Scam Letter(s) from Janny Michael to Raju (India)

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Letter 1

How are you? hope fine,Thanks for the email,I will like to know you better,Tell me more about your self,what you do seek for in a woman and email me your pictures..if it is meant to be,our hearts will find each other when we meet and if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame.i will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one i want to know everything there is to know whats your favorite color,food & activity. your strongest & your weakest moments which toe is the longest what you look like when you wake up & go to sleep, what gives you goose pimples if your breath stinks in the morning lol. i wanna know whats your driving force how to make you shed tears of joy so as you can see it will take a while & there's a list of things i did'nt mention Am Janny Michael From Indianapolis,I travel to London for a vacation but am in Nigeria now to visit my old mom,I will be back soon so You can email or add me at have a nice time there Janny Michael

Letter 2

How are you and How are you spending your weekennd ? pls Try to assist me with any amount to sent the money orders to you...I promise to pay back as soon as you cash It.....little about me..........I am an attractive African woman with intelligence,honesty,understanding,caring,senstive,faithful and I have a warm,living and caring heart.I'm not one to play games and have no room in my life for dishonesty,I have little time to connect with people outside my field,but I would richly love to get to know persons of opposite interests.I'm a high energy person and most of my activities involve fitness and job related travel.I feel that my strongest attributes other than maintaining a positive mental outlook on life; is my affectionate nature and great sense of humor, others say it's my sexy eyes and I feel my personality has grown over the years to offer Love,I am hopeful romantic,Am a born again christian,lovable,kissable,respectful,strong,virile,love to cuddle and kiss and enjoy giving/receiving wonderful massages......I'm the type of person who loves to meet new and warm-hearted people.I am a very sweet and caring person who is always there for anyone when they need me.I'm never shy to express my feelings toward someone,especially if I am very interested in them.I am a very sucker when it comes to love and romance.I like to have fun just like the next person does. I'm pretty much open to anything,but do like the basics like movies,concerts,and fun events or gatherings.I also like to cuddle and anything that involves romance and the person I am with.But mostly someone I can just go out with and just have plain fun, no matter what it is.

My full name are Janny Michael,my daddy brought me to the states where i attended University of North Carolina...I study accountancy and i wana go and read my master degree someday,Am 27 years old,My weight is about 140lbs and my height is 5.8ft,My hobbies are reading books like novel,magazine,fiction,Bible,romantic book and Non fiction,I also like cooking,Camping and Gardening.....I like basketball and volleyball mostly and you?

My dream Husband or guy should be a born again christian,Kind,Ready to give 100%,honest,romantic,secure,Understanding,carely,A man of intellectual,A man of integrity,A man that doesnt cheat on his wife,A man that have fear in God and have love for Christ,tender- hearted,affectionate,compassionat and well educated with a successful career.Enjoy movies,music,entertainment events,bookstores,food/wine,weekend getaways and He should also be christian with a great sense of humor and posses a willingness to share his goodness and strength with mine.. I have met many great people,but I haven't met 'The One' who can make my heart sing,Could you be the One?

I have some questions for you below.

1.What Is your marital status?
2.what Is your age and occupation?
3.When did you join the website? who introduce you to the site?I quess you
must have met,chat and talk to alots of women in there,did you find any of your choice there?
4.Is Distance relationship a problem to you?Do you have brothers and sisters? what about your parents?
5.Do you believe in love at first sight?
6.Have you ever been in love before?
7.How best can you describled true love?
8.what is your relationship with God:)?
9.What is Romance to you?
I will have to stop for now,hope to hear from you soonest
Janny Michael

Letter 3

You didnt keep to your promise...You made me feel bad today checking my email without getting anything from you...Well Is ok I will have to wait for my check to get there tommorrow so I can Have my money...Just do as I said..You are going to get It before 10:30am........Here Is the Tracking number 858407794933
Have a nice time

Letter 4

Thanks for your kindness towards me..May God bless you hhmmmmmmmm,You are going to send 2100$ to my Name Which Is Name:Janny Michael,Address:20 Olatunji Ige street Ketu Lagos Nigeria 23401 and You are also going to send 2000$ to my couin Information Which Is Name:Bobby Emefule,Address:17 Toyin street Ikeja Lagos Nigeria 23401....You are going to pay about 400$ for western union fees so Deduct from the 4,500$ that you are going to cash dear...I hope you understand better now
Take care



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