Letter(s) from Maria Samochkova to Art (USA)

Letter 1


I waited from you for the answer. It is very pleasant for me. As you my unique interlocutor on the Internet.
Simple correspondence is not necessary for me. Serious attitudes are necessary for me. With hope that on a marriage. The person on which is necessary for me is possible to lean and live with it not knowing troubles of this heavy life. Likely such as you.
I live in Russia. I about it already wrote to you. Unless you have not received from me yesterday the answer. To me of 25 years. You do not look at my age. Also do not look at the. The age for me has no value. The main thing. I so think that there was a mutual understanding between us.
You are very interesting to me. What can you tell about yourselves interesting? Than you are engaged? How time carry out? With whom live?
And how you call?

I wait with impatience.


Letter 2

Hi Art
Forgive me Art
Yes I had heavy day a birth. Because me have caused for work mine the colleague was ill and have urgently caused me for work. I have not had time to come at all in the Internet of cafe to answer you Art
Thanks that you have sent me your photo with a congratulation. It is very pleasant for me.

With love to you Art

Letter 3

Hi Art
My dear Art. You unless have forgotten that I live in city under the name Kirov. It very beautiful. In it many natural sights. It very much to like me and Art it very much to like you. You simply do not want to leave from him.
To me very much to like to prepare for a meal. It at me all turns out better. I looked your photo with your daughters. You here sit on kitchen at a table. They at you such nice. As I am engaged in gardening I love flowers.
I cannot send you video as I do not have camera. To me there came the girlfriend here it is video remained since that moment. And I to you Art have decided to send it to you.
That you still interests my dear Art.


Letter 4

Hello dear and loved mine Art!!!
I am very glad to receive from you the frank letter which I have read through more than 10 times it to me very much it was pleasant.
I am shocked by you, to me to not be trusted, that you have written to that, it simply a fairy tale. Such be simple cannot. ?aci?aee in me the FLAME which I did not test your sincere feelings already for a long time. I would like to receive each time from you such letters. When I read it at me compressed all body. I have closed eyes and your hands concerned me, your language caressed me and me that it would not be desirable to remain only with you a beside and to not leave you neither where and nor when, and then I have felt an easy frost on a leather it was on all body and I could not where to not get to from him. But having opened I have understood eyes that I sit in the Internet of cafe and before me your letter. I long thought if the computer I would enjoy your presence reading this letter many times in day at my place would be. And I have thought, and that would become with me if I could appear near to you. I very much want to like you.
I too would like to be your favourite person and to hope for chance for us, to have and know many close details about bodies each other, and meetings with you.
I do not have sexual pictures as which camera took from the girlfriend both she has left also I cannot make them. But I would like to send you my sexual picture that you looking on it enjoyed. I shall send you a simple picture which has remained with me from last time when to me their girlfriend did.
I very much liked your letter I am excited from him.
It would be desirable to write more but it is time to me to go home. The Internet of cafe is already closed. And having come tomorrow I shall be in delight from read today.
With love to you Art.

Whole Masha