Scam letter(s) from Elena to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear friend!Thank you for your message. I am really interested to get to know you.Something more about me. I was born in a city called Donetsk which is not so far from where I live now. After divorce I am living with my daughter and my grandmother. I worked as a typist in a publishing firm for 5 years. I liked my job but it was not well paid and I decided to start my own business. I decided to sell different souvenirs. I can't tell that I like to sell things but after my husband left me with a small child I needed to provide our family and that's why I decided to change my life and start this business.I am not a workaholic and I enjoy my free time too. I like sports (tennis, fitness, running). In summer I like swimming and going to the beach. I like art and sometimes visit museums or exhibition. In winter and on rainy days I like reading just cosy at home. Or watch a movie on TV. I enjoy reading very much and my favorite writers are Kohelio, Murakami, Pelevin, Akunin. I enjoy different music( pop, dance, classic). I enjoy spending time with my little daughter. She is 2 now. Also I like to communicate with my friends. I don't smoke and only drink on occasions. I prefer a more healthy life style.I was married for 3 years and last year we decided to divorce with my husband. Since our daughter was born our relationship got worse. I spent more time with my little child and my husband found another girl. Now I want to find a real love. I want to find caring, honest, and reliable man who could be with me in good and difficult times. I need love, care and support very much now. I like to find someone special in my life to enjoy life together and have our own cosy family in the future. May be you are the one I am searching for? Will you tell me more about your last relationship and why you search for a woman from another country?I hope to hear from you soon. With warm regards, Elena
Letter 2
Hello, dear Ken!Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. I really like it very much. It seems like we have a lot in common with you and search for the same. I hope that we will continue our relationship and become true friends or may be even more? :) I would really like it.Thank you for telling me what kind of woman you are searching for. As for me I want to find kind, honest, faithful, soft, easy-going, with sense of humor, passionate and sometimes a little bit crazy, sometimes like a child, optimistic, very romantic, adventurous, tender, caring and loving man. May be I want too much?What are your dreams and hopes? I dream to have a very beautiful family where love is the center of the family. I want to be in total love with my husband and I want him to love me with all his heart. I want to love him so much that when wake up I can't tear myself away from him. I want him to be my best friend, the person I laugh with, cry with, learn with, and experience life with. I don't believe in just being with someone because you don't want to be by yourself, that is an empty feeling. I am looking for the man that will capture my heart and invite me into his heart. I have a lot of love in my heart and I am ready to give it to someone, the right one. I am at the point in my life that a family is very important to me. I am not here to play games, only to seek love. With true love, life has more meaning and the world becomes more beautiful.As for your question I live with my granny and she helps me with my daughter when I am at work.I hope to hear from you soon. With warm regards, Elena
Letter 3
Hello, dear Kenny!How are you? I hope you have a nice day today. I was happy to receive your letter. Thank you for your warm words. I really hope that I am the one you are searching for. You know I want to find the man who could fit with me like the Yin and the Yang. May be you are the one I have been searching for? I really want it.:) As for your questions my daughter's name is Kamilla. My parents live separately with my younger sister.I will tell you more about my family for you to learn more about me and hope that you will tell me more about yourself as well. I have been brought up in a loving and caring family, with my mum and dad who were married for 30 years and it has helped me in life. I have a younger sister and I love her very much. I had a good example of how family should be. I want to have such understanding, love and care as my parents have.I like to spend time with my family. I do work hard, but I take the time away from work to have fun. I like to spend time with my little daughter. Every time I come home and see her smile I feel happy. I enjoy playing with her and teaching her different things.I am a happy person but I have been single since my husband left me and I feel lonely sometimes. I need love and I need a man whom I can love and trust. I think that the most important thing in relationship is trust, respect, care. Both partners should be open with each other and solve conflicts and misunderstandings by talking to each other. I think that any problem could be solved if both partners really want it. Do you agree with me?I hope that you will have a wonderful day and will write me soon. With warm regards Your Elena
Letter 4

Hello, dear Kenny!Thank you for your letter. I really like it very much. I think it is very important for both you and I to tell more about each other. That is the only way to really get to know each other and I want to know you better. So it is great when you tell me about yourself. It will only make me like you more. I feel closer to you with every letter you sent me.I have already thought about our meeting.:) I was thinking about the words you would tell me and my answers. You know I think that it is so interesting that we met each other in such unusual way and have never seen each other in real life yet. We can create some images of each other in our minds and then we can compare them to real ones. I don't think that they will differ very much from the original but all the same they will be different. Do you agree with me? It is so interesting for me to discover real you. You are much more then the image I created for myself. I am sure in it and I would be happy to learn more about you in real life.As for your question my parents live at the same town with me. You asked me why we divorced with my husband. He likes women very much. He flirts with them often but I have never thought that he could betray me with some one. I found out that he had a lover and I couldn't forgive him though he asked me to do it and for us to keep a family. I found out that he did it several times. He explained me that he loved me and it was just passion and it would pass away. But I couldn't understand how could it be because I could never do it to my beloved. I never had any intimate relationship before and after my husband because I am really serious about it.How are you doing last time? As for me I went to visit one of my best friends and we had a good time with her. She also has a daughter and our children played together while we were speaking about different things. I guess if I counted the friends I have there will be 2, but the 2 girls are real close friends that I can tell everything. I also consider my sister for a great friend. We talk about everything and we know each other as well as sisters do.I hope to hear from you soon. With warm regards Elena
Letter 5
Hello, dear Kenny!Thank you for your letter. I really like it very much. I was really impressed by the pictures you sent me and story you told me about that hostile entity. I can hardly believe that such things could take place in our life. I am sad to hear that it is difficult for you to breath. I really hope that you will be ok in some time.As for me I have a difficult time now. My business doesn't go well last time. Last month it was not well but it was enough to pay the rent at the shop. This time it is not enough to pay for it and I really feel nervous. You know my granny helps me with a daughter in spite of her age and problems with health. But last time she feels not well and it seems like now I have two children that I care about. Sometimes I feel really tired. I don't sell anything last time and it makes me nervous. If I lived on my own I would not feel so bad but as I have responsibility for my daughter and my child I feel really bad. I don't know if you have ever experienced such a feeling like instability. I hope you understand what I meanI feel really awkward to ask you about it but I really need your help to continue our lettering. I use translation and Internet service at Internet cafe and I have to pay for their services. I thought that I would be able to do it as I hoped my business will be ok and I can allow those expenses but as it appeared I am not able to pay for the services now. I feel really close to you already and I want for our relationship to continue. I hope you want it as well. It would be wonderful if you could help me and would continue our lettering and relationship. I am really serious about you and don't want for us to lose each other.I hope to hear from you soon. With warm regards Elena
Letter 6
Dear Sir,Thank you for the interest to our client. We want to inform you that Elena is very interested in your and wants to continue relationship with you but unfortunately she can't pay for our services any more and that's why she can't write you now. Will you be able to help her with payment? Inform us please about your decision.Hope for our future cooperation. Sincerely Yours agency "DatingLove"
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