Letter(s) from Yana Vasiljevichem to Peter (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello Peter.
I am very glad that you have written to me the letter. If fairly I knew that you will write to me. Peter i am glad that we with you it is begun our acquaintance. Peter i want to admit to you that I still never got acquainted such in the image, but heard much that girls get acquainted through internet with foreign men and then leave for them in marriage.

You likely are set by a question, " and why such beautiful girl as I cannot find to myself the man in the to the country ", I can answer you it only one. That men in my country where I live are not able to love, they are not romantic, they rough and severe. And I cannot choose from them to myself WORTHY the man, they can only to drink vodka and to beat the wives. And for girls that the main thing? I think that for girls of all world the main thing that her loved, understood, respected and concerned to her as to the person. I think that the Russian men are not able to love. I think that foreign men on much more romantic.

Peter i want to ask you. Why you have not found the girl in the country?
Why you interested by the Russian girls?

P.S. Peter i want that you have sent me the photo, I want I shall see the person to which to write letters.

Letter 2

Hello Peter.
It is to an owl the letter I I want to begin with that what for was registered on this site of acquaintances. Peter i want to ask you. For what you were registered on this site? You search to yourself the wife or is simple to you there is no female dialogue? Peter i to you i want to tell that the girl very serious and I DO NOT WANT to spend time in empty having written to you of the letter. As I search to myself ONLY serious relations. And if you Peter do not have serious intentions to find future wife That I shall ask you more to me to not write, as I search to myself for the FUTURE HUSBAND instead of the friend on correspondence. Peter i hope that you understand me.

If you Peter have serious intentions in this letter I want to tell a little to you about myself. My name is Yana, to me 26 years are you already probably know. As to the rest, I on the nature very hardworking person, I think myself enough clever, fair, loyal, self-assured, not emotional, purposeful, noble, polite, wise, counterbalanced, kind, brought up, intellectual, disinterested and in general the good person. I have higher education, I have left Pedagogical school it. Krupskoy on a speciality the teacher - teacher. I have senses of humour, I the cheerful person. My hobbies: sports (2 times I go to a week to float in pool), music (in the childhood my parents have given me in musical school and on this I very much love music and even itself I am able to play on the piano), reading (very much I like to read), driving on a bicycle. I am able: to prepare, sew, erase, do massage, I am able to go by the automobile (only there is no driver's license and the machine), I am able to work, bring up (there is an experience), I am able to do much.

I like to prepare and I am able to prepare practically for all dishes of Russian kitchen. I love children and when I have free time I go to good familiar to play with her child, I very much love children and I want to have children from the favourite person. I love summer. I like when to me give gifts. I love ice-cream. I love holidays. I love animals. I like to communicate with people. I like when from the man pleasantly smells. I like to go to cinema. I love flowers (yellow tulips), etc. I do not like when me deceive. I do not like when me use in the purposes. I hate change and treachery. I do not like to be late and when it do. I do not like when do not fulfil the promises. I do not like when coldly, etc.

Well I think also all that I can tell about myself. I think that you could read all and all to understand. And as I want to learn in following your letter it is a little about you and your hobbies.

P.S. I send you a photo, I hope that it to like you.

Letter 3

Hello Peter.
I again so am glad to see from you the letter. Big that you still read thanks you and answer on my letters. Peter i want to tell to you that I so is glad each time to read your letters. I want to tell to you that your letters of steel for me as BEAMS of the SUN in a dark empire.

Peter I have read your letter and have understood that you would like that I have arrived to you to Belgium. But Peter I think that we yet very well could learn each other for this time that we write letters and I still cannot answer your questions on the account of travel yet and our meeting. Peter I want to tell that we all over again should better learn each other through letters and then already do what that conclusions to the account of our joint future. Well?

Peter in this letter I want to tell to you about that place where I live. I live in the country Russia as you probably have already guessed. So I Volzhsk means live in the country Russia in small city under the name, it to be in 700 kilometers from city Moscow capitals of Russia. My city to be in northeast in 700 kilometers from city of Moscow. My city not so big its population of all of 270 thousand person. In my city only 1 hospital, 2 schools, 1 bank, 1 library, 5-6 shops, as there are road and railway stations.
My city to be near to the river Volga. My city can be bypassed on foot for one day, in my city when that Pushkin stopped, in honour of him even the street is named, in my city it is a lot of sights, about our city it is a lot of factories and the industrial enterprises and as at us it is a lot of woods and lakes which to be near to city and so I can list the whole eternity is it is necessary to see the eyes. I to you was possible it sometime and I shall show. I was born in this city and 26 years live here, I know many people in this city and many people know and respect me.

Peter i in the last letter have overlooked to write to you whom and where I work. I work at school, the teacher of ethics. My work consists in that that I teach children as it is correctly necessary to behave in a society. My work very difficult and complex as I teach young guys and girls as it is correct him to behave in a civilized society, on me to lie down very much the important point in their lives and many hopes of their parents as I teach their children of ethics are assigned and after my lessons they (I think) begin correctly messages itself in a society of the coevals and other people. You know as difficultly to teach children? Peter you at all do not imagine as it difficultly. I every day, except for Sunday, rise in 6:30 mornings. I come in school where that by 7:30, from 8:00 at me lessons already begin, i teach at 7,8,9 classes, at this age children experience awkward age and at them the head is hammered not by the necessary things and me still it is necessary to them to tell about that as they should behave in a civilized society, Peter i to you shall tell that it very difficultly to make, but I try because of all forces, I think that it at me turns out.. Then at me lessons go up to 14:00 day, after lessons I am usual i remain at school to check up writing-books of pupils, it borrows from me where those 2-3 hours. And so it turns out that I come home where that in area 17:00-18:00 evenings. I come home and I still need to prepare for a material for the following lessons for tomorrow and so i work. You probably think " as forces on all suffice me? ", I to you can already tell that I have got used to this and very much it is pleasant to me to teach children as I think that I do(make) the big contribution to their destiny.

Well that's all that I wanted you to tell today about the city and the work. I hope that when you read my letter it to you it was pleasant. And as Peter i would like to learn about your city where do you live and about your work, I think that it will be very interesting.


Letter 4

Hello Peter.
Many thanks for the letter, was very pleasant to read me it.

Peter I have read your letter and I want to tell to you many thanks for your understanding and your sympathy for me. And as big nianea about for advice on the account of the help of that girl, to her already our state has paid some sum of money to treatment so to you I was not necessary to ask the help at Kiwanis. Peter want to tell to you that my religion is a Catholicism (I the Catholic) and I as well as you frequently I do not want in church, I want in church once a week. The religion is important for me and for my parents and I would think that they did not give me to leave in marriage not for the Catholic. Peter I have seen at the end of the letter that you have written me the offer in Russian, it was so unexpectedly. Peter you know Russian? It was very pleasant for me to read it. Petero us too in Russia celebrate Easter and too people go along the street with multi-coloured eggs and vary them with other people.

Peter now I want to write to you about the parents, about those people which us have brought up. I to you still when did not write about the parents. Now I live with mum Galina Mihajlovnoj and father Nikolay Vasiljevichem. To my mum already 56 and to my father 52 years. My parents have got acquainted when had a rest in one of sanatoria which to be about our city, approximately 30 years ago. My mum to me many times told as they have got acquainted with the daddy, they have got acquainted under very bad circumstances. My mum has come on a disco which passed in sanatorium and drunk people began to stick to her then mine the daddy seeing that stick to the poor and defenceless girl was entered for her and was hardly villains have beaten. Then my mum began goes to him to hospital, came to him. And when I the daddy has recovered at them with mum the novel has twirled, later 3 years they have got married and at them the girl it I was born! And they still till now like each other. Now my parents where I do not work, they pensioners and every day sit at home and watch TV. I so am strong I love the parents, and very much to them it is grateful that they have brought up me such what I is now.

It is a little about my family. As you already know that I have mum and the daddy at me there is my favourite and unique grandfather, which i very strongly like and I respect. The truth my grandfather lives very far from me and I seldom see him, I all the same STRONGLY love him. Except for the grandfather at me is not present brothers sisters more. And you have brothers or sisters?

Well that's all that I wanted you to write. Peter it will be very interesting to me to learn about your family and your parents. I shall wait for your letter. Yana.