Letter(s) from Svetlana Rechkina to Thomas (Middle East)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend . You have seemed to me very interesting person, and is glad to receive your answer.
I want to tell so much all about myself, today at me cheerful day, and I in very good mood was.
I have absolutely overlooked to tell to you about my age in the last letter.
To me 33 years, my birthday on March, 5.
I was born and I live in Russia, in city Cheboksary.
I think, it will be interesting to you to find out about my family.
My mum was born in small city, nearby to Kazan, but has then moved in Cheboksary to study here in institute, and has met in institute of my father. They lived together about one year and have then got married. I have senior brother, to him now 40, his name Ivan and he lives in small city, in the north of Russia in Siberia.
We sometimes communicate with him, sometimes he comes to me.
My father and mother, again have left for republic Tatarstan to live in village, in fact they years, and the noisy life of city not for them already is a lot of. But it near to me, about 240 kms. From Cheboksary.
I like to travel. I like to be in the south, for example not so long ago was in Anapa.
Also I was in Kazakhstan, on Baikonur. But, unfortunately, all this places where I have had time to visit.
But, I hope, that else I shall have time to see many countries, in fact I am still young and full of forces and optimism!

I think, that it is very interesting for finding out about other culture, about other country. I the educated woman, and know much about the foreign countries.
But it would be interesting to me to fill up the knowledge from you as "eyewitness", i.e. the inhabitant of the country.

You have very much involved me, and I would like to find out more about yours lives.
I think, we can discuss much very much.

I think, if we shall ask each other questions, we find out the greater about each other.
You the religious person? You think, the difference in creed can serve as the big barrier in relations between the man and the woman?

Well, I shall finish on it the letter. To me much would be desirable to tell still, but necessary to make some affairs for work.
I wait with impatience, sincerely your new friend Sveta.

P.S. On photo: my chief (the dean that that the grown-up), his assistant, I and mine colleague.

Letter 2

Hello the man of my dreams . It was very pleasant for me to receive your remarkable letter again!

I want to drop a line about a marriage. In the life, I many times thought of this question. In the life, I very much want to have family. I want, what in my life, the person who can love me such what I am was! A marriage, in my opinion, this very serious decision, and to it is necessary to concern very seriously.
For me the marriage is very important, as far as the marriage for you is important?
I am not so traditional in a question concerning a marriage. That is, I do not think of such interdictions, as sex up to a marriage, as the personal application of a hand at parents.
I am in this respect quite loyal also sex up to a marriage for me is normal.
Tell to me how you think of my point of view?

As I already spoke, I do not want to hasten in our relations.

I would like to know your opinion on meeting in the future. No, I now do not thrust myself upon a meeting, and simply I want to know what plans at you, and, that you think of it. As I already spoke, I search for serious relations which can give me family, and in fact ideas about creation of family are impossible without a meeting. I think, that you understand it. I have found on a computer of my girlfriend some from the photos (strange why I had no it in my picture album ...) The last year, i.e. in the summer 2006 I went to Anapa to have a rest and simultaneously to work. We had conference of educational institutions. Well and certainly, what work can be in the summer on a resort, near the sea. Certainly, I with mine the girlfriend - colleague searched for different adventures. You can see in photos as I go for a drive on huge a swing, suspended on ropes. We had many entertainments there, but I do not have many photos therefrom.

I have thought, that we should write each other our addresses.
It would be interesting to write to you the letter on a paper!
Well, perhaps, on it I shall finish the letter.
With impatience I shall wait for your letter.
With hope for the interesting future together,

Letter 3

Hello my dear . it was very pleasant to read your letter again.
You know my dear, today simply remarkable day in Russia.
Weather to become all it is better and better. The sun shines all more brightly and more brightly and gives more and more than heat. To such days usually in love go in pairs and talk about all. But now, I only live hope that our relations can give us much more, than simply love. I sincerely believe, in it and I think, that we should make all together and solve problems on a way to our happiness.
It so is fine, that we can to be soon with you together. I very much am glad to this, and I wait for the moment when I can embrace and kiss you. I very much, very much want to arrive to you and to be with you up to the end of the life, I am sure, that when we shall be with you together, we shall be very happy. These ideas do not abandon me never.
I would like to tell to you little bit more in detail about the sum which is necessary for me for travel to you.
The visa costs cheaply, about 50 euros. And this cost does not depend on validity of the visa;
Tickets cost about 300 Euros (depending on the airport);
The passport for travel abroad costs about 120 Euros;
Medical insurance of the international sample costs almost 500 Euros!
It is the most expensive part, and is the most important for trip abroad;
Also it is necessary to pay dearly up to Moscow, hotel, etc., that will cost about 240 Euros;
In the sum for travel to you I need to have 1210 Euros. It under condition of if not to use travel agency.
Also it is possible to conclude the contract in travel agency that is the most convenient for me since I should not go twice to Moscow, and on it it is possible to save.
Also for me it will be much easier to order all documents through agency, and it is not necessary to stand idle hours per turns behind the passport and insurance (in Russia this moment is very badly discounted taken into account, and it is very inconvenient for people to receive documents). The contract in Agency will cost all for 50 Euros more expensively, and the sum to make 1260 Euros.
I understand, that it is the big sum and if for you it also is expensive I shall understand do not doubt, in fact all the same once we shall be together!
I now have some money, it about 350 Euros which I can enclose in travel, you can help with other part of the sum?

And even concerning work. I want to discharge from office as here pay a little. In Russia, this problem is very much distributed, and people search for places of work, such what to have decent money, for work which they do. I have very well thought of this occasion and I think, that in some days, I shall go to write the statement concerning dismissal from this work, on which I now.
As, I find out concerning, what to have an opportunity to be employed in your country. That me would take for work without special problems, I think, that it is really possible to receive the license, and I shall necessarily make it for myself. If we shall be together for ever, this document very much will help me.

Dear mine, I constantly think of that, in what could proceed our relations, whether there will be it simply romantic meeting, or we shall find the true love or we can make fine family together and bring up clever and beautiful children who could become in the future great people.
My feelings to you every day grow more and more and more. Now I any more do not know, that to me to do, because I now have insuperable desire to be with you. It is not important for me, what your income as far as it is expensive or is cheaply arranged your house, the most important, that I shall be with you, I can look in your eyes, hold you for a hand and feel touches of your lips. Unless it not happiness?

Now, when the opportunity of a meeting has appeared at us, I all with the big impatience wait your letters and for me the happiness when I see in the box the letter from you is simple. Now I think of you more and more, I think of us and to me to become sadly, sadly because, that all of us yet together.

You know, we did not speak about much. But we have eternity ahead to discuss all about each other.
I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience.
Yours Sveta.