Letter(s) from Ramatu Adams to Gerhard (Germany)

Letter 1

Its great to read your nice profile and i might be what you are looking, so just send me your reply back and i will send you a long email about my self and some photos ok... My name is Elizabeth......


Letter 2

Dearest Gerhard,

Thank you for your email on asian friend finder and i am glad that you like my photos and i thought you will send me some of yours but anyway i hope you will send me some in next mail and some more informations about you. But first let me introduce my self to you:

My name is Elizabeth Paha and i am single lady living with my parents and little brother and sister. I was born on 10th June 1979 and i graduated from the university of Ghana and i am now working as an accountant in a travel agency. I like swiming,music,reading,cooking and watching movies. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall and i am weighing 59kg. I am very honest,sincere caring,understanding,romantic,loyal and very faithfull.

I just came out of a bad relationship 8 months ago which i caught my boyfriend having sex with my best friend and i got hurt badly so i quit the relatuionship and at the moment i am over it now and i want to continue my life by starting a new relationship which will last forever and lead into marriage in future.

I am looking for a man who is honest,sincere,caring and faithfull. I am not looking for a rich or wealthy man but only a man with good character. I am also not a materialistic woman and i am not looking for money either from man.

Anyway i hope this little mail tells you some thing little about me and i will send you more but please write me about your self too and send me some photos ok.

I am right here waiting for your email

hugs and kises

Letter 3

Please send me your email address so i will contact you directly with more informations about me and some photos of me.. I truely like you and want us to become friends which will lead to a long lasting relationship..


Letter 4

Just sent you email to your address and added you on my yahoo messanger

Letter 5

Hello Gerhard,

Thank you for your email on asian friend finder and i hope you get this email....


Letter 6

Hello Gerhard,

Thank you for your lovely email this morning and i am soo excited about that and i hope that we can chat on yahoo messanger this morning right? How are you doing this morning? I am fine and just got to the work place now and about to start work.

It has been truely great that we found each other on asian friend finder, because it has been a longer time since i have been looking for the right man in my life. I have been hurt badly before and i dont want this to happens to me any more because i have soo much love to give to the right man in my life.

I realy want you to tell me more about your self and if possible send me more photos.... I realy like you and i hope you will be the right man in my life ok..

Hugs and kises


Letter 7

I hope you like my photos, and as you can see i like swiming a lot....