Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Volodya (Czech Republic)

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Letter 1

Greetings Vladimir. I am very happy to that you have written to me next
The letter. I see, that it is pleasant to you also you our correspondence is interesting.

I want to tell to you, that I would like to learn a lot of interesting
Histories about you. At me as is that to you to tell.

You have already understood, that I do not write verses, but I am able to sing beautifully. At
Me is one mad hobby is a singing on karaoke. My familiar
Speak, that at me very well it turns out. I would like to try
Of myself in any competition, but very much I am afraid. As I am fond
Collecting of domestic plants, especially I like cactuses, especially
That once a year start to blossom.

And more recently I have learned to drive the automobile. Own
The automobile at me, unfortunately, is not present, but it is at mine the daddy, and on
To this in case of need I take it sometimes. I adore speed.

Tell to me, what at you favourite number? Whether you love the nature, animals?
Whether there are at you animal houses?

I wait for your letter and answers to my questions.



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