Letter(s) from Victoria Reznichenko to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello !

I guess I have to thank you for your answer, your time and attention. I was very pleased to get your reply. I also want to thank you for your photos, I find you as very attractive man. If you have more of them please send me. Thank you that you told me interesting facts about yourself and your life. There is so much that I would like to find out about your life and also your personality. I hope you will tell me more in your letters.

I think that it's time to tell you about myself. My name is Lyubov. It means Love in English. The short variant of my name is Lyuba. My friends call me so and you can call me also. My birth date is: 11 of January, 1978. As you can count up I'm already 29 years old. I'm 165 cm in height and my weight is 51 kg. I have light green eyes and rather long hair. I am brown-haired. I've got my elder brother Oleg and younger sister Xenia. We live all together in Sevastopol, one of Crimean Ukrainian cities. It is very beautiful city with very nice and heroic history. Have you ever been to my city? If you come here I will show you everything the most interesting and attractive! As for my work. I work in Sevastopol as a nurse in a children's hospital. I like my work in spite of it is hard sometimes to look at sick children, my heart cries! But I do my best to help them and I am very glad when my help is useful.

I like pets very much but unfortunately I don't have my own. I had a cat when I was a child but my pet passed away and since I don't have one as I get attached to the pets very much and it is very difficult to lose them. My mom says that I take everything very much to my heart but I can't feel in other way, I am such kind of person.

What else I can tell about me?... When I have free time I like to hear music. Usually I like to hear calm music but it depends on my mood and sometimes I like to hear pop music. I also like to read and to watch different adventure programs.

As for my preferences in my future darling I do like and appreciate a man's honesty, integrity, loyalty, seriousness, and desire to be committed. I believe all relationships should start out as friendship. I hope you will decide to be my friend. And hopefully it can grow into something more than just friends. If you agree, then please reply as soon as possible!

I am sending you today the photo of mine which was taken especially at studio. I have a girlfriend who works at photo studio and she took some of my photos. So don't be surprised that I am looking like a model on it. My friend is a real professional and it is she who made me look like a model:)))

I'll be waiting for your letter!

Letter 2

Hi my friend, tell me why you have decided to get acquainted on the Internet, not in the "street". I had no good acquaintances in the street. I think, that if the person specially uses service of acquaintances he has serious intentions to find the special person for himself. Earlier i did not inform you where i live because i know about you a little, I live in average area of Russia, in Tsivilsk city, It is located on slopes Privoljskoi of a height, on the to coast of Big Tsivil, in 8 km Railway station, in 37 kms to a southeast from Cheboksary. The distance from Tsivilsk to Moscow is about 790 km. I would like, that you wrote to me the small story, how the usual man in your country lives. Here other culture and a life, and I think this story will help me better to understand you. I think, that on TV tell not always truth, and I never do opinion about other country and its inhabitants from TV. I hope, that will not tell some things about it tiresome for you. With what importance of family in your country and what opinion at you concerning it. I heard, that the foreign women frivolously concern to family, that for them their career is more important. And some women marry and at once do divorce to take half of money from the husband. It is the truth?. It is very difficult to me to understand it. I think i am happy person because I have good family and in the future I want to create the same happy family. To my regret we live far apart, otherwise we could meet, talk, to spend some time together and good learn each other. But we have an opportunity to write each other, and if we shall decide to meet, I hope, that it will be not a problem for us because earlier I travelled to other countries. I was in the several countries of Europe. I traveled as the tourist. In our days it is not a problem to travel. I don't worry about it and I can do it, it is possible to have relations with the person of other part of the world. It is very interesting - other culture, thinking, traditions i like new places, probably you can learn Russian woman. I am confident that you are able to give tenderness and able to care of women and if we have decided to meet i hope i would be surrounded your attention. But I think it is early to speak about it, We have a lot of time... well i finish my letter now.
I wait for your messages.


Letter 3

Hi my dear! How do you feel? I 'm very good! I a little excited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped with an idea about our meeting. It is joyful event for me from i have much emotions. Such as excitement both the big impatience and expectation of this day . You have brought the whole sea of emotions in my life, and it is difficult for me to consult with it, but I can tell, that it pleasantly and gave me new push and the purpose for life. I think, lovely, that it is necessary for us to arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in our affairs. I can arrange on my work, that to have some days free for me. And will your work be to allow you to make it? Probably you have the intense schedule on work also you should be busy. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could arrive to you for some days. For me there is no problem to make long travel. If such way more convenient for you and my arrival not will create inconvenience for you, let's choose this plan. It for me even it is more good, because I can see as you live, your friends, you can show me where you live and different places loved for you and if sometime you will need to visit your work. My work not so important also also here can manage without me, therefore I do not worry about my work. Inform me dear, the opinions! If it is a good way for you too I shall make preparations for travel.
My hugs and kisses

Yours Mariya.

Letter 4

Hello honey! I'm glad to read your message and learn that i can really on your help in paying in the agency. I feel myself a little uncomfortable because i had to ask you for help. Always i considered myself to be an independent person who can solve all the problems himself. But this time i was wrong that could pay for the journey myself. When i traveled earlier, it was cheaper. But now i am glad that you can help me. You know, after our acquaintance i have changed the opinion about myself. Earlier i consider myself to be a strong and independent person, and it was pleasant that i could care of myself. And now i feel i am a woman who needs support. It is very pleasant to know that there is a man, a strong man, who can protect me from all the troubles. I said the place of meeting to the agent, and he told me that will tell me exactly cost my trip after i pay all sum for visa. he told that can't tell me it right now because can't be sure when i will pay for my visa full and it depends when i receive it. if you can't help me with all sum pay for tickets later - i will try ask some money from my friends or parents. but i don't think that i can receive all sum. Now i need in 5-6 days about $500 USA to pay the agency the second part. I hope, honey, it won't be very difficult for you, and you will help me during 5-6 days. I will learn in agency how you can send it. Honey, i hope, i didn't made you problems with my hurry. probably this waste of money is not planned for you. If so, please. don't be angry with me... I miss you very much, and waiting for our meeting. Write me soon. My hugs and kisses, your sweet Mariya.