that the woman likes ears. Sometimes nobody understands us, how the main hero in film told (Back in the future), women is a ninth riddle of the universe and us sometimes not simply to understand. But actually we are easy for understanding. That is necessary for me, as well as to any other woman is to be loved that you loved. But my lyrical ideas about a life. I now should finish the letter to you. i wait your letter. Here is more naughty kind picture of me i hope you like. You make me fell sexy. And we have crashed her party.
Henna Cross

Letter 8

Hello Vitaliy Douchebag,

What the dillio? I'm not able to be understand why you have not gotten in touch with me douchewaffle. I don't understand, can you respond quickly scroteboy? we should get on with this now.

Now make it snappy pappy.
Henna Cross



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