Scam Letter(s) from Tatyana to HAkan (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend,

It was very nice to receive your letter! It's always pleasant when someone is interested in you and even made up his mind to send a messege! Thank you much!
So, I'm a common girl living in Unkraine,in Kharkov studing, working and doing the same things other people usially do. I work as a nurse at the hospital. I am from the family of both parents and I also have a younger sister, her name is Nataly, she is 17. I don't live with them, I rent a flat in the centre of the city. I am in good terms with them but I don't want to exist on their expence, I enjoy being independant. Surely my father helps me considerably but I try to earn my own money to pay at least my flat, the salary of the medical workers in our country is not high but I try to spare those i get.
I have various occupations, I am intersted in Eastern culture the one of China and Persia in particular. I adore music, it's my obsession, music's always playing whatever I do at home. My favourite time off is going to the Disco club together with my friends and dancing all night long. As a teenager I took dancing classes in a private school and still I can dance very well. I enjoy everything mysterical in our life, isn't it an enigma to talk to a man you don't see and know nothing about? It's prickling my skin! Actually I haven't got lot's of friends but those I have I trust on 100%!
Intetrnet presents me one more way of getting aqcuainted with interesting people and making friendship too. And who knows, maybe it will help me to find a friend who will become more than just a friend!
Well, and what about you, my mysterical stranger, I still don't know anything about who you are and what are you looking for!
Please correct this mistake in your writing me back! I will be waiting for you letter! and photoes too!




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