Scam letter(s) from Alina Ruzieva to Alex (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my love Alex!!!
I'm glad to see the letter from you! How are you??? Every day I thank the God that I found you in this crazy world!!! I never tired to say you Alex that I love you all my heart and I'm waiting this beautiful day when we'll be together and can speak hug and kiss.
It will be the best moments in my life....
I want you in my life Alex I want to fall asleep and wake up with you Alex and everyday I want to be yours! I think you love me too and we must do all for our meeting, I trust you very much and I'm sure that this day which I'm waiting comes soon because I truly love you and want to be with you, it's my dream now but it's realizable.
This day comes nearer, I feel it and I think you feel it too.
I want to say hello to you from all my friends and my relatives they wish love for us. IT's a beautiful life now for me because I have the man which I love. I'm so happy that you responded my request for help.
I'm so glad that you understand me and my troubles, and you are with me.
I'm so happy that you are so open to help me. I wanted to tell you that people I worked with in the USA, they want to help me in my situation with money, they want to help me to get my salary now when I'm in Russia and I will be able to solve my problems. But they can only to send a check to some of my close friends in America. Therefore they offered me to give them an address on which they will mail a check. And I thought that I can ask you about it. Because I have nobody closer than you, my dear.
And I can not trust this procedure to nobody except you.
Honey, it will take just a few days for check to come to your mailbox,
on your address. You will receive this check in few days after my colleagues will send it to you. Now I just need to give them address on which they will send the check right tomorrow. And I need to know if it is ok for you and not will be very hard?? Will you be able to wait for my check to come (it is about 5-6 days)??? Of course to cash the check, you will receive it written on your name. It means that it will be your name and address on this check. I hope I didn't miss anything important, and hope you get it all right.
That's why I need to know your full name and mail address. I'm so happy that you agreed to help me. Please, don't forget to write all the information I need in your next letter. I will inform my USA colleagues immediately,
and they will send a check as soon as possible. It is just a little request,
which will not take much of your time and don't prevent your plans.
When you receive this check, you will be able to cash it and send that money to me in Russia and I will pay my charges in the Department.
It is related with my work in America and my arrive to you.
Please, I hope you understand that without that money I can't leave Russia nearest time. I'm so glad that my colleagues found a way to help me.
Though it is the only way now, but it is very simple. You will just have to wait for my check. Now I want to ask you, will you be able to receive it???
I hope you don't plan to leave your home after week or so. I repeat, check will be delivered maximum after 5 days since will be it sent.
Therefore I need to know about your plans, honey. I must admit that it is the only fast way for me now. Please understand me right.
And I hope you will respond on my simple request. You know I do it all only for us, and I will be happy to realize that you are helping me too and I'm not alone in my difficulties. We are together forever!!!
Dear, I will wait for your letter hope you will answer me soon. I love you.
I miss you. I can't wait to see you honey. XOXOXOXOXOX
Yours Alina...
Letter 2

Hello honey Alex!!!
Where are you? I don't have an answer from you today and it makes me sad and worry. Maybe you are just too busy to give me a couple of lines. The things we were discussing were pretty important for us.
And it is quite strnage that you didn't write me today. Because of it I am really worrying. Are you ok? Hope that you feel good and healthy.
Please, let me know what's going on with you. I am waiting for your letter because you know that I need a hand. I think that we have a lot of things to discuss. Honey, I miss you and your letters so much.
I am waiting for the day we will be together. Please, give me a note as soon as you can to calm me down. And also I have to know that you really want to help me and I can count on you. You know how it is important for me now. So ok. Kiss you. Will be waiting for your letter with impatience.
XOXOXOXO Yours,Alina...
Letter 3

Hello honey Alex!!!
How are you? Hope things going right at your side. As for me, I'm ok.
Feel the inspiration to write you, that's why I'm here now, at Olga's place. By the way Olga says HI to you. She is so glad that I have such a beautiful conversation with you. I am happy because I have all the necessary information from your side and I gave it already.
They will send you a check. Thank you a lot for being so open to help me, honey. I appreciate evrything you do for me.
So I am glad that soon all my worries will be gone and I will be able to see you for real. I have a great feeling inside of my heart that I did right to ask you to help me. I am happy and worry a little at the same time, hope you will be seriouse concerning that. Anyway thank you again dear, you are great man! There is a saying : "Actions tell more then words" Do you agree with that proverb? I am very happy for you being in my life. I think that I just could do nothing without your help and you support. I am glad that you didn't leave me in my difficulties. I can't wait to hug and kiss you:)
XOXOXOX Trully yours Alina..
Letter 4

Hi honey Alex!!!
How are you today? I hope things are just great at your side.
I am in very good mood today and smiling all day long.
And you know why? :) Because, I am dreaming of you and thinking of our soon meeting all the time. You know, I am counting the days till the check will come to you and it makes me feel good. I feel that I see the light in the dark and it gives me the hope. The hope I dreamed about:) My parents are very very gald and say thanks to you.
At last I feel calm in my soul and that is all thank to you.
You know I feel a kind of inspiration. I'm wait the moment when we will be together, I think I would give back all for being with you.
My hear beats faster when I think about this thing I mean our meeting.
When it happen I will be very happy. I want to kiss you, I want to take your hand and to feel the heat of it, I want to to look into your eyes and read the love in it, I want to feel your breath and to hear the knock of your heart. I want to listen to your voice and to see your smile,
I want to see you when you happy. I want to learn you... because I LOVE YOU!!!
You know about it. Please, write me and let me know how are you.
I just want my letter bright your day and bring a smile on your face:)
Kissing. Missing. Loving.
Letter 5

Hello my dearest!!!
How are you, Alex? How is your weekend going? As for me I am ok.
It is always a great pleasure for me to write you a letter and let you know what's going on here. The weather is still good here but I have heard yesterday in the news that it is going to be very cold next week, they were speaking about -30C. Can you believe? It is too cold but it is ok. You know, I was thinking about us and our future meeting. To tell the truth I have butterflies in my stomach when I am thinking about it:) I want to know what do you feel.
Please, tell me in your next letter ok? I want to tell thank you for all your emails, it gives me power and feelings. It's wonderful when in this world I am necessary to someone and someone it's you Alex!
I want to trust that I has found the destiny. We have feelings for each other, I don't know what you are doing now, but I know for sure that you are thinking about me:) That's true? Today is not very warm here, but I warm by ideas and thoughts about our future, I want to be with you very much and I want it now, at this moment. I know that we are not together still, but I'm sure we will be soon. It is so great that you helping me with my money. Dear, I hope you will be fast with sending my money when you'll receive a check. So I will be able to arrange everything here and gone to America. Sometimes I think that it's a nice dream which I saw, but I happy to realize that it's not dream it's reality. Your help mean so much for me and I even don't know what I would do without you. And I'll say it again and again THANK YOU my dearest, Alex!!! Many times I think about our first meeting,
I want to see your eyes very much and I want to see it in reality,
not in picture, I want to hear your live voice. I will do everythin to make you happy:) OK, dear please, give me a note as soon as you can...
Loving...Missing.... XOXOXOXO
Yours, Alina...
Letter 6

Hello my dear Alex!!!
How are you honey? Hope everything is ok with you today. It is REALLY COLD here today. Temperature is -32°C ! It is about -25°F, very very cold. Yesterday it was pretty warm, and today is -32°C! I didn't remember such weather for a long time. Last time when I was in school.
Much less people on the streets, much less cars. Schools are closed,
it is too cold. When I went to Olga, I tried to go faster.
Don't worry honey, I wearing warm clothes, but my nose and cheeks was really red when I reached Olga's house. She prepared a cup of hot tea for me, so I feel much better now and happy to write you again my dear. Did you miss me? How are you there? I was dreaming of you last night, was thinking about how I'm happy to have you in my life.
Days are going so slowly and I can't wait to see you in real honey.
I'm so glad that you are helping me. I hope there will be no delay with the check delivery. I'm full of impatience. I know, you are waiting for this check just like me and I'm sure that you will be very attentive with it. I can't believe that it's just a few days left till the moment I will leave Russia and get back to the US.
And we will meet each other! I was waiting for soooo long, I'm very excited.
Do you feel the same my dearest Alex??? Oh, I miss you sooo much.
So you know what to do, when the check will come to you.
Please be quick sweetheart and I will be quick too. It is all very close!
I can't believe my happiness. My parents are ok, they said HI to you.
When I will finish that letter I will go home. It became dark outside already, and the temerature get lower. I don't think I will survive another walk along the street:) So I thought it is better idea to call a taxi. Dear, I will check my e-mail tommorow, hope to hear good news from you. Please keep me informed what's going on with you.
I will wait for your letter...
Kissing, missing and dreaming of you all the time honey.
Yours loving Alina...
Letter 7

Hello dearest Alex!!!
How are you there? I wish you good day and hope things are going well for you. As for me, I'm ok, but miss you much and can't wait to hear good news from you. I just came to Olga's place. Today is the same weather as yesterday. Very cold. Sunny and clear sky. I heard on TV that it will be very cold till the next thursday. But I hope next week I will be in America already, I think it is just a few days left till you receive the check, then I will solve my problems here shortly and leave Russia. You can't imagine how I feel now. Thinking of us all the time. You know, yesterday's night I was sitting in my room near the window. I was dreaming of our soon meeting and was writing your name on the frozen glass. It was such a beautiful tender feeling of love that I even cried a little. My mother came to my room, she hugged me and stroked my hairs. And we were talking till the late night about everything. She told me how they met with my father, how she loved him. It was very romantic. My mother, she knows that I'm in love,
and she trying to support me and give me a good advice.
Alex, every moment I thank God for giving me the love of my life.
I never even dreamed about such a beautiful feeling.
You give it to me. You are the one I want and love. I'll do everything for you, honey. I love you and will wait for your letter.
Take care honey. XOXOXOX
Yours Alina...
Letter 8

Hi dear, Alex!!!
Hope things go well for you at your side. How was your day, honey?
I missing your letters and your attention for me. The weather is still cold and they said that it will going on till the end of January.
To tell the truth, today I had not much desire to go outside but I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and miss you.
You know, I feel that we becoming closer during our correspondance and I think it is great. Now we have only letters to share our thoughts and feelings, but I am living with the dream of our future meeting, dear.
I wish I can hug and kiss you right now, but it is only a dream.
A dream which very soon will come true:) I know that you feel that same about me and your words calming me down, but anyway I am burning with the desire to see you as soon as possible. Please, check your mail on the regular basis and let me know as soon as the check comes to you.
I hope you understand and forgive me my impatience. Today I was helping my mother to clean the house, did some laundry and prepared dinner.
We had a lot laugh and talk with mother during it. We were talking about you too. Hope you don't mind:) My mother is like a girlfriend to me and I can discuss with her anything I like and I always find support and understanding from her side. I think it is great to have a mother like mine.
So that's my day here. Please, write me about your day, because it will be very interesting to know how your everyday life going. Ok?
I will wait for your next letter with impatience. Bye for now.
Kissing... Missing....
Yours, Alina...
Letter 9

Hello honey, Alex!!!!
I am so sorry that I didn't write you yesterday. I know that you was worrying about me, I was sad that I didn't have an opportunity to let you you know what's going on with me. How are you, honey? Hope you are allright. It is still cold outside:( How is the weather at your side?
I am so glad to have such a wonderful man in my life, who cares and worry about me. You know, it means a lot for me and I wish every kind word from my side go sraight to your heart. Because all my words and feelings are going from my soul. You may say it is silly but I really feel the connection between us even we are still so far away from each other. I mentioned that in spite the winter outside I feel that the spring is blooming in my heart:) I really like that feeling because to tell the truth I have never experienced the feelings like that before.
I am happy that today I can write you and share what's going inside of my soul right now. It is so pleasant and very exciting to feel it,
I want to continue, prolong and stop that sensation and never loose it.
I wish to stand forever and don't want to end it. I hope you know what I trying to say, dear. My parents say HI to you and wish you all the best. All my days passing with the thoughts of you and me and our future meeting. Anything about the check? I know that we have to be patience but I really can't wait the day we finally meet. That is just a letter to let you know that I am ok, thinking and missing you, honey. I am sorry again that didn't write you yesterday and make you worry. Till the next time. Kissing.... Missing...
Sincerely yours,
Letter 10

Hello dear Alex!!!
How are you? I'm sorry I don't have much time now to write you.
Because it is late evening now in Russia, and internet cafe will close in the nearest minutes. I just wanted to tell you that I'm ok. I'm sorry that I didn't manage to write you last days. Olga went from town to her relatives. I was worrying that you could think that something happened to me. I'm ok. All the time I'm thinking of you and our meeting. I was talking with my colleagues and they told me that they were glad to help me and they sure that I will fix my problem soon.
They told me that you will receive the check in the nearest days.
I'm so happy. Things goes well for us finally.
Ok, I only have time to tell you how much I love you dear Alex.
I hope you are open and thinking of me as often as I do. I'll check my mail tomorrow and I'll write you more. I'm sorry again this letter is short. Kisses.
Yours Alina...
Letter 11

Hello dear Alex.
It is sad a little that check didn't come yet. But I believe that it will happen in the nearest days. Or maybe today. Anyway I keep asking the God to help our soon meeting. The weather is still too cold here, and I'm home almost all the time. Today's morning it was -36 C here. And it is very cold. I'm waiting with impatience for the moment you will warm me in your hugs, I close my eyes and I can imagine... I wish so much to hear you voice, and I'll try to call you. My parents say hello to you. Dear, my colleagues informed me that check is written on your name. It must be about $745.23. Name of the sender is IRENE MARQUEZ. She is working in the financial depart of my company. Please be attentive. They also told me that you can cash it in the bank nearest to you. It will not take much time and efforts. I hope everything will be ok. I hope that you remember my info for the Western Union, and will send the money to me as soon as you will receive a check. Don't forget to give me the MTCN number of the Western Union transaction. Dear I want to ask you for something. It is not easy to read your letters sometimes. When I see my own words and your comments on what I say. I have a sensation that you are only comment my words. Please don't get me wrong, it would be very pleasant if you will send me your own letter and not will just comment my last letter. Ok, I hope you understand. Ok, I'll check my email later and I hope you'll write me very soon. I love you so much Alex honey, please don't forgret it.
Yours always Alina
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