Scam letter(s) from Alina Ruzieva to Jason (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jay
I am sorry I didn't write you for so long.
I was really busy for last week and had no chance to check my mail.
How are you? Hope things go well for you. I hope I am not too late and you didn't find someone:) I have received your answer for my note.
Thanks It is very nice of you. My name is Maria, I am living in San Francisco.
I'm sorry for the mistake I don't live in NY, Probably I entered wrong ZIP code when I was creating my profile on yahoo. Hope it is ok and again I'm sorry.
Working in the educational field. You know, I had some experience on yahoo personals.
But to tell the truth it was awful. That's why I want to say at once that I will not going to send you my ***** shots or something like that. I hope you don't need it. I am not playing and don't want to play games. It is not just a flirt for fun.
Don't get me wrong I am looking for the one and only, serious person who can value relations and looking for true love. I would like to know more about you.
And if you are interested in the same relations you are welcome.
I'm sure that relations must grow step by step and if I don't feel the sure for my last step I will not do further one. I value honesty, openness and responsobility in person.
I am russian and not much time living here in US. I came for exchange program of education.
I am working with kids. When I started to search for a man on yahoo, my american colleagues advised me to be cautious and be aware of peple who can damage me some way.
I hope you understand what I mean. I must be sure that your intentions are pure and serious.
I want to find love and stability in my privat life.
So if you feel that it is possible for us to have such kind of conversation I would like to know what are you looking for in relations and woman?
What is your interests? Please write me more about yourself so I can know what man you are.
I think that we have a lot of things to talk about and learn about each other.
As for me I would like to give you the representation of my personality and lifestyle.
I hope it is the same on your side and I'm sure we will have a nice conversation.
Ok. Waiting for your answer. Have a nice day. Maria
Letter 2

Hi Jay
It was nice to get your letter.
Today I was asked to change my collegue here in the Center.
So you see I am working today. I don't mind working Sundays.
How is your weekend going?
I am glad that you have found free time to write me an answer.
I like the way we started our conversation, I'm glad that you understood my wishes. I am checking my mail on my work, usually during the day I have couple of chances to use the computer. How are you? I like to meet new people, but I don't know much in America. People here are open and have some difference from the people that living in Russia.
I am here for three weeks already. I really enjoy the time of being here. Earlier I had a plan to go back to Russia after I will finish my work here. But now I'm thinking over another variant stay here and continue my work and our communication. I am working in very friendly atmosphere and my collegues are great people. I have finished the Educational University in Russia. And now I found myself here working with abandoned kids. I like my job as I like to help people especially children because they deserve only the best. Children that don't have their own parents have diffuculties in such an young age. In the center I work there is some from Russia. They were adopted in Russia and got here to the US and then left alone for some reasons. It is sad that someone can't keep the responsibility. You know I have a great parents. They are always love me and I grown in very friendly atmosphere. I value that they always understand me and never be too strict. Our relations was allways based on support and good advice.
I can say that my mother is my best friend for me, I can share everything with her about my life. She never pressed me in my decisions and I am very appreciate her. As for my dad, he is an example of ideal man for me. Strong, wise, caring and loving husband and father, he is allways a protector for me, so gentle and friendly all the time. I'm lucky that I had a happy childhood. That's why I am trying to give all my love and care to the kids I work with, and you know they always give it back. I wonder do you like your job and what is the main thing for you in what you do? I like your interest for me and I will be glad to let you know more about me. I'm sure that true love is a miracle and it needs to be grown like a tender flower, step by step. And it can take some time to make it bloom. And more you are gentle and patient, than more beautiful will be a result. I believe in this and I will be glad if you will share my thoughts about this.
What would you say? By the way.
I have a couple of questions for you too, I hope you don't mind to let me know how long was your last relations? If you don't feel comfortable enough to answer, it is ok. It is very interesting to know how did you start to search for your soulmate in the Internet? Do you have any experience in Internet dating? Ok I think it is enough questions for today. I will be glad to see your letter again. Have a nice day.
Take care. Maria.
Letter 3

Hello dear Jay.
How are you? I'm just fine.
I met my colleague Jenny here, she is on duty today, so we was talking a lot. She is very smart and wise woman and I like to talk with her about anything. She is so kind and very experienced woman and we were talking about everything. I told her that we have a conversation with you, hope you don't mind, and she was glad that I have such an interesting dialogue with you. She is married and have a beautiful kid. It is a boy and his name is Patrick. She takes him with her sometimes when she have a duty on the weekend. Oh, there is a story about this boy that I want to tell you. One weekend on Jenny's way at work little Patrick has found dried up leaf and said that he will present it to me. Mrs. Bargette was taken aback and was wondering why a leaf? To present someone you don't know enough a leaf? What she will think about me and even I can offend her. And when Patrick came to me and presented it to me. She siad that she saw how her son's eyes were sparkle and he was shinning. I asked him some questions about this leaf, I praised him. Next day Patrick brought a stick with leaves and presented to me. In a few days he paint a picture for me. I took an adhesive tape. Has hung up his figure on a wall, in a prominent place. I was so gald to see how every time I praise him, he just was so happy. By the way now there are a lot of drawings of Patrick on the wall in my office.:) There is a saying that a children is a draft copy of the adult. I think that it is not right. We can desert the draft copies of some school work or projects but, I think, we can't afford the same in relation to children we just have no right. We should help them to be guided in the difficult world, warn of troubles and involve in the normal business environment. We should surround them with caress, correct their behaviour, answer their questions and react to their confusions. Mrs. Bargette praised me today and said that will give me the highest recomendations. I am so happy! It is wonderful to see that you doing your work great.
As for my parents they are the best and closest people in the world for me. Me and my mother are like a friends, she always listen to me very attentive and doesn't tell me do something this or that way.
My parents understand and respect me and it is what I like in them.
My parents now are pencioners and living for themselves.
They are very happy for me that I have a chance to live in the US.
Thank you for staying in touch, I really enjoy our conversation Jay. It is a pleasure for me to tell you about my life here and what I do.
Take care, your Maria.
Letter 4

Hi dear, Jay
Hope you are great. I am well too.
I'm sorry that I didn't write you last one day, I had a lot of work and was unable to get to the computer. I'm glad that I can write you again now. How are yo doing today. I'm just fine. You know, last night I had an insomnia, I don't know why. I was in my bed and I had so many thoughts in my head. And most of them was about you and our communication. I was trying to imagine what are you doing in the same time, maybe thinking of me too. I was really interested what our relations mean for you. I'm trying to be interesting and friendly to you, I don't know if you feel it. I'm just a russian girl here in big american city, all alone with my thoughts and feelings. I can't imagine what would I do without your letters, your interest and your support. Trully, I was so alone before I met you. I still have no friends here, someone whom I can talk and laugh with. I like laugh and smile, and I'm sure you too. Our relations are like the ray of light for me, and serious I don't see anything more important now. Of course I have my work and I like it. But you know that we all need someone sometime. Or all the time. isn't? And I can say that I never met such a good man like you. I know, all we have is just our letters, but I really hope that there is a kind and loving heart behind your words, I can feel it. And if our relations have a future, I would like to know this heart better. Do you think that we are really have a chance to be together? You know I do... Oh, ok:)
By the way, today I'm going to be late on my work. Jenny planning to take Patrick here and we gonna spend this evening together. I'm sure that Patrick have another drawing for me. You know he usually draws the classics, like house and mom near it, birds, cars and trees.
I have a great Iidea, I think I'll ask him to draw me this time.
I think it ill be very funny. I'm glad that this evening I will not be alone and will have a great time drinking tea and chatting with Jenny and Patrick. Communication is very important for me and I'm really happy that I have such friends here. I believe that future holds for me the happiness of being loved and cared. I really want it. I feel that I have so much inside that I can share. I think that every woman want to feel the strong man's shoulder, and also to be near the man who understands and cares you. Hope you are not against me sharing all these thoughts with you. You know, I have noticed that through my letters to you I learn myself better. I have never experienced the feelings like this and want to say thank you for you being in my life. I am glad, that you are very attentive listener and hope that you find me interesting in our dialogue. So, that's what I wanted to share with you for today. Have a nice day. Stay out of trouble and take care.
I will wait for your letter. Bye. Yours, Maria
Letter 5

Hello dear Jay.
How are you? I'm fine, I'm at my work and in great mood today.
You now I didn't receive your letter today and I'm a little bit worry.
I hope it is all ok with you. You probably was busy to answer.
It is ok, but please let me know what's going on with you, because I feel better when I have something from you. Please write me more often, it is a real pleasure for me to have your letters and continue our communication. I want to know more about you. I'm sure you will write me tomorrow or earlier, anyway I will be waiting.
Yesterday I spend a great evening in company of Jenny and Patrick. We were talking and laughing a lot, drinking tea, playing.
We were talking about Russia with Jenny. She told me that her parents was scaring her when she was a young girl, they usually told her that **** russian kommunists will come for her if she will be naughty. I was so laughing about that. Jenny told me that she was studying russian history and language a little in the college. My parents never told me about mean americans, I was heard only about poor american workers and abused afro-americans. Yeah you know, things are changed since that time. I'm glad that our countries are have a friendship. Jenny made a couple of photos of me and Patrick, so I decided to share it with you.
Hope you like it.
Right now when I write you a letter I am trying to set up PayPal account, I have never used it before and it is hard for me to fill all these forms propaly. They asked me to do a Pay Pal account for my salary. You know the progress here in America shocking sometimes:)
Anyway I keep trying, they said it is necessary, so I have no choice.
I am gald that I can write you to have a little rest and share my news with you. You know, I am thinking about Christams and how to spend it.
I really want to celebrate coming Christmas in America. I bet it will be great. It will be my first Christmas out of my country. So what is your plans for Christmas? Do think is it possible for us to meet it together? I have no company yet and it would be just great to spend my first Christmas in america with you. Please, tell me what do you think about it? Ok I have to get back to Pay Pal and hope I will manage to set it up at last. So take care and I will be wait for your answer about this Christmas. Truly yours, Maria.
Letter 6

Hello dear Jay.
Sorry have not much time going with kids for a walk.
How are you? Hope you are fine. I am just fine.
I am worrying if you are ok? I don't know what's going on with you.
I didn't receive anything from you for 2 days. Please let me know if you are ok. You can be busy, but think you can find a second to write me just a little note and calm me down. I'm frustrated, I hope you didn't find another girl.Please, I want you to understand that I'm worry about you and our correspondence is very important for me.
I hope you will write me soon, I'll be waiting.
Yesterday I was late at work, I just started to prepare my report for department of education, which I will have to show it in Russia when I will back to prolong my visa. I hope I will be given good recommendations here. It is very important for me to get another good job here in the US. I really feel lucky to have an opportunity to work here. It is cool that we have met and you are so friendly to me and I think that it is great that I have a friend like you or even more then just a friend:) Today it is going to be a very busy day for me.
The kids will have medical test and I have to acompany them. The Christmas is coming soon... So we started to prepare some celebration ceremony for kids, my colleagues do it every year. It is going to be a costume show and every kid will have a present. I am gald. They deserve only the best. I am not sure if I be here with them or at somewhere else, but I wish them only the good impressions and I will do my best to help my colleagues to help with this celebration. Yaeh, Christmas mood! Can you feel it?:) Have to run and sorry again that my letter is not so long. I hope that I didn't miss anything.
Take care and have a nice day! Yours, Maria.
Letter 7

Hello dear Jay.
How are you doing ? Hope you had a good rest before next business week. I am just fine.
Today's morning began with broken hair drier :( I just started to dry my hair, first it was working as usual for a while but then he just suddenly stopped working. I don't know what's the reason, anyway it was working for two years. So I have decided that I need a new one. I waited my hair dried and went to the WalMart. Oh, you know really huge store!!! There is no such huge stores in Bugulma. I think it is great that you can buy everything you need not leaving one bulding. I was glad the opportunity to have a walk and look around. At first I even didn't know where to go, there was crowds of people. I wish you were here with me to see all the great things here. I think it would be great, just walking together, talking, laughing:). I would see what things you like best, whats your favorite departments. I would like to hear your advices about everything. I hope we will have a chance to do it, are you agree? :) You know it is really amazing, the whole store is so wonderful decorated. Reminders of coming Christmas are everywhere, a lot of different lights, a lot of music. I felt hungry while walking around and had a bite. I have bought a nice new branded hair drier for such a low price, I bought also some presents for my parents and some things for me: new jeans, couple of t-shorts, sweater and some cosmetic stuff. You see, it was a great shopping! Do you like do shopping? I think it is great fun in America. I even didn't expect that it would cost for me so cheap. So I have bought a lot sweets:
candies, crackers, choclates etc. and brought it here at my work and treated the kids. They were so gald:) I like to see them smiling and laughing. Maybe we can talk on the phone nearest days, I can give you my phone number. I think it would be a great to hear your voice and take another step in our relations. You can call me +14153761635
Tommorow I will be at home about 8pm.
So I think I will have a shower first and since 8:30 pm I will wait for your call. So the best time to reach me from 8:30 pm till midnight usually this time I get to sleep.So it will be very comfortable for me to receive a call from you that time. Right now I feel a little bit tired after all what I have done for today. What have you been doing today? As I would like to know anything about you. I'll say it again, I'm glad that I have you and we can have a dialogue. I'm not feel so alone when I write you, I'm glad to have every your letter and I'm always so excited waiting it. Do you feel the same? It is great that we met. I feel that I want to tell you so much about it, to say thank you, to send you a kiss. And I hope I will do it in real one day:).
We just need time yeah? I hope you will find the time to call me, I am very excited to hear your voice soon. I want you to understand that it is very important for me to hear your voice. So I will impatiently waiting for your call. So going home now. Wish you good week. Anyway write me as soon as you can and let me know what's going on with you.
Take care. Yours, Maria.
Letter 8

Hi dear Jay:)
Oh I am worry that I don't have a letter from you today.
It makes me little sad, because I was waiting for your letter with impatience today. Anyway it is always a pleasure for me to let you know how things going at my side. I think that some ugent business prevent you from writing me a letter. I hope you are ok and tommorow I will have your letter.
How are you? I'm fine, I'm in good mood today and I want to share it with you. Hope you ok:) I was missing you and decided to write you few words. You know, I'm thinking a lot about our relations, and what we do. I was reading your letters again and smiling, you're so cool. I really like the way communicate. And more I think about the possibility of our meeting one day. I think that I'm ready to take some further steps with you. I know that I can trust you now, you are great person for me, the man who can hold my interest and to whom I can speak open. I want you to call me, I want to hear your voice cause I miss the live communication between us. I hope you are really feel the same way. I'm thinking and worrying about my near trip to Russia. It is pity that I can not prolong my visa being here in US and I have to go to Russia to do it, because I will also need to make a report in the department of education. I think I have a lot to tell them about my work here. My report will soon be ready, I write it every day and it is going alright. I really hope that my department will be satisfied with my work here in child center. And I also hope that I will arrange everything pretty quick and back to US very soon.
I want to be in time and back here till the Christmas. I would like to spend few holydays with you. Wherever you want. You can visit my place or I will go to yours, actually it doesn't matter and it depends on your decision if you want to meet. I just want to see you in real, spend some time with you just talking and having fun. Please let me know what do you think about this? Or have you ever thought about it?
What would you like to do if we meet? I don't know much yet about american lifestyle but I really want to know more and I hope you will help me to learn something about your country, about people and about you.
Maybe you have some special places that you want to show me at your place, it would be very interesting to see it. I believe that nothing matter happen without a reason. And if we have a mutual sympathy we must let it grow and we don't need to hide. As for me I don't want to hide my feelings. Because I trust you my thoughts and you know it is great that youre so open with me too. I know that we are living in the world full of indifference and loneliness. But I want to do my best to be understanding and loving and maybe make someone happy. I'm always trying to help others with my smile and advice and if I see someone need my care and support of course I will give my hand. I feel that I have so much love to share and want to be useful for someone special in my life.
By the way I have a surprise for you:) A little fragment of video filmed here, starring me and little Patrick:) Check it out, I hope you will enjoy it.
OK dear. I want you to give me your opinion about my thoughts. I need your advice and support because I feel now that something special starting in my life. Please, don't forget I will wait for your call tomorow:) I hope to receive your reply soon. Yours, Maria.
Letter 9

Hi dear, Jay:)
I didn't have a letter from you today and it makes me sad. I always enjoy and smile when I have a letter from you. Every of it makes my day, dear. Hope you are ok and i think that you are just too busy to give me a line or two. You keep silence for two days and I started to worry about you. Please, find a minute to let me know that you are ok. It is very important for me to stay in touch with you and if I even too busy I always trying to find time to write you. So I hope that I will read your letter soon.
How are you doing today? What's your news? I am glad that I found a minute to write you what's going on in my life. Today I work hard, the whole world crushing down on me, but it's ok, I know it is just temporarily and everything will eventualy work out for the best, always remember that dear Jay :). I am just a little bit tired, but I always feel better when I write you.
Everytime I write you I have a big smile on my face and feel something good in my heart. You really escape me from the loneliness what I feel sometime.
I am sorry but I am a little bit sleepy, because yesterday I was writing my report till the early morning. You know, sometimes I am fond of writing something especially when it is interesting and important for me and I just don't notice how the time pass:) So I went to bed only at 3am and waked up about 7am. So I hope you understand how I feel now:) By the way, I just wonder, what do you want to get at Christmas?
What gift would you like? And what do you expect from 2006?
Please answer:). Ok. I will wait for your letter.
Take care. Write me more. Later.
Letter 10

Hi dear, Jay
Hope your well. As for me I'm just fine. My day began with exciting news.
When I came at the work this morning, I was invited to my boss office for a talk.
She told me that she had a call from Russian Department of Education and I need go back to Russia, they now ordering the ticket for me. Also she said that they had a great plreasure to work with me and that I have got a talent, they really satisfied with my work in the Center.
I got very good recomendations which I am sure will help me. I am so glad it means that I have done my job really great and I have some future in the US:) And now I just have to go back to Russia just to prolong my visa and make a report in the Department of Education.
I am sure that it will not take much time, so I think it will take a week or less.
And as soon as my visa will be ready I will be back to the USA. I am glad that I leave the US this week, because as soon I prolong my visa as soon I will be able to came back. I am going to celebrate New Year Eve here, I think it will be the greatest holidays in my life:) It would be great if we could meet during this holidays.
I want it so much! So you see I have not much time here and it would be just great if we can talk on the phone.
Please call me as soon as you can, I want to hear your voice and talk to you.
I think I will leave in a couple of days. Not much time left. And I hope you understand my intention to speak with you. Anyway I will take a touch with you and will try to write you everyday from Russia.
I think I can give you a call sometime, what do you think?
As for me our relations is very important and I feel that I want to continue it. Will you wait for my return?
Will you write me while I am in Russia? It will be great to see my parents too because I miss them much and I am sure they will be happy to know that we have a conversation. I hope that you will not miss me a lot :)
I feel that a new stage of my life begins, I feel really great about this.
This is just a short letter to let you know about my news.
I will write you more later. Take care, Maria.
Letter 11

Hi dear, Jay
Honey, I don't have a letter from you for two days. I'm worrying about it a little. I have some important news and want to share it with you.
Maybe youre too busy, but please let me know what's going on with you.
I hope I will receive your letter, I need to know your opinon.
How are you? Hope you are ok and wish you great celebrate Christams with clean heart and good mood. I am leaving the US today. My flight is in three hours and I just arrived at work to have an opportunity to write you and to say good bye to everybody. Besides, it is more comfortable for me to reach the airport from here. It is so pitty that I can't celebrate Christmas here but it is ok, because I will be celebrating New Year Eve here and it is just great! So I hope you will not be manage to miss me:) There is an Internet and phones in Russia, so I think that it will not be a problem to keep a touch.
I wish to give you a call sometime.
I think that I will miss my job and kids here in the Center.
But I am glad that soon I will see my family for a while. I miss them much.
My flight will take more then a day plust time difference, so I will write you immediatly when I will arrive home. I want to tell you something, my days are brighten with our great conversation and I am sure that I have found a friend or more:) I want to continue it.
I want let it grow. I appreciate to you for all your kind words for me, your support, your communication. I just want you to know it. You helped me a lot. I feel that you are a great man with big heart and I'm happy that I met you. Ok, honey not much left for me. Gotta go.
See you later. It would be great to see your letter for me in Russia.
I will be back to the US next week. Take care.
Merry Christams. Kiss, Maria.
Letter 12

Hello my dear Jay!
How are you there? At last I have an opportunity to write you. How did you celebrate Christmas?
I hope you had a great time. My flight was alright, about 23 hours long. I am very tired with that.
But I am ok I am so glad that I am at home and my trip was safe.
Everybody at home was so glad to see me even for that short time that I am here.
I was happy to present a great hug for my parents. By the way one funny thing happened to me during the flight:) On the plane I was sitting next to young mother with the wonderful boy he was the same age as little Patrick. This boy was crying. He was so scared of the flight and this woman couldn't calm him down. And you know I just started to talk to this child, I was manage to abstract him from fear and tears. In a half of hour he got to sleep and his mother was so appreciate. Her name was Linda. We got into conversation with her and I told her that kids is my job:). I was really glad to help her and was in great mood after that. So my experience working with kids was useful. Daddy said that he is very proud of me:)
I presented few little souvenirs to my family and they were touched. And I also told them that I met you and we have a great communication and even planning to meet each other. I hope you don't mind:).
I have said that you are good man with big heart and very honest with me.
They all said hello to you and wish that someday see you in Russia :)
You know my mother was worried about me when I was in America and said that she will feel more safe for me if there will be a good man beside me. So you got acquainted with my parents in some way:)
Now I'm at my friend Olga's place and she is so happy that I was able to come. So do I !
I'm writing you from Olga's computer now. I'm glad that I have this opportunity, because I wanted to share my news with you. Today morning when I just arrived from Moscow, I visited my Department of Education to know about my trip back to US. They said that my visa will be prolonged and ready tomorrow and I booked an open date ticket.
To tell the truth I had a little problem today. At home, my mother told that they got a notifying from bank where I took a credit. The reason is that about a year ago I took a little credit in the bank to help my parents with buying new house. I paid fees when I was in Russia and it is my last payment left to the bank, but I delayed the payment being in the US and now bank demanded to make this payment and pay all fees for delay.
It is not large sum of money but they told me in the department that bank could resist about my depart to the US. It was really a surprise for me, pretty unpleasant because I planing to leave Russia as soon as possible for the New Year Eve.
So today I had to find money for the credit, it was pretty hard because of holidays.
I was very upset about this situation, I was so affraid that I can stay here in Russia.
My parents don't have much money to help me. But it is our common problem.
And my mother decided to put in **** her jewelry to the pawnshop and we got the money.
I added the rest and finally closed my credit. But now I'm left without cash, it is pity, I also wanted to give my parents some money but because of this credit I unfortunately can't do it.
But I'm we are glad that I can go to US now. After I finished with the bank, I went to the Department again to give my report. It is ok, but they told me about terrible requirement at the custom. I need to have $300-400 cash with me to show it in the airport :( otherwise I can not be allowed to enter US. This option is writen in my contract.
And they warned me in the department that because of holidays, requirements will be more strict and captious. On the custom they will check my visa and cash because it is not alowed for me to enter America without it. But the problem is that I spend all my cash for one day:).
I paid for ticket, visa and this credit. I asked in the department about my salary that is still in the US.
They told me that I can't get it so fast, because it will take a lot of time to receive my salary here in Russia. I don't have this time now. Because I can be late for New Year Eve. I do not want this and thats why I want to ask you to help me. Could you just lend me $300-400 now, because I don't know how much they will ask me to show on the custom? Dear, I want to believe that you will help me and understand my situation.
I want you to know that I don't insist because I don't know your situation with money right now. But I'm sure that you can lend me that little sum just for 3 or 4 days.
I even can return more if you want when I will be in the US. My situation is pretty hard and urgent, so I hope you can see it through my eyes. I know that I can trust you my trouble, otherwise I wouldn't ask you to help. And I know that you can trust me enough to help me, you know, I can't disappoint you. So here it is, the problem is not very huge but I need to solve it now. I will wait for your answer and if you decided to send money today, please do it through Western Union, using this info my name and address:
Country: Russia
City: Bugulma
ZIP: 423200
Address: Sovetskaya st., 125 - 38
Name: Rubinshtain Maria It will be very fast and easy for me to get the money. So I can fly out to the US in time.
I already used Western Union, when sent money to the parents from US and it is very easy.
When you send the money I will need to know MTCN number and your full name and address which you filled in the Western Unioin papers. Dear, I want you to know that I don't insist on your help, I just want to be in time, and I wanted to trust you my little problem.
If you can't help me now please, inform me anyway. So I will wait for your letter, sorry for that urgent news, hope I don't bother you much on the Christmas holidays. XOXOXO. I will try to call you, I want to hear your voice now.
Missing you much.
Kissing, Maria.
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Name: Natalia Petrova
Age: 32
Name: Anna Kruchinina
Age: 28
Name: Maria Leoshek
Age: 29
Name: Daline Froste
Age: 27
Name: Tatyana Medvedeva
Age: 28
Name: Aliah Kurd
Age: 24
Name: Svetlana Morosova
Age: 25
Name: Kylie
Age: 28
Name: Olga
Age: 33
Name: Jummy Keith
Age: 34
Name: Lidia Akanisoum
Age: 32