Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Daryl (USA)

Letter 1
Daryl, hello from Nata.
I hope you are glad to hear from me today! Sorry I couldn't write you last days. I think I mentioned that I was in business trip. My trip was extended and I couldn't come back home during Friday! I came back only today and very tired. I can't write you long letter but I promise I will do it tomorrow because I will be off work during next two days. I am really sorry that I was absent so long but I hope it's not a problem for our corresponding. Am I right? I hope you didn't forget about me and will write me back soon! Daryl I will wait for your response with impatience! Also I will try to prepare some new pictures and will send it to you! Now some information about myself. I want to remind you how I could find you in the internet. I found your profile in the internet and sent you little message. After some time I got your reply and then I wrote you back to your e-mail! I already wrote you I had profiles in the internet but I deleted it some time ago because they were expired and because I got your reply and now we can communicate! I wrote you I changed my e-mail address because old e-mail didn't work properly. About my name. As you know Daryl my real name is Nata. But my full name is Natalia. Nata is name for short. Daryl you can call me Nata or Natalia. Any of these variants will be ok. Also I want to let you know why did I write you. I want to find friend in your country and would like if you will be really interested to know me better and to be my friend too! I think you already conjectured that I am from russian federation. I like in small town in the middle of Russia near Ural mountains. The name of my town is Rudnichnyy.
I think you don't know it. I will try to find the map of my town's location and will send it to you! So you will know where I am living in. I am 29 years old. I have a work. I am pediatrist in one of clinics of our town. Ok that's all for now. I will write you more tomorrow. I will tell you more details of me because I have things to talk about. I hope you want to tell me more details of yourself. I will wait for your next letter and will see do you really interested to write me? Please write me long letter about yourself. I would like to know more details of you! Ok, I will finish my e-mail right now. I will go home and will get rest. See you tomorrow Daryl!
Letter 2
Hello Daryl!
This is Natalia. How are you doing? Here is a little message to you from me. I just wanted to send you a map(location of my town) and other picture of me. I already sent one picture some time ago and I hope you can get this picture and will like it. This is one of the recent pictures of me. As you could see I keep a book in my hands. This is book of arabic art. I like art and I like to look at pictures of art and like to read about different types of art. I like to draw. This is english book I got it in our library. There were a lot of nice pictures. Also it was not a problem for me to read this book because I can read, write and speak english not bad! I hope you can understand my letters correctly and my english is really not so bad to understand! Please let me know Daryl? Ok, I have to finish my e-mail and want to tell you I will write you more tomorrow. I hope it will be ok for you.
See you soon and have a nice day Daryl!
Your new friend Natalia(Nata).
Letter 3
Hello my new foreign friend Daryl!
I am glad to write you today! I have free day and decided to go to internet club to send you e-mail! Daryl how are you today? How is the weather in your country? We have nice and sunny day here! I hope you could see all my attached pictures easily and I want to tell you I would be glad to receive any pictures from you any time! But I want to warn you do not send me huge size pictures! It is hrd for me to download them! Usually I use computer at my work and we have slow internet connection via modem. So to get your picture will take a lot of time! I can't spend much time for this! I have to work. Please make your pictures little bit smaller. I hope it's not a problem for you and you can understand me. Please let me know if you understood me correctly and will try to send small pictures. It will be more easy and convenient for me. I think if size of picture will be about 100 kilobytes it will be good. I promise I will send you my pictures in my further e-mails too! By the way here is one of pictures for you too! I hope you will like this picture! Almost all my pictures were taken by my friends! Can you tell me who usually take pictures of you? As you know that I am 29 years old and my 30th birthday will come soon! My birthday is 15 March! I think I wrote you that I am pediatrist! This is my main specialty and I have studied during 6 years in medical university. I want to ask you how long people have to study in your country to get specialty? Mostly this period of studying here is 5 years. But to get some kinds of specialtys takes 6 years. Also I have diploma of interior designer. This is my second education. As you know I like art and like to draw so I decided to get this profession and sometimes I work for this profession. But when I have free time only! Mostly it's my hobby but sometimes it help me to get extra money. I like both of my professions. Daryl can you tell me more about your profession in more details? Also I want to give you some more information about myself in this e-mail! I am single lady and have never married. I had relations with men in my past but it were not serious relations or it were not good relations. I was not lucky with men here and I don't understand why it happened? I think I will tell you about my relations some later. Of course if you want to hear about it! I have no children and have never had, but someday I would like to have them. I hope this day will come true and I will be happiest woman in the world! Now here is some personal information about me. I am 174 centimeters tall. I think it's about 5'7 inches. But I am not sure. My weight is about 56 kilograms. I think it's about 123,4 pounds. I know that you use other measurement system. We use here metric system. Daryl what kind of system do you use there? I want to tell you about my purposes in my life and close future and also about why I decide to find someone in other country. As I already wrote you before I want to find friend and want to keep in touch with him! Just some time ago( long time ago) I have started the process of getting opportunity to move to the country where you living in. I have consulted with a lot of government agents and agencyes to prepare necessary documents and to get a job of my profession there. I saved my resources and spent much time to get it and one week ago I got some information from government agency. They said I could get all documents in the end of February or in the start of the March! It were great news for me! I was very glad! They said that I have to come to the agency in the end of february to get exact date when all my documents will be done and I can come to your country. Some time ago I thought it will be impossible for me but after I started to figure out about this possibility the destiny smiled to me and I think I can come to your country to work and to live there. But at least I will have to wait one month more before it will happen. I have never been in your country and I know no one there except for you. This is the second reason why I have decided to write you Daryl! Because I want to have a friend in the country I will come. I don't want to be alone there because I think it will be hard for me and even fearfully a little. Do you agree with me Daryl? Perhaps one day we could meet each other. But I think it's not a time to talk about it. I think we don't have to hurry. I understand that it would be great to meet you one day but right now I can't be sure that I can come. I need wait the middle of february and after I visit government agency I will know for sure. Do you think I caught the luck and can change my life or I am mistaken? Do you think these news are good and would you like to meet me one day? What do you think about it Daryl? Let me know. I am interested to hear your point of view! I hope you could learn more information about me from my e-mail. I will be happy if you will tell me about yourself like I did in this letter. I will finish my message to you and hope you will send me reply back soon!
Have a nice day Daryl! See you soon!
Hope your friend Natalia(Nata)
Letter 4

Hi Daryl!
Today is cold day here. Temperature is about -25 degrees of Celsius. I think it's about -13 degrees of Fahrenheit. Am I right? This is not most cold temperature we can have here. Sometime we have temperature is about -45 degrees of Celsius. It's -49 degrees of Fahrenheit. If I am not mistaken! I hope I am right. I could find formula how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit and contrariwise. How are you? How is the weather there? I hope better than here. I am fine but feel little tired. Today I have a lot of work and can't write you long letter. I want to write you more but I can't. I hope you can understand! I just want to let you know I am thinking of you and don't forget! Daryl I think I will not be able to write you during weekend because I don't work during weekends. I will try to go to internet club to send you message but I am not sure. If you will not receive any message from me during weekend don't worry I will write you at Monday! But if you have possibility to write me this weekend I will be glad to get new message from you! I have attach other picture for you. Well, I have to go to work. Have a nice weekend Daryl! Ow, do you have any plans for weekend? I think I will visit my friends Elena and Tatyana. They are my best friends! If you want I will let you know about my visit to them! Bye-bye.
Your friend Natalia(Nata).
Letter 5
This is Natalia.
I just want to tell you Hi Daryl! How are you doing? How was your weekend? I hope nice! My weekend was usual. I spent time with friends. We have went to the cinema and watched movie named "Wolfhound" Did you watch this movie? Did you heard about it? It's russian movie. We liked it! It was good action movie. Can you see any russian movies in your country Daryl? We have a lot of american movies sometimes we can see french or german movies too! Can you tell me about it? I watched tv news and there was a story about very cold temperature in america. I thought the climate there more warm than here in russia. I was surprised. Today we have cold weather here too! I have a lot of work today because there are many sick kids with throat infection, flue and other diseases. I am sorry but today I am very busy and have to work. I will try to write you again tomorrow or will go to internet club in the evening and will send message to you! I hope I will be in good condition and will have forces to do it! The thoughts about you will help me to hold on till the evening. I hope you are not angry and will be glad to hear from me next time! I just want to ask you, Daryl did you know that we celebrate Valentine's day here? This is day of people who are in love. We celebrate it at 14th February. Can you tell me do you celebrate this holiday?
Ok, I have to go! See you soon!
Your friend Natalia(Nata). P.S. I will send you other picture of me tomorrow!
Letter 6
Hello Daryl! This is Natalia.
How are you? How the weather there? As I already wrote you yesterday I had a lot of work. As you know I am working in clinic and there were a lot of patients. I had hard work day and was so tired! Sorry I couldn’t write more. But today I have more free time and can write you long letter. I hope you are glad. I am glad always when I have possibility to write you and when I have message from you in my mailbox! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day but I am sad a little because I am alone now and there is no one who would spend this nice holiday together with me. I like this holiday because during this day happens different romantic things and people presents gifts to each other to show how they love each other and to show care and tenderness to each other. Do you like this holiday? Are you romantic? Do you like to do romantic things? I like to do it because I am romantic person! I hope you will have a nice Valentine's day! I want to ask you would you like me to be your Valentine and contrariwise? I would like to know is it admissible for you? I mean we communicate not long time and still don't know each other but during this day it would be wonderful to think that you are not alone and someone else think about you! Do you agree with me Daryl? I would be glad if you will show me your thoughts about it. Also I decided to tell you more about place where I am living in. So you will know exactly what it look like. As you already know I live in very small town named Rudnichnyy. This town is located in Sverdlovsk area. I think Sverdlovks town may be more familiar to you, because it's big industrial city of Ural region, but I am not sure. Do you know any cities of my country except for Moscow and St Peterburg? I think you know that Moscow is a capital of Russia and we call St Peterburg by the north capital of russia. But it's not official name. Let's go forth, Ural region is located almost in the middle of Russia. The close biggest cities are Yekaterinburg and Perm'. The distance from Moscow to my town is about 2000 kilometers. The population of our town is small, no more than ten thousands of people. I have attached picture of my town. You can see some houses and part of the street. Now you know more details of my town. I want to ask you Daryl, do you like to live in big city or in small town or even maybe in country? Well, right now I will finish my e-mail. I have to go to work. I hope to hear from you soon. See you later and have a nice day Daryl.
Your friend Natalia(Nata)
Letter 7
Hello Daryl!
I just want to say Have a nice Valentine's day Daryl!
Here is a picture of me for you! I hope you like it!
See you later Daryl!
Letter 8
Hello Daryl! This is Natalia. I hope you had good Valentine's Day. I was sad a little because I was alone here during this day. Because as you know I have no boyfriend. I hope one day I will meet right person and we will be together! This is one of my purposes of my life! I want to meet a man who will love me and I want to create my own family together with him. I want to have kids. I like them. I think one boy and one girl! I would like to take care about my kids and about my future husband I would do all I can to make it happen. I think it will happen already in your country because I think I will have opportunity to move there. I will get a job there and will live there. My government will help me with it. I will go to the government agency next week and will figure out about process of preparing my documents. I think I will do it in the end of next week! I am nervous a little. I will pray that everything will be ok and I can get all necessary documents! My friends describe me like a cheerful, tender, romantic and careful person. I am optimist and very active person! I like sport and I am trying to make for healthy life style of myself. I like basketball, tennis, skis, skates and swimming. These kinds of sport are my favorites. I go to the pool 3 times per week. Some of my friends do the same! One or two times per week I am going to get a cross country skiing with my friends. Also I like mountain skis. I know about water ski but I have never tried it. I think one day I will be able to do try it. One time I jumped from plane with parachute. It was last summer. I liked it very much!!! I got amazing feelings! Did you try it before? Some of my friends said I was crazy but I don't think so! I think I will try to jump again! I want to feel that feelings again! Do you like get adrenaline? It's indescribable feelings. If you have ever felt something like this you know what I am talking about. Also during winter I go to icerink. Usually I am skating 3-4 times per month! I am a good skater! What about you Daryl? Can you tell me what do you like to do and what is your favorite kind of sport? At the summer time I like to go to river or to lake to swim. I wan to tell you I like active rest. Do you know what do I mean? I like any kinds of outdoors like a picnics, campings and more other. I like the nature and feel better if I can be closer to it. I like to feel fresh air, clear water and other things. I like mountains and forest! Daryl I would like you to tell me about what you like too! My lunch break is finishing and I have to go to work. See you later Daryl! I will write you again soon! Please write me back too! I think of you Daryl!
Sincerely your Natalia. P.S. I want to send you picture of me and my friends in the next e-mail.
Letter 9
Hello dear Daryl.
How are you doing today? Is everthing all right there? How is the weather? I am fine and feeling good because I have opportunity to write you today! I missed you this weekend! I miss your letters always when I can't read them! I mean if I didn't get yout e-mails I am sad a little. I feel some affection to your letters. Also I would like if you will send me pictures further. I will send you my pictures too! I have prepared some of it and will send you these pictures during this week. I think our pictures will help us to know each other closer and will tell us about changings of our appearance from the past to the future. I hope you could understand me and I am sorry if I write incomprehensible. By the way here is a picture for you. This picture was taken by my friends two years ago. Just don't think I am eating flowers(smile). I don't like to eat it I like when someone present it to me. I like flowers and my favorites are roses, orchids, tulips. Daryl do you like flowers? What is your favorite flowers? As I wrote you before, during weekend I went to the icerink with my friends and we had a lot of fun there. I like skating. It was at Saturday. During Sunday I went to my friend Elena and to to go the cinema to wantch movie named Ghost Rider with Nicholas Cage. But all tickets were already sold and we couldn't watch this movie! Did you watch it Daryl? Is this movie good? I hope I will be able to watch it later. I like Nicholas Cage and trying to watch all movies with this actor. Also I like Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise, Charlize Theron, Michelle Pfifer. Daryl can you tell me about your favorite actors and movies? I would like to know about it. So after we couldn't get to the cinema my friend Elena and me decided to go to the cafe together to drink a cup of coffee with pieces of cake. Daryl do you like cakes and pies? I like it but I don't eat it often because I keep my body in good form. Do you like coffee or maybe you like tea more? I like black tea and coffee(with cream) but I don't drink coffee a lot. More often I drink tea. Also I like juices(orange, pineapple and apple), icecream(usually chocolate and vanilla). My favorite berryes are strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and cherry. Also like peaches and bananas. One of the favorite kinds of food is seafood. I like italian and russian kitchen. Do you like pizzas Daryl? I like pizzas with mushrooms, cheese, bacon and tomatos. Usually I cook meal by myself because I like to cook and I am good cook! All my friends who visited me told that they liked my dishes I cooked and they said I am very good cook. Do you like to cook Daryl? Are you a good cook? But sometimes I go to the cafe or to little restaurant to lunch. Usually it is happening one or two times per week. How often you go to the restaurant? When it was last time? My last visit to cafe was yesterday.As you remember I went there together with my friend Elena. Can you tell me Daryl did you tell about me to your friends? I still didn't tell them but I think I will do it soon because I can't wait to tell them that I have met you and we are corresponding with each other!
I am glad because of it and hope you fell the same! Am I right Daryl?
Well I will finish my e-mail. See you tomorow Daryl!
Your friend Natalia(Nata).
Letter 10
Hello Daryl!
How are you? I am feeling not bad but tired a little. A lot of work today! I just want to send you not very long message and tell you I am thinking of you! I know that you will receive this letter and will write me back soon and this fact give me forces to spend my day having good mood. I hope you feel the same. I am not sure did I tell you I am alone and have no family! My aunt(sister of mother) live in other city and it's far away from me. Her name is Anna. I was single child in the family and have no any brothers and sisters. But all the time I dreamed about sister or brother. But my parents had other thoughts about it. My parents passed away 3 years ago. It was terrible car accident. My father's name is Andrey, my mom's name is Elena. My father was 52 years old and my mom was 50 years old. The ***** driver brought down my parents by car and they died in short time. That driver was condemned and will stay in jail for 20 years. I don't understand how people can drive a car being drunken? Why do they do it at all? Do they think that they can control situation and can be adequate in their actions??? I was in depression and didn't know what to do. I thought I will not live further! It was very hard period of time for me!!! I didn't know how I will live alone but my friends helped me to come back to normal life. They are very careful and understanding persons. I am glad that I have good friends. Daryl do you have real good friends? I meant not just people you a familiar with but real friends! I have some real friends and we help to each other always. Anyway we are trying to help. My best friends are Olga, Marina, Svetlana(Sveta for short) and Ekaterina( Katya for short). If you want I will tell you about them more detailed in next letters. Daryl can you tell me about your friends too! I will be glad to hear about them. Can you tell me about your family? I would like to hear any details of your family. Can you see them often? Do you like spend time together? Do you communicate with them constantly? I have one aunt more but I didn't hear from her during long time. I want to tell you that she live in USA. I don't know here exact address but I only know that she live in Montana state. I couldn't find address of her and can't contact her. I am so sorry. I would like to talk to her and maybe she would be glad that I am working for getting documents to come to your country to get a job and to live there. I just know that her husband name is Mark and she left Russia about 6 years ago. I don't know how is she there? I will be glad if she would let me know that she is all right. Maybe someday she will remember about me and will contact me! I hope for it. So now as you can understand I live absolutely alone. I rent my apartment and work in clinic by pediatrist. This is one of the reasons why I decided to come to other country and to try to start new life there. I don't have close relatives here(only friends). I just heard some stories about girls who met foreign guys and married them. That ladies left Russia and live with their husbands happily. Also I heard about people who got work in USA and other countries and then they became citizens of those countries. Daryl did you hear anything about it? Do you have any russian people around? I want to try to do the same and to not be alone I want to have friends there and maybe not just a friends in the future. I hope you understand me. Because of it I decided to start work to prepare all necessary documents and started to save money. I visit my government office and they said that they will try to help me to get documents and told me about special government program of exchanging specialists of different professions between different countries. So I am in this program and government will help me and even will sponsor me. But before I will have to accomplish some necessary requirements. I think I will go to the government agency in the Friday and will find out all information about process of preparing my documents. I hope everything will be ok. I am so nervous!!! Daryl please wish me luck in this process. I think if we can meet each other in future it will be very nice! What do you think about it? Do you think it may happen? Would you like it? I think I would like to meet you one day.
Ok, right now I want to say you bye-bye Daryl.
I will miss your letters and will wait any message from you!
Sincerely your friend Natalia. P.S. I will send you picture tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't do it today.

Letter 11
Just want to say Hi Daryl. Here is a picture for you.
You can see my friends and me. On the left from me is Olga.
On the right from me is Marina. I think you already could see Marina on the pictures I sent you in the past.
I hope to hear from you soon. Bye.
Letter 12
Daryl Hi from Natalia.
I am still busy and can't check my e-mail box. I just want to tell you tomorrow is a holiday here. We will celebrate fatherland defender's day! Almost all organizations will not work(I will be off from work too) and I will have no possibility to write you. I think I will be able to send you message from internet club during weekend. Can you tell me about your official holidays in your country which you celebrate? What holiday is your favorite? I will tell you about it in next e-mails too!
Bye-Bye Daryl!
Your friend Natalia. P.S. I have attached picture for you. I hope you can receive it.
This picture was taken about 6 years ago when I was 23 years old.
Letter 13
Hello my dear friend Daryl!
How are you? Is everything ok there? I missed you and your letters. I couldn't write you some days and I couldn't check my e-mail to see your letters. But now I can do it and I am glad! Daryl I hope you will be glad too when you will get message from me! I have prepared other picture of me for you. This picture was taken by one of my friends last summer near small river when we have been camping together. I like to get pictures from you. Thank you! I hope you feel the same! I promise I will send pictures in my letters. I will do it as often as I can. I want to tell you why I couldn't write you Monday. I think you remember when I have told you about agency and documents I am preparing to come to your country to get a job and perhaps to meet you! I think if we will want to meet each other in future we can discuss it and try to meet in future. Do you agree Daryl? Sorry, I am looking aside. I wrote you in my letters that I had to go to agency to check when my documents will be done and I had to do in the end of last week. But we had holiday and agency didn't work. So I decided to go to agency at Monday. The agency is located in other town. The name of this town is Serov. This is not so small town like Rudnichnyy. So I spent all the day to go there, to figure out all details about process of preparing my documents and to return to my town. I got compensatory holiday from my work and went to Serov town. I went back in the evening and couldn't write you. I hope you can understand me. I figure out that almost all documents will be done during one week and all documents will be done in the first half of March! I am so glad and so excited! The agent of government agency said me to come to agency 12 March. He said the documents will be done till this date. I wa very happy and came back to my home with good mood! I hope you are glad for me too! I think if document will be really done at 12th March it will be good gift to my birthday! As you know my birthday is 15 March and I will be 30 years old. Also I want to tell you about how I spent my weekend. To tell the truth I felt sick a little and did stay at home. My friends invited me to spend weekend time together with them but I said I can't because felt not good. I didn't feel this way during long time. I didn't be sick some years and I was surprised that I could be sick! I think I just was tired and felt malaise. Right now I am feeling good and I am at my work place. As you know this is the bet way for me to communicate with you. It's more convenient for me to use internet. I am not skilled in computers. My friends taught me how to use mail client, how to use e-mail address and some things more. I think it will be enough for me to communicate with you as much as we want. Do you agree with me Daryl? I hope you can understand me that this is best way for me right now. Maybe in the future I will learn about other way to communicate but right now I think that using mail software will be enough for me. Daryl as I promised in my last letters here is information about official holidays here. We celebrate: New Year - 31 December, Christmas - 7 January, Fatherland defender's day - 23 February, International women's day - 8 March, the day of working people - 1 May, Victory day - 9 May, Independence Day - 12 June, The day of national unity - 4 November, Constitution day - 12 December. My favorite holidays are the New Year and the Christmas. Also we have other holidays here. That holidays not official, but people celebrate it all the same. I mean holidays like Valentines Day - 14 February. Old new year - 14 January and other. I hope after you read my letter you could learn some more information about Russia. Daryl I have to finish my e-mail to you. My lunch break is almost over. I have to go to work. See you tomorrow. ok? I will wait for your reply! Have a nice day and take care Daryl.
Your Natalia(Nata)
Letter 14
Hello Daryl! Today is Wednesday here. We have a good weather. The temperature is about - 12 degrees of Celsius. I am feeling good and I already forgot about malaise I had a couple of days ago. I hope you are feeling good too! I want to tell you some more details about my visit to agency and to give you more information. I think I will keep you informed about process of my coming. I think I already wrote you about some details of my opportunity to come to your country. But I think it will not be a problem for you I will repeat. As you know I have started process of preparing documents long time ago and my government will help me and support me. The government program of exchanging specialists and even students between our countries is a great way to come to your country and to get a job. I want to tell you that almost any person who want to try to get job in other country can contact to government and they can try to help. It's mean that I can get work in other country and someone else from your country can come here and to get work too! The government will help me to move to your country and will help me to find work place for my specialty in your country. It's mean when I will come the work place will be ready and I can start my work at new work place immediately! It's great. The government have contacts with different organizations in different countries and because of it people can find work there without big problems and troubles! I hope you can understand me completely. Also government will take care about place for a living for the first time. But after one or two months of my living I will have to find new place for a living because this apartment can be useful for other people which will come to get new work too! I think I will be able to find new apartment during two months. Do you agree with me? I think this term of time is enough to find new place for a living! I found out this information in the agency and also I found out that I can choose place where I will work and live! It was very good news! It mean that I can choose place where I will work and live in your region!!!! So we can meet each other one day! I think it will be more easily if I will come to your home area. Do you agree Daryl? Would you like it? Do you think it would be nice Daryl? I think it would be great!!! Also I want to tell you that I will stay in your country during 2 years. When I will live there I will try to get all documents to become a citizen of your country. So perhaps I will stay there forever. My government will help me to make it happen. I know that if I will work pretty good and will not transgress of law I can be citizen of your country and can stay there. But I am not sure for 100 now, I think I need time to be sure. Do you agree? Right now all documents I have is only passport, but soon I will get work visa(which allow me to work in your country) and other necessary documents. I hope right now you know more about my coming. I only hope you could understand me correctly and completely! I would be very glad if I could come to your country and to get a job before my birthday but I think it may happen some later. It would be greatest gift for me. I hope for you too! By the way I still don't have plans for my birthday I thought I will prepare for removal. Now I want to tell you some information about myself. I am thinking I didn't tell you about it earlier. I am Christian and I am Orthodox Christian. This is most popular religion here. I go to the church about 3 times per month. I know that Catholicism is most popular religion in your country. Am I right Daryl? My favorite colors are blue, red, white and all shades of these colors. I like animals but I have no pets right now. When I was young I had cat named Musya. My favorite pets are dogs and cats. I like horses and deer and also I like dolphins. As I already wrote you before I live the healthy life and don't smoke and drink a little( just one or two glasses of wine). Also I don't use and didn't use drugs. I would like if you will tell me more about yourself. Sorry Daryl I can't write you more. I want to write but I have to go to work now. I promise I will write you more tomorrow and will tell you more information about me you wanted to hear.
See you tomorrow Daryl!
Best regards.
Natalia. P.S. There is no picture today. I will send it tomorrow.
Letter 15
Daryl hi from Natalia.
I hope you are feeling good and you are glad to get my new message! I am glad always when I can get your e-mails and especially I am glad when I can get picture from you. Here is a picture as I promised. I hope you will like this picture. This picture of me and horse I rode on. I can ride not bad. We have horse club in Serov town and last summer I practiced to ride on a horse. My instructor took this picture for me. Usually my friends take pictures of me, but sometimes it can be any person which I can ask to take a photo. Can you ride on a horse Daryl? Are you a good rider? I will send more pictures next time. Today we have a quiet and warm weather, I mean warm for winter. Of course the temperature -10 degrees of Celsius it's not warm. But usually we have more cold temperature during winter. Also we have a lot of snow! I like when we have big amount of snow. Together with friends we can play in the snow and throw snowballs. I like it very much! Usually we have a lot of fun. I think I am active person and like active rest. As I wrote you before I like play sport and any kinds of outdoors. I like biking, jogging, fishing and more other. Daryl do you know any girls who like fishing? I like summer fishing and not like winter fishing because I think summer fishing is more active kind of fishing and I don't like to sit at the same place long time. But winter fishing imply sitting mostly. I hope you can understand me. In the past when my dad was alive we went together to fishing often. He liked fishing too! I don't remember did I tell you that I live in small one-room apartment. Actually my apartment also have bathroom, kitchen and little hall. I rent it and it cost me 3000 roubles per month. My address is Russia, Sverdlovsk area, Rudnichnyy town, Sovetskaya street 12. And my full name is Natalia Stavrina. Can you send me your home address and full name. Maybe someday I will send handwritten letter to you! Would you like me to do it Daryl? Also I want to warn you. Do not send me any packages! I heard many stories when packages from foreign countries were stolen and receiver didn't see them at all! Our post office is working not properly. I am sorry. I just don't want that it will happen. Our town is very small and we don't have metro and trams. The most popular transport here is busses or taxi. Sometimes I use bus to get to my work place. Sometimes(not often) I am walking to my work because I live not so far form work. If I will use bus it take about 7-10 minutes of time, but if I will walk it take about 15-17 minutes to reach my work. But usually I use my car to get a job. Yes I have a car and I have driver license. The name of car is OKA. It's small russian car of white color. I got it from my dad. When he was alive he taught me how to drive. I am not very experienced driver but I think I drive car not bad. I use my car for my purposes very often. I use it when I move to work, to shop or when I move to other town. I don't have a garage and I leave my car at parking lot. It cost me 600 roubles per month. Can you tell me how often you are using your car? Is car a imprescriptible thing in your life? Can you live without car Daryl? I think I could. As you know I have a medical education. To get my profession I studied in Yekaterinburg. I finished Ural's State medical academy (USMA). I have studied at pediatrics faculty during 6 years. I have a diploma. I want to tell you that all my life I wanted to be a doctor. I want to help people and want to heal them, especially children. I think it's good profession. That's why I decided to go to learn to be a doctor. I like kids and want to have my own one day. I hope it will happen in close future. I think I will be good mother. Anyway I will try to be good mother and will do all I can to make it happen. But before need to find a man who will love me and I have to get new job and come to your country. I think I will try to find that man in your country. Maybe I already don't have to search for him. Perhaps when I will come to your country and we can meet each other in future we could be more than just a friends but I think it's not time to talk about it. I think we need some more time and we need to meet before we will be sure about it. I hope you are agree that these things are serious and we don't need to hurry. But anyway when I will find man I will love I want to marry him. I want wedding, because I have never been married and I didn't had wedding. I think every woman want wedding with a white wedding dress, champagne, gifts and guests. I don't want to tell that I want big and expensive wedding, no! I just want that this moment of my life was unforgettable for me and for my future husband! I hope you understand. What do you think about it Daryl? Please let me know about your point of view. I would like to know about it. I want to ask you, would you really like to meet me in person? Do you like me? I like you and feel affection to you and to your letters and I think if we will have possibility to see each other in real life it would be very, very nice!!!! I hope my letter not too long for you and you didn't tired to read it? I hope you could learn more information about me. I would be glad to tell you about myself more. Well, that's all for now Daryl. See you soon again!
Your good friend Natalia(Nata).
Letter 16
Hello my dear Daryl!
This is your Natalia from Russia! Are you glad to hear from me today? I want to tell you I missed you so much!!! How are you today Daryl? I hope you are feeling good. I am fine and think of you! I waited this day so much, because today I can use computer to write you! I don't know what is happening with me but I feel more affection to your letters and every day I can't wait to receive next e-mail from you Daryl! Do you know what is it? Do you feel something like this to my letters or to me Daryl? I didn't feel it before! What about you? How is the weather in your region? Here in Rudnichnyy weather is warm and quiet. It make my mood better. How was your day of 8 March? I have been at home and started to design new project on a paper. As you remember it's my hobby and second profession. I like this work too. It's way to realise my creative ideas. Usually I use paper and pencil in my work. I have two reasons for it: first - I like to draw second I am not skilled in computers and can't use necessary software completely because I have no computer at my home and I can't use in at my work. Also if I will use internet club computer it will be expensive for me. I have asked my friends who know computers better than me to teach me how to use software I need. They helps me when have free time and I appreciate it very much! But I need learn more to work with computers easily. I hope one day I can achieve it. How do you think Daryl, is it possible for me? I think if man want to achieve some purpose, work hard and constantly for it he will get it sooner or later. Just he need to have patience and willpower. Excuse me, I have looked aside. When I worked for my new project my friends visited me and they said that I must go to bar with them to celebrate holiday of 8 March! They booked table in the bar for 8 persons and want me to go with them! They have congratulated me with holiday of 8 March and presented me little gift. It was beautiful plant. Did I tell you I like plants and I have some room plants. I was glad. I said I didn't have gifts for them but I had one bottle of good red wine(in store) and chocolate sweets. So I invited them to drink wine together. We ***** wine, ate sweets, joked and had fun. Then we went to bar and spent all time till 12:00 p.m. there. We celebrated 8 March there. I didn't drink a lot(usually I drink not very much) but some of friends was tipsy a little. It was funny to watch for their amusing actions. In our company of girls were three guys. It were boyfriends some of my girlfriends. Guys presented flowers to all girls. It was so pleasant. Every girl received one red rose. Our company consisted of 3 guys and 5 girls. All I want to say about this day is we spent time very nicely and I liked it! Now some information about Olga's birthday party. It was good (girls only) party! We celebrated her birthday at her apartment. You can see it on a picture I have attached to this e-mail. I hope you got it and could open. Olga cooked different dishes. I helped her to do it. She got many gifts from her friends. It were perfume (it was my gift), nice whit t-shirt with sketch on the front side, beautiful glass vase for a flowers and more other... She liked all gifts. We spent time together very nicely. Olga was very happy! And we were glad to see her jolly face! I told to girls about my corresponding with you Daryl. They were very interested to know little more about it. They know that I am in process of getting documents to leave Russia to get a work in your country. They said that they will miss me and very sorry to hear that I am leaving. I said that we can keep in touch through internet and e-mails, or post office and handwritten letters or sometimes we could call to each other. The last would be more hard because not every one here have telephone. As I already wrote you before it's very small and provincial town and because of it not all of our people have telephones. Also we have some villages here where no one have telephone and we have villages where people don't have things like gas, water pipe and electricity! Can you imagine it Daryl? Do everyone have telephone there? The apartment I rent have no telephone too. I will try to ask owner of apartment to establish telephone that we can talk to each other but I don't know how much time it will take. But I will ask. At least if it takes much time to install telephone line here I hope it will not be a problem for us. I will try to figure out how to call you from communication center( this is the place where people can call to any place they want for money). I heard something about it and I will learn more. I just need some time. Well, this is end of my e-mail. I hope it's not to long and you didn't tire to read it. I hope I can hear from you tomorrow Daryl.
Your Natalia(Nata).
Letter 17
Hello dear Daryl!
Today is warm but cloudy day here. Temperature is about -4 degrees of Celsius. How is weather there? I hope good. How are you doing today Daryl? All weekend I spent alone at my home. I cleaned it and tried to finish my project of interior I started some days ago. But I couldn't think up any new idea and decided to postpone it to next week. Today when I came to work my mood was bad and I have felt sad ,because my girlfriend Marina fell ill and now she is in the hospital of our town. I am not sure but I think I already told you about her and about other my friends. Do you remember? I even have sent you picture of us some time ago. Do you remember now? We are the best friends. I found out that my friend is ill when I wanted to visit her and to invite to go to icerink but her parents said that she is in hospital. It was yesterday in the evening. I wanted to go to hospital immediately but it was already 7:00 p.m and time for visits was finished. I decided to go there next day. I found out that Marina will stay in hospital during one week. She got heavy form of flue. During this season there is a lot of people who are ill by flue. I hope she will recover completely soon. But I am sure she will not feel lonelyness in hospital because her friends and me will visit her. I will try to come to Marina every day after my work. I think I will bring some fruits for her. Because we are friends and we must to support each other. Do you agree Daryl? I believe other her friends will visit her too. When people are ill we visit them very often as we can. I think it helps them to recover faster. I think it's good support for them. Please let me know what people do when someone of your relatives or friends are ill and stay in a hospital in your country. Daryl do you do the same things like we do here in Russia? All this weekend I thought about you Daryl. I couldn't forget about you even for a one hour! Can you imagine? My dear Daryl I want to tell you about some of my feelings and about things inside my soul and my heart. I want to tell you: we need to talk about it, because you attract me like a magnet. While I don't know what, but I like it and I feel better when I get your letters! As always When I get your letter I read it to the end completely without any stops and only after it I can relax a little! I have never felt any feelings like these! I think maybe this is a destiny and maybe you are my soul mate, why not? But I can't imagine another reasons of my feelings which fill out myself with every second more and more! I want to ask you do you feel the same? Did you feel something like this too? I am curious! Daryl do you feel something towards my person? I want to know your mind and your point of view to this situation. What can you tell me? Do you like to be romantic? I like to be romantic - to take a dinner with candles, to walk under the starry night sky, to sail on the boat, to walk along the night town with the lights of shop windows, to ride the horses! The kisses of two people who are in love with each other are the most romantic thing for me, I suppose! It displays the feelings and it cannot be deceitful! I think that a woman can tell much about a man just having a kiss with him! I think that the first kiss have to be a gentle and delicate! Please let me know about your thoughts about romanticism. I have to tell to you that I have unlimited amount of emotions which I had no in my heart before! My heart says to me that I have to answer by sincerity to your sincere and honest words from your letters Daryl!. I have to tell what I feel now because it is a part of our relations and because I can't be silent about it. I MUST share it with you Daryl! I should tell that I was need for a lot of time to think about it and write about this letter because I wanted to find the right words to you to not offend or upset you in anyway, and it really bothered me. I didn't want to make mistakes and didn't want that you would understand me incorrectly. I always tell you directly from my heart, and I do so right now too but sometimes, words must be carefully chosen. I feel somewhat lost if I have no opportunity to use a computer to read your letter. In my soul, I feel the joy when I think of you Daryl! My feelings fill out me completely and my day is becoming better. I am levitating to the sky because I feel so big lightness. I have never had this in my life, to begin a relationship halfway across the world and I had to learn much about you to proceed, but I am more than willing to learn whatever it takes to succeed if that is your desire as well! I also believe that couples should be the best friends if it is possible because trust and sharing with each other everything that they feel is the most basic thing of true relations. I think all their feelings should be mutual. I do not know if my words and thoughts make sense to you but I have tried very hard to put them in normal words that you will feel it and understand me clearly! I hope you can understand me correctly Daryl! I believe in God I am orthodox Christian and I believe that I have been put through trials to prepare me for the meeting a man with whom I will spend the rest of my life to love him, to better appreciate him, to respect him and to cherish the love that he would give! And the only thing that he would ask me is to return the same to him. I think maybe the God have helped me to find you from billions of men in the world. Who know? Maybe this is my destiny? I hope that my words and letters are not boring to you, but I hope they are much more than usual words for you Daryl! It is my thoughts and feelings, and I send it to you Daryl! I desire you very much to find it in your heart too and to share your personal feelings with me too. I wish to know you on a more intimate level. I would like you to share your dreams, your hopes, your feelings from the heart with me! I truly wish to communicate with you on a level that takes a way beyond just a friendship. I think all couples will come to this question sooner or later. Intimate and close relation between two people it's very important and necessary thing in their common life. Please do not think me foolish for a thinking these things Daryl! I believe that we have to be honest with each other and I am trying to be honest with you. I think we need to talk about all things. Could you close your eyes for just a minute and think and dream of what a life we could share together. What it would be like, the joy of learning each other more and more. I really believe that dreams could come true for people which are dare to believe in dreams and who do everything to make these dreams by reality! May be you are shocked that I feel this way, but here, where I was grown up, the gift of true love from a man is something like a mirage or self-deception. And It could be more real than a mutual feeling which two close people can give each other. I hope that I am not rambling on with my words. I have so much that I wish to share with you, and each time I write to you, I feel there is never enough time to say everything that I want to say and I always feel that I have forgotten something important to say to you Daryl! When I speak of you and I think of you, it does not matter for me what anyone else thinks. I want to tell that you are very beautiful for me. I speak of the beauty that is within you, a beauty of your inner world and that is why this particular type of beauty is very special and rare in our world. A lot of people just know how to be nice and try to look nice, because they has overseen about it somewhere but in reality they have no beautiful internal world and soul. Only empty patterns which they use always. Most men have only appearances but have not a beauty inside but this is where the true beauty is! For me it is the most important thing of your character and soul. You speak to me with so much kindness and care. It express the beauty of your soul. I think that you are truly handsome, the essence of what beauty should be and there is nothing that anyone could say to me that would makes me to change my mind. I believe that internal beauty is more important than external. Do you agree with me Daryl? I want to reduce all my letter only to one thought. I do not know if I could clearly explain all my thoughts and feelings, which overflow me now. I want to tell that I feel so as we become very good friends and I really enjoy our friendship. I want to learn you more and I hope that you suppose that our relations can develop more than it enough for a simple friendship. It is the way I feel. As always I hope that my letter finds you in a good health and mood and I hope that yours wishes will come true one day! I have one more thing to let you know about. I hope you will forgive me. I don't know what happened but I have lost some of your letters. I don't know what was wrong. Maybe I did something wrong. I don't know. I want to ask you if you have some questions I still didn't answer, please re-ask me again. I have only some your letters and don't remember what questions I didn't answer in time. I am very sorry but I will try that this occasion would never happen again. I will look forward to your reply as always with great impatience. I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow but I know for sure that I will write you Daryl no matter what it will be here. I have attached other picture for you dear Daryl. I hope you will love it. I hope you will reply me soon and I will wait it with great impatience.
WITH TENDERNESS AND LOVE NATALIA. P.S. Forgot to tell the picture I sent was taken one year ago when I have been on the Black sea's resort. I traveled there together with my aunt Anna and cousins. They live in Izhevsk city. I think I mentioned about Anna in my letters. I traveled to Izhevsk and then we moved to the Black sea, to the town named Alushta.
Letter 18
Hi my dearest Daryl!
How are you, how is your day? Hope you are fine and glad to see my letter today. The weather right now is wonderful. All last night snow was falling down. Today sun is brightly, air is warm and sky is clear. Temperature is about -6 Celsius. I want to tell you I am sorry I couldn't write you yesterday because I traveled to Serov town to the agency. I think you remember about it. I spent all day for my trip to Serov and back to my town. To reach Serov I used my car. The road was so bad and broken so I drove slowly and was careful. I saw one car with detached wheel. The man who drove car got big pit on his way and lost wheel. But he is lucky because he didn't fall down from the road to the *****. You know we have very bad roads in Russia and it's a problem here. I hope roads in your country better than here. Now I have some information and want to let you know about it too! Almost all my documents(passport, medical documents and documents for my future work) are ready and all I need to do is wait for some days when my visa will be done too. I will get visa which will allow me to work in your country. The agent said that I can start to prepare for my moving to your country. He said me some more details about it. When I will come to your country I must visit office of company who will prepare new work place for me. He will give me address and all information about it when I will come to get a visa. When I will come to company there I will be able to choose different region where I will work! It's great because I can choose my new work place close to your home and we can meet each other! It will be more easily and convenient for both of us! Do you agree with me Daryl? Also they will prepare all necessary documents for my work and will present me apartment for a living. Agent said that I can live in this apartment before I will get my first wage and then I will find other place for a living by myself, because there are other people who need it. Company works with a lot of people. Also I found out that my government will sponsor me and when I will come to your country, company will give me advance about 3 thousands dollars that I could settle down there without problems. But I can get it when I will come to your country only. When company will give me all documents and directive to my new work they will give me advance. My government must be sure that I will come to your country and will work there. But I will have to give back this money to government and during one year they will take some part of money every month from my wage. I think it's great because my government is helping people like me. I believe it's big support. Also I found out that I need to pay for preparing of documents and for preparing work place when my visa will be done and I can get all my documents. Right now all documents in the government agency. I have money for payment and I will do it next week when my visa will be done. But all the same I am glad! I know now that my dream about changing my life is coming true. Daryl are you glad for me? I promise I will inform you about any changing in process of my coming to your country. Today one more day with ideas and thoughts about you. I always think about you! These thoughts takes a lot of time during day. All these days I thought about development of our relations and the cognition of each other. I thought about you and about me. I have told you about my thoughts and about feelings to you Daryl and now I feel and my heart speaks that I am falling in love with you Daryl! Because I feel it in inside my chest, inside my heart! When I think and dream about us and about our meeting I feel better and my mood is rising up! Do you dream about our meeting? I do! I think it would be great thing to see each other in person someday! What do you think Daryl? I wait for the moment of our meeting every day and I think we have to meet because it's the best way for us. I pray for it! I ask God to help us to meet! And I think he is already helping! We found each other in this world! Maybe it's destiny? I would like if we could meet someday! I would be so happy Daryl!!! What about you? Even now I am happy because I feel this strong feeling to you and because I can tell you about it! I tell you about my feelings because I trust you completely and I want you would do the same to me. I think it will be rightly. I have told you that I’ve never been outside my country. But It doesn't matter because I believe that main thing is when people love each other it's not important that they are from different countries and even have different religions. Main thing is what they feel to each other! I have always wanted to find the true love in this world and I think I have found it!!! I don't want to think that I am mistaken and I don't want to believe it because I got all your kind and tender letters and now I know that you are that man I have looked for. With each letter I have learned more about you and my heart have told me you are single man in this world I will love. It was my dream and it coming true!!! Are you happy Daryl? I hope you fell the same to me and want to meet me in person not less than I. I trust you my feelings, I give you my heart and my soul. I am completely yours! Are you happy? I am happy! It's unforgettable and perfect feeling. Can you trust me all your feelings and thoughts about me? Please write me all you want, all your thoughts, all your questions and offers! I love you and do all for you and to be with you my dear Daryl! I want to tell you Daryl, I had a dream about us yesterday. It's difficult to explain by words what I feel. In this world the most important thing is love because all awful things in this world were made without love. I want to tell you that yesterday I had talk with owners of apartment where I live in. I hope you remember that I rent my apartment. I have asked them about installation of telephone in apartment. After our talk the owner of apartment will submit the application to the telephone company about installation of telephone and I think I will have telephone number soon. I will let you know about it. I am glad! Because I can call you sometimes and you can call me too. I think it's good news for us. I think in our relations we did one more step to our meeting. Don't you think so? I prepared other picture for you. It was taken at my girlfriend's apartment. Hope you like it. See you soon Daryl!
With incredible affection, from your loving Natalia.
Letter 19
Hello Daryl!
This is your Natalia. I hope you glad to get my letter today. I missed you this weekend!!! I missed a lot! I couldn't find possibility to send you message during weekend, sorry. I just was busy, I prepared to my trip and I visited my friend Marina who is in the hospital. I visit her every day and I have a good news - she almost recovered completely and will leave hospital tomorrow. I am glad for her! Also I have not very good news too. Do you remember I have asked the owner of apartment to install telephone line. So he asked telephone line about it and they said that it can be installed after 2 next weeks. Not earlier! I am sad a little. I don't know now, do I have to get telephone if I will leave Russia soon? I am not sure. I forgot to ask you, how are you Daryl? Did you miss me like I did? I am feeling good and my mood is nice. I hope you feel the same. I awoke this morning with very good thoughts. I have seen a dream about us. Yes, I know exactly that it was you and me in my dream. You know, it was a wonderful dream! We had a leisurely walk on the seaside. We were going so close from the coast that the waves caresses our feet. There was so beautiful blue sky and the seagulls were whirling just around our heads. We were holding on our hands, talking and laughing about something. Suddenly we stopped. Our eyes had meet - I was ready to sink in the depth of your eyes... Then we had a long passion kiss. It was amazing! So real! I couldn't forget it! After this you lifted me up and brought me from the coast to the place where the sand was not so wet. You laid me carefully down on the sand and began to flatter me! Dzing-dzing-dzing-dzing-dzing!!!!!!!!! What's going on? ****, it was my alarm clock, it awoke me and I couldn't watch my dream till the end. The dream was so natural! I began to believe that it is a truth. It was so romantic! What do you think? Is it possible? Would you like it? If you had dreams about us can you tell me about it in details? I will be glad to hear your dream! Daryl, I want to ask you one not modest question. Are you all right if we will talk about it? I hope it will not make you mad at me? I think we are adult people and we are so close to each other so we can talk about it without any timidity. Do you agree? Please let me know about your point of view and in next letters we could talk about it. Because I think it's important question. Am I right? Ok I will finish my e-mail. I love you and think of you! Daryl I have attached picture for you. It was taken when I was at the black sea resort. I already mentioned I have been there some time ago. You can see on the picture my cousins and me.
See you soon Daryl.
Your Natalia only.
Letter 20
Hi my dear Daryl.
I am fine despite of very windy weather because I am thinking of you Daryl! Today we have not very good weather here. How about you and about weather there? Did you hear about airplane crash in Samara(Russia)? 7 people are perished. Today here in Russia we have not good news again. The coal mine in Kemerovo city was broken by the **** of gas(methane). Rescuers can't find 35 miners. Their fate is unknown. This accident was happened early in the morning. I don't like when this kind of things happens. I understand what feels relatives and families of lost people because I was in situation like this. I mean accident with my parents. I am trying to not think a lot about bad and sad things and try to keep good mood and your letters and your words helps me! I miss you my dear! Every day when I think about you I want to meet you, touch you and kiss you more and more. My wish is growing up with every minute. My heart is beating stronger and faster when I imagine about us and our meeting! Do you know, why? Because I love you Daryl!!! Do you feel the same? I think it would be great to see each other face to face one day! Do you agree? I think we would spend a wonderful time together with you Daryl and would learn more personally about each other! What do you think about it my dear? Would you like it? Do you have any dreams about our first meeting, my love? If we will meet someday I would like to spend a lot of time together with you. I would like to meet your friends, family and I would be glad if you will show me your home area. It will be great thing if we would spend time together on the nature, on the coast of a lake, a river, maybe even an ocean and have a picnic. I like to be on the coast and I like water at all. I have never been and never seen an ocean just the sea. I think an ocean is great. Maybe someday I can see it in real. I would like to be there with you. Just you, Daryl and me! What do you think about it my single man in this world? Yes, you are my single man I love and will love forever. Do you know it Daryl? I want you to know about it! These words from my heart! What do your heart speak to you Daryl? I would like to know what your heart speaks to you about me! I need it like every man need air to breath, like every plant need sun and water to grow up! Please let me know Daryl! You are my LIFE!!! I need you and your the nicest letters because when I get any message from you my mood is becoming better. You see now how I feel about you! I hope your feelings are mutual and you want to meet me too as I do! I think our meeting will be a big step or a next level of our relations! Do you agree with me? I believe in it and want to make this dream happen. Do you want it? Will you help me with it? I want to ask you Daryl, what do you think about intimate relations between two people? I think now is time to talk about it. I believe we can discuss it together. I hope you are ok to talk about it with me. I suppose it's very important and one of the main things in relations. Do you think the same? I don't dislike them and even we can be friends but I don't understand why guys prefer men or ******** prefer women? As you already guessed I am not a ********* person and I had no such experience of relations before and don't wish for this in future. At least I don't want it this time. I don't like it. I know that I need only one man who I will give all my love and passion. I am sure you will be agree with my point of view. I want to tell you about other my views. I think we could discuss all details about it together in the future and I think we would decide right decision. I think people need to trust each other, need to consult with each other and need to understand each other in such important thing as love. I hope that I didn't push off you by my words about love. I hope you are all right. What do you think Daryl? Please tell me about your views on this question. I need to know about it. I will finish my letter now. Hope you will be glad to get this e-mail from me. Also I just want to tell you again "I love you my dear Daryl". Please know about it and don't forget. I will wait for your next letter with great impatience! Kiss you, Natalia(Nata). P.S. I want to tell you some russian words and I would like if you would call me sometimes in russian. darling-dorogaya, beautiful-krasivaya, sweet-sladkaya, baby-detka, amazing-udivitelnaya, hot-goryachaya. I hope I can see these words in your letter someday! Would you like if I will write some words to you in russian? Also O sent you other picture of me and my cousin. I want to tell you thank you for your pictures. I think I got all of it. I am glad to get it anytime. If you will send me pictures in future I will be very happy!
Letter 21
Privet moy Lubimyj chelovek v mire. I mean hello my beloved man in the world. Yes it's you Daryl. How are you feeling? I am fine but tired a little. Work was hard today and yesterday too. Do you tire often on your work? Someday I feel so empty and depressed because I had so hard days. But in such moments my friends try to make my mood better. I express gratitude them. I know if you have a real friends, who can help you in difficult period of time it's great! Do you agree? You know that this week is last my work week. I think maybe I will work during Monday and Tuesday. Then I will off from my work because I will moving to you soon! When I think of you my mood becomes better. Do you do the same when you think of me Daryl? I hope so. Daryl I want to ask you what do you think about piercing and tattoos? Do you like it? I would like to know your thoughts. I have no any tattoos and piercing on my body. I almost always thought I don't need it. There was one period of time when I wanted to make little tattoo or piercing but in last moment I reconsidered my mind. So I don't have it, but to tell the truth some of it look very nice. How many people have piercing or tattoos there? Yesterday in the evening I met Marina. She is feeling good and recovered completely! Today she already go to work. Also I have met Olga and had talk with her. She have told me that she began to go to get a massage. She will get 20 procedures during one month. It's a relaxing massage. I think it's good thing. I like massage too. I like to get it and to give it to someone. Maybe someday I can give it to you dear! Or maybe you give it to me? Would you like to give it to me someday? I think it would be very nice! Do you agree? I think if we will meet each other we have to try it to get massage from each other. I would like to meet you and spend time together with you. I think we could have a great time together. What do you think about it? Maybe some of our dreams could be real when we will be together. If we would decide to stay me with you for all the time I would like it and need to get a job for my specialty. I think it will happen because I prepare documents to move to you and to get a job. I will let you know when all documents will be done and when I can come to you. Don't worry. As you know I have a degree of doctor. I like my work and I would like to take care about children because I like them and want to have my own. I hope one day it will happen and I will have my own family. But maybe I could learn other specialty or try to work for my second specialty(designer). What do you think about it? Do you think is it possible? I want to ask you Daryl can you help me with search of job? I mean second specialty. As you know I will get work for my main specialty(doctor). Agency will take care about it. Can you tell me is interior designer good profession there? What kind of professions are more popular there? I hope you will try to help me because I hope you love me. I would do all what I can for you my love. Because I love you and this feeling is real. I am sure! Trust me. I know what I am talking about! I am glad that I have found you. I am happy! If someone ask me what would I changed in my life if I would have occasion to do it? I would answer - almost nothing. Because I have lived not bad period of my life and because I have met you. All I want now it's to meet you in person. I think it will happen! Daryl I know some girls from our town who have met Australian and American men and who have left Russia and now they live there. I heard that girls are happy with their husbands. I am glad for them. I think it's great when people from different continents can meet each other and then even marry. Do you agree with me? Maybe it will happen with us. It would be greatest thing for me! Hope for you too! I dream about it a lot. I need you and want to meet you face to face! I want to give you a long and hot kiss! Do you like to kiss? Would you like to kiss me? I would! I miss you my dear so much. Especially weekends when I can't get access to computer at my work. This time I can't see your letter and I wait Monday with impatience. I dream to meet you one time and never apart. Daryl I forgot to ask you one thing. You know that I am doctor. I have a intimate dream to play doctor and patient together with you when we will met. Would you like to be my patient? Would you trust yourself to me? I promise I would be very good doctor. What do you think about it my dear? Let me know about it, ok? Do you like games with your partner? That's all for now. I will wait for your next letter tomorrow. I love you Daryl.
Your Russian love - Natalia.
Letter 22
Hi again my zamechatelny( i mean wonderful) Daryl.!
I want to tell you I couldn't write you earlier because I was very busy. I had a lot of work. I am tired a little, but it's not a problem. I am in the internet club right now and write you this letter. I met my friend Marina today and she said you Hi! She glad that we became closer to each other! I told her that I have found the real love and will be with you soon and it will be the happy life because I really love you and I hope you really love me too! Daryl you are the man I dreamed about all my life! Now I think our meeting is necessary thing! Do you agree with me? Do you want to meet me like I want? Today we have a good weather. The day was sunny and warm. Snow is melting everywhere and the drops of water are falling down from the roofs of buildings. The winter is going away and the spring is coming. Daryl I want to ask you one thing. Can you tell me convenient and closest airport in your city or in the closest city to you. I meant International airport. Perhaps you have more than one airport close to you so let me know about all of them. I think it will be more convenient for me to choose destination point. If you have only regional airport close to you, please tell me about it too. I will figure out how to reach it too. Daryl I want to tell you I thought about you all the day even when I was tired. All the time I think of you and remember you. Because I want to meet you. I wait for a moment when we will be together and can speak and hug! I love you with all my heart and I think we could be together soon! My heart is yours and I hope yours is mine! I'm nervous a little about our meeting but I suppose it will be nice! I want it will be as soon as we can do it because the life in waiting very bad! I can't wait to see you Daryl! I would like to fly to you right now Daryl!!! Dear, did you considered/imagined me as your wife? Do you want me to be your wife? I think it may happen one day if we really will want it. Do you agree with me? I want to be in your arms. I want you to present me your hugs and kisses. I believe I would stay with you forever if you would want it of course! Because if you would be my husband and I will be your wife we have to be together forever.
Because I think that the marriage is very important thing and I am serious with it. I hope you will be agree with me. I love you Daryl, I want to be yours, I will try to do all I can for it because I don't want to lose you and I am sure I will not lose you! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Do you feel the same?
Do you agree with me? I just want to hear about it from you again! PLEASE DON'T FORGET IT!!!!!!!
Infinite kisses and hugs from your Natalia. P.S. I have sent you picture. I hope you will get it. This picture was taken 2 years ago during my birthday party. My friends presented me this bouquet of roses. Also you can see my real hair color. Now I color my hair and it look little lighter. Do you like light or dark color of hair. Maybe even rufous color? For me doesn't matter what color of hair my man have.
Letter 23
Hello my dearest Daryl.
How are you doing? Everything is good here but in the end of week I am feeling tired a little. Today is Friday last work day in the week. Weekend is coming soon and I will not be able to use computer at my work again. I always wait for weekends with impatience, because I am getting tired mentally and physically at my work. That's why weekends are the single possibility for me to get rest and to get new forces. But during weekend I have less possibilities to send you e-mails and I miss you. Weekends I spend differently. Sometimes I want simply to rest in my apartment. I like my apartment. It's small but cosy. During weekends I always clean the apartment properly. I like purity. Though I always try to keep my apartment clean, there is always something to do about the house on weekends. But when I really want to relax I listen music or read books. I like to read books especially historical novels about ancient Russia or other countries. Also I like science fiction and mystic genre. I don't like detectives. I like to spend time with my girl-friends. We like to walk and talk about different things, we go to movie to to the park. I am not sure I told you that we have one cinema and two parks in our town. I like to spend time in nature in the open air very much. In Russia camping is very popular. I adore to go to the forest and to live in a tent though now I have seldom such an opportunity. I like to sit near fire and watch it in the night. I like to look at the stars very much. In August the sky is strewed by stars. It is incredible beautiful. There is no more wonderful when you can sense in the air the fragrances of forest, river and smoke mixed together. I am romantic person and I hope you like it! I like when man can be romantic! Darling can you tell me how often do you think about your Natalia? I think about you very often during a day! Especially in morning when I wake up my first thoughts are about you Daryl! Even when I go to sleep I remember about you and think how it would be wonderful if we will be together at this time! Do you agree with me Daryl? Do you want it? Honey I want to tell you that tomorrow I will move to Serov city to get documents and to pay for them. I think agency will give me more information about my coming to your country. I think I will write you about it on Monday and will tell you all details of it. I just want to keep you informed. Well, I will finish my e-mail. I will miss you this weekend.
See you Monday Daryl. With much love, kiss you Natalia.
Letter 24
Hello dear!
Thank you for picture you have sent me today I got it and I liked it.
Dear of course I have access to TV. Didn’t you know? Strange?
Also I already wrote you about my telephone problems and I hope you remember that I don’t have telephone! We can talk if I will go to communication center to Serov town. I can talk to you by this way only! I hope you can understand. I would like to talk together with you but I think it’s a problem, I think we need discuss it! I am glad to write you today! I hope everything is ok there? How are you doing, my lovely man? I am feeling good. The weather is becoming better with each next day! It's good! Today I saw new dream about us honey! During last time I see it often and I like it because all my dreams are nice and wonderful. All these dreams about our meeting, about our relations and about living together. I hope all these dreams will come true soon and will not be just a dreams. I want so much that our meeting will be real thing! I believe this wonderful event will be greatest thing in our lifes! I hope you are agree with me Daryl! I think it will be unforgettable! While I am here I am missing you a lot and want to be with you more and more with every day! When I write you I have good mood and my feelings are overfill me!!! Daryl do you think I am emotional person? You are right! I am emotional girl and want express my emotions and show my feelings to my lovely man, to you honey! I want you to see that I love you and take care about you! I think it will be more easily to do when we will meet and when I will be near you. I want it so much and ro terribly! I want you Daryl!
I want to connect my life with yours forever! I want to be yours only and want you to be mine too!
Do you think I am impatient? Yes you are right but I am impatient because I want to meet my dearest man in the world! Do you know who is this person? This is you Daryl!
I love you Daryl! I love you very much! Remember it honey! I will love you all the time!
I will wait for your next letter and will wbe glad to write you back!
See you soon honey!
With love from Natalia.
Letter 25
Hello my dear Daryl.
Thank you for telephone number and electronic card you have sent me. I got it.
How are you? How is the weather there? I hope you feeling good. I have some good and not good news for us. I don't know how to begin. Well, the good news are all documents are done and I can come to you soon. Agency prepared all things for my trip to your country. They prepared all necessary documents and reserved ticket for me from Moscow to New York City. I have paid these services some months ago. So I have a ticket. I just needed to pay for documents and for other necessary service. I got the money and decided to go to Serov town as soon as I can. So I went there to pay and to get documents. I drove my car to move to Serov and to visit agency. When I came to the agency and paid them, I got all documents and ticket. I was very glad and happy! I wanted to come back to my town soon and to let you know about these good news! Here good news are ending. Later are not good news Daryl. When I drove car to my home I got accident! The boy ran out to the street in front of my car!!!! It was so unexpected for me, I could react but all I could do is turn my car to the left side! Because at the right side was parked big truck and I couldn't stop without **** to boy at this short distance. The boy ran out behind of that truck and I couldn't see him in time. Because of it I turned to the left and I struck other car!!! It's bad news. But more bad things are the car I struck was foreign expensive car and I would have to pay to fix all damages! The man from that car called road police and they made up protocol of accident. The boy ran away and we couldn't find him! So all fault was mine. But I hope you can understand that this fault of that boy. But I couldn't prove it because boy was absent. When the expert commission said me about sum of money I have to pay I was shocked and cried a lot!!! I didn't have this kind of resources! The damages of the foreign car were big and my car suffered strongly too! Don't worry I am ok and my health is good. I got only couple of scratches and bruises. The police took my car and placed it to the pay auto parking. My car can't move now and I used bus to come to my home. The police gave me copy of protocol and other papers and bill to pay for accident. They said that I have to pay it in short time and all I thought up is move back to the agency and ask them about getting money back. I told them about my situation and after two hours of talks they gave me money back. They took back all documents and ticket. So now I have no it in my pocket and all documents in agency again! But they said that I have to pay them back during 10 days else they will cancel my request for getting work in your countr!!!!! So they will delete my documents and will cancel reserved ticket! Agency said that they can't hold my documents and ticket long time. So if I want to get documents and ticket and to come to you I must pay them completely during 10 work days. Else I will lose all I have!!! All my dreams will be broken! I will not be able to get new job I can't start new life in your country but more important I will not be able to meet you and to be with you Daryl!!!! This is terrible situation for me and I am in depression now because even that I got money from agency it will not be enough to pay for accident completely!!! When I came home I asked my friends about help they were shocked and commiserated to me. We could find some money but I still have to find some funds! It's not much of money but I don't know where to get it! My friends did all they could and I can't ask them about help again because they will not be able to help. They would like to help more but they can't! They said that I can give debts back as soon as it will be possible for me. I thanked them. I don't know what I would do if I would not have friends! I will try to figure out what I can do and will tell you about my results. But more important for me is where I will find money to pay to the agency! If I will not do it I will lose all documents and will not come to you! This fact oppress me and put me in depression. I don't know what to do and what to think up! I can't believe that it was happen with me! Why Daryl? Daryl I know that you love me and want to meet me and therefore I want to ask you maybe you can suggest me what to do? Hpney do you have any idea how to overcome this situation? Do you still love me my dear and will support me morally before I will be here? Will you continue to write me?? Are you angry for me because of this occasion and because of that we can't meet each other??? I hope you did not change your mind on me and still love me and want to meet me. It was not my fault but I can't prove it! I just don't know when we can meet each other at all if I will not find necessary sum of money during 10 days(till 25 April). Because I will lost documents and to get new will take about 3-6 months and agency said that perhaps I will not get it again at all because at the first time I didn't use it!!! There are many people who want get documents and government will work with them and not with person who will refuse from documents some times. I hope you can understand what I wanted to say. I tried to get loan from bank but I have failed. They will not give money to person who will left country and all the more so if I have accident bills. I will try to sell my broken car but It will not be easy because we don't have a lot of men who want buy broken car. I don't know when I can do it and I think It will cost very cheap! Also my car was old and this is other reason why I will not sell it quickly. At least I think so. But firstly I will need to take my car from parking and to deliver it to my town. I think I will have to use special truck which will transport it from Serov to Rudnichnyy.
But It's extra expenses!!! Right now I can't find any way where to find money that's why I asked you about advise. Maybe you could help me by any way. You are my single hope now and perhaps together we can find way out from this situation. What do you think Daryl? Please write me back as soon as you can and let me know your point of view. It's important for me to hear your thoughts. Remember I love you and want to be with you but I am in difficult situation, I don't know what to do and need some help! I need to find money to pay to agency during 10 work days else I may forget about new job and coming to your country and about our meeting!!!! I hope for your quick response and for your words which will support me and will turn me back from depression to normal condition. I will wait for your next e-mail with great impatience. Remember honey I think of you and never forget. I love you Daryl!
Your loving Natalia. P.S. Please forgive me if I made a lot of mistakes. I just was nervous and upset. I hope you understand.
Letter 26
Hello my dearest man Daryl!
This is your Natalia. I hope you glad to hear from me today. I hope you are ok and my last news didn't totally disappointed you. Honey are you disappointed in me? Please write me back and say me that I am wrong and you are not disappointed and love me. I think these words will help me to overcome this situation more easily and will uplift my mood. I hope I will hear from you soon. I will wait your next e-mail with great impatience. Because I am in bad situation and I need to feel your presence and your care. I hope you can understand me. I would do all I could to take care about you if you would be in situation like me. But I want to wish you be lucky and that all bad things will never happen with you! Daryl I want to tell you some details about my accident and want to give you some information about how we can be together. I searched during all the day the way how I can fix my problems and how we can meet in appointed time. I hope you will understand me and will try to help us to meet. Firstly in my last e-mail I forgot to tell you some things about accident. I already paid almost all money for accident. I had no insurance of my car and that’s why I was forced to pay from my pocket. Here in Russia not everyone have insurance because we don't have obligatory insurance. If man want to insurance car, he will do it, if he don't want, it's his choice. I hope you can understand me. Also we couldn't find boy and eyewitnesses. This accident was happened in the evening and there were no almost any people. But when I could find one man and asked him about accident he said he saw nothing! I was sad. I thought a lot about my car and I decided to left it on a parking and I will try to sell it in Serov.
I don't have resources to transport car to Rudnichnyy. I think will be better to left car in Serov. Ok, that's all about my car and payment for accident. Right now most important thing is where to find money to pay to agency to get back all my documents and ticket!!! Daryl, dear, please forgive me, I didn't want to ask you about any financial help!!!! It would be last thing I would ever asked you about! But I don't see any way how to overcome this situation. Honey can you help me with getting money? I am so sorry and this is a disgrace for me. I know you thought I am independent and self-reliant person but now I think you could change your mind? Am I right? Please tell me that I am not right! I really hope for it. I am crying! I am asking myself all the time how it could happen???? Ok, please forgive me for my tears. I want to tell you some details of my searching. I want to agency and asked them about can you send money to agency directly? They said that they don't work with foreign citizens. I found out that they work with Russian banks and Russian citizens. They even don't allow credit cards and use cash only. You know Daryl the credit cards are not popular here and all population of country prefer to use cash. The person who use credit card is rare! So they said that I have to pay them directly by cash like I did it before. Also I went to bank here and asked them could you send me any money from your country to me, here. They said that there is no any bank who work with foreign banks. You know my town is small. I asked maybe I can find this bank in Serov. They said that there is one bank but to get account there and to transfer money from your country Daryl to me will take one-two weeks. I think I don't have so much time! Sorry but our bank system works slowly. I have asked employee of the bank maybe there is other way how to make transfer from one country to other. He said me that he know company which make money transfers in the world The name of company is western union. I hope you know this company. I remember, I saw advertising of this company on TV. He said that I need to learn how they work in the office of western union and gave me address. I was glad and thanked him. Honey I found this office and I learned how they work and what we need to send funds. Honey if you have possibility to use service of this company and want to help me to get documents back here is information for you. But I have one problem with using western union service. I know that it's single way you can use to help me but I hope you can understand me. I hope it will not be a problem for you. I found out that I can't receive any transfer from you Daryl. I found out it in the western union office! I can't get it because I am unemployed and have accident bills. This is our rule here. I was sad. When I found out it I went to my friend Olga and asked her about help. She will be glad to help me. Thanks the God that I have good friends! So if you will go to western union to send funds please send it to the name of my friend Olga Korshunova! Don't forget, use her name! I need 720$. You can send it in dollars, I will exchange it to rubles.
To send money use this address:
SEROV , 624991
This is address of western union in Serov town. We will go there together with Olga. Also I will need from you this information: confirmation number of transfer(10 digits), sum of transfer, full name of sender and address of sender. If I will not have any of this information I will not be able to pick your transfer up! Please don't forget, I need all this information!!! I will be glad if you will send me information like I wrote here:
Sender's name:
Sender's address:
Confirmation number:
Sum of transfer:
It will be more convenient and easily for me. I just want to be sure that all information is correct and don't want to make a mistake when I will write in papers in western union. If I will make mistake they will not give me your transfer! I hope you can understand me honey! Daryl now I want to tell you some details of my trip and of my documents. If you will help me I will pay to agency immediately and will get all documents and ticket to New York City. I already wrote you about it before. I think you remember. Please don't worry. I have to visit New York and stay there about one day because I have to visit office of agency there to get additional documents and directive to my new work. Also I will get advance there(3000$) so when we will meet each other I will give you all money back and you will lose nothing!!! Are you ok with it dear? I think it's good thing. After I will get all papers I will come to you! Agency will take care about my road from their office to your area! They will pay for it! So we don't need to worry about it. I will try to call you form NYC and I will try to find place where I can send you e-mail. I will send you all details of my coming to you and we will be together!!!! Are you glad my dear! I hope it will happen and we can be together during April. I want it so much and hope for you my dear! You are my single hope in this world! I love you and will love you forever! I will wait next letter from you with good news! In the end of e-mail I want to remind you all necessary information again. You have to send 720$ to the name of my friend: Olga Korshunova!
Please send me this information:
Sender's name:
Sender's address:
Confirmation number:
Sum of transfer:
I need this information Daryl. After I get your letter with information I will go to western union and will try to pick your transfer up and will get documents immediately. Then I will write you and will send you all details of my documents and about dates of coming! Don't worry I think everything will be ok and I will be careful with your funds also my friend will be with me! Also remember I need to pay to agency until 26 April or I will lose all: all my documents, opportunity to get it again during long time or at all, good chance to get good work and possibility to meet you and to be with you honey! I hope you trust me and will help us to meet. My dear I trust you and love you and therefore I decided to make big and serious step in my life to come to unknown country, to meet you and to be with you! I hope you understand that my coming will change my life seriously but I want it because I love you and can't live without you Daryl!
With hope, sincerely your Natalia. P.S. I have attached copy of my passport and ticket. This is part of documents I will get.
The agency allowed me to scan it. I sent it because I want to show you that I am really coming. P.P.S. I want to tell you that I have no pictures prepared to send to you right now.
Sorry I will try to prepare new pictures but my camera is broken now and I can’t take any picture. Sorry. But I will think about it!
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