Scam letter(s) from Anna to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

Yesterday I came to club to check any news from you, but I did not received anything. I was was sad but I thought that you did not get my message and will answer next day. So I was too sad today not getting your news again! I dont know why but I choosed you! I dont know what to think! May be you did not get my letter? Unfortunately, I dont know how to use computer and may be I did something wrong. Or may be you did not like my pics or find someone else? Please write me, its very important for me. If you are not intrested in me please let me know. Its so unpleasant for me to see my mailbox empty.
Letter 2

Hello Jimmy!!
I so ready today to receive a mail from you! And I so glad to see, that you received my mail and answered! And I so happy that you understood my entire letter! I would like to continue our correspondence and I hope you too! So, I will write you more.
Dear Jimmy, I understand most in your letter! But I not sure now I have no much time to read it more carefully. I undesrstood all words but I dont know grammer well. So, I have to write you a little about my situation. As you know I live in town that named Kayerkan. It's a very small town and only a couple of people here have their own phones and Internet access. But we have Internet club here and its very popular. The only way for me to write you is to get here and pay for time at computer to write you. But I so happy to do it! I can miss some of your questions, please don't worry, I will write answer in one of my next letters.
So I think I have to tell you more about me and what I am doing here. I can't describe myself, its not easy but I will write you all that my friends say. They say, that I am very cheerful, attractive and devoted woman, and I will not leave my friend in trouble. I never been married and have no any kids. I do not smoke and I don't drink often. I can drink Champaign, vine or a little ****. But I don't drink a lots, only sometimes at holidays. I like only honest and open people even if its bad.
I have no parents. Its not easy for me to say about it. They died when I was 5 years old. Its happened in car accident. It was fault of ***** truck's driver. He was going to jail but it is has not revived my parents. I love them very much and its a very big loss for me. I know a little about my parents, only from my grandmother told me. Now I living with my grandmother.
And all home businesses depends on me. That's why I think I am independent woman. I am proud for this, because it helped me to find out how to cook and how to make homebusiness. I like to cook very much and I am cooking always only by myself. I like to cook something unusual. I like to prepare fish and meat delicious for my guests and guests of my grandmother at holidays. She always asking me to help him because she know that i cooking very good. I hope I can be good housewife. And I would like to find a man to give him all my care and love and to get this back. Most of all I like fruits like grapes, persimmon, peach, appricot.
I would like to tell you about how I get idea to write you a letter but its seems I have no much time now. Its very pleasant for me to write you letters. I like it very much.
Looking forward to hear from you,
Letter 3

Hi Jimmy!!!
Thank you for your letter. I becoming attached to your letters and I like it very much. Can you write me more about your work? What is most intresting in it? How do you spend you free time? I was born at Aleksandrovskoe town. My mother was born there and lived there for all her life. I like my town Kayerkan very much. I have no brothers and sisters. I have only a aunt she lives in Moscow now. Her name is Natalya.
Now I am working as seller - adviser at biggest company at our town. This is firm that sells clothes. My duties are to show clothes to clients, to tell them all about it, to take orders. It is only Russians trade marks. My heads very proud for me, they always say that I am best. They are very good and strong people and I like them a lot. My work is not very far from me, and I always go there by myself. And how long from your home your work is situated?
So, I would like to tell you about how I get idea to start to write you. The reason is I met one of my old girlfriends, which was my classmate. We spoke a lot and she was very happy and told me her story. One day she with our girlfriends comes to Internet club just for kidding. They did not know lots about Internet. They asked a manager of Internet club what they could do their intrsting. He shows them one of Internet dating cites. My girlfriend (Zinaida) wrote only one not serious letter to a man from United States, Ohio. She did not wait something seriouse. Then she began to go every day and write him. She did not let her girlfriend to come with me. And after one month of communicating she told them that she will go to USA soon and that she love that man. She went to USA for one month and when she returned she were happiest woman of the world. I did not see her such happy before! I was really shocked. It looked like a fairy tale. I was speaking a lots with her and I was so surprised to knew that would like to marry and to come to USA for all her life. I asked her why she did not choose Russian man. She said that American men are best then Russian and that does not drink a lots. They more polite, culture, and kind. They more oriented to a family then Russian. She said, that she had no any problems with living there and she will not share her William with someone else. He is 54 years old, and Zinaida is very happy with him. She says that difference in ages is not just a little problem. She has advised me to choose only American man. I thought more then one year and only now I know, that I am ready to fallow her advise. I am so sad now that I have no her e-mail now; I have so much questions to her! Unfortunately, I have never been outside Russia, but I hope someday. And I dont know a lots about a trips though a countries. But I so happy that I meet you and I hope to know more about you. My time is over now and I have to go now.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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