Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Cherepanova to Russ (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my darling! You know, I am always happy to receive your letters! I told you about this. I believe you all my heart and soul. My heart is open for you and I want to start new happy life with you full of love and harmony. I come to Internet cafe as usual cause now I can not image my life without you and my letters for you are so tender, you can see that I am always with you , my dreams and my feelings are yours now. I decided to tell you truth about me and my deep feelings to you. I hope you understand me and you believe me, darling! I would like to open your minds and heart and watch who is in your heart and about whom do you think, but I can not to do it, only your words can help me in my desire. Please tell me about your dreams and desires and if I am in your minds?
You know I am free and independent girl, I study and tried to work as baby sitter but the money that i receive are not big. Now I have problem, I did not tell you about my problem darling but I have not any chance to decide my big problem, only you can help me. Yesterday when I was in University in my flat break away tap in my bathroom, cause in the morning I did not turn off it to need position and my flat was full of water, but it will nothing if the water did not flooded my neighbors under my flat, I live on third floor. They did big repair in their flat one month ago..They to money, they want I will make up for spoil repair of their flat and they even threatened me..I am very afraid and I do not what to do. It is very very big money, it is about 680 dollars. I have not these money, and my parents could not help me, they can give me only very small and even laughed money, it is only 50 dollars..My saving are 80 dollars, you see it is very very little money a have. I really guilty, cause I did not turn off my tap in good position. My neighbors said they will beat out all my teeth..I am very afraid, cause they are very crazy people, and they really can do this. I am very afraid and nobody can not help me, I feel my self very alone and helpless, I am afraid of my health. Help me please, I do not of to do, if you really need me, help me please.
It is so terrible..I am very afraid. Yana. My phone number is +380 99 1410457.
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