Letter(s) from Olga Naumova to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello my loved Martin !!!!!!!!! I am very glad to receive again from you the letter. My pleasure is not present a limit. You my life and I any more do not present as to live without you. I very strongly want to arrive to you and to begin your wife. It is a shame to me, that I have no enough money to arrive to you. But at me small wages. In Russia it is very difficult to find well paid work. My friends too not so rich people. And at many for a long time the families and children. Therefore they cannot help me. I want to begin a new life with you at you in Belgium. It is very a shame to me to ask you money. But you unique who can help me. Today I have learned, that it is necessary for me for arrival to you. I need to issue the tourist visa. Term of registration 3 - 5 working days. I can stay in Belgium 6 months under this visa. Cost of the visa 170 euros. As I need to issue the medical insurance 86 euros, the passport for travel abroad 70 euros. For the help in registration of the visa and other documents the agency asks 80 euros In a result leaves to me it is necessary 406 euros. When I have learne the full sum which to me I was necessary is morally suppressed. I I roared and could not calm down. I have no such money. I him have told, that I go to the favourite person. But they have told, that understand me but the law is the law and they cannot go against him. And then they to me have told that I have asked 406 euros you and have told if it of you really Loves just as I you it when to you will not give up and will make all for the sake of the favourite person. But it is very a shame to me to ask you money. My love, please help me and as soon as I to you shall arrive that when you I shall not leave. In embassy to me have told what in the best way to do translation through system of translations Western Union, It is very reliable system of remittances and it is in each bank. Western Union address of the closest to me: Russia, Kazan, Pravobulachnay 13 for name Olga Naumova. My love, please send me of money today and I already simply do not present About a life without you. Only please do not take offence at me for that that I ask money you, me any more to whom To address except for you and our love not who will not help, I think that you with me agree! I shall wait very much from you the letter with impatience. Your love for a century Olga.

Letter 2

My love Martin!!!!!! You ask, how I pay for an apartment which I remove? At me not the big wages. But money suffices me to pay for rent of an apartment, the part of money leaves on a meal and other part of money leaves on clothes. Still money leave on travel to public transport and on other fine charges. So I also live from wages up to the following wages. But which I remove an apartment is necessary to leave. The mistress of an apartment asks the big payment. I cannot pay an apartment further. My best girlfriend while has invited me to live to itself. I should search for an apartment anew. I with the great pleasure would leave to live to you for ever. I learned concerning the visa of the bride. Officials have told to me. That cannot issue to me the visa of the bride yet. For the beginning I should go to you under the tourist visa. And then we should give to officials the proof of our relations. I shall show them our photos. And after that they cannot give up to me in the visa of the bride. And after my arrival to you we can celebrate a wedding. My love Martin. I feel, what you do not trust me completely? I understand you. Believe me I love you sincerely and fairly. It is very a shame to me to ask you money. If I could I went to you on foot though on edge of the world. But it is not possible physically. You ask when I shall call you? One of these days I shall necessarily call you. You know, that I have no own phone. I shall receive one of these days wages. And I shall call you from a public telephone booth on mail. Or I shall buy a telephone card and I shall call you. You ask on what is necessary to me 406 euro? And whether is at me money for tickets aboard the plane? 406 euro it is necessary to me on registration of the visa. Into this sum enter: The passport for travel abroad, the medical insurance, consular gathering, the visa and services of travel agency. I did not ask you money for tickets aboard the plane therefore, that I wanted to issue the visa all over again. It was a shame to me to ask you money even on the visa. On tickets aboard the plane too it is necessary money. I feel myself so not dexterously before you. I am afraid, that you it is bad about me will think. But my love. To me any more whom to ask money. If you really strongly love me help me please. I very strongly love you and I do not present the further life without you. Yes you should spend for me of money. But what such money in comparison with our love? Money anything in comparison with our love. I know, that I shall love you all life. I have learned the price for tickets aboard the plane. The cheapest air tickets cost 650 euro. In a result it turns out, that it is necessary to me on the visa and tickets 1056 euro. My love. If you can help me money. That I at once have issued the visa and could buy tickets. I once again am sorry about you. It is very a shame to me before you. But I shall repeat once again. Nobody can help me except for you. And I shall devote all stayed life only to you. I will love you up to the end of my days. My grandmother and my girlfriends send the regards to you. On the days off I leave to the grandmother in village. So, that do not lose me. Write to me. I as shall come from village at once I shall answer you. With impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. I shall love you all life.
Yours Olga.