Romance scam letter(s) from Selya to Gary (England)
Letter 1
Hi my dear Gary! How are you today How has passed your day I am glad to receive very much from you the letter today. I am glad to write to you. Each your letter forces me to smile. What mood at me would not be now when I read your letter, to me become joyfully ))) with each letter we become is more close to each other. I am glad to this very much. For all time of our correspondence you became such close person for me! Day at me was good. Weather becomes warmer.... At work at me all is good. Today in Russia national mourning. You probably heard that on Monday the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin has died. Today his funeral in Moscow. At home at me all is good... Last night I was at home.... Probably today I shall go to a sports hall. I hope that your day too will be good. You would like to see a photo of Samara Well, I shall send you some photo. I hope that it is pleasant to you)) I too am very glad that we have met in the Internet and soon we shall meet. I so am happy! I made these photos during bicycle walk the last year. About my apartment. Furniture in an apartment not mine, I rent an apartment together with furniture. And I shall take away my things to parents, some I shall bring with myself. Certainly I shall miss on parents and friends. You have told that we may result one of my friends when I already shall be with you. It is very good idea, it was pleasant to me! Thank for such good words, my dear. It was very pleasant for me to read it. I am glad that you will send me money my dear. Then I shall begin to prepare documents and the international passport. My dear, you will not lose me. You are very necessary for me. I am glad that we are familiar, that we shall meet soon. I was always fair with you and you may trust me, Gary! You may send money through money gram. my parents sometimes send me money. It is fast and reliable. Thank for a photo. Tell the friends, that I too wait a meeting with them. Last night I long stood at a window. I so would like, that you were near that you saw that I that I could embrace you see, tell, that missed, to meet with you a dawn... I have closed eyes, and for an instant you seemed, that beside, that I embrace you, I see reflection of last sunlight in your eyes... I looked afar, following to the leaving sun to which and would like to tell If you will see my love - tell to him hi from me! Kiss him from me the red, gentle beams of sunshine ... Every day I become closer to you, my dear. And this feeling pleases me very much. I hope, that we shall meet very soon... I shall wait the answer from you with impatience. Write to me and remember me always. I am now far from you, but you in my heart. Always yours, Katya...
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