Scam letter(s) from Natalia Chernikova to Andrea (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Andrea!
Thank you very much for your message. I was really glad to get it and I do hope this reply will start very good and beautiful relations. But also I believe that just the two together can build SUCH relations.
So, my name is Nataliya and I?m 24 years old. I?m a student. As for the my personality, to describe the type of person I am I don't honestly think I could put completely into words. There is a lot to me and it depends on my mood and the situation of things. I will try to give some info though.
I believed that you have to be honest to make a relationship work, I feel that exact same way. I believe that you have to have open, honest communication between two people. Communication is the key to any relationship. For example if I were to do something that bothered you and you never let me know it then I could never work to either change the thing I do or to just not do it. I am a very romantic and affectionate person. I am very touchy, feely with someone I am close to romantically. I like to hold hands, cuddle on the couch and watch movies and just be close to that person. I believe in the "little things" in a relationship. Those are the things that are special and mean more than the "big things". When, for example, to think about candle lit baths it is exactly things like that that I like to do. I love candle light and having soft music playing in the background. I like to spend a time with someone special not just being intimate on a physical level, but also spending that time intimately in a way that can't really be described. Those times when you just lay and caress each other and stare deeply into the others eyes and loose all track of time.
I feel that I am a gentle, kind, caring & loving woman, but I also can have my temper & get short with people just like anyone else. I do know that having someone special in my life affects how gentle I am though.
I like to analyze a situation to better understand it. I myself do this, but have had to learn to NOT over analyze a problem. I thing it is a good thing if both people in a relationship can do this because it means that it will be easier to solve problems when they arise in a relationship. When both parties will work to find the cause and a solution instead of reacting and saying or doing things that can never be taken back then that relationship will be one that grows and lasts.
Hope to heart from you very soon. You can write me directly to Kisses, your Nataliya
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Andrea!
I've got your letter and it made me feel great! I have never thought that not real (I hope not real YET) relations can bring so much pleasure! It is the first time in my life when I have such "communication" with a man. It is difficult for me to understand a person without looking in his eyes, without listening to him. I think that it isn't necessary to be an extra-clever person to understand what your partner thinks about you and feel to you. The way he looks at you when you talk, the way he touches you can say more than all words in the world! Do you agree with me?
You know, I feel a little bit sorry but I don't know much about the plays you live in. Can you tell me more about it? It would be very sweet. And I think I should write you some more details about my native town. I live in the Eastern part of Ukraine, in the country which for a long time had been the part of the Soviet Union. But now it is independent state. Talking about the nature in the region I live in, it is very beautiful in a way. There is step ( it is Ukrainian word that stands for English 'savanna'). There aren't many trees, but absolutely incredible air and very picturesque hills around my town. I like walking in the countryside, going on picnic with my friends in summer and going skiing in winter. And what about you how often do you go on picnics? Or you are not a picnic-lover?
There is one thing that is a real person's property. It is his memories. The people he has met, the emotions he has felt, the places he has visited. In my case everything's Ok except the last point. Unfortunately I have never been to any foreign countries. And I am awfully, awfully sorry about this. I have a dream to travel around the world and I hope my dream will come true one day.
I love my country and I am proud of belonging to the Ukrainians.
Ukrainian people are very generous and hospitable. We like receiving guests, making parties, organizing family dinners. Ukrainian women like cooking and our cuisine is reach in meat, vegetables and the dishes are delicious!!! I inherited this feature from my Granny and now I can cook almost all traditional Ukrainian dishes. I wish you could taste it!
One more question to you - have you got a pet? If you have - what kind of? If you haven't - why?
So, I look forward to your answer.
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Andrea!
Thank you so much for your letter and your photos. It was really great to get them. Also it's wonderful to know that we have so much in common. Your letters are like a fresh air for me and day after day, minute after minute I'm waiting for your new letter. I wish so much to know your better in order we can understand and feel each other. You see, I strongly believe that love comes from mutual understanding. Do you agree? I do think there are lots of things we need to discuss but also I do believe we can be happy together. I'm very serious about our relations. But, certainly, I know that everything depends on both of us!
My dear, maybe you want to ask me why I've decided to look someone abroad. I must explain you this. I do think that feelings are very important and, actually, they are the most important part of the relations. But also you've, probably, heard the saying: Love's bark was broken by life circumstances. I don't want this happen with my family. Of course, I realize very clear that there are bad and good times in the life and it's very important to be able to overcome bad times together. If there weren't bad times people would never know the meaning of happiness. But also it's impossible to live when bad times are all the time. Ukraine is very poor country and there are so little possibilities to live in good conditions, to provide children with normal conditions of life. I wish so much my family doesn't live in misery, I wish so much my children have enough meal, cloths, be able to get education.
As you know, I work and study. I work as a shop-assistant but I do hope to find another job after graduating from the university (there is one more year left) and also I know it'll be very bad paid. I'm going to be a teacher. I love children very much!
I do feel so good about you and wish so much we could meet very soon!
I'm dreaming about the moment when we can be together, talk and see each other's eyes!
Hope to hear from you very soon. Kisses, your Lina
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Andrea!
Thank you very much for your lovely letter and photo. I really am happy to get your letters, you ARE a great source of positive energy. I can tell that from the few letters I have received. I love it. I wish so much we could meet very soon! I think about you all the time, every minute of my life. I imagine what you're doing now, where you're. To know how you're and what you feel is so important. Right now I don't imagine my life without you and your nice letters. My darling, I've been thinking a lot and I want you needn't to start this conversation but I must to. I prefer to be frank with you and to know what you think rather than to lose you. As I've written you my English is very poor and I need to use an interpreter service. I wish I knew English and could write you by myself but, unfortunately, it isn't this way. It's very difficult for me to pay for the correspondence since each letter costs $4.5 and my salary is just $85 per month. I was allowed to write several letters without payment but now I must pay. I don't know what to do. It's so difficult to say you about this but I'm so afraid to lose you. I'm afraid you won't wait my letters. I feel I might lose you and lose what we have. That's the most terrible thing and the most awful fear I have now. Your letters are like a ray of light for me and there is something so beautiful are borning between us.
It's very difficult for me to ask and I'm very embarrassed. But I don't have another way out. I need your help.
My dear, I hope that we can have a nice relation - at first through mail - and that we have the chance to meet in personal. Believe me, I will do everything possible to take the chance to go ahead with you. With al my heart, your Nataliya.
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