Letter(s) from Julia Korobkova to Ashok (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my friend.

Me call Yulia, my surname Korobkova. To me of 26 years. I was born May, 26, 1978 in city of Kazan. You have seemed it is enough the interesting person. And at me the desire with you has appeared to get acquainted.Probably you would like to ask me. What I search for relations? I SEARCH TO MYSELF OF THE CLOSE PERSON, for serious relations. With which in fast the future, would like to connect the life.

Probably you will be set by a question why I search for the destiny and want to connect the life with the person from for borders. I tried to find the guy from Russia, and was convinced that they do not appreciate feeling, of relations, between the man and the woman.On mine the sight in relations should to be present not only what or needs , but love and romanticism.Not much I shall tell about myself. I am very romantic person. I work in cosmetic interior. I like to care of beauty of people. As I think, that appearance is a part of a basis internal beauty of the person.If you want to find out about me more please write to me. It would be pleasant for me if you would not leave me without attention.Write to me on mine

electronic the address: yulia01@hotmail.ru I shall wait for your fast reply.

With sincere respect YULIA.

Letter 2

My love Ashok.

I am very happy to your letter, I today went to travel agency. I think that I have made all that could. Now a step for you love mine. Love mine, you may send money through " the Western Union ". It is necessary money to official registration of papers 1550 $. I was interested that it is necessary to you to send money. You should know my surname and a name literally. So me call Korobkova Yulia. Love mine please be not mistaken. And me it is necessary to receive love mine your money. It is your full home address and code MTCN (ten-character number). Love mine there should be 10 numbers. Well like and all. And you are farther know what to do love mine. I love you and very much I miss on you.


Letter 3

My love Ashok.

I not for a long time have returned from embassy. Love mine, I do not know, but I in confusion. My hands shiver also my heart is very strongly beaten. Today, at passage of customs house, to me have told to visit the country, it is necessary to have the certain sum. Group of people which too passed the customs control, have normally passed also this barrier. They have shown the sum of money which it was necessary to show. I had to be developed and leave back. Love mine now, I at all do not know that to me to do. All our dreams fall directly at me on eyes. I at all do not know where to take such big sum, this sum 4600 $. But I only should show her and all. That that at me is such sum and I normally can live the certain quantity of days in this country. Now, I at all do not know, that to me to do love mine. To me it is very bad. I never can find such sum of money. My heart is broken off from that that I can not be with you. Love mine, now I sit in Internet - cafe and I shall wait for your answer. Simply know, that in this world you for me all and even is more. I shall die without you. I love you. With love Yulia.

Letter 4

My love Ashok.

Love mine if it is fair, I want to leave my country, for one week, another. I want, will calm down slightly and to have a rest, but I want to have a rest with you. I have already ordered renewal of documents in travel agency. And I want to arrive in USA. On Saturday, I have given on renewal of documents. And to me have told, that on Thursday, they will be ready. Love I, wants to ask you, you will meet me there? You will be with me? I shall come there only for one week. Love I, wants to ask you about one, at me does not suffice, on tickets and the passport for travel abroad. I have found out it will cost 1610 $. Love mine please if you may the help, I very much want to be right now with you, even what that time. And then in October you will come to me love mine. I shall wait for your answer. I love you. With love Yulia.

Letter 5

My love Ashok.

Now I very much am in a hurry and I send to you the address Russia, republic Tatarstan, city of Kazan street Saharova, the house 23, an apartment 10. My postal index 420139. I hope it to you will help my lovely. I shall look forward to hearing. Yours Yulia

Letter 6

My love Ashok.

My lovely, answering your questions, want to tell, that I with you shall live all this time. From work, I shall be asked for some weeks at own expense. You asked about travels when you will come then we with you and shall decide, have agreed my lovely. Yes by the way, my lovely, free apartments, did not remain in general. All practically hotels, are reserved, there was one one hotel, I went there, there is two numbers one to floor lux, and second lux. The first costs day 120 $, and the second 150 $. Means it is necessary 1680 $ or 2100 $. My lovely the condition still is necessary is necessary to reserve hotel for two weeks. My lovely and the person should reserve from here from Kazan, tomorrow I should give the answer. Any more where there are no numbers and empty apartments. The truth surrenders a cottage, but only for one month and the price his simply terrible, 7100 $. But this cottage, it is simple fairy tale, there all is. Also it is necessary to reserve beforehand. So my lovely, I shall wait urgently for your answer. I love you. With love Yulia.