Scam Letter(s) from Linda Kumi Alison to Ivon (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hello , I have read your profile and i am very touched. I want us to spend some time talking and get to know eachother better. My name is Linda, I like your look and it willinterest you to know that i really want to get to know you better and better. I am 28 years and i dont bother your age. I am live in Accra the capital of Ghana a country on the Western part of Africa. I am single and looking for the love of my life and i want to believe you are the one for me. I admire white and older men because you are mature in mind, descent and you are better love makers and know how to make love so slow, nice and sweet. I am chocolate looking lady, brown eyes and 5feet 6 inches tall. I have a black hair. My ideal man is one who is God-fearing, Romantic, Understanding, caring and loving, patient, hardworking, honest and faithful, outgoing and presentable. I am in the university and i am studying business and accounting. I also deal with used clothes from USA, EUROPE, ASIA as a supplier for students and other companies. I am single and looking with no kids and have never been married before. I have no children though i would love to have some in future depending on what my partner also thinks. I dont really like black guys for their lazy attitude and the treat they give a woman. I have not been with a man for about 4 yrs and i have not been with a man. I dont smoke and never drink. I am ready to do whatever you think will make you happy. Have you been with a black woman before? If YES then you are blessed, if NO then you are really missing something. The Best woman to make love to on earth is a black woman with a an attractive tits to keep you watching, a nice round ass to get you standing and a pussy to satisfy a man\'s sexual needs. Would\'nt it be nice getting to meet me at the airport soon? I love ORAL and ANAL sex. My sexual position is when my partner is on top of me. How many times would you make love in a day? On hobbies i read books, watch movies, sing and dance, also do some swimming and listen to music as well. My favorite songs are Gospel, Rock, Cools, country, R&B, Hip hop and all type of songs. My favorite artists are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Phil Collins, Peabo Bryson, Luther Vandross, Kenny G., Lionel Richie, Michael Bolton, Kirk Franklin, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez and more. Dont have any special food just take in any delicious diet i get but i love African dishes. I love comedy, action comedy, adventure and romantic movies. I enjoy all sorths os sport especially Basketball, Football and Athletics. My email is and Reply this mail and you also tell me more about yourself. I will be waiting to hear from you soon. Linda

Letter 2

Hello , How are you doing this day? I am fine and i believe you are also doing good too. I am very sorry for not replying you soon, was due to a problem with my computer and i have to let you know i am not good with computers.
I enjoy reading some part of your mail because honestly i hav'nt been able to read the whole mail and it is a long one. I am also looking for that man to spend the rest of my life with and as i know this is not something to just have on a silver platter but i need to work very hard for it.
I have been hurt many times by men and it is for this reason i have kept myself away from any man till my friend introduced me to where she met her fiance in Alaska in the state. From that day i knew it really works here on the internet and as i know there are soo many bad people and disappointments here, i also know there is soo much hope when one really fights hard for that to come.
I am in the University and i am studying Business and Acccouting a course that involves a lot of money. I also have friends who supply me clothes from all over the world and when i sell them i give the money back to them and they give me a cut. That is how i raise money to sponsor my education, pay my siblings school fees and take care of my sick mom. Unfortunetly i have lost my dad soo many years ago.
I live in the same house with my family and it is a nice thing to experience. On weekends i attend extra school activities and also viit some friends i did not meet during the week. I also take my mom to visit her doctor for her medications and also do more house hold duties. On sunday I go t church and tell God to open my ways and give me a lot of opportunities as the burden becomes too heavy for me to bear.
I dont go to clubs and party normally. I like be around friends who has a lot to share because in my life sometimes i do not even raise money to feed or attend class so if i have friends who has more to share i would be relieved.
Because of my education, i cannot spend time talking on yahoo msg. but my only suggestion is if you are really ready and serious about what you are looking for, then you think of meeting me personally.
I will be on vacation from 28th April and i would be here at home lonely and free. I love to travel and i would like you to visit me or me visit you and get to know you in reality and not just sending you things you cannot see but just read about me. Spending 10 weeks together with you is enough to tell if we are made for eachother or not. What is your schedule for next month and you tell me something more.
I have added pics of me too and you have a good a look at them. Waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.
Noe to your questions,
1. I am looking for a foreinger and my reason is that i have been with a white man before and i admire the way he treated me. The men in my country dont have any love and respect for a woman all they care is sex and maltreatment.
2. As you can see i am new on this page recommended by my best friend and you are the only man i am writing to because i read your profile and i like everything i read about you.
3. I would like to own one of the biggest Radio and TV stations in Africa, and also help many Africa uneducated ladies to encourage and help them study for a good future.
4. The most important thing in my life is my education, and work when i graduate. Meet a man of my dreams and settle down with him and make a good family with or withour babies.
5. I am looking for love and a man to love and hold me. I have a strong sex drive and i have no taboos when it comes to sex, it depends also on what you want from me and i will answer you.
I hope you have answers to your questions and i would be waiting to hear from you as soon as possble.

Letter 3

Hello sweet I…..,
Thank you for the email and i am very pleased to read something nice and good from you once again.
I am doing fine this morning and i hope you are doing good too. I admire your pictures and i know you also liked mine too.
You don't need to be jealous since you are the only man i am showing you my pictures, I told you i am new with computers and you are the first man to reply my email with such haste and good feelings too.
I like to take photos and also one of my hobbies in travelling but unfortunetly i have not taken an int. trip before in my entire life. I would rather love to visit you and have a lot to tell my friends when i return to the next siemester in June/July periods.
Getting a Visa to you is easy and i might need a Travel Insurance, Health Certificate, Travel money as well. I have a passport and all the rest is history since i am a student and cannot afford all those. If you are really serious let us make good arrangements to get all those and off i am to you. 2000$ will do it good for the beginning to starts the documents.
I have added some new pictures to you as well and have a good look/
Love you always




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