Scam letter(s) from Lilia Ahmadullina to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Bob! Thank for the letter! I am glad, you have written to me the letter! It is pleasant! I am very glad, that you have paid to me the attention, and I have interested You. I at all did not expect, that you to me write. I hope, that you have time that To send me some messages, that we might it bett learn each other. I shall tell slightly about me directly; my age of 27 years. I live in Russia, in Krasnodar. It is in the south ours the countries. To tell the truth, I yet was not for the husband. For some reason yet one to man did not manage to win my heart. But I hope, that all soon may change. I live in an apartment of my parents, at Me good mum with daddy. They very strongly love me and care of me. And they Wish good luck me happiness and if I it to find, they will be glad for me. I was taught on The barber, and on this I work as the hairdresser. It not bad work for me, And she is pleasant to me. I like to travel and be in various places, but mine Work does not allow me to do it frequently. I take a great interest in sports, I go for a drive on a bicycle Also I run in the mornings. Sometimes with the friends all of us together play volleyball. Frequently We walk on park and we make walks on city. I send you own pictures, that you knew my person. I hope, that She is pleasant to you. Also I want to ask, that you have sent me some pictures You. I as want to see your photos. Inform me some the information Concerning you. I want, that you knew, that I search for serious and long relations. And I Do not want to play game. I shall be glad, if you as are adjusted on serious relations. I hope, that you continue to write to me letters. I shall be glad to receive from you messages. Your new friend Alena.
Letter 2
hello Bob! I am glad to receive your mutual message. I hope that You too is glad to see my letter in the letter box. It is very pleasant for me That I have interested you. I hope, as henceforth our dialogue will be To proceed, because to me it is very interesting to learn you better. For me so it is pleasant to understand, that let and not in my country there is a person, to which I It is interesting also which even through the Internet wants to have attitudes with me. Many thanks to you for your pictures. They to me very much Have liked. You are very beautiful also nice the man. I so like to look at your pictures. I would be Is glad to receive even more your pictures. If you may, Send to me them. I well know the English language and I can read and write to you letters freely. The English language of me was learned by my uncle. It was the teacher at school. And when to me was 16 years it began to learn me to English. But when I I worry all the same I can do mistakes. Therefore I hope that you Read and understand about what I write you. When I wrote to you the first letter, I very strongly worried and Was afraid to write to you anyone incorrectly a word. I hope, that my the first The letter will not force me to redden because of my wrong expressions. I That you have correctly understood me wants to trust. And consequently, I want still It is a little to tell about itself. My growth 177 and weight 54. I like to listen to music. Prefer to listen Quieter music. She helps me will be weakened and will calm down. I?aa dream I always listen even to one song. And you like to listen Music before dream? As well as all girls, I like Flowers. Especially I like when to me them give. But to me already for a long time did not give Flowers. Last time I was presented flowers by my daddy for my day birth. My loved flowers it - lilies. They such gentle and beautiful. Still I like to look cinema. I like to go to cinemas. In the childhood I dreamed to become the actor, but became the hairdresser. I am not upset with that I There was the hairdresser, me this Work is pleasant, especially I help people. As I wrote to you in the The last letter, I like to go in for sports. In the summer I run in the mornings. And in the winter coldly and on this I prefer to go In sports a hall. Sometimes I go to pool to swim for a while, I like to float. When I I swim, I feel Itself the mermaid. I like to carry out The days off on a nature or to meet the friends and To take a walk on To city. You like walks on evenings? I very strongly like Walks on evenings. But only I would not have such person with whom I might walk on To evenings at light The moon. And I am upset with it. Write to me about your life and about your interests. I wait for your answer. And if the photo is possible some more. Alena.
Letter 3
hi Bob. I am glad to receive again your message. Each day we Better we begin to study each other, and it - is interesting to me. I see, that You are very strongly interested in me and it is pleasant for me to know it. I, as well as you I am interested in you and for me very important everything, that you write to me. We with You completely should study each other. To me so pleasantly each time To learn from you, something new. I would like to learn about your family more. Tell to me, please, about To your family. I still to you did not tell about the family. At me very good family. And we frequently love to arrange departures city. But me All time upset that I had no neither the brother, nor the sister. I all time Wanted to have the little sister. When I looked at other iia?o?ae, and they Had the sister, I all time envied them. But so it has turned out, that I was One child in family. But now it does not upset me. Because I I have many girlfriends. To my daddy 52 years, and mum 51. They yet very much Old both like to recollect youth and will have fun. I discuss all time Everything, that occurs to me with mum, and she gives me advice. Frequently Its this advice help me. I have told to it, that I try to find to myself The man from other country, and I have told to it about you. She has told that Approves my decision. Simply she wish’s good luck me happiness and wants, that at Me all was good. But she very much is afraid, that in the Internet too it is a lot of Bad people. She has written to me, that read many histories and saw on To the TV set it is a lot of transfers where it was told how girls found whom That from other countries also leaved to them, but then there them deprived with their documents Also forced to work, not paying them of anything for work. I too saw Many such transfers, I even looked one film about such case. It Film refers to as " LILYA FOR EVER " is Russian film about destiny One Russian girl. I would advise you to look this film Too. But I trust you and if I was afraid of it that I I think, I not The beginnings with you to correspond. I am sure in your reality and in Gravity of your intentions. I am very lonely and very much want to change mine Position. I hope, that you that the man, which I so long Waited. It would be interesting to me as in general you concern to attitudes on To the Internet? Whether write to me you, please, trust that is possible To grow fond of persons only on correspondence? I read many histories on The Internet as people found each other on the Internet and then met Also were together very long. I think, that it is certainly possible, but that I concern me do not believe, that I can grow fond of someone not to time not Having met it. Because it is possible to learn only in at a meeting much With the person and having communicated to it is real. Write to me, that you think About it. I hope that at us with you attitudes may turn out. You Aspire to this? I aspire! Well, I do not want to tire you from reading My letter so I am going to finish my letter. Care about To itself. Write to me as soon as possible, well? Inform me more about you. Sincerely yours, alena.
Letter 4

Hi Bob! I am glad to see and read your letter. I am pleasant to be answered on Your letters. And on it for me it is important to know your opinion be relative Some things. I think, that you read my structure and might see There, that I propertying serious intentions to reach acquainted with The good person for attitudes. Yes, it is a lot of people which aspire to deceive us. But I would not like to speak About them. Because we we wish on to learn much better each other, and I want To speak it is more about us. Yes, probably in the future we we shall To have a meeting. And we shall have set of the moments when, we can look Eyes in eyes. But it only in the future. Probably even it is fast. I shall try to tell slightly about my character. I do not know how to begin, I think, that I very romantic person. Also I like, when the man Shows the mind and thinks out any surprises for the girl. I Like to communicate with people, it is pleasant to me Good mood. I Very much I estimate such qualities in people, as fidelity and honesty. I I believe in love, and I think it very valuable thing which should be It is protected. I the jealous person, but am not so strong. Everyone speak that it Poorly, but I think absolutely on the contrary. If the person likes, it all the same Should be jealous it of anothers slightly even. As you considers, it The reasoning is correct? I adore, when I am paid with compliments and Show the sympathy to me. And it is pleasant to me, that you are interested In me also show to me the sympathy very much. For me it very much It is important, because I am adjusted on more serious attitudes with you. You Nice and beautiful the man, and I feel, that I begin to get used To you. I am interested in you. Also I like to prepare for food and to look after the order and cleanliness of a house. I I think that this high quality. I think, that for the woman main, To have in life not Career or other success, and strong family and The loved person about itself to care of it. Tell, please, what Qualities most of all like you in the girl? Also do not hesitate to tell To me about it, not looking that we know each other some days. For It is very interesting to learn me. I think, that we with you may discuss Anyone oaiy. If you have what that questions to me. Set them to me, I I shall try on them to answer. With this letter I send other photo. I hope, it as is pleasant to you, as well as all other my photos. I I hope to look at my photos pleasantly. Very much it is pleasant to me your photos and Like to look at them. I shall wait for yours a E-Mail. Sincerely
Yours Alena.
Letter 5
Hi mine Bob!!! As your mood today, I hope that at you all well. At me all is good And good mood because I have received your letter from me. To me always so It is interesting to read your letters to me and I am always glad to receive your next The letter and to answer him. To me delivers a lot of pleasure to correspond with You. You like that that we write letters each other? You like to write to me? I would like to tell to you about the constant day and as I spend time. I rise 7,30 mornings from that that my alarm clock begins to hoot. Frequently I wake up, But sometimes to me a hunt so strongly to sleep that I I throw the alarm clock on a floor for that To have a sleep still slightly. I do to myself tea or coffee and I eat any sandwich. Then I go on work. My working day comes to an end in 17,00. I as always I come Home and affairs any work on the house, also I feed the dog. I did not write to you That I have a small dog. It call «Tima» to me it is pleasant to play with it, such Ridiculous. In the evening sometimes I leave to take a walk with the friends. And still I visit The sports hall for employment by sports to 19,00-20,00. me very much is pleasant to play volleyball. I think that I not bad play in volleyball, and I like this kind of sports. Recently near to my house have opened school of belly dance, and I want to go there, but at Me there is not enough time for this purpose and I for the present do not go. On Wednesdays I visit pool, Because I like to float. For the computer I usually sit in 21,00 or 22,00. in 23,00 I Lie down to sleep. And so pass my usual days. On days off I shirk the Dog on park. Sometimes we meet with friends to descend to have a rest Somewhere or to descend at cinema. I very much am pleasant like cinema. I like to look Any cinema. The main thing that it always was different and interesting. Basically to me like Romantic and adventure films. I like my days off to that to me not Early it is necessary to rise, and I can have a sleep on more. Tell to me about the realization Day Bob . Than you like to be engaged most of all. Also that you do in summary Time. I shall wait for your letter. Alena!!!!!
Letter 6
hi my dear Bob! Today in me very good mood. I have an opportunity, write to you. At work all is good! Weather magnificent! The bright sun! The last week my excellent mood. It notices all my girlfriends. But I do not speak about our correspondence for all. My close approval of girlfriends our correspondence. But I do not want, if will know many people about it. This personnel! YOU agree? And thank you for such interesting story about your day. At you the borrowed day. And I am glad that you find time to write to me. It means that I am really interesting to you and you are adjusted seriously. And it pleases me even more strongly. Last night I to sit on a balcony and to look in the sky. In the sky of thousand stars. It is very beautiful! I think - you may look at the evening sky also! Probably we shall look one and also constellation. This excitement and excitation.... I dream very much! I the pensive girl. On a photo which I have sent you my girlfriends. Belief and Hope - eternal satellites of my life. They are my very good girlfriends. They always near to me And regardless of the fact that waits you in the end, pleasure of victories and the subordinated tops which we remember better, than disappointment and a pain of defeats. You agree with me? I am surprised, that I write you all this. I never had persons with whom I might divide my ideas. But now I have found you, and I am very glad.
Letter 7
Hello dear Bob!!! I so am glad to write to you the letter again. How are you?
I hope at you all well. What weather at you. At us the sun today shines.
It brings to me a lot of pleasure to go on work on solar street. I very much
Strongly I love summer and the sun. I very much like to sunbathe and float in water.
But also the winter too is pleasant to me, but not so is strong as summer. Probably, to you too
It is pleasant, when in the street it is a lot of sun. I very much like to feel on the
Cheeks beams of the sun, they warm me. They give me good
Mood. Here and today at me good mood and besides I
Has read through your letter and my mood it became even better. To me very much
To like to read your letters. I hope, that my letters to you too
Bring good mood. I so am glad, that have found you, because to me
It seems, that my feelings to you to become more though I think while about
It early to speak. In fact we all it is still badly known each other. I
I think, you agree in it with me. I think, that we we can
To correct this mistake if you in your letters will be as much as possible
To tell to me about itself and will ask, that you interests about me. I
I shall try to tell all of you, that you interests. Write to me as you
Want that I named you: " Bob or my dear Bob.
I very much would wish to learn it because it is a little inconvenient for me
To name you simply by name. I would like to name you somehow gently,
Because I all hope, that we we shall find serious attitudes. Thank you for your congratulation.
It was very pleasant for me to receive
Your congratulation. When I have read your letter to me, my mood
At once on it became much better. I hope that the next year
I can lead this day with you.
Yes, I have received your phone number. Thank you for it. I shall try to call to you
Soon. I hope, that I can speak with you because I very strongly want to hear
Your voice. I think, that it same are pleasant as well as you. You may hear my voice
And I hope it to you it is pleasant. Wait for my bell to you.
I at all do not know, that to you to tell. Perhaps, it will be interesting to you to learn
It is a little how I like to put on. I prefer classical style in
To clothes. But sometimes it is pleasant to me, puts on freely as I shall want. I
I love bright clothes. Write to me, that you think of clothes, which you
Saw on my photos. To like you my style in clothes? Also I would like
To you to tell, that I very much like to change something. For example, sometimes I
I like to do rearrangement of furniture in my apartment. As you understand I not
The strong girl heavy furniture, therefore I also cannot move
I am limited to that I move fine furniture. But I ask, that you not
Thought, that I like all to change in my life. I am very constant in
Attitudes with the man if I shall find the one whom I shall grow fond of that I never
I shall want to leave it. Most of all I do not love one quality in people
And I cannot grow fond of the one who will possess this quality. This quality
Falsity and mistrust. And still I do not love that people drink much
Alcoholic drinks. In Russia men drink much. At me was
The man 1 one year ago and we with it dispatch that it became much
To drink spirits. I hope, that you too do not love people, which
Deceive and drink spirits. And you are not such. Though I not
From you I shall hide, that I consider normal " lie in rescue ". And as
Concern to this concept? I consider, that it is possible to go on small
The deceit if the truth can to be injurious to health of the person, for example. You
Think I is right? It would be interesting to me as you concern to lie. If
Fairly to you tell, probably, I not could to find to myself of the partner in life in
Russia because Russian men deceive women much. But after
That as I have communicated to you has understood that in other countries of the man on
To another concern to women. And here now I have found you and I write to you mine
The next letter. I hope soon again to receive the letter from you. I shall be
To wait for it with impatience. Your Alena.
Letter 8
Hello again from your russian girl my dear Bob!!! I so am happy to write to you the letter again. First of all I want to tell you that I even miss your letters. I at all do not know why but sometimes it seems to me as though we once were with you beside, but then you should leave and now you is far from me. My dear Bob, earlier I really did not think that our attitudes in strong and strong, but now I know that you are very dear to me. Though I do not want to hurry up in my decisions, because for me the attitude under the Internet this completely new employment. I am sure now that I never shall want that our correspondence was finished. It seemed to me earlier is simply interesting, but now your letters are necessary for me. I do not know that on me so have worked, but I have understood it today. But I nevertheless think that we with you need to learn each other better. I hope that in it you agree with me. Before to construct something on the present serious it is necessary to think of much very much. Even I when do the sketch to a new dress very much about much I think and only then to an iceboat pencils in hands. I all over again completely consider the sketch and only then I put it on a paper. And in our attitudes I think that to us too is necessary to plan all. On extremely measure now we with you at all do not know as us to continue to build attitudes except for correspondence. May you will think that completely it is impossible to trust only to mind, but I am afraid to follow only my heart because I do not want to suffer and be lonely again.
Letter 9
hi dear Bob!
It was so pleasant for me to receive your letter, and I
It is happy, that such remarkable person it is similar to you is interesting
In me! I am pleased, that you pay attention to me. And I hope, that ours
The correspondence is serious for you is similar for me also. As I do not search
The friend of the handle, but I want to have remarkable family. I understand, that we
Grew in the various countries. But now we have chance to learn each other
More the best. I want to a gift to my partner all my tenderness, heat
And kindness, and I want to be convinced, that my partner will give me the same things:
It will care of me and will love me all his heart. I shall help
To my partner to feel, that it is most remarkable, the unique person
In the world! I - romantic soul, and I am happy, when I hear a sensitive sound of music,
Sound of glasses with a wine, a smell candles, and I want to a gift all them only for one
Persons in the world. We shall similarly to children a hand in manual walk on a beach and
To have pleasure because of a moonlight and a lunar path where we may see stars,
Listen to a sound of waves, and feel freshness of night and
Kiss each other very sensitive. I ask, that you have continued the correspondence
Only in case you want to have devoted partner who may be yours
The second part. And I want you may will rely on it in any situations. If
You are interesting in attitudes which will come to an end a marriage and family.
I search for my assistant to soul who has sincerely good character, wishing and
Aspiring give its love with full fidelity to me. A fidelity and loyalty
Are very important for me as I shall be the same way my Beloved!
Desire to love and love - very powerful thing and neither the ground, nor oceans may
To stop love from flowering if persons and women wish it.
I hope that you write with the same aspiration in the future. I want to tell
To you that I am adjusted seriously, and I do not play in games.
Shortly I want to receive your answer to my letter.
Yours Alena!! I am very strongly glad that you like my photos. I as would like
To see more than your pictures and to admire you. And in the answer I shall send
To you the pictures, that you saw and admired me.
Letter 10
Hi my dear Bob!!!!
I so am glad to write to you the letter. I am happy, that now again can write to you. I did not write such long time because I now in Moscow at the girlfriend. I have arrived to it on a visit, because at it March, 28 day birth. I have spent 2 days for reaching Moscow. And now I have time to visit the Internet of cafe and to write to you. I so strongly missed on you. I all time thought of you. You missed on me? Will arrive to you. I would like to live with you all life. I shall have soon a holiday by 3-4 weeks. At this time I can fly to you. If you want, I can remain with you. But for this purpose it I necessary your help. I wish to start registration of the document before a holiday. It is very important For me. I wish to ask you about the help. Today I have gone to round agency and have learned it Official registration of papers will cost to me 600 $. The passport, the visa there Enters. I hope, that you may help me with it. When I can hope for your help? Write to me, please, when. I Ask, that you have not detained with the answer. I shall wait for good news with the following letter. I The hope, that after your perusal after the letter I can go and order documents concerning the visa and Passports. I all time think of when I can look in your in love eyes and to feel taste of your kisses. I want, that you am strong me have embraced, kissed. But most of all I want to be with you beside. When it will be not dream, and a reality. I always think of it. Here in Moscow it is a lot of foreigners. And all of them time remind you. And when I go on city I all time dream to see you among these foreigners. I even once saw similar to you the man, but unfortunately it there were not you Bob. As it is a pity. And now I am happy, that you are at me. And I have hope for were with you. It is unique dream.
I miss on you. Kiss you.
Yours Alena!!!

Letter 11
hi my dear!!!
I have received your letter.
And I am very glad, that you have no that against mine
Small details of my character also understand me.
But this my letter to you will be not greater. Because I
Only has come home and I had very difficult day. Now
I write to you that you knew, that our dialogue
Very important for me and that you understood, that I think of you.
Soon I shall go to the bed to sleep. I hope, that you will not be
Are angry at me because of that that I shall not answer your questions. I am very strong
It is tired. And my eyes are already closed. Now
I am compelled to finish the letter. I shall wait your answer to me. Yours Alena!!!
Letter 12
Hi my dear Bob!!! I am very glad to receive your letter. Now I already at home. Per day birth it was very cheerful also to me it was pleasant. But I thought only of you. And you were not a nead. Only it afflicted me. I have presented my girlfriend the big picture. I and have not understood, that on it am represented. But when I chose her, to me have told, that figure on it symbolizes happiness and calmness in family. This Japanese picture. It is drawn by Japanese artist Van Li. I do not know, whether so this name in English is written, but I think, that I have written correctly. I have presented it this picture because it likes the Japanese culture. At it even the apartment is made out in the Japanese style. It liked my gift. And I am very glad to this. And as at you have passed these days. It is a pity to me, that you have problems with the pump. I hope, that it is all not so seriously and at you all will be good. During my trip back that especial has not taken place. Because back I have departed by the plane, instead of by train. I have arrived very quickly. About 1 hour. I think, that it not so is a lot of. And as soon as I have come home I at once have checked up a mail and have found your letter. To me was so pleasantly to read it. And to know that you think of me. Now I am very tired after flight, and shall go to sleep. Hope to see your answer as soon as I shall stand from dream. I wait from you for the letter. With impatience. My embraces to you. Yours Alena!!!
Letter 13
My dear Bob!!!
Yes, you are right. I want to arrive to you. And in the holiday
At work. It will begin already soon, and I would like to be with you.
It absolutely what mistake. On the contrary, I aspire to that,
That we with you were together. For the present I am going
To remain with you. I shall visit only you. And then we may
To make our plans for the future. That you tell about
It? I think that it is remarkable idea. My that
You asked: Russia
Street Azov 75/23
Index: 350000
Ahmadullina Liliya
So you tell about all it. I think, that to us with you
For a long time it is time to see each other. Because we write
Each other such beautiful letters. Also it is impossible to transfer all
Feelings through letters. I want to see your fine eyes.
And to feel taste of your lips. Want to hear your beautiful
Voice. I want to be with you beside. I think that you as
Want it. Therefore with you it is time to us to think of ours with
You to a meeting. I wait from you for the answer. Kiss you!!! Yours Alena!!!
Letter 14
Hi mine Bob!!!
I so am happy, that we have found each other.
I each day think only of you and an our first meeting.
But me it is sad, that to us it is necessary so many to wait to be together.
I wait more soon for that moment to embrace and kiss you.
Well, I shall wait. And soon we with you shall together.
When I dream of you, all time is represented to me only one picture.
As I go from the plane and at the airport of me you meet. You cost in a costume
With a bouquet of colors. You at once without words embrace me and gently kiss.
From yours I shall kiss at me the head begins to be turned.
It so is romantic. Everyone look only at us as we with you are happy, and all
Envy us. Then we go to you home, and in the evening you arrange to me romantic
Supper at candles. We with you drink a wine and we tell each other various histories.
We admire our beauty. You speak me, that so long waited for me.
We have enough only a sight in eyes to know, that we like each other.
I so like to dream about it. When I think of it I still dark blue want to be with you
Beside. Maine that idea, that to us with you to have to wait our for happiness torments.
I shall be the happiest near to you. I wait for only that moment when I shall find myself
In your embraces. And me that more now it is not necessary.
I love you. And I understand, that I can not be on such huge distance
From you. I should be only near to you.
I hope, that all my dreams will come true.
I wait for your answer.
Kiss you.
Yours Alena!!
Letter 15
Hi my dear Bob!!!
I miss on you. I all time thought of you waited for your letter.
I as am very glad, that you like my performance about our the first day
Together. Yes, you probably are right, you bring me in our house. As I only think of you,
I so am strongly sad, that you are not present near to me. I want to be near to you more soon.
Today I went to the address Kirova, 99 and have found there bank about which you spoke me.
Yes, I know this bank, and I shall be, am capable to take away money from there. So for me it
Will not make problems. And I shall be capable to receive money. You speak, that you are not rich.
You know, I too have no many money. Therefore I think, that us with you should not very much
Is strong to excite it. Yes, the basic problem is money. But when I think that we with
You we shall be a nead and we shall be happy together, we should go on all for the sake of our
Happiness. We with you have very much strong feelings to each other, and I feel it the
Heart. When I look your pictures to me at once a hunt to embrace you. I have got used to you.
You mine and only mine. Yes, you are right I shall to take the tourist visa. I shall arrive to you and
We shall decide with you as to us to act further. But all the same I should arrive in
Russia to see the parents. I think, that you of nothing have against
It. And still I want to ask you. You not against if I shall take together with me
My dog Timu. I do not want to leave her. I hope, that you agree with it. I want
More soon to you. I am already tired to wait. With impatience I wait for that moment when I shall sit on
The plane also I shall treat to you.
I wait from you for the letter.
1000 Kiss you!!!!
Only yours and once again yours Alena!!!!!
Letter 16
My DEAR Bob!!!!
To me was so pleasantly to read your new letter. It - so - is a lot of passion and so much
Caress in them.! It did not knock in general in
Your door, has simply arrived and does not wish to leave. And it will not leave us never. It was
Inside of you, it remains inside of me. And it will be with even greater force when we shall be
Together. It becomes big explosion of emotions. It will be free and can do all, it
Will want with us. We in its authority. There is only I and you, and our love. There are two hearts.
Two hearts to fight in one pulse, ready to merge in one big heart filled by love.
Now everything, that around not so important. It as soon our hands will incorporate, it is important
Only. The new life begins. Our loneliness - will disappear. There is no more grief, and should not be, and
There are no doubts. It seems to me, that our love will satisfy the whole world.
I now sit, I write to you the letter, and I listen to a slow song about love. And on heart, it - very much
Silent and pleasant. I think, that you now think of me because I feel a heat on a shower.
My fine, now I to worry about you. My Love, I very much worry for you. If you will be sick, I shall be
Be very sad, will worry also.
I wish to inform All of you, that I think of you: Fine, Remarkable, Remarkable In a word, most
Excellent, the majority of love, road, Cheerful, Nice, Resourceful, the sun mine, the Loved Charm, Loved,
You - bettest, outstanding, Kind, Clever, Beautiful, Seductive, Charming, Cheerful, Gentle, Charming,
Surprise, Blinding, Bright and strong, Business and practical Mysterious, Magnificent, Incomparable,
Inimitable, Emotional.
All this the congratulation is devoted only for you!!!!! I love you!!!!!! I know, that you love me. And the happiest ******* all light. Because our feelings are mutual. I so am glad, that I can take together with me mine Timu. It so is fine. I as think that my dog will be friends of yours.
I so have urgently got used to you, that you for me became an ideal - you my and nobody's more, only
Mine!!!! I do not give you to any!!!! I trust you. I have not something to disappear from you. I love, and I adore you!!!!!
I can vaguely continue. Fine it is morals, I am accessible to all tests. I have been adapted on preparation
For a trip. It will be the most desirable travel by my life. I wish to seize you tenderness. And you, that person who to me is necessary. And I shall never do to you painfully as your former girl. Because only you my ideal. And it is re to me who is not necessary. That girl which changed to you, is silly time did such and did not understand what you fine.
When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me.
You open for me all soul and you go on all that we were together and a nead. I so am happy. I am ready to shout at all Russia, that I am happy. You mine!!!! And once again you mine!!!!
I have made your letter for me directly greater conclusion which is possible, should to expressed in three
Words, I LOVE YOU.
Today I even felt so highly, in me all have gone so easily because my ideas have been directed concerning you.
I as knew, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it to heat up my soul and a body. In the first evening we shall drink small Wine.
It will give us a small entertainment. We shall play slowly romantic music. And then we enter into a room. I shall do
To you massage. I shall begin with the Head. I slowly to weight it. Then I shall be weight a neck and shoulders
To delete a pressure and weariness. Then I shall be weight your back. And properly I shall violently and
To caress you slowly. I shall inspire slowly with passion you. And you are ready. You to undress me, and
On me a beautiful lacy cloth. And you to admire me. And we start to be borrowed with you love. And after
Love, we cannot long sleep. I shall be in your embraces. And we shall put and enjoy this fine moment.
The moment of our happiness.
It is a shame for me to speak about such dreams. But I wish to be sincere with you. Love it not only words.
It both passion and desire. And I to have desire to be with you. Wish, that you had me. Wish to be in yours
Embraces. And to receive your kisses. I want it, you knew about my desire to you. I to have passion to you.
And therefore I want, that our meeting was faster. As soon as I shall receive money I interrupting on a minute
I shall rush off in round agency. I wish to be with you beside and I do not wish to lose even day to meet you.
To carry out all my dreams actually. I would be happy
To visit you - a limit of my desires. I very much love you, and completely you I trust. There is nothing better
Than to speak gentle words with the person directly addressing to it in opinion of. I wait during the moment when
I can inform you the most important of words to you in opinion of.
It will be the unforgettable moment in my life.
My Love, on it I shall finish letters to you. I wait your letter with impatience, as always. A set
Kisses and strong embraces for you. I love you. Yours Alena!!!! p.s. Do not forget to send me your full surname and a name. Your … address city …
MTSN. And which you have sent the sum. Otherwise I cannot take away money.
Letter 17
Hi my dear Bob!!!
I so am strongly surprised with that that you have written to me. You speak about what girl.
Yes I heard, about what that scammer in the Internet, but I do not present even, that it
Means. And you speak, that have found the girl similar to me. I can not believe
In it. I as am strongly surprised with it as well as you. If you do not trust, I can send me
To you a copy of the Russian passport that you were sure in me.
Probably, what that the person has stolen my photos and uses them how you consider?
Send me the link of that girl, I shall look at them. I do not want, that you have ceased
To trust me because of it. Because at us with you all was good, and I hope, as
In the future we with you shall be together and are happy. I want any way to prove to you,
That I it I. Ask me and I shall do it for you. The main thing that that you trusted me.
You see I believe you. I do not want to lose you. To me was so difficultly to find you. That to me to make,
That you were convinced of me? I shall wait and to grieve for you.
I Kiss you!!! Yours and only yours Alena!!!
Letter 18
Hi my dear my sweet!!!!
How at you an affair? At you all is good?
At me all is good. I now shall go to the parents in a village.
Tomorrow easter. And this day all of us time gather family. Therefore at me
Now there is not enough time. In 40 minutes I will have bus. And I already should run.
But I have decided to write to you. That you did not overlook about me and saw that I
I think of you. Because I will not be 2 days, and I can write to you only in
Revival. I shall miss on you. And you have this holiday?
I wish that you have flown by these days imperceptibly. And I want will return back more soon.
And to write to you the letter or to receive yours. Well I already should finish all. Not
Miss. I soon shall come back. Embraces. Your Alena!!!!
Letter 19
Hi my dear Bob!!!
You at all do not write to me!!! That at you happened!!!!
I miss on you. I wait for your letter. You 2 days at all do not write to me.
I want to see you. I want to kiss you. Know, I all time think of you.
I have received that address which you have sent me. And I looked it.
Yes, there my photo. But I do not know as it might get there. I was very strong
It is surprised, when has seen it!!!! I send you the copy of the Russian passport,
That you were sure that I present. I really test
To you of feeling, also do not want to deceive you. And I never shall make hurt to you as your last girl.
I missed on you and I thought of you. As at you mood. How you have lead the days?
I have lead them not bad. Yesterday we had celebratory supper with family.
We ate many easter eggs and visited church. Was not that cheerful,
But I all day was with parents. I talked to mum about you.
She has told me, that if I am going to you she to release me. But only
She Has told that she will be sad. Because I shall be so far from it and then I shall be
It is not enough to see of her. But she will be glad for me because I shall be happy. And I shall be
It is happy with you. You see you my dream, I dream about that day when I shall be near to you.
Also I can embrace and kiss you.
To be faster with you beside!!! You know you yesterday dreamed me in dream. It was so
Perfectly. We with you had romantic supper in pool. It was simple
Surprisingly. We together with you floated in pool and saw champagne. It is a lot of
Kissed. It was simply the fairy tale. I so strongly did not want to wake up.
And now, when I think, that soon we with you shall a nead. I can not wait,
When I shall arrive to you, and this fairy tale becomes a reality. I want to be with you!!!
You my fine and the most beautiful the man. I not where shall not release you from me.
You will be only with me. I wait _ I wait _ and once again I wait _
Also I want, that this expectation, at last, that was finished.
Kiss!!!!!!!! Kissss!!!!!! Kisss youuu!!!
Yours and only yours Alena!!!!
Letter 20
Hello my dear Bob!!! I understand that you very much want an our meeting, but it is not enough one this desire. In each your letter I only see your words, that you love me, but you of nothing speak concerning that when we with you can together. May up to this moment will pass year because I do not understand on what you are ready to go to approach our meeting. Really you may not receive the credit from bank help me to pay travel to you. This my letter of you may will offend, but my dear I so is tired to be lonely, and I already begin doubt that sometime we with you can to be together. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. yours Alena.
Letter 21
hi my dear Bob!!!
I was so is glad to receive your letter.
At us today fine weather. The sun in the street shines.
And today it is very good to walk on park. I would like to walk with you, but
You are not present beside. I wish to speak with you. I wish to hear your voice. I want
To see you. Give me your phone number, I shall try to call to you.
Because I very strongly wish to hear your voice. Time our meeting with you
It is impossible, I shall be happy to speak by with you to phone. But all the same I
It is upset by that we cannot will meet you in the near future. You
Speak that probably only in 1 or 2 months, but it so is a lot of. And the more so
I then shall not have any more time. You had money to send me. I so
I think, that still do not trust me. You probably compare me to that
The girl which has deceived you? I have sent you a copy of the passport, that to me
Still to make, that you trusted me. Only tell to me and I shall do it, that
To prove to you the feelings. I wait only for that moment when we we shall be
Together. I really do not know as my picture has got on that site. All mine
Girlfriends speak, that is possible it at me have simply stolen. But I think that for us
With you it will not be the big problem. You agree with me? But if all of you
Equally still all doubt of my gravity, I once again ask you, that to me
To make to prove to you my feelings. But do not ask me to wait. I any more
I can wait. I want to you. I already so was so is strongly excited by, when you
Have told, that you have doubt in me. Because you have found that photo. I
Was afraid to lose you. I was afraid that you will not write any more to me. But I am glad
That you with me, also write to me. I still hope that at us
The our meeting will turn out. I wish it most of all. And thanks you for
Your children's photo. It was very interesting to me to look at it. You such
Ridiculous on that photo. You probably will not take offence at me if I shall tell to you that
I laughed a little when looked at that photo. I as have children's photos, but
I shall not send you them. Because they as ridiculous, and I do not want that
You laughed at them. Ok!!!
I Kiss you!!! Yours Alena!!!
Letter 22
Hi my dear Bob!!!
I was very much upset with last your letter to me.
Why you have decided, what you only wasted time? Forgive me, that I so long did not write
To you. But I might not write to you because I was sick and laid in hospital. Therefore I
Might not write to you. And because of it you have decided, what I told lies to you? It is silly. I do not see
One occasion to this. Now, when I have explained to you why I did not write so much days I
I hope, that you will change the opinion. I do not want you to lose, and you were already convinced of it.
I aspired to prove to you, that I real and with serious feelings to you. Unless you
Have overlooked about it. You still all may not believe in my feelings to you? It so is insulting for
Me. I all ways aspire to you. And you only costs to me though a few precipice, and
You already abuse me. For what you so concern to me. Unless I have deserved such
The relation. I though spoke time to you such. When you will be sure in me and in mine
Feelings to you. I any more spoke time to you. That to me to make, that you trusted me
Also were sure. I have got used to you. I very strongly missed on you. And when I have left from
Hospitals also has read your letter, to me was so a bit too it to read. I at all do not know, how
To react to me to it. I frequently began to receive from you only not trust to me. Understand
At last, you are necessary for me and your caress. I shall wait from you for the answer. I want to be only with
You. Kiss you!!! Yours Alena!!!
Letter 23
my dear Bob!!!
To you to cost to forget that girl. Because you rather frequently think of it,
Even when you think of me, you think of it. Unless you may not overlook about it?
You have I. And it is hurt to me to understand that all of you time compare her to me.
That I shall write all to you, all seems to you as if I try to deceive you. I any more time
Wrote to you, I do not want to live in it not trust between us. I already some times wrote
To you, that to me to make, that you trusted me. But all time write as she
Has hurted you. I already many times received from you letters about that she deceived
You. We already for a long time spoke with you about an our meeting but that has not changed. I
Even now I do not understand, what you want from me? I do not understand, whether you trust me. I
In general now I do not understand to what we aspire. I aspired to prove to you, that I
Want to be with you. I even now do not know what to write to you, how to express you the feelings.
I can not find correct words. You have ceased to write gentle letters. You than that
Are excited? I simply now do not know what to do?
Letter 24
My prince Bob!!!
All this was check? It was so severely of you to me.
You do not represent as me it was hurt. Especially when I have informed you that I
It was sick, and you have only told that to you, and have begun to speak me about your girl. Me
Tormented ideas about all it. I at all did not know, that to me now to do. But all this was
Only the test? I hope that now that you trust me. I hope now you will not force
Me to suffer. I hope, that now you will give me many attention and caress. Yes, not
Looking at all that there was I want to be with you. You see all that has passed it only memoirs.
And you at all the fool. You my sweet!!! But you should deserve the application. I shall think up
To you any punishment. Be not afraid, it will not be severe. You see I wish only
Happiness to you. But I as a cat, am tender and gentle, but also claws I have. I shall be with you tender and
Gentle but if once again you will act with me as you acted on last
To week, I shall issue the claws. I the girl, and I like, when to me concern with
Tenderness. Instead of as you acted. But all the same you my sweet prince!!!
And only you are necessary for me.
Kiss you!!! Kiss you!!!
Your Alena!!!
Letter 25
hi mine sweet Bob!!!
I so am glad to read your letter. I have just come after work.
I have read your letter even in the morning, but I did not have time to write to you in the morning.
Therefore I hurried up on work. I want to see you and you know it. You understand that all is impossible
Time to write each other. The meeting may replace to us 1000 letters. And it is already difficult for me
To transfer separation on such huge distance between us. We with you should, that that
To do with it. I want to you. I very strongly want to you. I want to see your in love
Sight. I want to feel your heat. I want to feel your love.
And at last that we shall make all our dreams and the most desired ideas a reality.
It is necessary to wait slightly only.
I feel you near to me, because you in my heart and you
My dream. I shall wait for you. I all time miss you. I wait for you
As soon as possible. Your princess Alean!!! You my prince!!!
Letter 26
Hi my dear Bob!!!
I so am glad to receive your letter!!!
I waited your answer. I missed on you. I thought of you much.
I so am happy that you are again capable to write to me. To me was so sadly
When I did not receive from you letters. But now I have received from you the letter,
And I am happy. How at you an affair? How have passed your days? At me all is normal.
At us now it is warm, and I began to have walks on fresh air more.
I again began to run in the mornings. But I am excited more absolutely with another.
You speak, that you have money to help me. But you do not do
That what to help me, why? You speak that absolutely different prices. Such
Be simple may not. As I already spoke you, my girlfriend works in round agency
And she will help to do to me all. Therefore at me will not arise what problems
With it. Probably, that cost about which you speak me is for the ticket the passport
And the visa. And 600 dollars which I asked you concern only to the visa and the passport. You see
All over again I should have documents only then I can to buy the ticket. Probably
Because of it. But do not worry, I will not have problems. You know, yesterday I tried
To call to you mine dear!!! But on post office of communication repair, and on this was
I could not call to you. I so strongly wanted to speak with you, but at me have failed.
I was so am upset with it. So time you has money when you will send them to me. I
Already as soon as possible I want to do documents and to fly to you. I am tired without you. I want to
To you I want to be with you. And it will be fine. You for me would be the most good
Gift. I all time think only about it. I now dream of were near to
You. You my dream.
What you think of it? I shall look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible!!!
Kiss you!!! Yours Alena!!!
Letter 27
Hi my dear Bob!!!
I so am glad to see your letter. I so long did not receive from you the answer, and today I at last that have received your answer. I missed on you. I am happy that you have not overlooked about me. You did not write to me so long, you had, what that problems? I hope, what now at you all is good? I worry for you. I think of you. How have passed your days off? I have passed badly. We with my girlfriend it send to be rolled on skates. I badly go for a drive on skates, and I have fallen and was kicked. Now I have the big bruise on a leg, and can not carry a skirt. To me so it is insulting. I hope that it will pass quickly. I am compelled to run. I shall wait from you for your letter. I miss on you. Mine dear!!! Yours Alena!!!
Letter 28
My dear Bob!!! Thank you for such fine letter to me. I was so am happy to read it!!! But you speak that you want to arrive to me, but we expected for that that I shall stay to you. Unless you any more do not want it. You speak that you want to look as I live. But I as wanted to see your house. We with you already planned all. I so think that we shall do so. I arrive to you and then we with you shall fly together to me. What you tell about it? I shall wait from you for the answer.
Kiss you!! Yours sweet Alena!!!
Letter 29
My dear Bob!!! Certainly I was glad to receive your letter. And I was am glad to news that we may to meet you. It is very good, that your parents care of our happiness. But I expected that we shall arrive to Russia in the summer. Because for us with you it on will be much better. You see it will be warm and very good. I now at us still on former am cool. And even, for example aa?a?iy walk on park will not be so is romantic as summer. And still I can make documents very quickly. You speak time, that you will have money, unless we may not make so that all over again I have visited you about then summer we with you together would be in Russia. It is very fine, unless you so do not consider? My plans were such. But now you want to make all absolutely on another. But summer for us with you in Russia will be better. Let's make as I expected. I miss on you. Now I have no so a lot of time frequently to write to you. Because I are loaded at work. I want to receive holiday in May. And we may plan my trip to you. I really want, that all over again I have visited you, only then we together might fly to Russia. Think of it!!! Kiss You!!! Yours Alena!!!
Letter 30
Hello Rob!!!
How are you? I hope that you read my letter and smile. I so am glad, that you have written to me. thank you. I hope that my English for you is clear. If you do not understand something, simply tell me about it ok.Well, I shall be try to not suppose mistakes in my letter. I wanted to tell to you slightly about myself. You may see my external data on a photo, and I hope I shall like you. My parameters of a body simply ideal, and it almost 90-60-90. My growth of 170 centimeters, and my weight of 55 kg.I live in Russia. City under the name Orenburg. Probably you heard about my city? Well, I would not tell that my life was easy because my parents were lost in autoaccident when I was small. And it is very a pity to me to speak about it. I only remember, that they liked each other and were happy together. And let him the ground will be down. Well I shall not speak about sad. So now I am 26 years old, and life goes. I studied at local university, and I have a honors degree. I work in a kindergarten as the children's tutor. Also I live in an apartment which has remained from my parents. It was hard for me in the childhood because I had no close relatives a beside, and in our family I was the unique child. Basically all here arranges me, and all at me is good, except for private life and love... I in life had some men, and longest which I suffered it 6 years of relations. Then he has stopped loving me, has broken my heart, and has left to other woman. So I was never married, and I have no children. And me would like to have happy family to love and be loved. And I think it each woman wants. I have very loyal both good character. And my heart feels that at us something to turn out... Probably strong friendship or it is possible it is more. Please when you will write to me, write about the character, hobbies, that you like to do at leisure and as you treat to women. ok CONCERNING me I have one hobby, I like to prepare, and when at me for a free time, I take the culinary book, and I prepare for different dishes. It confidently turns out is very tasty. I think you like am tasty to have a meal, I am right? Well, that I can speak about me... so I love flowers, especially red roses, I like Sunburn in the summer, and I visit a sun deck in the winter to support sunburn. Still at leisure I visit fitness - club. What I like in the man? I like that the man was decent, gentle, careful, understanding, with sense of humor. I hope in you there are these qualities. Certainly in the Internet to find man, I think it not a problem, especially now when it was very much developed. And I know that you far from me. For me the main thing now in life to find real love, and family happiness... Probably I can visit you soon that we have learned each other better... It for me not a problem because I have no financial problems. But about it to write while early because I do not know I shall like you whether or not. So write to me faster.. Also send me many photo. I shall look forward... I hope that I have written not too big letter!! I as would like that you have told to me a little about yourselves!! I as shall wait for your questions I shall answer them with pleasure.
God bless you
Letter 31
Good afternoon Rob!
Many thanks for your answer, is very pleasant for me it. Now I understand, that you are interested in me. Everything will be interesting to me, what you in the future will tell to me about yourself? It will be very pleasant for me to read your letters. Rob in my first letter I have told a little about myself, and in the future letters I shall try to tell about myself a little. I well speak and I write on English and I do not use the translator. I studied the English language from 6 years and now I own in perfection. I have decided to find the gentle and good person from other country. Many people leave from Russia, in the distant countries and live happily. I hope that in the future at me all will be good. Tell the ideas in this occasion? Now I shall a little tell as passes my day, I rise in 6-30 mornings, I lie down to sleep 23-00, on work 8 hours am, 2 times go to a week on aerobics, it very much to me helps to behave in a body. I very much like to go in for sports, and is given birth by the sports person. Every day I make cleaning of a house, also prepare tasty I peep. It very much to like me as I have learned much at mum. I love various music in style, classics, a jazz. I read books much, I love detectives, and love novels. I very much love beautiful machines, but to drive the automobile I am not able, but in the future I can learn. You have the automobile? I have no native the brother and the sister. I very much love children it is pleasure in a life of each person. Friends to me tenderly name Genya. you too me can name also. I very vigorous person which to like to learn in a life new. I love make new hairdresses and to change appearance a little. I have two cousins of sisters which live in Siberia Russia. I very kind and gentle,at me was a lot of humour, and all myself I shall give my partner. I like to travel, but was not present what time as I work much. I dream of love and caring to the man. I would give him all my love and tenderness in exchange. I think to you my letter was pleasant. I get used to you and to your letters, and every day I want to communicate with you. Now it is time to me to go, I wait for your following letter. PS. Rob, many thanks for your photo, she has very much liked me! Your photo very remarkable! You very beautiful the man! I hope you will send for me still any your photos! I shall be very glad to receive them!
Your kind friend Eugeniya!!!!
Letter 32
Hello dear Rob!
I am very glad to receive your letter! Today good weather, in the street is a lot of sun, is warm also spring in the dawn.. I am very pleased that you write to me, and I at once want to tell that if we can be in a place and I like you that I ask remove the structure from a site of acquaintances as I want remove the too. You have very much liked me also I think that in the future at us all will be good. I want find out what your weather ? As you are very far I want find out as your nature.
I have gone to the Internet of Cafe to write to you the letter and to tell to you about my city. The city of Orenburg is in 1500 kilometers from Moscow, person lives in him about 600 000 thousand, it is average city, he not big and not small.There are many factories and factories,we have big shops and restaurants, there are theatres and cinemas,parks and places of rest, it is ordinary city.Such in Russia it is a lot of. In our city there is very big factory on manufacture of ****, it seems to me, that it is a drink of the true men! Rob you love ****? I tried ****, but it was not pleasant to me, I like champagne, but only one - two wine glasses. Recently I with girlfriends went to cinema and we looked film "Click", I suggest you to look him, he interesting! When I looked this film at me there was a small imagination, I have presented, that we together at a cinema and to us it is good together, but unfortunately we do not have opportunity together to go on film, it is very a pity to me! It was - healthy! Rob i hope, that it will be in the future! I understand, that I hurry events, in fact I the woman - imagination. I do not want to hasten events, but I believe, that it is necessary to meet each other in the person to know well each other. If you, just as me, have intentions to find the true woman and to create family, let's find out each other better and if we solve then I shall arrive to you and if we like each other, I shall stay with you. The Man should be a head of family, but he has to consult to the woman. I can accept completely all homeworks mine hands. I always helped mum on domestic cleaning and it was pleasant to me, and who at you is engaged in a cosiness and cleaning in the house? My time has come, it was pleasant for me to sit in the Internet of Cafe and to write to you the letter, I hope, that in my letter I have not frightened off you the ideas, in fact only our first meeting will show our attachment!
Your Russian girlfriend Eugeniya!!!!
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