Scam letter(s) from Irina to Danny (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, dear friend Danny!!! Thank you for replying me! I'm so glad that I made you interested in me. I decided to find love and a husband in the Internet. Why? Because one of my friends met her happiness in the Internet, got married and now she lives happily with her foreign husband. I also think that it's cool to communicate in the Net, and then meet in reality, do you agree with me? i think you want to know more about me? Ok, here the story of my life is. I'm a student and this is my final year. I myself pay for the university and it's very hard for me, I have king of job, a bit strange, a king of home work, I knit for money and with this earn for my education till the end of the university. It is a pity you wrote not very much about yourself, but still i want to tell you about myself. I hope for the same and want to know more about you, want to become closer and way be this union will lead us to something much ******. i expect a long and detailed letter from you the next time. ok, i will start. My name is Irina. My mother gave me a birth on the 28th of February 1981. I was born in Ukraine, near Lugansk (the city in the East of Ukraine). My family was very good, my parents loved each other greatly! Since my childhood I saw how my father treated my Mom, like a real Queen. I also wanted such a husband. My parents were very rich, as they were entrepreneurs. I had everything i wanted: toys, amazing clothes, etc. But once my parents were deceived by their companion. It was so horrible! All documentation of the company were made on my mothers name and they said that it all happened because of my Mom. So, my parents lost their favorite jobs and later they split up. My mom was under arrest till court will say their final depiction, and my dad as appeared wasn't so anxious to wait and as it appeared, not so wonderful. I was shocked. But what could i do? I was so young... The story of my life is complicated and I'll tell you more about myself in my next mail, if you're still interested in me. We can become good friends and then see what will happen, do you agree with me? I'm not playing games, I'm an honest woman. I'm searching for a good polite man, who can make me happy and protect from all the difficulties in this world. Hope to hear from you soon,
Your new friend Ira.
Letter 2
Hello, my dear Danny!!! Thank you for your letter and for your interest in me and my life. It's pretty late here and very soon I will be going to sleep thinking of you so far you know how I feel when I see that I have your letter waiting for me at the translation office? Maybe it is the same way that you feel??? Your latter make my usual working day more brighter, it seems that lately every day is a battle - but I go through it knowing that everyday make us closer to you. As i wrote you in my previous letter, my life wasn't a happy one. My parents split up and my mother was very sad, because there was a court, that lasted for a year. Everybody thought that my Mom was guilty, but she wasn't. She only did the tasks of her boss, and she was betrayed. She had to wait final decision of court for a year in the special place, very familiar with prison, in such a place, where she couldn't do out from. And she was treated like a real criminal. It was so awful!! And my father didn't even bother about her. I was young and i had to go to the Crimea, where my granny lived, and stay with her, until I could live together with my Mom. My father met another woman, and he practically forgot about us. after the court my mother was let to go, and the court has taken all our money. So, we didn't now how to live, as we didn't have any money and even a place for living. Many years passed since then, but we still live with my mom in a dormitory. I've seen the horrible family life of my parents, and now i want to have a good family and a beloved man, who would never deceive me. I want to find happiness, i think it still exists in this world, what do you think? Today is a beautiful day, the sun it is in its maximum splendor, the sky unite in a deep blue that me full with pure positive energy and of happiness, intense and deep sigh, because, I am very happy and privileged of being able to see, to feel and to breathe all that the nature has created. I want to tell you, that I don't know English, and i have to use an interpreter, who helps me to translate my letters to you, tell me, is it Ok for you? If you're still interested in me, then write me, please, and I will become very close to you.
Best wishes,
Letter 3
Hello, my dear Danny! Thank you for your nice letter! For me it's very important to feel someone's attention and kindness. There were so many things in my life that made me sad and blue. But now I know that I have to look in future and forget about my past. My darling, I wanted to tell you about my holidays. Actually everything was wonderful, but the weather was spoilt a little. It was warm and there was no any wind, but in the afternoon it started raining and the sun was not shining. We had a lot of meetings and concerts which were for people who took part in the war of 1941-1945 years. I spent the whole day with my friends and we had a lot of fun, but I was missing you very much. In my last letter I told you about my Mom. Sorry, it was not pleasant for you to read what I wrote. I knew that one day you would learn the truth. So, I want to be honest with you from the very beginning. I want to add to my story that some years ago my Mom found a man, who she fell in love with. He appeared to be a good person. He also loved my Mom, they got married and soon my mother gave lives to my sisters. They are twins. Finally my mother became happy, I was so glad to see the smile on her face every single day! But, time passed, that man left my mother and returned to his previous wife. Oh, how poor my mother was! Her heart was broken. I didn't know what to do to make her life more optimistic. It was very difficult for her to raise us, her beloved children. So, now there are 5 of us: my 3 sisters, me and our Mom. We live together in a small room in the dormitory. My aim is to help my mom and sisters, that's why I work hard. I consider myself a strong woman. Nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as real strength. I'll understand you if you want to stop our correspondence now, after you have read this things about me. But then my heart will be broken, because my life isn't a happy one without you. I know it's too early to speak about something serious between us, but I can't wait. I want you here, in my life. Of course, we can write 1000 letters to each other, but I think we have to meet as soon as it's possible. Do you want to have closer relations with me? Remember, I'll understand every your decision, because you have a way of making me really high on life! Sorry, but unfortunately I don't have a phone, hope you understand this fact but you can call to the firm I use and talk to me, you just need to arrange exact tome for me to be here and Interpreters will **** us to talk. Here is a number: +3 8 050 502 88 14. I'm really waiting for your soon reply, sweetheart (may I call you so?) Best wishes,
Letter 4

My dear man Danny! Finally I'm writing to you... I know that meeting in reality is much more important than writing mails to each other. Nevertheless, I'm sure I already feel your heart, though hundreds of kilometers exist between us. You know I think i must have caught a cold because i feel not very well. Maybe when I got wet the day before yesterday I managed to do that, I don't know as yesterday everything was fine. Well I hope I will recover soon and your letters will help me with it. By the way my friends sent their regards to you. I assured them that they would like you when they saw you. To tell you the truth the weather is very unstable and ununderstandable because I can't understand if it is cold or it is hot. In the mornings it is very warm, even hot, but in the evenings when I come back home it is rather cold. I had a dream tonight. So calm and sweet. I dreamt about you and me, and our common future. I think that every woman would become very happy near you! But I'm happy that I found you, and you're mine!:) Anyone who thinks he has loved more than one person has simply never loved at all. I tell you the truth, it seams that you are a man I'm looking for! But being honest, I don't want to hurt you, because I must tell you one very important thing. As i wrote you in my previous mail, I use the Translation Agency to write to you. My salary isn't enough to pay for all the costs of this service. So, I'm afraid it's my last letter to you. I want to be near you and spend my lifetime with you. If I could continue our correspondence, I would and come and see you as soon as I can, or you would come to visit me. You're my number one. I don't want to forget you, and I never will. My heart is in your hands and it will stay with you forever! I need nothing from you, except of your love and respect. I found in you everything I had been searching for in a man. I hope for your understanding and I just don't know what to do. It's so heartbreaking... Darling, don't be angry with me, please! Understand me and forgive me.
Nevertheless, I want to receive your answer. Love,
Irina. PS My address is 91000, Pushkina Street, 86\45\12, Lugansk, Ukraine. But as for the telephone number I can't give you any other.
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