Letter(s) from Gwendoline Collins to Thom (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Honey,
This is an emergency situation. Something came up and I am mailing from a Customs & Immigration official's laptop. I am currently being detained at the Local Airport and have tried every means I could to reach you untill now that our organization's lawyer showed up. I am really disturbed by the flagrant abuse of human rights in this country and I am hoping we could get this behind us as soon as possible.Last night i left home for My flight at 10:15PM as i told you yesterday.At the check point terminal where Our Luggages where to be Inspected,an old sat beside me and we Have been Chatting for sometime.I found out the woman was very jovial and i love her company so Much and we Continued talking.She told me she was a senior officer in the ministry of education that she London for a Meeting with the european union.Before it got to my turn to be searched i was helping her with a Bag as i had one to carry and she had 3.She carried two small traveller's bag and a small hand bag, while i was having just a little hand bag with me so i decided to assist her with one travelling bag.When we got to the search terminal point, an Immigrations officer Came up to me first as i was first before her.I should have known and given the Bag Back to her. I was really surprised when they Found some Hard Drugs in the Bag i carried for the Lady.They Had searched mine earlier and was left with that .Didnt know what was Going on and very Confused.Oh GOD,I started Crying because it was Really an embarrassing moment of my whole life.To my uttermost suprise i was dumbfonded and shocked to see that cocoain was in the other traveller's bag the woman was carrying,so i was counted to be together with her in which immediately the woman testified that i only helped her, that we met on planeat the entrance after finding out that we where Going to heathrow together that i didn't know anything about it but to no avail they turned deaf ears to all the woman told them about my cleaniless I was really angry and I gave them all a tongue lashing that would echo in their ears for a long time. I also demanded to talk to you but no one responded. The next thing was that I was taken to their detention room. It was weird for me and unthinkable of them. All I was thinking about was you, and how you would be waiting for my reply that i would have been back......I wanted to put a call through to you, but they wouldn't oblige me this. I have been there since 11:45pm up to this moment am writing, and I didn't even have breakfast or anything.Its luch time now but its surprising the way things went...I had to beg for a Junior officer to help me with a Lawyer around here,and it's like they have no respect for the Rule of Law.Anyway, the Lawyer came, and after it was determined that I was clean, they are still demanding a Bail of $7500 dollars before I would be released. The lawyer did all he could persuade them, But he met with the senior officer and he and he allowed me to Pay the sum of $5000.hence I decided to mail you as a last option .I will remain in detention till I am able to pay the whole $5000 dollar, so I don't know what to do next. Please darling, I am sick of this whole episode...it is only the hope of being with you soon that's keeping me strong... The officer is now telling me to round up...this is an S.O.S darling......what will happen next, cos they are threatening to go further with their intimidation if I don't settle their request in time. I'm waitin.darling......Please!!!!!.I was unable to chat with you.So, Pls reply to my mail.
Honey all i need from you now is $4450 dollar to get me out of this mess pls respond to me.all i am after now is that i don't want to miss Meeting you on Friday i have tomorrow and next tomorrow to complete everything i need to do.
Honey i was even thinking of using the money with me but when i call my Friend she told me that i could use the money bcos i already showed it at the airport and have been giving the bta slip. The whole money for the BTA is still with me.but i have used some out of it and thats why i want you to send that amount to get me out of here as soon as possible.I still have to Make sure that i meet the nxt day flight as soon as i settle it all.i have till tomorrow if i am able to travel tomorrow then i can be in seattle by friday morning.so its better that way.Hope to hear from u soon.