Scam letter(s) from Julia Chernova to Shawn (USA)

Letter 1
My love, my future husband, my life and my light dream Shawn !!!!!!!
Having come today in the Internet of cafe I was the happiest on light.
Thank my sweet, that so has quickly answered my letter. I very much It is glad to this. My heart is already pulled out from my ****** and torn to you. It is overflown only with pure and light love to you. My husband, I not I can more without you. My soul cries without your warm words, without yours eane, without your gentle hands. My brain is filled with ideas and dreams only About you. Before my eyes it is necessary your image. My gentle creation, In the dreams I spend time only with you. I ask the god that he has helped us, That has given us many health, happiness, luck and the most important has connected Our hearts. I wake up specially before sunrise and long I look at rising. I ask the god looking on sunrise that he protected You also helped in your difficult work. I still ask the god of health and happiness To our relatives, our friends, our close people.
My love, I too very much grieve without you. I understand you, our hearts already Feel the prompt connection. Our souls aspire each other. Our bodies Wait for related connection. That time when we shall test also will come And to be pleased to our happiness not in distance from each other, and to look each other In the eyes overflown with tears of happiness and to embrace and kiss. I believe in it And our angels will help us with it!!!!!!!
My honey, I very much want execution of these desires. I am indefinitely grateful to the god for that, That he has met us also to you for that that you are on this white light.
My lovely, I very much want to feel your breath and your touch.
I want to fall asleep with you, want to wake up with you, want to see off with you
Days, months and years in full happiness and spiritual well-being. I want to see off
You on work, want to meet you from work to feed you with tasty meal.
My mum is very happy as well as I. She each day goes to church and asks
There at the god to all of you of health and well-being, and as happiness to us.
My happiness, I am very glad, that mum has normally accepted all and only blesss
Us. She very good and I for it very much love her.
My love, you feel, how it is a lot of happiness and we do pleasures each other?
My lovely, I wait for that moment when we shall be together and we shall reunite in passionate
Long kiss and in slow love.
I mentally present this time before eyes and I am visited with such dreams.
And me sometimes becomes so it is insulting. To me it becomes insulting for those laws, which
Have entered money. Money do people silly and malicious. And from - for these pieces of paper people perish so much.
My love, I so do not want that these unfortunate pieces of paper became an obstacle in our way.
My future gentle husband, it is very a shame to me to ask you money, but I do not have other output.
I have learned from the girlfriend of my sister about cost of all necessary documents.
She has told that for the visa of the tourist it is necessary for me to pay 200 euro and for the passport to me It is necessary 350 euro.
As soon as I shall have money to hands, I shall go to Moscow to start registration of the visa and the passport.
Also I went today to the nearest bank. I have learned that it is possible to send money through Western Union.
It is very fast and safe way for transfer of money.
You are familiar with Western Union?
It to me was advised by my neighbour because his son lives in Australia and each month sends the parents the monetary help.
I as have learned in bank, that money needs to be sent for my full name Yuliya Chernova , Russia, Yoshkar-Ola,Home address: Anciferovo 13A
The address of a department of the Western Union: RUSSIA
City Yoshkar-Ola
Street Vashskaya. For reception of money I should know:
Your full name, your full physical address, 10 figures of translation (MTCN), and the exact sum of money.
I hope that you have understood all that I have written to you my the future husband.
My love, I think, that at you problems will not arise with it.
My sweet, I so want to be felt in your embraces and to love, love only you!!!!!!!!!
Our time went, my loved and soon we shall together and are very happy.
I send you many sweet and long French kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Protect itself very much and very much!!!!!!
I shall wait from you for the letter and very to miss on you.
I love you my future husband and I embrace strong strong. Your loving wife on all life Julya !
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