Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Dmitrieva to Nels (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my lovely Nels!!!!!!
Hello from Moscow!!! It was hard arrival. I am so tired from arrival. With me everything is all right. I now am in Moscow. My sweet, I today very strongly was upset that when I have learned that it is necessary for me to have 1500 dollars for a start from the country. This money will be necessary for showing me at the airport. If I shall not have 1500 dollars me will not let out from the country. I speak you fairly. I did not want to ask for you about money, but I really did not know that it will be required extra money. If I would know, I would discuss first with you this, after all I don't have any extra money. I did not know, that it will be necessary for me to have 1500 dollars. I thought, that I should buy the ticket and to do the visa. On it I of money have. I was was surprised, that the ticket costs much. I have asked at the airport, and to me have told, that the ticket dear there and back because cost of the ticket includes cost of the insurance. To me have told, that I should have 1500 dollars necessarily. I spoke them, that for me are not necessary money because I fly to love men. To me have told that it is such law and they that cannot make. Nels, I have very strongly grown fond of you. It is fair. I speak you it with all my heart. I so strongly wish to be near to you. I wish to execute all our dreams with you. To me who is not necessary in it the world except for you. I all life searched for the beloved, and I have found you. I was very happy, but now I on half of way to you. We are prevented by only one problem. It is money. Between our happiness only money. I ask you to help to solve to me this problem. It is necessary for me to show money only at the airport. I promise you, that as soon as I arrive to you I shall give you your money. Understand me correctly. I saved more than one year of money for the visa and the ticket to America. 1500 dollars it is very big money. I cannot find them itself. During this moment I ask you to help me. I understand, that it is very big money. But this money I prevent our meeting. I ask you to take money in a duty from the friends to all for some days. If you will give me of money that I can already fly the earliest flight of the plane to you to America. I would give you this money directly at the airport. You are necessary for me very strongly. I very strongly am afraid to lose you. You very much dear for me. I wish to be only with you. I can make you happy the man. Last night I could not sleep all the night long. At me from my eyes tears flew. To me it was very strongly insulting. I now write to you the letter, and the head because I did not sleep all the night long very strongly hurts in me. I love you of Nels. At present all is curled from you. If you will help me, our meeting will take place. I do not have such big sum of money. I shall hope very strongly for your help. I shall finish on it the letter. I kiss you on all body my future husband. P.S. Nels, excuse me that I have not written to you earlier. I had opportunity to inform you this bad news earlier, but I did not want it make!!! My interview has ended 6 hours back. Interview began at 10.00 o'clock. As soon as to me informed this news, I at once have run in the Internet of cafe to write the letter to the parents. I have asked for parents and at all familiar and relatives the help. In 2 hours I have received the reciprocal letter. In this letter was much, that is written. But I shall tell to you, that I cannot find money which it is necessary for me for my start from Russia. As I a can be helped by my parents, relatives, friends. All have told, that now very difficult financial position. In general, I now cannot arrive to you if you will not help me. I shall not beg you that you have helped me. It seems to me, that to you should prompt your heart. Your heart should feel my love which I test to you Nels!!! I write to you the letter just now as could not make it earlier. I sat in the street, on a shop, and cried much. From my eyes many tears flew, and on my soul it was very bad. But now I have gathered with forces, and have written to you. I think, that you estimate that I have made for ours relations, and will help me!!! I very strongly hope for it, my love Nels! I shall look forward to hearing . Your loved and future wife Evgeniya...
Letter 2
Hello my loved and future husband Nels.
Many thanks to you, that you understand me, and can help me with my difficult situation. Again I am convinced that you true the man to which can entrust the life. I am grateful to the God and as it is grateful to the Internet, that I have met you, my love Nels. Now in Moscow very much late. In embassy to me have given out a room where I can until stay while I shall not leave in USA. I could not fall asleep today. I cried much. I did not know, that to me make. I very much love you, and I want to be with you. I very for a long time cried and could not fall asleep. Then I have gone to search for the Internet of cafe, to write to you. To me has very much carried, about my hostel there is an Internet of cafe which works all day and night. I now write to you from this the Internet of cafe. When I have read your letter on my soul it became easier. But as I have seen that you have small doubts concerning that - whether real I the girl in your words whether or not. I want to tell to you at once, that I the real girl who very much loves you Nels. I ask you to trust me!!! I the adult person, and I do not play in any games. I simply want to love you and to be loved you. It is valid my dream!!! You will understand it as soon as I shall be in your warm embraces. I very strongly want to press you to a ****** and is strong kiss you, mine dear Nels. But that I could make it, your help is really necessary for me!!! It is necessary for me to have 1500 dollars - cash. This money confirm that I can contain myself the first time in USA. I shall not spend your money. I only should show this money in embassy - to managers of embassy, and at the airport before I shall fly to you. As soon as I shall arrive to you I shall give you your money. I as have asked in embassy how I can receive the financial help from abroad (USA). Managers of embassy have explained to me, that for today there are two systems of transfer of money - WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAMM. This way of transfer of money very fast and reliable. I can already receive your money in 1 hour after you will send your money. As I have found out that will be required that you could send me your financial help, and I could receive your money. The information which I and you will require:
For you the information:
1. A name - Evgeniya
2. A surname - Dmitrieva
3. The country - Russia I shall require your information:
1. Your full name
2. City, state, the country
3. Quantity sent money
4. Control number If all this information it will be correct, I can receive your help without any problems!!! As soon as I shall receive your help I at once shall go to embassy, and I shall show managers, that I have enough money that I could leave limits of Russia. As soon as managers will be convinced that I have the sufficient sum of money (1500 dollars) managers of embassy will buy to me tickets aboard the plane. After managers of embassy will buy to me tickets aboard the plane I shall own the information of my travel to you.
VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Nels, tell precisely - city, state, the airport - where to you will be better and easier to meet me!!!! I very much am afraid of that I shall stay at the airport one. I very strongly want, that you have met me!!!
As soon as I shall receive your information (city, state, the airport - where to me is better to fly) I shall give this information to managers of embassy. Managers of embassy will buy to me tickets there where you can meet me. As soon as managers will buy to me tickets I at once shall inform to you the information of my flight - time, the airport, the name of airlines, and all all than I shall own!!!
My visa will be valid 90 days. I can remain with you in USA 90 days. But as, if we shall want it I can prolong my visa till 1 year. I very strongly want to appear, as soon as possible, in your warm embraces, my love Nels!!!
As it is necessary for us make everything, as soon as possible!!!
I love you, and I want to be with you!!! I promise you, that I shall make that happy the man on all white light!!! I shall be the best wife for you!!! I love you, Nels!!!
P.S. Nels if you have opportunity to help me I ask you to help me, as soon as possible!!! The faster I shall receive your help, the I shall be faster with you, and we shall begin a new happy life!!!
Letter 3
Hello my loved and future husband Nels.
I was very glad to hear your voice. I so a long time dreamed of it. But nevertheless I could and have called you. All this time which I did not receive from you the letter, I very strongly suffered. I did not know what to think. To me it was valid very bad without you and your letters!!! Nels, I ask you more so to not vanish!!! I very much want, that you were with me all time. And for this purpose remained very little. As soon as I shall receive your help I shall reserve at once my new tickets!!! I shall arrive to you the earliest flight. I so a long time waited for it. And I am very glad, that our meeting very soon will take place!!! Nels, I very much love you, and very much I want to arrive to you as soon as possible. Your financial help is necessary for this purpose - 1500 dollars for me. The faster I shall receive your help, the I shall be faster in your warm and gentle embraces!!! Nels, I very much wait for your information and the help!!! I wait for your letter, and the information on which I can receive money!!! I am strong kiss and I embrace you, my love Nels!!!!!! I love you!!! I shall wait for your answer .

Your future wife Evgeniya...
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