Letter(s) from Ludmila Vasilieva to Joseph (USA)

Letter 1

My darling!
I can tell you that I have had a nice dream today! It was like a real dream! I came out of the air plane and you were waiting for me in the airport with red roses...I came to the hall and I was looking for you!!! And I was also very afraid that I wouldn't recognize you...but when I saw very handsome man, with sparkling eyes, holding flowers in his hand, I understood that it was he...the man of my dreams...the man I have been waiting for the whole my life... darling, I came to you...I kissed you tenderly......and I woke up...on the most interesting place...when i woke up, my hand was compressed as I was holding your hand...and that's why i immediately went to the computer club..., as for my full name, here it is:
Vasilieva Ludmila
and my full name of course:
Oboronnaya Street, 99
you are so important for me, i do not want to lose you, i want to always be with you. it seems that it is so easy to be with you. i hope you understand what i mean. you know, sometimes when you are communicating with a person, you feel that it is rather difficult to be near him/her, you always have to look for words so that to be able to say something, sometimes you are afraid because you think that you can say something wrong. do you have such situations sometimes?do you know such people it is very difficult to be with? and as for you, it is really easy for me to communicate with you. i do not have to make up anything about myself. i am the way i am... i am like an opened book for you and you just can know everything about me.
Darling, I can say you that I want to be with you and that I am ready to be loyal, loving and caring to you, because this is what will make me happy as well. I don’t want any other person but you, and i do hope that I don't need to prove it, do I?
tell me, my dear, are you ready to be honest, be faceful to me, are you ready to share all your secrets with me, are you ready to live the common life with me?
There is one thing that makes me feel great responsibility, it is getting acquainted with your friends and relatives, with your family, and this is what I am thinking about all the days round. I imagine how you'll look, whether we will find common language or not...darling, i do think that time will make us stronger!!! do you believe in this?
Waiting for your letter and hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.
Just yours devoted and loving Luda.

Letter 2

Hello my sunshine, my tender heart!!!
I am very glad to know that you have not forget about me, and that you find time to write me a letter and to be with me. Darling, you know when i am sitting in front of the computer, it seems to me that i am just sitting in front of you, you are so close to me and am talking to you, but after the letter is sent, i feel that you are distant again and that i do not have an opportunity to communicate with you till the next day. Please darling, do not go far away from me, be always with me, i need you, i need your warm words, i need to feel that you are with me, again... i am so happy that i have a person to share my life with, to tell him about my day, to feel that i am needed...
sometimes, i think that it's very sad that we do not have an opportunity to see each other's face while we are communicating, to see emotions, to see eyes of each other sparkling with love, to take hand, to hug, to kiss tenderly. but then i say to myself: "Luda, you must be happy that you know him and you must be proud of it!!!" i am so happy that we have an opportunity to understand each other even if we are so distant... i do hope that one day will bring me to you and we will be happy!!!
As for me, I went to the travel agency yesterday and to the passport office and found out what is necessary if I would like to go for abroad. And so I was told that I need to have a police report, international passport and visa to go to your country. In the travel agency, I went to, they told me everything about these documents... as for police report it is needed to prove that i do not have any previous convictions... it is done in a day and costs 32$, as for the passport, it is done in a week time and costs 347$ and as for visa it is done in a month and costs 98$.
dear, frankly speaking i was disappointed in prices, 'cause i thought that it was cheaper to go to you... and unfortunately my poor family and poor parents who are working so hard to make the ends meet can't help me... do not think that i want money from you, no, that is not... I just want to be near you as soon as possible and I want to overcome all the difficulties and to come to you!!! without your help i am not able to come, but if you have such a chance to come to me, that would be wonderful... what do you think about it???
Dear, sometimes i am so sad about the time which was wasted on unnecessary relations... i am sad that i have not met you earlier. but at the same time i am so happy that our life roads have crossed... oh, this time, i have to finish this letter and to go. please, do not be offended.. i will write you tomorrow... with all my love to you, yours Luda