Scam letter(s) from Olga Malyutina to James (USA)

Letter 1
Good day my dearest James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy woman who have found such special my man, you James!!!!
Before we have met, I almost was disappointed to find the right man.
I did not know I will love again. I can't believe how much, VERY MUCH I am in love with you!!
I never thought that it was possible to love anyone as much as I love you...
You are so very important and special for me, and I am so happy.
I love you too too much, James!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to be with you, only with you so very much.
It is killing me being so much in love with you. To want to be with you so badly.
To be from each other far away, it is very hard for me.
My James, I love you so much that this hurt me not being with you giving you pleasure. You are all I think about what, only you on my mind.
I can't concentrate on anything.
God, I love you so so so very much and even more.
All about what I care is your happiness, our happiness together I want you to be happy with me.
I become so tired from working, each day so hard, but only getting your letter make me smile, give me the hope in our futher happy life.
I promise that I will take very very very good care of you.
I never will be with another man. I belong to you, and to you only.
I would never break your heart.
I always will treat you with kindness and respect. I will love you and care of you. You will know how much deep my love for you.
James, you make me very proud and happy.
I want to come to you as soon as it will possible for us.
I want to be with you there right now.
I want to be able to taste and to touch every, every part of you.
James I know our love will be forever. It is our destiny. To live and to love together forever. Our love the most greatest love between a man and a woman.
I feel the same love to you, my James......
These feelings which I have for you make me happy.
I never thought it possible to love anyone as much as I love you.
The God made my meeting with the most good man in the world. And now I want to talk with you through the phone, my love I have found Sveta and tomorrow I will be waiting for your call at 6 A:M - 7 A:M your time my love.
Please tomorrow in the morning, call me at this number +7 909 305 20 90.
We have to discuss a lot of things, but it would better to do through the phone than mail.
James, I am yours forever. You and only you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Elena
Letter 2
Hello dearest James,
I am glad to receive your letter, thank you. I am so happy!!
I am so sorry for not writing you sooner, hope you forgive me.
You are really wonderful man for me. I understand all what you tell me. You are special for me.
James, I had the chance to make the video for you. Sorry please it will short and fast, but any seconds was important.
Hope you will like it. I really enjoy of our correspondence and you are important for me.
Toda, it is Sunday and we have enough cold day, nevertheless the sun is trying to give the last beams of the warmth which carefully try to ********* through the clouds. The children enjoys this nice autumn weather. When I look at them I usual recollects my childhood and school time.
How it was long ago, however it was and I am like many of these children was simple fun child too which loved funny games and played pranks. I remember that I liked to climb on the trees and I used to fall down from the trees but have hit not strongly usual.
I want to tell you more about me and my life, but I really do not know will it interesting for you or not? I am really do not know exactly where I should start to tell you, but i think I will start from my childhood.
After a kindergarten I have gone to school. At school I studied well. Even it is possible to tell perfectly.
Except for the first class. In the first class I studied not very good. Then mum with daddy have told me that it is necessary to study. And I became the diligent pupil. I had many friends at school.
I had very amicable class and we have helped each other much. How you studied at school?
I started to learn English from the fifth class till eleven one and then continued at the Institute. There we had the lectures of English twice a week.
You know, here in Russia, English language includes in schedule of usual lessons. English became the very popular language.
However students have their own choice in learning language which they prefer.
They can learn German, French, English languages. I should tell you that I even knew French a little.
However I have never used it. Probably I forgot everything what I have known.
After my school, I have gone to the city Cheboksary where I stay now and I entered the Institute and chose the speciality to be a teacher at primary school.
After the ending of teaching institute, I was arranged to work.
I have no children, but I love children, because children it - flowers of life.
Children loves me too. They are not afraid to address to me. A lot of parents specially choose me to teach their children.
I live together with my mum. I love her very much. My mum - the present treasure.
She all life worked as tutor in kindergarten. Lots of people respect her very much. In Soviet times to her, entrusted many various certificates of honour and premiums. She has brought up many generations of children.
Mum very much loves me and cares, as if i - little girl. She speaks that the biggest happiness for her, it to know that I am happy.
It is natural, each parent dreams that to be proud of the child.
I like to get up very early, and prepare the breakfast for me and my mother. Sometimes this do my mother.
It is very wonderful to awake in the morning when aroma of fried pancakes is spread in all apartment. We like to spend the time together, watching the TV and discussing the movies and different serials which show. I like and proud of my mum very much.
She is very much dear person to me.
My father has died, when I was 10 years old, my mum and I constantly recollects him.
I have not any brothers and sisters, I was the single child in our family.
I have the cousins but I didn't speak with them for a long time already, I have many nieces and
nephews, most of my Father brothers and sisters have died, but my birth Mother's sister's are doing well.
In the evenings, I usual spend the time in checking the writing-books of the pupils, their homework.
I should work much. Because now all costs is very big. And using the Internet Cafe cost enough.
The internal prices become equal in Russia to the world prices.
But the income of the population remains low. The living wage is equal about 50 American dollars,
and the minimal size of a payment established by the government is equal to 20 dollars.
Now in Russia many private schools. I start to think more and more that all life consist of just money,
Therefore to find work after the ending of Institite it was not so easy. Of course, I would like to work in private school where the salary is more high, than in state school.
I work in state school.
You will certainly surprised, because my salary is equal approximately 100-120 dollars!
But there is nothing improbable in it. The fact remains the fact.
But I am proud of that in the fair way I earn this money.
My needs are not great. In the summer we raise products in our a garden. I prepare tasty jam of the berries.
When comes winter, strawberry jam will remind of warm sunny days.
My week is usual, I work from 8 o'clock till 17 o'clock, however I can detain on work. Then I go to the Internet - cafe to send you the letter or I can leave my work if there is the "window' in schedule of lessons. But as you see I visit it not every day, sometimes I am too busy at my work.
When i get home i prepares food. So passes all week, till Sunday, when I have cleaning home and washing. Sometimes my friends and I go walk in the city and visit different shopes or just simple walk in the park with talking.
Also sometimes we go to the cinema or theatre. Just recently we went to the cinema and watched the film " Little man".
It was American comedy and we laughed much. Did you see this film?
My favourite colors are red, white, blue, pink. And what is yours? I am of average growth.
If you still have not distinguished the color of my eyes, they are green and a bit brown.
My mother said me that first person who looked at me was my grandmother, except of my mother of course. My father was in trip at that time.
And I have the same color as my grandmother had. She was very beautiful natural Russian woman. She was very happy and loved very much my grand-father, he liked very much fishing. I remember those times when he took me to fish with him. So I have the skill in this hobby. Do you like fishing?
And also my mum tell me those who have such colour of eyes should be happy in life.
The patrimonial roots of my grand mother went from the nobiliary sort.
Of course I believe her words and I think the time of my happiness will come true. I can not say that I am unhappy completely but it is pity that I am still alone, without friend and soul mate of my life. The reason, I do not like Russian men. And I do not pay attention on them at all.
But I have my mother and work which I love, because work connect with education and especially with children it is always interesting.
In the whole the life it is very pleasure thing and wake up every morning very early in unknowing what the day holds for me.
No matter what the ups and downs, the sheer excitement of facing a new day with all its joys and difficulties makes it hard to sleep at night. I love to smile and it is pleasant for me, when others smile. Do you like it?
By the way, I told my mother that I start to correspondence with you and she say you hello, wish lucky and happiness to you.
Ok, I am joining too to her words and I wish you have the great day, what is your weather?
I would like to call you one day, but I should tell you that I have not the telephone. But I think when we get know each other well, I will able to call you, but it will from the Telephone Office or may be I will use the telephone of my friends, please accept my apologies concerning this problem with telephone.
I think that you would like very much to talk with me, with lady from another country. It sound very intriguing.
To my regret I am completely finished this letter. I will wait your letter with great impatience.
Write me soon and please send me your pictures. As usual I include my picture for you. It is me with flower behind an ear.
It was made in summer time last year. Wish you the great weekend.
With respect Elena.
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